Real Name: Unknown, possibly Emil Vogel

Identity/Class: Demon

Occupation: Gargoyle sculptor

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Billy Boy, Clive, The Golden Angel

Known Relatives: None


Base of Operations: A small town, possibly in Europe

First Appearance: Chamber of Darkness#7/1 (October, 1970)

Powers/Abilities: Emil Vogel's powers as a demon are unknown. In human form, he was an older man with a gift for sculpting.

(Chamber of Darkness#7/1 (fb) - BTS) Ė At some point in the past, the creature that would become known as Emil Vogel sculpted a gargoyle made of solid gold, which he dubbed The Golden Angel. For some reason, this sculpture came to life, and from that point on, came to life at midnight to hold Vogelís true form at bay. During the meantime, Vogel became known as a sculptor of gargoyles for the town.


(Chamber of Darkness#7/1) Ė Vogel, returned to human form, saw the dead body from his window, and making himself believe that the Golden Angel was the cause, vowed to finally destroy it, but soon lost his rage. Shortly after, the local constable and some of Vogelís neighbors arrived to question him about the murder. Two of the villagers, Clive and Billy Boy, hid away, and after the others left, took Vogel captive. They intended to steal the solid gold sculpture, and against Vogelís pleas, melted it down. With the Golden Angel destroyed, Vogel reverted to his true form permanently, and killed the two.



Comments: Created by Berni Wrightson and Roy Thomas.

Profile by Madison Carter.

EMIL VOGEL has no known connection to:

  • C.J. VOGEL, former high school classmate of Peter Parker, @ Amazing Spider-Man Annual#17



Billy Boy and Clive were two unscrupulous villagers who sought to steal the Golden Angelís form and get rich. After melting the statue down, they were attacked and killed by Emil Vogel in his true form. (Billy Boy is on the left, Clive on the right)





The Golden Angel was a sculpture Emil Vogel created out of solid gold, and it would somehow come to life every night at midnight. It would then keep Vogel at bay so that he could not escape into the night to commit murder. It was melted down by Billy Boy and Clive.









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Chamber of Darkness#7 (October, 1970) - Bernie Wrightson (writer/artist), Roy Thomas (writer), Stan Lee (editor)

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