Real Name: Oliver "Ollie" Osnick

Identity/Class: Human (Alternate timeline, Earth-MC2), Advanced technology wielder

Occupation: Adventurer; former inventor, businessman

Group Membership: Avengers (Speedball, Nova, Jolt, Jubilee)

Affiliations: Spider-Girl, American Dream

Enemies: Earth Monster, Wild Weasel, Septic Sentinel, Soldiers of the Serpent

Known Relatives: unnamed ex-wife

Aliases: Spider-Kid

Base of Operations: New York City of Earth-MC2

First Appearance: Spider-Girl#32 (May, 2001)

Powers: Osnick possesses no superhuman abilities. He wears a suit of high-tech armor that protects him from harm, raises his strength to superhuman levels (roughly class 10-20), and possesses four arm-like appendeges with which he can scale walls, and crush objects.

History: (Spider-Girl#32 (fb))- Even as a teenager, Ollie Osnick was a brilliant inventor and technician. He designed a suit of mechanical arms similiar to those of the villain Dr. Octopus, but decided he wanted to be a super-hero, just like his idol, Spider-Man. First taking the alias "Spider Kid", he later re-named himself the Steel Spider, and embarked upon a long career battling super-villains. At one point, after the Avengers had been slain in a battle in another dimension, he joined the new team of Avengers that included Jubilee, Speedball, Nova and Jolt, but it was a short-lived organization.

Although he didn't consider himself a great hero-- despite having his own line of action figures-- Osnick did become a successful man in his personal life. He founded his own business, and married a trophy wife, but when his business collapsed, his wife left him, and his life seemed worthless.

(Spider-Girl#32)- Needing an outlet for his intense emotions, he went on patrol as the Steel Spider again, and managed to get the drop on a pair of criminals, but they immediately surrendered, based on his reputation. Furious, Osnick went on a rampage, smashing rooftops in his anger. It was then that he encountered the young super-heroes Spider-Girl and American Dream, and was humiliated to be seen in that way. He complained that none of his accomplishments mattered-- that no matter how many times he tried to save the world, another threat would always come along. Just then, the heroes spotted the super-villain Soldiers of the Serpent, and Spider-Girl and American Dream set off to battle them. Seeing their optimism reinvigorated the Steel Serpent, and he joined them in defeating the Soldiers of the Serpent. Afterward, he took his new friends out for lattes.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz. Based on the Ollie Osnick of the regular Marvel Universe, created by Bill Mantlo and Ed Hannigan in Spectacular Spider-Man#72, who became the Steel Spider in Amazing Spider-Man Unlimited#5.

Earlier references to the MC-2 Steel Spider can be found in A-Next#1 and Spider-Girl#18.

Apparently, Ant-Man (Scott Lang) was also a member of the team of Avengers the Steel Spider joined, but he was not depicted with the others in Steel Spider's flashback.

by Prime Eternal

Clarifications: The MC-2 Steel Spider should not be confused with:
The Steel Serpent, Iron Fist opponent, @ Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#10
The other Steel Serpent, Davos, another Iron Fist opponent, @ Iron Fist I#13



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