Membership: Andromeda, Dagger, Invisible Woman, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Storm

Purpose: To wed Set and spawn his offspring

Affiliations: Ghaur, Llyra, Set, Tyrannus

Enemies: Avengers (Beast, Captain America, Iron Man, Sersi, Vision, Wasp, Wonder Man)

Base of Operations: Ghaur's base, bottom of Pacific Ocean

First Appearance: (gathered) Avengers West Coast Annual#4 (1989)

History: (Uncanny X-Men Annual#13) - Ghaur decided that Storm would be another of the Brides of Set. Mr. Jip, a foe of Dagger's, realized that Dagger would likely be chosen as a bride, and attempted to interfere with Ghaur's plans, but was thwarted by the X-Men and Serpent Society.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23) - While the She-Hulk fought the Abomination, Ghaur decided to make her one of the Brides of Set, and entered the fray long enough to burn the Mark of Set onto her neck.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#9) - Ghaur observed the heroine Dagger from his base and directed Tyrannus to place the Mark of Set upon her, having determined that she would be a suitable bride for Set.

(Avengers Annual#18) - As the Avengers fought the forces of Atlantis, Ghaur selected the Scarlet Witch as another Bride of Set.

(X-Factor Annual#4) - Ghaur spirited Marvel Girl away from the Beast, intending to make her another of the Brides of Set. He then took Andromeda away from Attuma after he had bested her in combat, declaring that she would also serve as a bride to Set.

(Web of Spider-Man Annual#5) - Ghaur confronted the Invisible Woman and struck her with the Mark of Set, having chosen her as another bride.

(Avengers West Coast Annual#4) - Ghaur summoned the seven brides of Set to a Deviant base, and was annoyed when he learned that Dagger was blind. He then dispatched the brides to collect artifacts needed in order to bring Set to Earth. The She-Hulk and Andromeda journeyed to the Altar of Neptune's Wrath to retrieve a portion of Set's life-force, but they awakened a sea creature there. Meanwhile, the Invisible Woman and Marvel Girl stole a mystic lens from the Chicago Museum of Cultural Antiquities.

Andromeda ultimately escaped the sea creature with the life-force, but the She-Hulk was captured by the Avengers. They ultimately allowed her to escape so that they could follow her back to Ghaur. The Avengers' raided Ghaur's base, and the Wasp overcame Storm in battle. Dagger had been ordered by Ghaur to fire her light-daggers into the lens, but Wonder Man arrived in time to smash the lens before it could recharge Set's life-force. However, Ghaur had the Scarlet Witch use her powers to make the life-force grow, until Set manifested itself on Earth again.

(Thor Annual#14) - After Thor, Quasar, Dr. Strange and the Thing managed to convince Demogorge to take a stand against Set, pulling him away from Earth, Ghaur teleported himself and the brides to Deviant Lemuria to hatch another attempt at summoning Set.

(Fantastic Four Annual#22) - Ghaur set the brides into a device which would use their life-forces to awaken the power of the Serpent Crown in another attempt to summon Set, but he instead summoned up the spirit of Naga, who took Ghaur and Llyra away with him in a mystical battle. With Ghaur gone, the Mark of Set vanished from the brides' necks, and they regained control over their actions. They then flung the Serpent Crown into a chasm created during Ghaur and Naga's battle.

Comments: Assembled in a story by John Byrne and Terry Austin.

by Prime Eternal

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