Real Name: Christopher Cassera

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Student

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Deadpool, Miki

Enemies: Juggernaut, Maxy Millions

Known Relatives: John Cassera (father, deceased)

Aliases: Pool-Boy

Base of Operations: Brooklyn, New York

First Appearance: Deadpool III#50 (March, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Chris was a decent shot with a rifle and enjoyed playing with explosives, He also was equipped with night-vision goggles and a sword and could ride a motorcycle,

History: (Deadpool III#50)- Christopher's father sent him to the store and when Chris returned he found Deadpool hunched over his father's badly burned body. As he lay dying John explained that it wasn't Deadpool who did this, but since 'Pool had failed to kill Maxy before this happened he was to keep Chris safe until Maxy was dead. Deadpool took Chris back to the warehouse he was living in and tried to make him stay there, but Chris refused demanding he be allowed to get revenge for his father. Finally Deadpool assented and Chris took one of his spare costumes and some weaponry. Chris accompanied Deadpool as he tried to track down Maxy and eventually Deadpool took him to the top of a roof to practice using a sniper rifle, but Chris turned the rifle on Deadpool.

(Deadpool III#51)- Chris told Deadpool he wasn't ready to forgive him for his part in his father's death. But Chris was out of ammo. The two staked out Maxy's apartment, waiting for Max's girlfriend and another woman to leave before they made the kill. When the women finally did go, Maxy revealed he knew they were there and had his men attack while he left. Deadpool took care of the goons and one of them revealed where Maxy was going. Heading to the club, Deadpool confronted Maxy, but he fled. Chris got into a fist fight with him, slipping some explosives into his pocket without him noticing. When Maxy left the club, Chris detonated the explosives, killing him. Later, after celebrating Chris's eighteenth birthday Deadpool gave him his share of the money they made off Maxy and a ticket to Europe, a fully paid tuition for Oxford and paperwork to make a new identity. Chris thanked Deadpool and left, pressing his detonator to set off the bombs he'd left in Deadpool's warehouse, but 'Pool had already found and disarmed them.

(Deadpool III#56)- Chris returned to Deadpool's warehouse and rigged it with many more explosives this time and exploded the place while Deadpool wasn't in it. He told Deadpool that he no longer wanted to kill him and he was going to spend some time seeing the world with his new girlfriend Miki. He returned Deadpool's gun and the detonator, took Deadpool's favorite Harley and rode away.

(Deadpool III#61)- Chris attended Deadpool's funeral. Deadpool's spirit possessed Chris and made him pinch the Juggernaut's butt. Juggernaut punched Chris so hard he flew out of his boots.

Comments: Created by Jimmy Palmiotti, Buddy Scalera, Darick Robertson and Jon Heldredge

After returning Deadpool's gun, Chris kept a katana, night-vision goggles and his costume. I guess those were too cool to be rid of.

by Patrick D Ryall

Kid Deadpool should not be confused with:

Chris's father, John Cassera was mixed up in organized crime and got in over his head. One night he was paid a visit from Maxy Millions, who pour gasoline over him and set him on fire. Deadpool arrived and extinguished the flames, but Cassera was still dying. He told Deadpool that, since he failed to kill Maxy before this happened, it was his responsibility to keep Christopher safe until Maxy was out of the picture.

--Deadpool III#50

Miki was a girl Chris met after his time as Deadpool's sidekick (possibly at Oxford). Being with her made him calm down and he lost his desire to kill Deadpool. The two of them returned to Brooklyn where Chris made his peace with Deadpool (by blowing up his home) and then they decided to see the world together.

--Deadpool III#56

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