Real Name: Shinji Kizaki

Identity/Class: Human (Japanese)

Occupation: Mobster

Group Membership: Yakuza

Affiliations: Maximillian Zaran

Enemies: Amiko, Wolverine

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Japan

First Appearance: Wolverine II#158 (January, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Shinji Kizaki was a powerful mobster, and was served by ninja bodyguards.

History: (Wolverine II#158)- Shinji Kizaki journeyed to the island of Maximillian Zaran in the South China Seas to witness his attempt at defeating Wolverine, hoping to win Kizaki's favour, and reclaim his reputation. He and his men guarded Wolverine's foster daughter Amiko during the battle, which Zaran ultimately lost.

Shinji informed Wolverine that he was impressed with his honor, moreso than he was of Zaran. He returned Amiko to Wolverine, but rather than allow her and Wolverine to depart, informed them that he had identified Wolverine as a future potential threat. He had his guards fire arrows at the two of them, but Wolverine shielded Amiko with his body, then hid her while he defeated the ninjas. When they were all defeated, Wolverine confronted Kizaki, but was convinced by Amiko to let him live, as he had already lost his honor for being defeated. Kizaki informed Wolverine that his family was safe from retribution.

Zaran attempted to shoot down Wolverine's helicopter as he left the island, but Kizaki prevented him from doing so, intending to one day destroy Wolverine himself, once he had learned his strengths, weaknesses and motivations.

Comments: Created by Joe Pruett, Sunny Lee, and Harry Candelario.

Oooo...a Japanese mobster intent on destroying Wolverine...wonder what'll come of that?

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Wolverine II#158, page 16, panel 4

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