Vickie White

Real Name: Vickie White

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Former cult member

Group Membership: None; formerly The Church of the Saved

Affiliations: Punisher (Frank Castle), Reverend

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: Ray White, (husband) Melissa White (daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New Jersey, formerly the Church, Georgetown, Guiana

First Appearance: Punisher II#4 (November, 1987)

Powers/Abilities: Loyal, devoted to the cause of The Church, willing to go all the way for the Reverend

History: (Punisher II#4)- Vickie White was revealed to have left her husband and joined The Church Of The Saved. At the Church, she was introduced to Joe Rainey (the Punisher in disguise) and asked him why he had joined The Church.

(Punisher II#5)- Vickie sailed with the Church to Guiana, and arrived in Georgetown, then drove into the jungle circa 125 miles to a camp where The Church was to be based. The Reverend asked Vickie to take "Joe" to to his chamber. There Vickie locked the door. "Joe" asked her about her husband, but she told him that the marriage ended years ago, her husband just didn't know. She began to take off her clothes, and kissed "Joe", ultimately spending two nights with him. After the Punisher had taken down The Church, Vickie and her daughter were brought home to Ray White.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron and Klaus Janson.

by The Beetle

Vickie White is of no relation to:

Melissa White is the daughter of Vickie & Ray White. When her mother left her father to join The Church of the Saved, Melissa went with her mother. After the Punisher freed Vickie and Melissa from The Church, the two of them went back to live with her father -Punisher II#4 (BTS), 5

Punisher II#4 (November, 1987) - Mike Baron (writer), Klaus Janson (pencils/inks), Carl Potts (editor)
Punisher II#5 (January, 1988) - Mike Baron (writer), Klaus Janson (pencils/inks), Carl Potts (editor)

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