Manservant of Doom
(or Dr. Doom's manservant, take your choice :)

Real Name:  Unknown (see comments below)

Identity/Class:  Human

Occupation:  one of Doom's personal servants

Group Membership:  Dr. Doom's personal household (castlehold?) staff

Affiliations:  Dr. Doom

Enemies:  personal: none known; 
professional:  presumably the same as his employer, Dr Doom

Known Relatives:  none known

Aliases:  None known

Base of Operations:  Castle of Doom, Latveria

First Appearance:  Beauty and the Beast I#1 December 1984

Powers/Abilities:  None.

History:  The personal history of this particular servant of Dr. Doom's is unknown, though he seems to have been in Doom's service for some years prior to this story.

(B&B I#1) - The servant informed Doom about the latest dispatch from America stating his alleged son, Alexander Flynn, was an adult and living in Hollywood.  Doom growled at him for daring to disturb his meditations in his art gallery to tell him that..

(B&B I#2) - A little over a week later the servant informed Doom that his alleged son was seen in Dazzler's company.  Doom responded by acting like he already knew this and angrily told the servant that no-one had blood as rich as his master Doom's.

(B&B I#3) - A week later the servant informed Doom that the transmissions from America concerning Flynn's activities had suddenly ceased and speculated that his alleged son might be in trouble.  Doom responded by backhanding the servant and ordered him to scan the computers for all the information in them on Dazzler and the Beast and to have that report ready for Doom before he left for Hollywood.  The servant reflected on the fact that Doom, who cared for no-one, seemed to care about Flynn a great deal.

Comments:  Created by Ann Nocenti (writer), Don Perlin (Pencils), and Kim DeMulder (inks).

At no point in the story does Doom ever identify this guy by his real name but instead calls him names like sniveling jackal and spineless toad, so I have no way if telling if this guy has had any other appearances elsewhere.  If anyone knows of any more appearances in any other comics, please e-mail me and tell me what they were so I can include them in his profile.  To the best of my knowledge this guy has had no other appearances, but then the Fantastic Four/Dr. Doom mythos are not my area of expertise.

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This character, the unnamed servant of Doom, has no known connections to

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Beauty & the Beast I#3, p23, panel 4 (body)
Beauty & the Beast I#3, p23, panel 5 (face)

Other Appearances:
Beauty & the Beast#2-3 (February-April, 1985) - Ann Nocenti (writer), Don Perlin (pencils), Kim DeMulder (inks), Michael Higgins (editor)

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