Membership: Brother Voodoo (leader), Black Cat, Ghost Rider, Satana, Gargoyle, Werewolf

Purpose: To prevent a second Chaos Event from occuring and the defeat of Jack O' Lantern

Affiliation: None, but the Shroud, Nightstalkers, Witches of New Salem, Son of Satan, Hellcat, Cloak and Dagger, Mordred, Morbius and Ulysses Bloodstone all fought for them in different parts of the world

Enemies: Jack O' Lantern and assorted unnamed demons, goblins and animations including but not limited to the Living Mummy, Dracula, The Frankenstien Monster, The Headless Horseman, Scarecrow, The Zombie, Chupacabra, Gruto, Gorgilla, Droom, Grottu, Moomba, Grogg, Groot and Roombu

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Manhattan, New York (Earth-98091)

First Appearance: Supernaturals#1 (September, 1998)


History: (Supernaturals#3-4 (fb))- Daniel and Jericho Drumm were brothers who lived in the rural Louisiana bayou. Their father, Josiah, was taken captive and killed by a riotous mob believing he had killed their children in spite of charms he sold. Their mother raced back into their burning house to save them, but she did not know thay had already escaped out a back window and she ended up dying in the blaze. Daniel eventually convinced Jericho that they could bring their mother back to life by a blood sacrifice. The ritual actually gave Daniel the chance to open a gateway to another dimension by sacrificing all the mutant and non-mystical heroes of Earth as Daniel stepped through the aperture himself. Jericho grew up believing his brother was killed in the ritual as many of the Earth's heroes vanished.

(Supernaturals#1-2)- As an adult, Jericho had inherited his own amount of powers from the ritual and became Brother Voodoo. He also suffered dreams of his brother's ritual for most of his life but as the last of Earth's heroes began vanishing, he went to consult Doctor Strange who he learned had already vanished. Strange did leave his Amulet of Agamotto behind which lead Brother Voodoo to assemble the heroes who would become the Supernaturals. Each of them were being attacked by demons and reanimated beings as he met them as the Werewolf Jack Russell was taken away from him. Russell, however, inexplicably showed up at their first meeting as Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider, walked out. He did come to the rescue when they confronted Jack 0'Lantern animating the relics of a museum to get to the remains of N'Kantu the Living Mummy. Confronted by the Supernaturals, Jack 0'Lantern created a spell which put Brother Voodoo into a catatonic shock and sent his teammates across time and space.

(Supernaturals#3)- Satana and the Werewolf ended up in 1870s Transylvania where they encountered Dracula and the Frankenstein Monster among several vampires and werewolves. Ghost Rider and Satana ended up in Old Salem, Massachusetts during the witch hunts. In his human form, the Gargoyle clashed with Chupacabra and several zombies lead by The Zombie Simon Williams as Brother Voodoo was kept spellbound by images of his brother's ritual. Each of his teammates suffered excruciating but illusory deaths based on their own worst fears except the brainwashed Werewolf turned on Satana and turned her over to Jack 0'Lantern.

(Supernaturals#4)- Jack 0'Lantern used an unnamed enchated horn to return to life all the old atomic-age creatures such as Grottu, Droom, Gruto, Gorgorilla, Moomba, Grogg, Groot and Roombu. He set out to sacrifice Satana to seal his dark spells, but the Werewolf proved to be faking his brain-washing by rescuing Satana. Brother Voodoo realized the dreams he was having was actually his spirit traveling in time and witnessing the start of the Chaos Event. He altered the events and realized that Jack 0'Lantern was his brother Daniel as Earth's mystical heroes began returning. Daniel tossed the wand with the last of Earth's missing heroes back into his other-dimensional realm as he fled back into it. The Eye of Agamottu once more linked to Doctor Strange restored everything back to normal, and the Supernaturals remained together to seek out the location of the wand.

Comments: Created by Brian Pulido and Mark Andreyko.

Several contradictions seem to place these events in another quantum reality other than mainstream earth. Brother Voodoo turns out to be a recording artist than a pyschologist and is background is switched to the Louisiana bayou than Haiti. Johnny Blaze is the Ghost Rider again. The Werewolf Jack Russell is a younger character as is Isaac Christians the Gargoyle. The Black Cat seems to have greater control of her psychokinesis than ever before. Satana (Maria Ramos), however, seems to be posessed by the spirit of Satana Hellstrom, the sister of Daimon Hellstrom. The younger Isaac Christians could be the grandson of the first Isaac Christians, but there's no evidence to suggest these two theories. It's also suggested that Brother Voodoo (Jericho Drumm) was a boy when the Chaos Event occurred, but even with Marvel's sliding time scale, this is improbable. These events, resembling a merger of Inferno and the Onslaught events, may have occurred briefly in Franklin Richards' pocket universe, or a third previously unseen timeline. On the other hand, these contradictions maybe creations from the divergence upon the Chaos Event. Another thing, if Brother Voodoo altered the first ritual, perhaps Earth's non-mystic heroes were never lost after all.
--Lots of good theories, but I'm definitely with your first one. I think this is an alternate reality, which might be referred to as Earth-Supernatural or, even better, Earth-Chaos--Snood.

It is now known as Earth-98091.
--Markus Raymond

Curiously, Daniel's spell rid the world of all mutants and scientifically-created heroes. This should not have affected Thor or Hercules. On the other side of the coin, some of Jack 0'Lantern's allies, the Frankenstein Monster and the old Atomic Age creatures, were created by science. It's also worth a mention that no mention is made of "scientific" or "mystical" villains.

There is no indication the Supernaturals actually traveled in time. These confrontations may have been created in Jack 0'Lantern's realm or just in their minds. This is supported by the fact they did actually survive their deaths and the fact that Dracula never really controlled the Frankenstein Monster. Much like the various Legions of the Undead (Legions of the Unliving?), many of these beings may have been mystical simulations. The Chupacabra, however, doesn't even resemble its real-life "goat-sucker" counterpart.
Heh, Heh, Heh--Goat Sucker--heh, heh, heh, heh...

The Supernaturals limited series was designed by the creative teams of (the now-defunct) Chaos! Comics, as a special weekly Halloween treat in 1998. However, sales were poor, and there was never any follow-up.

Each issue was also packaged with its own cardboard Halloween mask. Collect 'em all!
Including the ultra-rare Ghost Rider mask!!!--Snood.

by Will Uchtman

The Supernaturals should not be confused with:

Supernaturals#1-4 (December, 1998) - Brian Pulido (storyteller) & Marc Andreyko (writers), Ivan Reis (pencils), Joe Pimentel (inks), Tim Duohy, Brad Gould, Brian Pulido & Bob Harris (editors)

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