Real Name: Arun Bahkti

Identity/Class: Human, alternate Earth (New Universe), conventional weapons user; citizen of an unspecified Middle Eastern country

Occupation: Terrorist, Assassin

Group Membership: The Club

Affiliations: Baker (of the Club); Varna (lover); Helga (masseuse)

Enemies: Richard Francis Faylen, Fritz Krotze, Jenny Swenson (Spitfire),
the Troubleshooters
(Eric Chin, Tim Ferris (Fastball), Eduardo Giotti (Strong-Arms), Andrew Meadows (Beam-Splitter), Theresa Roberts (Think Tank))

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile across the Earth (New Universe); last seen in a Club hospital in Western Scandinavia; formerly a shack in Tareytown Heights, outside of Boston, Massachusetts

First Appearance: Spitfire and the Troubleshooters#3 (December, 1986)


Powers: None. Bahkti is a master of armed and unarmed combat. He was in excellent physical condition, exceptionally strong and quick, and was highly skilled in many fighting disciplines. He was proficient with many types of bladed or ballistic weapons. He was also a master of espionage, explosives, etc. He keeps his base boobytrapped.
It is unclear to what level he recovered after being nearly killed.

History: Bahkti's history is for the most part unrevealed. He gained a reputation as a killing machine and infamous terrorist, under the codename Steel Hawk (don't call him by any other name! He doesn't like it.). He had a relationship with a woman named Varna, a native of his own country in the Middle East. He has an extensive record and is wanted by numerous organizations, such as interpol.
At some point, he began working for the organization known only as the Club.

(Spitfire+TS#3) <9/13/1986> - After Fritz Krotze failed in several attempts to obtain the MAX (Man Amplified eXperiment) technology from Jenny Swenson, the Club sent Steel Hawk to clean up the mess he made. Bahkti surprised Krotze in his house and made him as prisoner, taking him to his own shack outside of Boston.

(SF+TS#4) <10/10-31/86> - Krotze assassinated Faylen, Krotze's former assistant with a car bomb.
Swenson, attempting to legally defend her right to the technology Krotze had stolen, expressed on national television her anger towards Krotze and said she would strangle him if she had proof that he had killed her father.
After weeks of torture, beatings, and starvation, Steel Hawk took a pipe and beat Krotze to death. He then threw Krotze's body in a river, where it would surface a few days later.
Steel Hawk planted a bomb at a site where Swenson was demonstrating the MAX armor's capabilities. One of Swenson's students, Eric Chin, found the bomb, and Jenny flew it into the air and dismantled it before Steel Hawk could explode it. As she flew back down, he attacked her with an automatic weapon that damaged her armor. Despite her far greater strength and firepower in the armor, Bahkti's skill enabled him to incapacitate her. As he prepared to execute her, she grabbed his calf and shattered his tibia and fibula (shin bones). In agony, he jerked forward and emptied his weapon into the air. He threw a grenade at the approaching police, and using his gun as a crutch, hopped to his jeep and rammed his way out to escape.
Despite saving the public from Steel Hawk, Swenson was arrested for Krotze's murder after his body was discovered. It was believed she had beaten him to death in the armor.

(SF+TS#5) <11/13/86> - A representative of the Club came to check out Steel Hawk, who was lifting weights while in a reinforced leg cast. He assured them that he was up to fighting prime.

(SF+TS#6) <12/19/96> - Steel Hawk was hired to plant a bomb at a Boston Common ceremony in which England's Prime Minister would be present. He watched from a distance as Jenny Swenson was released from prison due to lack of evidence. A policewoman attempted to give him a ticket for parking in a loading zone, and he broke her hand and took off.
While he was at the Commons, Swensons' students, the Troubleshooters, used their own MAX-derived technology to locate Bahkti's base and broke into it. They were nearly killed by his boobytraps, but managed to learn of his plans to kill the P. M.
(SF+TS#7(fb)) - Tim Ferris, using the Fastball components, managed to race to the Commons, grab the bomb, and throw it into the air, saving the P. M. and everyone else present.

(SF+TS#7) <1/14/87> - Steel Hawk reported his failure to the Club, and they used film footage of the event to identify Ferris. From this, they determined his allies' names and his connection to Swenson. Steel Hawk then tracked the members down and began attacking them individually. He first attacked Ferris, who attempted to flee using the Fastball armor. Bahkti took him out with a bazooka-type weapon. Ferris survived because his friend Eric Chin rushed him to as hospital, but he had to have both legs amputated above the knee.
Steel Hawk then attacked the three remaining members in a wooded are outside M. I .T. Andrew Meadows used his laser firing Beam-Splitter attachment to destroy Bahkti's weapon, but Bahkti still got the drop on him and forced Meadows to blast a whole through his own chest, killing him. Bahkti escaped.


(SF+TS#8) <1/4/87> - One of the Troubleshooters, Theresa, while cyber-surfing using her Think-Tank technology, managed to learn that Bahkti had regular sessions of a certain type of deep massages known as "Rolfing." Using this info, Giotti, located Bahkti and attacked him in mid-session, using he Strong-Arms technology. Giotti beat Bahkti to within inches of his life, but a member of the Club who was keeping Bahkti under surveillance saved him, held off Giotti with gunfire, and escaped with Bahkti in tow. Bahkti was taken to a Club facility.

(SF+TS#9) <2/87> - Bahkti was recovering in a full body cast at a facility in a Club facility in Western Scandinavia. His lover, Varna, was sure he was aware of everything around him and was plotting revenge. His doctor, however, had concerns that he may have suffered brain damage.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway and Ron Wagner.

New Universal-temporal characteristics

No known connections to:

Good rule of thumb: New Universe characters have no known connection to characters from the Marvel Universe. There are a few exceptions, which will be noted.

Spitfire, Jenny Swenson, @ Spitfire and the Troubleshooters#1, was later known as Chrome, after being mutated by the "Pitt juice", @ DP7#26


Other appearances:
Spitfire and the Troubleshooters#4-9 (January-June, 1987)

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