Real Name: Jim Evans

Identity/Class: Human (Old West era) owlhoot

Occupation: Apothecary (pharmacist); criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Sarah (former girlfriend)

Enemies: Matt Cody, Phantom Rider (Carter Slade), Clay Riley (Tarantula),
Rawhide Kid

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Scorpion; wanted to be "The Emperor of the West"

Base of Operations: formerly Bison Bend, Colorado and an abandoned mine shaft outside Dustville, Arizona (?)--and a number of points in between;

First Appearance: (as Scorpion) Rawhide Kid I#57 (April, 1967)
(as Sting-Ray) Ghost Rider I#4 (August, 1967)

Powers/Abilities: As both the Scorpion and the Sting-Ray, he used a gun which fired plastic capsules containing a quick-acting paralytic. The capsule melted almost instantly, and the drug took effect as soon as a victim was struck by a capsule. Thus while Jim was a quick draw, his aim did not have to be perfect, and he could immobilize a victim by striking anywhere on the body. The paralysis affected only muscles of voluntary control, and it lasted exactly 20 minutes, after which it faded very rapidly.
In addition, he was an above average combatant, and had an extensive knowledge of drugs and medicines of the era.


(Rawhide Kid I#57 (fb)) - Jim Evans moved to Dustville, where he became a successful apothecary. He began to date Sarah, the prettiest girl in town, but she had neglected to tell him that she already had a boyfriend: Matt Cody. Upon learning that someone was tryng to make time with his best girl, Cody was none too pleased, and he challenged Evans to a shootout. Evans managed to draw his gun and fire first, but he only winged Cody in his left arm, and Cody--a much better shot--shot Jim's gun out of his hand. Cody then embarassed Jim, forcing him to dance above his gunfire, after which Sarah realized that she only wanted "real men--like you, Matt!"
Jim was furious from the humiliation and vowed revenge. The embittered young chemist formulated a liquid paralytic that he could fire, so that no matter where he hit his victim, he would be immobilized. He designed the costume and the identity of the Scorpion to tilt the odds further in his favor by intimidation. Thus he embarked on a crime spree of great success.

(Rawhide Kid I#57) - The Scorpion robbed a stagecoach, and the sound of his gun attracted the attention of the nearby Rawhide Kid. The Kid tackled the Scorpion, who punched him away and then nailed him with a paralysis pellet. The Scorpion finished his robbery unopposed and made off with the payroll. However, learning that the Scorpion had only been in action for about 4 months, and then questioning around town and finding that the new apothecary had shown up about 4 months ago allowed the Rawhide Kid to determine his identity. The Kid followed Evans to an abandoned mine (the base of any good western character), watched him change into the Scorpion, and then confronted him. Their fight caused a collapse in the mine shaft, and the Kid fell into an underground stream, but he recovered quickly and went after the Scorpion again. He tackled the Scorpion again, who again punched him away, but this time the Kid managed to dodge his pellet and grab him. When the Scorpion fired again, the Kid twisted his wrist so that the Scorpion was struck by his own pellet. The Kid brought him back into Dustville, unmasked him, and turned him over to the sheriff.

(Ghost Rider I#4 (fb)) - After six months in jail, Evans managed to mix up a small amount of his stun potion in the prison workshop. He used it on a guard, grabbed his keys, and escaped. Taking on the new alias of the Sting-Ray, he blazed a trail of crime across the country, until he ended up in Bison Bend--and decided it was the perfect spot for him to settle...the base of my ultimate destiny as Emperor of the West.

(Ghost Rider I#4) - The Sting-Ray robbed a number of people present at a square dance in Bison Bend. Both Clay Riley and sheriff Ben Brooks attempted to stop him, and wound up victims of his stun pellets. Carter Slade, the Phantom Rider, set out after him, but as he was wanted by the sheriff, a posse set out after him, and as he escaped them, the Sting-Ray got away. Later, Hungry for power, the Sting-Ray kidnapped Natalie Brooks, the sheriff's daughter, hoping to hold her hostage until he got the power he demanded. However, he was followed by the Phantom Rider, who attacked him. The Phantom Rider eventually manged to defeat him, punching him out and unmasking him after he was distracted by a shout from Natalie. The sheriff and his men then arrived, but again went after the Phantom Rider, who was forced to flee.
It is unclear whether the Sting-Ray was arrested again, or whether he managed to escape during the commotion when the Phantom Rider fled the sheriff and his men.

Comments: Scorpion created by Larry Lieber.
Sting-Ray by Gary Friedrich and Dick Ayers.

The problem with most paralytics is that they also paralyze the diaphragm and costal (rib) muscles, causing an inability to breathe, and subsequent death. Fortunately, you don't get into problems like that in comics.

Bison Bend was named as being in Nevada in OHotMU Update '89#5 Data Corrections, but was later identified as being located in Colorado in Original Ghost Rider #13.

The Scorpion's origin kind of reminds me of those old Charles Atlas ads about the bully kicking sand in the wimp's face.

I still think Rawhide Kid should have said, "Oh, true apothecary...thy poison is quick!"

No known connection to:

Ghost Rider/Phantom Rider

Matt Cody


He was the boyfriend of Sarah, and it was the humiliation he dealt out to Jim Evans for seeing his girl that inspired him to become the Scorpion. He was an excellent shot, although he was not the quickest on the draw--literally.


--Rawhide Kid I#57 (57(fb)






She dated Jim Evans, but never let on that she had a real boyfriend. After Cody humiliated Jim, she ditched him for a "real man."
She was the prettiest girl in Dustville!


--Rawhide Kid I#57 (57(fb)



Rawhide Kid I#57 (April, 1967) - Larry Lieber (writer/pencils), John Tartaglione (inks), Stan Lee (editor)
Ghost Rider I#4 (July, 1967) - Gary Friedrich (writer), Dick Ayers (pencils), Vince Colletta (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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