EARTH-Barbara Ketch Was Ghost Rider

Type: Alternate/Divergent Earth
Core Continuum Designation: Earth-11993

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Humanity

Significant Inhabitants: Blackout, John Blaze, Deathwatch, Stacy Dolan, Ghost Rider (Barbara Ketch), Hag, Hobgoblin (Jason Phillip Macendale Jr.), Daniel Ketch, Mr. Hyde (Calvin Zabo), Scarecrow (Ebenezer Laughton), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), a Spirit of Vengeance, Dr. Stephen Strange, Troll, Wong, Zodiak (Norm Harrison)

First Appearance: What If II#45 (January, 1993)





History: (What If II#45) - Dan and Barbara Ketch were being chased through a junkyard by a group of criminals who had been told to eliminate any witnesses. Barb had been wounded and Dan tried to carry her to safety when he noticed a strange motorcycle. Before he could touch it, two of the criminals gunned him down and, believing Barb to already be dead, returned to their boss. Barb was not dead, however, and made it to the bike, becoming the Ghost Rider. Barbara made short work of the henchmen and tried to kill their boss, Deathwatch only to find that something was holding her back. Deathwatch fled, then the police arrived and Ghost Rider sped off.

Becoming herself once again, Barb noticed that her wounds had been healed. Unsure of what was going on, she returned home. Days later at Dan's funeral Stacy Dolan told Barb that the police were still looking for the creature that had been seen leaving the scene of Dan's murder. That night Barb had a dream that she was confronted by the Spirit of Vengeance who explained that though her body housed it, it was to be in control when they were Ghost Rider. She could not use his power to kill, because it was not meant to be used that way. But Barb asserted herself and willed herself to be dominant over the Spirit. So Barb was able to become the Ghost Rider with complete control of her powers. She went for a ride, discovering a group of thugs attacking a woman, and killed them all.

Ghost Rider then tracked down Deathwatch and his ally Blackout and killed them both. With every life she took, Ghost Rider was wracked with pain, but it was not enough to stop her. She went on to kill the Zodiac, Hag and Troll, the Scarecrow and Mr. Hyde. While attempting to kill the Hobgoblin, she was interrupted by Spider-Man. Barbara knocked Spidey unconscious, then murdered the villain. When Spider-Man awoke he decided to put an end to her rampage. Going to Doctor Strange, Spidey was introduced to John Blaze and found that they were already working on a plan to stop Ghost Rider and that his help was more than welcome.

One a dark street at night, Ghost Rider was called out by Deathwatch and Blackout. Enraged that they could be alive again, Barb attacked, only to find that it was really Spider-Man and Blaze mystically disguised and that she'd been led into a trap of Dr. Strange's. He performed a ritual to separate the Spirit and it's host, though it was quite painful for Barb. Now the Spirit was contained in a pentagram circle with Barb and John Blaze wanted to save her from what he assumed to be an evil being. Rushing in, Blaze disrupted the pentagram and the Spirit of Vengeance escaped. As the heroes gathered around her, Barb said she realized what she had become and that it was better this way. As she died, she was glad to be rejoining her brother.

Comments: Created by Ron Marz, Dale Eaglesham and Brian Garvey.

This reality diverges from the regular reality during the first issue of Dan Ketch's series as Ghost Rider.

If it were up to me, I'd designate this Earth-11993, because it first appeared in January of 1993.
And so it was named in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005 --Prime Eternal

by Patrick D Ryall

This reality shouldn't be confused with:


The Ghost Rider on this Earth was Barbara Ketch, sister of Dan Ketch, who became Ghost Rider in our world. Barb was able to use her willpower to submerge the Spirit of Vengeance's influence, allowing her to go on a killing spree taking out her brother's killers and numerous other villains before she was stopped by Dr. Strange, Spider-Man and John Blaze. Once the Spirit and its host were separated, the Spirit fled to find another host. Barb regretted her actions as she died. No doubt she had all the powers that her brother does on Earth-616, she never bother to try using the penance stare, instead preferring to kill her enemies. The first time she turned into Ghost Rider under her own control, she did so by spilling her own blood.

--What If II#45





The Spirit of Vengeance came to inhabit the body of Barbara Ketch and transformed her into the Ghost Rider. At first when she tried to kill Deathwatch, the Spirit stopped her, telling her its power was not meant to be used like that. Barb proved strong enough to submerge the Spirit however, and she went on to kill many villains. When separated from Barb by Dr. Strange and the pentagram containing it disrupted by John Blaze, the Spirit fled to seek a new host.

PRESUMABLY, since this is supposed to be a divergent reality, this spirit would be Noble Kale, but it is possible that reality diverged much earlier and it was a different being.

--What If II#45

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