Spider-Man Appendix S




Sabretooth (Victor Creed) Iron Fist #14 (1977) Feral mutant best known for battling Wolverine, once trained under the Foreigner, formerly partners with the Constrictor; tried to impress Foreigner by attacking Black Cat and Spider-Man, lost battle, subsequently joined the Marauders to fight the X-Men.


Sage Marvel Team-Up II #7 (1998) Vampire since 1794, underwent Sunwalker treatment to survive in sunlight; when his transformation caused his humanity to resurface, he clashed with Spider-Man and Blade, manipulating Blade into killing him to give his spirit peace.


Salvo Nightwatch #1 (1994) Cyborg with built-in shoulder-lasers, leader of Warforce.


Sanchus, "Snake" Spider-Man Unlimited I #4 (1994) Gave Lance Bannon false tips as part of Mysterio (Beck)'s scheme to profit from supposedly revealing a man named Phil as Spider-Man's "true identity"; publicity and merchandising deals ruined when Spider-Man exposed the operation.


Sanchez, Dr. Benita Amazing Spider-Man I #386 (1994) ESU researcher, developed juvenator mechanism that restored the Vulture's youth.


Sandman (William Baker, a.k.a. Flint Marko) Amazing Spider-Man I #4 (1963) Criminal mutated by radiation, able to transform himself into sandlike substance and alter his size and mass to gain super-strength, fought Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four several times, allied with the Enforcers, member of the Sinister Six and the Frightful Four, temporarily reformed and worked for Silver Sable in the Wild Pack and the Outlaws, briefly joined the Avengers, returned to crime when his mind was altered by the Wizard.


Sandor Amazing Spider-Man Annual I #5 (1968) Agent of the communist Red Skull, strongman, battled Spider-Man when the hero sought information on his parents' fate.


Sandstorm (Tony Trainor) Web of Spider-Man #107 (1993) Body transformed into living sand, manipulated by Quicksand into battling Spider-Man and Sandman.


Sandy Amazing Spider-Man I #298 (1988) Former hair stylist for Mary Jane Watson.


Santa Claus (Nicholas of Myra) Strange Tales I #34 (1955) Legendary holiday figure; Spider-Man almost encountered him while pursuing the Santa Claus Burglar, whom Claus defeated first.


Santa Claus Burglar Spectacular Spider-Man II #109 (1985) Criminal, disguised himself as Santa to get children to tell him where they lived in order to burgle their homes, pursued by Spider-Man, defeated by the real Santa Claus.


Sanction (Marco Sanzionare) NFL SuperPro #1 (1991) Organized crime figure, enemy of SuperPro; Spider-Man prevented one of his operatives from murdering a football player with alleged gambling ties to his organization.


Santellio Amazing Spider-Man I #259 (1984) Ran illegal gambling operation, intimidated by the Hobgoblin (Kingsley), provided information for Spider-Man.


Sarah Web of Spider-Man #18 (1986) Deputy who arrested Peter Parker while he was stranded in Virginia, intervened when he was made a target in Megar DuPaul's game.


Sardeth Marvel Two-In-One #90 (1982) Wizard from another dimension, possessed man in Earth dimension, battled Spider-Man and the Thing.


Sasquatch (Walter Langkowski) Uncanny X-Men #120 (1979) Able to take super-strong bestial form, member of Alpha Flight, fought the Collector alongside his teammates and Spider-Man.


Satana (Satana Hellstrom) Vampire Tales #2 (1973) Succubus, daughter of a demon claiming to be the Devil, met Spider-Man when they both fought to free a possessed Doctor Strange, sacrificed her life to save Strange, later resurrected and apparently turned evil.


Satellite Untold Tales of Spider-Man #4 (1995) Armored member of the Spacemen, able to generate rocket force from his hands and feet.


Saunders, Kristine Amazing Spider-Man I #124 (1973) Girlfriend of John Jameson, protected from the Man-Wolf by Spider-Man, sought to help Jameson deal with his condition, broke up with him under unrevealed circumstances.


Saunders, Robert Amazing Spider-Man Annual I #20 (1986) Several years in the future, planted a bomb before being killed by Arno Stark, Iron Man of that era; needing his retina scan to disarm the weapon, Stark travelled to modern times, but while fighting Spider-Man he injured the younger Saunders, creating the bitterness that made him plant the bomb in the first place.


Sauron (Dr. Karl Lykos) X-Men I #59 (1969) Mutated by virus from mutant pterodactyls, became pterodactyl-like superhuman with hypnotic abilities, battled the X-Men, drained energy from Spider-Man and the Angel (Archangel) after they had been mutated by Brainchild, later fought Spider-Man and others in the Toad's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, currently in Weapon X.


Savage Fin Marvel Comics Presents #49 (1990) Fish-like mutant, member of Critical Mass's Band of Baddies, quickly defeated by Spider-Man.


Savage Land X-Men I #10 (1965) Hidden jungle in the Antarctic, inhabited by dinosaurs and other supposedly extinct life-forms; visited by Spider-Man in the course of fighting Kraven the Hunter, the Savage Land Mutates, and Stegron.


Savage Land Mutates (Brainchild, Gaza, Amphibius, Barbarus, Lupo, Vertigo, Equilibrius, Piper, Lorelei, Whiteout, Worm, Leash) X-Men I #62 (1969) Superhuman Savage Land natives, originally mutated by Magneto, have served many agendas over the years; once mutated Spider-Man and the Angel (Archangel) into bestial forms and set them against Ka-Zar, but the power of Sauron restored them to normal.


Scanlon, "Peepers" Marvel Team-Up I #123 (1982) Mob hit man, became conscience-stricken and turned states evidence, target of hit by Solarr, protected by Spider-Man and Daredevil.


Scarecrow (Ebenezer Laughton) Tales of Suspense I #51 (1964) Contortionist and psychotic killer. Uses trained crows to attack victims. Fought Spider-Man, Iron Man (Stark), and others while still in human form, later became bodiless phantom who possesses others.


Scarf Spider-Man (1967): "Scourge of the Scarf" Artistic genius, mesmerized crowds in order to rob them, led gang, defeated by Spider-Man. (TV) 


Scarlet Beetle Tales to Astonish I #39 (1963) Giant insect that attempted to conquer world; battled the Ant-Man (Yellowjacket), Spider-Man, and others before it shrank and was stepped on by the She-Hulk.


Scarlet Spider see Reilly, Ben.


Scarlet Spider (Joe Wade) Scarlet Spider #2 (1995) FBI agent investigating Doctor Octopus (Trainer), forcibly connected to her VR projector to play role of a gun-toting Scarlet Spider, defeated by Ben Reilly and the New Warriors, caused bad publicity which forced Ben to abandon his own Scarlet Spider identity; last seen entering recovery, aided by fellow agent Stephanie Briggs.


Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) X-Men I #4 (1964) Mutant with hex power, originally served in Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, joined the Avengers, fought alongside Spider-Man against the Dark Rider and Necrodamus.


Schemer see Fisk, Richard.


Schizoid Man (Chip Martin) Spectacular Spider-Man II #39 (1980) ESU classmate of Peter Parker, suffered multiple personality disorder, able to levitate and create objects from psionic energy, went mad after attack by Morbius, attacked his parents and others, defeated by Spider-Man.


Schneider, Betsy Webspinners #1 (1999) Childhood friend of Mysterio (Beck), wrote his autobiography after being caught in a conflict between him and Spider-Man, briefly dated Joe Smith.


Schwinner, Dr. Eric Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962) Scientist present when Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, later worked for GARID.


Scorch Solo #1 (1994) ARES member, uses fire-projecting technology, defeated by Spider-Man and Solo.


Scorcher (Hudak) Untold Tales of Spider-Man #1 (1995) Created flame-projecting armor, turned to crime after being framed for embezzlement, fought Spider-Man early in his career, later returned to be defeated by Ben Reilly as Spider-Man, subsequently joined the Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil.


Scorpia (Elaine Coll) Spider-Man:Power of Terror #2 (1995) Given super-powered exoskeleton by Silvermane, super-strong, uses force field and energy blasts, fought Spider-Man and other heroes, briefly joined the Sinister Seven.

Scorpion (MacDonald "Mac" Gargan) Amazing Spider-Man I #20 (1965) Former private investigator, mutated into super-strength and endurance by Dr. Farley Stillwell on behalf of J. Jonah Jameson, wore powerful exoskeleton and tail, driven mad by his transformation, fought Spider-Man, became obsessed with vengeance on Jameson and Spider-Man, briefly joined Egghead's Masters of Evil, attacked wedding of Jameson and Dr. Marla Madison, briefly considered reformation, active as killer-for-hire, sent against Spider-Man by Game Player Buck Masterson.


Scourge of the Underworld Iron Man I #194 (1985) Organization of assassins who target super-villains, backed by the golden age hero called the Angel, killed many super-villains; the Red Skull (Shmidt) recruited at least one of them for his own purposes.


Scream (Donna Diego) Venom:Lethal Protector #4 (1993) Bonded with symbiote offspring of Venom by the Life Foundation; battled Venom, Spider-Man, and the Scarlet Spider.


Screech (Max Taylor) Venom:Lethal Protector #2 (1993) Brother of Hugh Taylor, used sonic lance, armored member of the Jury.


Scrier Silver Surfer Annual 1997 (1997) Vastly powerful enigmatic entity, interacted with humanity in teachings that served as basis for the Cabal of Scriers, awoken after millennia by the Silver Surfer to battle Mephisto, sought control of the Nexus of All Realities, opposed by Spider-Man and the Man-Thing.


Scrier Web of Spider-Man #117 (1994) Member of the Cabal of Scriers who pretended to serve Judas Traveller as part of Norman Osborn's larger scheme.


Scrier, Jr. Amazing Spider-Man Annual II 2000 (2000) Led renegade Scrier sect, wore super-powered gauntlets, kidnapped Normie Osborn, defeated by Spider-Man and, either an AI of or the ghost of Harry Osborn.


Sea Witch (Bridgit O'Hare) Thor I #300 (1980) Twelfth-century girl, amphibious and water-controlling member of the Young Gods, among the members of his team who sought to interfere with the High Evolutionary's activities, encountered Spider-Man.


Secret Defenders Fantastic Four I #374 (1993) Collective term for different groups of heroes gathered by Doctor Strange to fight various threats. Spider-Man was in the first such group, pursuing a fugitive Human Torch, and served in a later incarnation against Xandu.


Secret Empire Tales to Astonish I #81 (1966) Subversive organization, has existed in many incarnations; Spider-Man, Moon Knight, and other heroes encountered one such incarnation, which employed the Seekers and transformed Midnight into a cyborg.


Secret Wars Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #1 (1984) Battle waged between various super-heroes and super-villains as manipulated by the Beyonder, also refers to the heroes' battle against the Beyonder himself.


Sedatsky, Dr. Raymond Exclusive Collector's Edition:Spider-Man (1980) Dentist working on experimental dental laser, kidnapped by the Green Goblin (Harry Osborn) and forced to construct a laser drill, rescued by Spider-Man.


See-No-Evil Marvel Team-Up Annual #7 (1984) Trio of monkey-like creatures in the service of the Collector.


Seekers (Sonic, Chain Lightning, Grasp) Iron Man I #214 (1987) Armored mercenaries originally outfitted by AIM, enemies of Iron Man (Stark), fought Spider-Man and others on behalf of the Secret Empire.


Sentinels X-Men I #14 (1965) Giant multi-powered robots designed by various parties to hunt mutants and supposedly protect humanity, frequently sent against the X-Men, fought by Spider-Man and other heroes; fought by Spider-Man, the Scarlet Spider, and others during the Onslaught crisis.


Sentry (Robert Reynolds) Sentry #1 (2000) Solar-powered hero whose activities preceded the Fantastic Four's debut, worked with sidekick Scout, sentient computer CLOC, and pet Watchdog; mentored Spider-Man, allowed Peter Parker to take a Pulitzer-winning photo of him; his powers inadvertently created the Void, whom he fought alongside other heroes and whose threat forced Doctor Strange to remove the world's memory of both the Void and the Sentry, including Peter's success; in recent times the Sentry's powers resurfaced, creating a similar threat and resolution.


Sentry (Curtis Elkins) Venom:Lethal Protector #2 (1993) Uses modified version of Guardsman armor, former co-worker of Hugh Taylor, member of the Jury.


Serpent Crown Tales to Astonish I #101 (1968) Immensely powerful magical artifact created thousands of years ago, empowered by the Elder God Set, used to menace various heroes; Spider-Man was one of the heroes who helped finally destroy it at Project:Pegasus.


Serpent Men Kull the Conqueror #2 (1971) Race of snake men spawned by the Elder God Set, blood enemies of Omm and the Spider-People. Once impersonated the Defenders to involve Spider-Man in a plot against their foes.


Sersi Eternals I #3 (1976) Eternal, has many superhuman powers, particularly matter transformation; served in the Avengers, encountered Spider-Man while fighting the Black Insect Swarm and other threats, later joined fellow Eternals in a team called the New Breed.


Set Thor Annual I #10 (1982) Demonic Elder God in the form of a seven-headed serpent, attempted to enter the Earth dimension via the Serpent Crown, repelled by Spider-Man and other heroes, made second attempt during the Atlantis Attacks, again repelled by heroes.


Seth Youngblood UK Spider-Man Annual (1979) Top assassin who took contract from Don Moroni to slay Spider-Man; initially lured his target into a booby-trapped amusement arcade, but when this failed he took the hero on face-to-face, wearing a blade covered, non-stick armor immune to Spider-Man's webbing.


Sha Shan Amazing Spider-Man I #108 (1972) Member of the Hidden Temple, cared for Flash Thompson when he was wounded in Southeast Asia combat; appointed by her father to balance the power of Brother Power, whom she married; granted light powers as Sister Sun, freed from Power's control by Spider-Man and Flash, became Flash's girlfriend, left him over his relationship with Betty Brant.


Shaddock, Charlie Amazing Spider-Man I #368 (1992) Infiltrated the FBI for the Red Skull (Malik) just before Richard and Mary Parker were killed; when the Parker replicoids appeared years later, he believed them to be the originals and kidnapped them, intending to kill them to protect his secret, only to be defeated by Peter Parker.


Shade Amazing Spider-Man II #40 (2002) Mysterious criminal, possesses enhanced strength and power to travel the astral plane, required victims to be able to escape the astral plane, fought by Spider-Man with the help of Doctor Strange.


Shadowcat (Katherine "Kitty" Pryde) Uncanny X-Men #129 (1980) Mutant computer genius, exists in intangible state, followed Spider-Man's career as a child, joined the X-Men, teamed with Spider-Man against Strigor, later joined Excalibur, currently in college.


Shadowforce (Hardtime, Airborne, Ambush, Oversize, Firefight, Mirrorshade) Spider-Man/X-Factor: Shadowgames #1 (1994) Super-powered operatives mutated by US government, fought Spider-Man and X-Factor II.


Shadowforce Alpha (Cordite, Clash, Bombadier, Flare, Shell, Shot, Stampede) Amazing Spider-Man Super Special #1 (1995) Paramilitary team of mercenaries, sent against hospitalized foreign ruler, opposed by Scarlet Spider and Strongarm.


Shadrac (Greg Herd) Spectacular Scarlet Spider #1 (1995) Husband of Aura, wore machine-controlling exoskeleton as Override, fought the Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man, participated in the Gathering of Five in hopes of curing Aura after she was hospitalized, mutated into deadly burning form, fought Spider-Man and Iceman, merged with Gray Dolman.


Shakespeare Spider-Man (1967): "Diamond Dust" Criminal mastermind, led gang dressed as apes in effort to steal diamond, defeated by Spider-Man. (TV)


Shana Amazing Spider-Man I #267 (1985) Child, met Spider-Man during his search for the Commuter, offered him her big wheel.


Shang-Chi Special Marvel Edition #15 (1973) Undisputed master of Kung Fu, son of Fu Manchu, became agent of MI-6 after rebelling against his father, worked with various heroes, once manipulated by his father into fighting Spider-Man.


Shanna the She-Devil (Shanna O'Hara Plunder) Shanna the She-Devil #1 (1973) Jungle adventurer, skilled athlete, joined Ka-Zar in the Savage Land, briefly attracted to Peter Parker when Ka-Zar was believed dead, married Ka-Zar.


Shard Web of Spider-Man Annual #9 (1993) Cadre member, generates and projects sharp quills.


Sharp, Alexis Web of Spider-Man Annual #1 (1985) Actor and con man, convinced Max to build him an exoskeleton, went on rampage, defeated by Spider-Man with Max's advice.


Sharpe, General Macauley Spider-Man/X-Factor: Shadowgames #1 (1994) Military commander of Shadowforce.


Shathra Amazing Spider-Man II #46 (2002) Extradimensional female creature with great strength, agility, speed, claws, flight; came to Earth dimension to feed upon Spider-Man, engulfed by swarm of spiders in temple in Ghana.


Shatterstar (Gaveedra, a.k.a. Benjamin Russell) New Mutants I #99 (1991) Extradimensional freedom fighter of mysterious origins, carries swords, has mutant vibratory ability, came to the Earth dimension and joined X-Force, fought with team alongside Spider-Man against the Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy.


Sheldon, Phil Marvels #1 (1994) Long-time Bugle photographer, took many pictures of super-heroes, starting in the late 1930s, remained active throughout the decades, photographed Gwen Stacy's death.


Shaw, Sebastian Uncanny X-Men #130 (1980) Black King of the Hellfire Club, oversaw the development of the Sentinels which Loki combined as the Tri-Sentinel, rebuffed Jill Stacy's inquiries about Joey Z.


Shaw, Shinobi X-Factor I #67 (1991) Mutant able to become intangible, sought role of Black King in the Hellfire Club, wagered J. Jonah Jameson's life against Benedict Kine, plot foiled by Spider-Man (Reilly) and the X-Men.


She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) She-Hulk I #1 (1980) Cousin of the Hulk, transformed by a transfusion of his blood into a super-strong green form, teamed with Spider-Man against the Man-Killer, joined the Avengers, later served in the Fantastic Four, impersonated by the Space Phantom to make Spider-Man attack the Avengers.


Shell Nightwatch #1 (1994) Gun-toting female member of Warforce.

Shell and Shot Amazing Spider-Man Super Special #1 (1995) Twin brothers, trained in heavy weapons use, members of Shadowforce Alpha.


Shepherd, Winston Web of Spider-Man #49 (1989) Drug dealer, supplied drugs to friend of Mary Jane Watson, targeted by Spider-Man, killed by employer after leading Spider-Man to their operation.


SHIELD (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division, later Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate) Strange Tales I #135 (1965) High-tech worldwide espionage agency; its agents have worked both alongside and against Spider-Man and other heroes as situations have required.


Shiffman, Maxie Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962) Former show business agent for Spider-Man before Uncle Ben's death. Duped into assisting Mysterio (Beck) by an illusion of his widow returned to life.


Shifters Ultraforce/Spider-Man #1 (1996) Malleable alien creatures commanded by unknown parties attempting to provoke a war between the Earth dimension and the Ultraverse; attacked Spider-Man, the Green Goblin (Urich), and Ultraforce.


Shikata Spider-Man (2003): "Sword of Shikata" (7/11/03) Honor-driven mercenary, drew power from mystic sword, hired to capture Spider-Man, decided to fight him to the death, apparently destroyed when sword was broken. (TV) 


Shinchuko, Lotus Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #8 (1975) Female martial artist, one of the Sons of the Tiger, temporarily controlled by extradimensional Silent Ones.


Shinsky, Wladyslav Fantastic Four I #66 (1967) Enclave member, geneticist.


Shiva (Dr. Si Fan Chung) Marvel Team-Up Annual #1 (1976) "Destroyer" of the Nest, wielded energized trident, astronomer.


SHOC (Todd Fields, a.k.a. Neil Aiken) Spider-Man #76 (1997) ESU student, inherited darkforce-manipulating powers from his father, wore armor, fought Crown alongside Spider-Man.


Shocker (Herman Schultz) Amazing Spider-Man I #46 (1967) Uses wrist-mounted vibration devices as weapons, wears padded armor to protect himself from their effects, fought Spider-Man several times, member of the Masters of Evil under both Egghead and Doctor Octopus, feared being killed by the Scourge of the Underworld, joined the Sinister Seven as protection against Kaine.


Shockwave (Lancaster Sneed) Master of Kung Fu I #42 (1976) Armored enemy of Shang-Chi, attacked Avengers on behalf of SHIELD renegades, fought Spider-Man after abducting Cat's son.


Shooter Daredevil I #354 (1996) Used special hand-mounted guns; hoped to make his reputation by killing Daredevil and Spider-Man, but after a brief battle, Spider-Man emptied a water tower onto him.


Shooting Star (Victoria Starr) Incredible Hulk II #265 (1981) Used stun six-guns as member of the Rangers, worked with Spider-Man and her teammates against the Frightful Four.


Shotgun (J.R. Walker) Daredevil I #272 (1989) Mercenary and government agent, trained in use of many weapons; has faced Spider-Man, the Punisher, and Daredevil; helped free


Shriek (Frances Louise Barrington, a.k.a. Sandra Deel) Spider-Man Unlimited I #1 (1993) Has powers of levitation and sonic blasts, able to awaken negative emotions in others, the first villain to join Carnage's entourage, fought Spider-Man and other heroes, became devoted to Carrion (McBride), absorbed the Carrion virus, relieved of it by the Jackal.


Shriekers Amazing Spider-Man I #220 (1981) Rock band, led by Razor, framed by Rodney for Restwell Nursing Home robbery, cleared by May Parker.


Shroud (Maximillian Quincy Coolridge) Super-Villain Team-Up #5 (1976) Blind hero able to control darkness, poses as criminal to destroy the mob from within, teamed with Spider-Man against Dansen Macabre and others, led team of superhuman criminals called the Night Shift in efforts against other criminals, eventually lost leadership when they went to serve the demon Satannish.


Shrunken Bones (Dr. Jerold Morgan) World of Fantasy #11 (1958) Scientist who developed shrinking gas, inadvertently shrank his skeleton but not his skin, one of the Headmen.


Shuffler, Carl Marvel Team-Up II #4 (1997) Mailroom employee, mystically merged with the Man-Thing by Norn Stone, unknowingly burned several people, went on rampage, stopped by Spider-Man.


Sicks, Matt Marvel Vision #22 (1997) (mentioned only) Daily Globe reporter, reported on battle between Spider-Man and the Juggernaut. 


Sidewinder Spider-Man (1981): "The Sidewinder Strikes" Led gang of criminals with cowboy motif, used robot horses and bull, defeated by Spider-Man. (TV) 


Sif Journey into Mystery I #102 (1964) Asgardian goddess of the harvest and the hunt, longtime paramour of Thor; Spider-Man met her during a battle with the Wrecking Crew, while she was in the form of mortal police officer Ericka Velez.


Silence (a.k.a. Whisper) Web of Spider-Man #92 (1992) Sword-wielding member of the Foreigner's Death Squad, projected field of silence, defeated by Spider-Man.


Silencer Spider-Man/Elektra Annual 1998 (1998) Bio-engineered mob assassin able to alter density. Battled both Spider-Man and Elektra before being trapped inside a meteorite.


Silencers Web of Spider-Man #113 (1994) Four mercenaries, cloaked from sight and sound in order to steal technology; Spider-Man, Black Cat, and Gambit fought them at the unveiling of the FACADE armor.


Siler, Nyra Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #3 (1981) Classmate of Peter Parker at Midtown High.


Silhouette (Silhouette Chord) New Warriors I #2 (1990) Able to teleport extradimensionally, met Spider-Man as a member of the New Warriors, joined him and her teammates in fighting the Hero Killers.


Silver and Auric (Jimon Kwan Tang and Zhao Kwan Tang) Alpha Flight I #76 (1989) Chinese mutants able to fly and generate temperatures, defected from China to join Gamma Flight, captured and killed by the Hero-Killers; bodies charged with energy, as was body of scientist Hedison; when the Chess Set attempted to auction off their bodies, the three revived and merged into a powerful entity.


Silver Dagger (Isaiah Curwen) Doctor Strange II #1 (1974) Religious zealot, dedicated to destroying magical beings, fought Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel during his efforts against Doctor Strange and Marie LaVeau.


Silver Sable (Silver Sablinova) Amazing Spider-Man I #265 (1985) Expert martial artist, marksman, strategist; leader of the Wild Pack, initiated change from Nazi hunters to full-time mercenaries, has hired Spider-Man on several occasions.


Silver Samurai (Kenuchio Harada) Daredevil I #111 (1974) Japanese mutant able to use his sword to cut almost anything, served Viper for years; fought Spider-Man during Viper's plot against SHIELD and at other times, later joined Big Hero Six.


Silver Squad (Purty Larry, Ripster, Slambeaux, Twit) Web of Spider-Man #79 (1991) Squad of robots sent after Spider-Man by Silvermane, who wanted him of blood to increase his own vitality; Spider-Man was captured but avoided the fate that Silvermane had in mind.


Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd) Fantastic Four I #48 (1966) Once cosmic-powered herald for world-devourer Galactus; spent many years exiled to Earth for rebelling against his master; encountered Spider-Man several times, fighting against him and alongside him against Psycho-Man, Carnage, and others; also fought Quasimodo alongside Ben Reilly.


Silvermane (Silvio Manfredi) Amazing Spider-Man I #73 (1969) Head of Maggia family, first encountered Spider-Man while seeking the Lifeline Tablet, temporarily regressed to non-existence, subsequently rebuilt as a cyborg and fought Cloak and Dagger, sought various means to strenghten cyborg body, last seen in artificial body tied to life support.


Simpson, Randolph Morbius #21 (1994) CIA agent, killed agents that he felt had betrayed the American trust, pursued by Spider-Man and Morbius, committed suicide.


Sin-Eater (Detective Stan Carter) Spectacular Spider-Man II #107 (1985) Ex-SHIELD agent, joined NYPD, driven mad by strength-enhancing drug, killed former lover Jean DeWolff and others, captured by Spider-Man and Daredevil, seriously injured in beating by Spider-Man, imprisoned, released after supposed cure, remained mentally unstable, died while threatening police with unloaded gun.


Sinister Seven (Electro, Shocker, Mysterio (Beck), Beetle, Vulture (Toomes), Scorpia, Hobgoblin (Macendale)) Spider-Man Unlimited I #9 (1995) Short-lived team of super-villains organized to kill Kaine before he could kill them.


Sinister Six (Doctor Octopus (Octavius), Vulture (Toomes), Electro, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio (Beck); later Hobgoblin (Macendale), Gog, Beetle (MACH-5), Scorpia, Shocker, Venom, Al Kravinoff) Amazing Spider-Man Annual I #1 (1964) Various incarnations of super-villain team led by Doctor Octopus against Spider-Man, usually fractured by internal conflict.

Sinister Syndicate (Beetle, Speed Demon, Boomerang, Hydro-Man, Rhino, Shocker) Amazing Spider-Man I #280 (1986) Super-villain team; fought Spider-Man, Silver Sable, and the Sandman; briefly took over nation of Belgriun before defeat by Spider-Man and Sable, fragmented by internal conflicts when Leila Davis targeted the Beetle for revenge.


Sir (Martha Paterson) Daredevil I #345 (1995) Strong and misogynistic woman, surgically altered to be masculine, fought Daredevil, used as pawn by Doctor Angst and Norman Osborn against Spider-Man.


Sir Galahad Spider-Man (1967): "Knight Must Fall" Armored thief, carried electrified lance, rode flame-throwing motorcycle, fought Spider-Man. (TV) 


Siryn (Theresa Rourke) Spider-Woman I #37 (1981) Irish mutant, daughter of Banshee, possesses similar sonic powers, former member of the Fallen Angels, served in X-Force when the team worked with Spider-Man against the Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy, later joined X-Corps.


Siskinsky Sisters Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1992 (UK) Trio of sisters led by Sophie Siskinsky that operated a circus by day while moonlighting as cat burglars with an affinity for jewelry, using a trained black panther named Felix, a hot air balloon, and detachable metal claws; they were opposed and captured by Spider-Man.


Siskinsky, Sophie Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1992 (UK) Quick in intelligence and agility, was the ringleader and proprietor of a circus troupe and jewel-theft ring along with her sisters, using a trained black panther named Felix, a hot air balloon, and detachable metal claws; her sisters and she were opposed and captured by Spider-Man.


Sister Sun see Sha Shan.


Six Marvel Team-Up I #91 (1980) Six-armed circus performer, mesmerized by Moondark to fight Spider-Man and the Ghost Rider (Blaze), escaped as one of the Freaks.


Skin (Angelo Espinosa) Uncanny X-Men #317 (19X) Mutant able to manipulate several feet of extra skin, met Spider-Man while fighting Major Love as a member of Generation X, later killed by the Church of Humanity.


Skinhead (Eddie Cross) Web of Spider-Man #56 (1989) Neo-Nazi accidentally mutated by experimental web-fluid of Spider-Man, became super-strong amorphous creature, fought Spider-Man and the Rocket Racer (Farrell), later fought Captain Marvel (Photon).


Skrulls Fantastic Four I #2 (1962) Shape-changing aliens, enemies of the Kree, have attempted to conquer Earth for decades and been repelled by many super-heroes over that time, frequent adversaries of the Fantastic Four; Spider-Man has fought Skrulls in the forms of the X-Men, in the Mole Man's subterranean realm, and under other circumstances.


Skull-Jacket Spider-Man Unlimited I #11 (1996) Agent of Russian mafia, able to alter his appearance, impersonated Jason Havershaw and killed his mother to inherit her fortune; the Black Cat was suspected of this crime but cleared with Spider-Man (Reilly)'s help.

Sky Master Spider-Man (1967): "Criminals in the Clouds" Green-skinned criminal, opearted from dirigible, commanded army, sought invisibility serum via extortion, defeated by Spider-Man. (TV) 

Skyboy (Jan Caldwell) Spider-Man (1967): "Spider-Man Meets Skyboy" Son of scientist who created anti-gravity helmet, used it as flying hero to rescue his father, fought Doctor Zap alongside Spider-Man. (TV) 

Skye, Lisa Uncanny X-Men #152 and others (Hostess Cup Cakes advertisement, 1981) Dated Peter Parker, protected from thugs by Spider-Man.


Skyline Killer Clan Destine #6 (1995) Assassin with energy-emitting prosthetic claw, built-in stun net, backpack armory; hired to kill Cuckoo of Clan Destine, captured Cuckoo and Argent, defeated by Spider-Man, the Crimson Crusader, and Imp; killed by the Punisher.


Slade Amazing Spider-Man I #59 (1968) Underling of the Kingpin, managed the Gloom Room A-Go-Go club.


Slambeaux Web of Spider-Man #79 (1991) Rifle-carrying android, member of the Silver Squad, destroyed by Spider-Man.


Slapstick (Steven Harmon) Slapstick #1 (1992) Gained cartoonish powers via technology from Dimension X, sought career as super-hero, briefly encountered Spider-Man at a mall after fighting the Overkiller.


Slasher (Elyse Nelson) Web of Spider-Man #37 (1988) Deranged model, killed other models with razor, defeated by Spider-Man and Dakota North.


Slattery, Professor Spectacular Spider-Man II #41 (1980) ESU biochemistry instructor.


Slaughter, Victor A. Morbius #6 (1993) Operative sent to kill Morbius, transformed into pseudo-vampire, fought Spider-Man and Morbius.


Sleeper UK Spider-Man Annual (1983) Ninja thief who used a potent knock-out dust to help him rob WWII veterans of medals and other mementos, apparently as a form of revenge for Japan's loss in that conflict.


Sleepwalker Sleepwalker #1 (1991) Defender of the Mindscape, accessed the Earth dimension through his host Rick Sheridan, fought various villains, allied with Spider-Man against Crimewave and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.


Slime Spectacular Spider-Man II #215 (1994) Sentient empathic slime within NYC sewers, origins unrevealed, stopped Spider-Manís brutal beating of a repentant Scorpion.


Slingers (Prodigy, Ricochet, Dusk, Hornet) Slingers #0 (1998) Short-lived team of young super-heroes organized by the golden age hero called the Black Marvel, each using a costume and identity previously used by Spider-Man; disbanded after saving the Marvel's soul from Mephisto.


Sloan, Dr. Morris Spectacular Spider-Man II #32 (1979) Chairman of ESU's biophysics department, supervised Peter Parker in his post-graduate studies, accidentally revived Swarm.


Slug (Ulysses X. Lugman) Captain America I #324 (1986) Obese crimelord of Florida; Spider-Man encountered some of his men fighting the High Evolutionary's forces, and his drug trade was later threatened by the Lizard.


Slyde (Jalome Beacher) Amazing Spider-Man I #272 (1986) Uses frictionless costume for speed and avoidability, fought Spider-Man, stole money from the Maggia, rescued his brother from vengeful criminals with help of Spider-Man and Cage, joined the Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil.


Smalls, Stewart and Bill Spider-Man #26 (1992) Brothers who stole force-field apparatus from Madame Menace, attempted crime spree, fought by Spider-Man.


Smart Alec Master of Kung Fu I #62 and others (Hostess Cup Cakes advertisement, 1978) Able to project multiple images of himself, attempted to rob museum, thwarted by Spider-Man.


Smartyr, Dr. Spider-Man (1967): "Sub-Zero for Spidey" Noted scientist, briefly abducted by icy aliens to help repair their ship, aided by Spider-Man; later worked on nullifier rocket which was stolen by Doctor Octopus but returned by Spider-Man. (TV)


Smasher Spectacular Spider-Man I #1 (1968) Super-strong operative of the Disruptor, turned on him in a rage after mistreatment, apparently died in building collapse.


Smith, Beth Amazing Spider-Man:Double Trouble (1993) Canadian science fair winner, work pursued by the Chameleon, protected by Spider-Man.


Smith, Dr. Armstrong Daredevil I #124 (1975) Co-creator of WHO, killed when his creation gained sentience.


Smith, Daphne "Boomer" Peter Parker:Spider-Man #27 (2001) Science teacher during Peter Parker's sophomore year, challenged and encouraged him.


Smith, Daryll Wolverine II #96 (1995) Government agent in NSA and Mutant Task Force, worked with the Overreach Committee to make Venom a federal operative, later worked with Spider-Man to recapture him.


Smith, Sir Dennis Nayland Special Marvel Edition #15 (1973) Enemy of Fu Manchu since the 1910s, headed MI-6, worked with Shang-Chi, encountered Spider-Man when Fu Manchu manipulated the hero into fighting Shang-Chi.


Smith, Francis Spider-Man:Death and Destiny #1 (2000) Underling of Doctor Octopus, severely beaten by him to frame Spider-Man for assault.


Smith, Hiawatha Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981): "Quest of the Red Skull" Heroic archaeologist, targeted by the Red Skull (Shmidt) for engraving that led to Nazi treasure, aided by Spider-Man and others. (TV) 


Smith, Joe Amazing Spider-Man I #38 (1966) Gained superhuman strength while working as stuntman, fought Spider-Man in disoriented state, lost powers, helped Spider-Man against Mysterio (Beck); regained powers after son's death and, grief-stricken, fought Captain America; lost powers again, helped Spider-Man and Daredevil against Mysterio (Berkhart) and Mad Jack.


Smithers, Professor Spider-Man (1967): "Vine" Scientist who traveled back to prehistoric times, dwelled with primitive ape-like creatures, aided Spider-Man when the hero traveled back to learn how to defeat the Vine-Thing and fought others of its kind. (TV) 


Smithville Thunderbolt (Fred Hopkins) Web of Spider-Man #8 (1985) Became super-hero after receiving powers from meteorite in 1954, active for decades in Pennsylvania.Powers faded with age, created false crises to augment image, attacked by Ludlow Grimes, defended by Spider-Man, committed suicide after Roxanne Dewinter exposed his identity.


Smoke-Out Real Heroes #4 (1994) Young electric-powered mutant, went on rampage after his mother died from smoking, calmed by Spider-Man and other heroes.


Smokescreen Spider-Man, Storm, and Power Man Battle Smokescreen (1982) Able to emit smoke, sought mob control through money earned by hooking teenagers on cigarettes to affect high school sporting events, defeated by Spider-Man, Storm, Power Man (Cage).


Smuggler see Atlas.


Smythe, Alistair Alphonso Amazing Spider-Man Annual I #19 (1985) Deranged son of Spencer Smythe, briefly worked for the Kingpin, developed many Spider-Slayer robots to send against Spider-Man, transformed self into super-powered cyborg, defeated by Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson.


Smythe, Spencer Amazing Spider-Man I #25 (1965) Scientist who built the first Spider-Slayer robot, offered its services to J. Jonah Jameson, worked with Jameson on subsequent robots, became determined to kill Spider-Man, poisoned by use of radioactive materials, handcuffed Spider-Man and Jameson to bomb, died before seeing them escape.


Snake Clan Peter Parker:Spider-Man Annual 2001 (2001) Peruvian tribe, enemies of the Spider Clan.


Snake Eyes Marvel Team-Up Annual #7 (1984) Giant Xanthian Boulder-Crusher, serpent owned by the Collector, fought Spider-Man and Alpha Flight.


Sneak Thief Spider-Man:The Arachnis Project #1 (1994) Cat burglar, able to evade most forms of mechanical detection, hired by the Life Foundation, judged to have failed when she encountered Spider-Man and Warrant, helped Gunplay escape the Life Foundation.


Snider, Detective Spectacular Spider-Man II #47 (1980) NYPD detective, met Spider-Man while investigating Belladonna and aided him on subsequent cases.


Snow, Charlie Marvel Team-Up I #79 (1979) Longtime Daily Bugle reporter, became less reliable as he grew more dependent on alcohol.


Snowman Spider-Man (1967): "Trouble with Snow" Snowman brought to life by chemical-electrical reaction, grew to giant size, fought Spider-Man until the hero drained its power. (TV) 


Solarr (Silas King) Captain America I #160 (1973) Solar-powered mutant, fought several super-heroes, including Spider-Man and Daredevil when he was sent to assassinate ailing gangster "Peepers" Scanlon, eventually killed at Project:Pegasus.


Soldiers of Misfortune (Cut, Dry, Dark, Light, Right, Wrong, Hard (Namorita), Fast) New Warriors I #54 (1994) Superhuman operatives of the Undertow, which controlled their actions; some of them fought the Scarlet Spider during his time with the New Warriors.


Solo (James Bourne) Web of Spider-Man #19 (1986) Uses teleportation and variety of weapons in campaign against terrorists, worked alongside Spider-Man against the Sinister Six and other threats, temporarily shaken after accidentally killing innocent bystander, resumed activities.

Songbird (Melissa "Mimi" Gold) Marvel Two-in-One #54 (1979) Formerly Screaming Mimi of the Grapplers, able to use sonic powers to create objects from sound and fly, met Spider-Man as member of the Thunderbolts, only founding member who had not previously fought Spider-Man


Sonic (Bannion) Iron Man I #214 (1987) One of the Seekers, wears green armor, uses sonic cannon.


Sons of the Tiger (Bob Diamond, Abe Brown, Lin Sun, Lotus Shinkchuko) Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1 (1974) Heroic martial artists, gained power from mystic amulets, helped Spider-Man against the second generation Crime-Master and Big Man, later abandoned their amulets to be used by the White Tiger.


Sorcerer Marvel Super Heroes II #14 (1968) Mastered ESP via a variety of disciplines, tested his powers against Spider-Man, assisted by the Synthetic Man, apparently killed by feedback from psycho-intensifier.


Sorenson, Dr. Margay Marvel Team-Up I #59 (1977) Mother of Equinox, advised Spider-Man and the Wasp on Equinox's origins.


South, Gullivar Spectacular Spider-Man II #137 (1988) Renegade government operative, sent the Tarantula (Alvarez) and Captain America (USAgent) against illegal immigrants, later impersonated by the Chameleon.


Spacemen (Gantry, Orbit, Satellite, Vacuum) Untold Tales of Spider-Man #4 (1995) Group of ex-space program trainees, stole and were mutated by meteor sample brought to Earth by John Jameson, posed as astronaut heroes to cover thefts while framing Spider-Man, who eventually exposed them


Space Phantom Avengers I #2 (1963) Servant of Immortus, able to take the form of anyone with whom he switches places in Limbo, attacked Spider-Man in the form of the She-Hulk, prompted fight between the Avengers and the Outlaws, manipulated by Calculus.


Spark Web of Spider-Man #74 (1991) Granted superhuman strength and electrical powers by the Painter, fought Spider-Man and the Human Torch as a member of the Avant Guard, transformed into a painting by the Painter.


Spartacus Spectacular Spider-Man III #1 (2003) Polish water spaniel, barks for no discernible reason, pet of the Papciaks.


"Spawn of the Spider" Amazing Spider-Man Annual I #11 (1977) Movie in which Spider-Man briefly acted as stuntman and for which the Spider-Squad exoskeletons were designed.


Specialist Spider-Man (1967): "Swing City" Villain who twice commandeered NYC nuclear power plant, used gravity ray to levitate Manhattan, mesmerized people to do his bidding, defeated twice by Spider-Man. (TV) 

Speed Demon (James Sanders) Avengers I #69 (1969) Super-fast criminal, formerly served as the Whizzer in the Grandmaster's Squadron Sinister against the Avengers and the Defenders, took new identity to fight Spider-Man and others, member of the Sinister Syndicate.


Speedball (Robert "Robbie" Baldwin) Amazing Spider-Man Annual I #22 (1988) Empowered by extradimensional force that gives him superhuman bouncing and fighting ability, met Spider-Man and Daredevil early in his career, later worked with Spider-Man as member of the New Warriors, recently fell into drug trade.


Spellcheck Spider-Man's Tangled Web #18 (2002) Vigilante obsessed with grammar, unsuccessfully sought to become Typeface's partner, left tied up by Typeface for Spider-Man to find.


Sphere of Sara-Kath Sensational Spider-Man #21 (1997) Mystic item which augments magical powers a hundredfold, acquired by the Technomancers, used by Buel.


Sphinx (Anathna-Mut) Nova I #6 (1977) Millennia-old mutated sorcerer, has played the role of both hero and villain, frequent adversary of Nova, organized the Hero Killers to augment his power, fought Spider-Man and the New Warriors.


Sphinx Marvel Team-Up II #2 (1997) Winged lion-like creature created by Doctor Zeus.


Spider-Amoeba Spectacular Spider-Man II #31 (1979) Immense single-celled creation of first Carrion, injected with Spider-Man's blood to simulate his powers, destroyed by fire along with Carrion.


Spider-Boy (Peter Ross) Spider-Boy #1 (1996) Amalgam of Spider-Man and Superboy; clone with ability to cling to walls, super-strength, web-shooter gun; fought Bizarnage, King Lizard, Scavulture, others; time-traveled to meet the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099.


Spider-Clan Spider-Man Annual II 2001 (2001) Peruvian tribe, worshipped at the Temple of the Great Weaver; Spider-Man helped them recover the Temple from their enemies the Snake Clan early in his career.


Spider-Girl (May "Mayday" Parker) What If II #105 (1998) Daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in alternate timeline over a decade in the future, developed super-powers and embarked on heroic career, has many allies and enemies, once traveled back in time to meet Spider-Man during his early career.

Spider-Girl 2020 (May Parker) X-Men/Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book Three (1998) Daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in the alternate timeline of year 2020, born with super-powers similar to her father's and embarked on heroic career, former ally of Iron Man 2020 and former pawn of Kang, fought but later helped Spider-Man and his allies, who had time traveled from the present day to her timeline.


Spider-Hybrid Peter Parker:Spider-Man #24 (2000) Entity created by the Brll'nah>zhhk< from Spider-Man's DNA, escaped from their custody, captured by Spider-Man and Typeface, sent back to Brll'nah>zhhk< to breed.


Spider-Kid see Steel Spider.


Spider-Man (Hans Jansen)  Superhelden agenda '89-'90 Dutch fan of Spider-Man, made costume similar to his idol, fought criminals in Amsterdam.  When news reached NYC of this crimefighter, JJJ sent Peter Parker to the Netherlands to get the story.  Spider-Man tracked down his "protege" and convinced the non-powered Hans to quit after he nearly died crimefighting.


Spider-Man (Peter Benjamin Parker) Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962) Gained super-strength, agility, reflexes, adhesiveness, spider-sense from bite of radioactive spider, possibly empowered by spider god, invented web-shooters, used powers for personal gain until his uncle Ben Parker was killed by a criminal he had declined to capture, invented spider-tracers and other paraphernalia, one of the best-known heroes of NYC, often regarded with suspicion, has many enemies, has had long and varied career, briefly served as reserve Avenger, married to Mary Jane Watson, confides in aunt May Parker, former Daily Bugle photographer, briefly research scientist, now Midtown High science teacher, remembered and honored over a thousand years in the future; has undergone various transformations into the Six-Armed Spider-Man, Man-Spider, the Spider-Lizard, Cosmic Spider-Man, the Spider-Hulk, Spider-Morphogenic; has used other identities of Dusk, the Hornet, Prodigy, Ricochet, the Bag-Man.


Spider-Man see Reilly, Ben.


Spider-Man Doppelganger see Doppelganger.


Spider-Man Revenge Squad (Grizzly, Gibbon, Kangaroo (Hibbs), Spot) Spectacular Spider-Man II #245 (1997) Short-lived team of would-be villains who targeted Spider-Man, split when two of them chose heroics instead, also referred to as the Legion of Losers.


Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O'Hara) Amazing Spider-Man I #365 (1992) Inadvertently spliced his DNA with that of a spider, became the heroic Spider-Man of his era, briefly visited Spider-Man's time and fought Venom before traveling further into the future to meet Spider-Man and fight Hobgoblin 2211; in his own era he ultimately survived for a thousand years thanks to the power of Thor's hammer Mjolnir.


Spider-Man 2211 Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man (1995) Hero of future era, has four extra bionic arms, uses guided webbing, foiled Hobgoblin 2211's plan to manipulate Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099.


Spider-Men impostors (David, Mike and a third, unnamed) UK Spider-Man Annual (1983) Three actors hired by a man whom Spider-Man nicknamed "Brown Raincoat" to carry out what they thought were publicity stunts while dressed as Spider-Man; In fact they were actually committing robberies, designed to incriminate the real wall-crawler. "Brown Raincoat's" employer in turn proved to be JJJ (who probably didn't intend for genuine crimes to be committed). 


Spider-Mobile Amazing Spider-Man I #130 (1974) Car constructed by Spider-Man and the Human Torch for publicity purposes, briefly used by Spider-Man during his crimefighting activities, lost over pier during fight with Mysterio (Berkhart), salvaged and used by the Tinkerer in effort to kill Spider-Man.


Spider-People Marvel Team-Up I #111 (1981) Demonic spider-like race, worshippers of Omm, enemies of the Serpent Men, fought by Spider-Man while being misled by the Serpent Men.


Spider-People Prime II #1 (1995) South American tribe in the Ultraverse, somehow drew "spirit-power" from Spider-Man via a dimensional rift.


Spider-Slayers Amazing Spider-Man I #25 (1965) Robots of various sizes and capabilities, originally commissioned by J. Jonah Jameson to capture Spider-Man, later sent with intent to kill by Smythe and his son Alistair.


Spider-Squad Amazing Spider-Man Annual I #11 (1977) Three unnamed criminals (a strongman, an acrobat, and a tumbler) given exoskeletons by Anton DeLionatus to sabotage "Spawn of the Spider" for insurance; defeated by Spider-Man, who had been hired to replace an injured stunt-man.


Spider-Woman see Drew, Jessica.


Spider-Woman (Julia Cornwall Carpenter) Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #6 (1984) Received super-strength and psionic web power from government experiment, helped Spider-Man and other heroes on Battleworld, served in government super-agency Freedom Force, fought Wrecking Crew alongside Spider-Man, joined Avengers, powers removed by Spider-Woman (Witter).


Spider-Woman (Martha "Mattie" Franklin) Amazing Spider-Man I #441 (1998) Received gift of power in the Gathering of Five, serving in her father Jeremy's place; developed super-strength, flight, invulnerability, agility, psychically-created spider-legs; became super-hero, received advice from Madame Web and Jessica Drew, abducted by drug dealers as source for Mutant Growth Hormone, rescued by Jessica Jones and Jessica Drew.


Spider-Woman (Charlotte Witter) Amazing Spider-Man II #5 (1999) Granddaughter of Madame Web, abducted and mutated by Doctor Octopus (Octavius), received super-strong spider-legs and other powers; siphoned power from Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman (Carpenter), and Spider-Woman (Franklin); targeted Spider-Man, defeated by Spider-Man and Spider-Woman (Franklin), rendered comatose, under care of Madame Web.


Spider-X (Brian Kornfield) Midnight Sons Unlimited #3 (1993) Youth transformed into lethal spider-like vigilante by a page from the demonic Darkhold book, fought Spider-Man and the Midnight Sons, then joined them against Zzzax, apparently died.


Spidercide Spectacular Spider-Man II #222 (1995) Clone of Spider-Man, served as test subject for the Jackal for five years, had all of Spider-Man's powers plus abilities to change size and transform shape; fought Spider-Man, Ben Reilly, Kaine; apparently died in fall.


Spindrifter (Marandi Sjorokker) Marvel Graphic Novel #22:Spider-Man:Hooky (1986) Sorceress of the Cloudsea dimension, daughter of evil sorcerer Kurudred, travels in sentient ship Nonesuch, existed as twelve-year-old in unaging state for over two centuries, sought Spider-Man's help against the Tordenkakerlakk, eventually overcame the creature herself in order to break unaging spell and receive her full power.


Spinner Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1 (1995) Wundagorian evolved from spider, member of the Animen.


Spirit of Christmas Marvel Holiday Special (1993) Angelic being captured by Mephisto; Spider-Man attempted to free him but failed, allowing Mephisto to briefly capture his soul, but the Spirit "infected" Mephisto with enough goodness to relinquish it.


Splice (Chandra Ku) Thor I #300 (1980) Eighteenth-century Zulu girl, machine-creating member of the Young Gods,among the members of his team who sought to interfere with the High Evolutionary's activities, encountered Spider-Man.


Spoiler Spider-Man:The Arachnis Project #1 (1994) Super-strong, gun-toting, flying mercenary, worked for Life Foundation. Fought against Spider-Man and others, but bailed when he saw there was no profit in the situation.


Spot (Dr. Jonathan Ohnn) Spectacular Spider-Man II #98 (1985) Scientist in the Kingpin's employ, developed power to use mobile portals for teleportation, defeated by Spider-Man, resurfaced as member of the Spider-Man Revenge Squad, again defeated, imprisoned, helped Tombstone make a jail break, killed by Tombstone.


Spyral Spider-Girl #3 (1998) Extradimensional traveler active some fifteen years in the future, enemy of the Fantastic Five, once sent himself and Spider-Girl (Spider-Man's daughter in this alternate future) back in time to a period early in Spider-Man's career, clashed with Spider-Man and the Human Torch.


Squid (Don Callahan) Amazing Spider-Man II #16 (2000) Mutated by unknown parties, given tentacles and ink-powers, worked with girlfriend Ms. Fortune as mob enforcers; clashed with Spider-Man twice, dissuaded from crime by his father Big Mike Callahan.


Stackmeyer, Stanley Amazing Spider-Man Annual #17 (1983) Classmate of Peter Parker at Midtown High.


Stacy, Arthur Amazing Spider-Man I #93 (1971) Brother of Captain George Stacy, former head of security for Norman Osborn, later served in military unit with the Ranger and Stewart Ward under the name Seeker, active as private investigator abroad, allied with Spider-Man after returning to NYC, prevented Ward's attempt to spread alien virus with help of the Ranger and Spider-Man.


Stacy, Captain George Amazing Spider-Man I #56 (1968) Police captain, investigated Spider-Man early in the hero's career, later deduced his secret identity while Peter Parker was dating his daughter Gwen, died saving a child during a battle between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus (Octavius).


Stacy, Gwendolyn "Gwen" Amazing Spider-Man I #31 (1965) Daughter of Captain George Stacy, attended ESU with Peter Parker and others, became Peter's girlfriend, blamed Spider-Man for Captain Stacy's death, abducted and thrown from the Brooklyn Bridge by the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), died despite Spider-Man's attempt to save her.


Stacy, Gwen (Clone) Amazing Spider-Man I #142 (1975) Created by the Jackal to confuse Spider-Man, married a Jackal clone named Warren Miles after the Jackal's apparent death, widowed when clone deteriorated, captured by the Gatherers, transformed into "Joyce Delaney" by Daydreamer due to a lie concocted by the High Evolutionary, regained memory and true nature after reading Peter Parkerís book "Webs," confronted the Jackal, life saved by Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider, departed NYC for parts unknown.


Stacy, Jill Spider-Man #76 (1997) Daughter of Arthur Stacy, returned to NYC with her father, attended ESU with Mary Jane Watson, investigated Joey Z in hopes of gaining information about Spider-Man and his role in her cousin Gwen's death, became romantically drawn to Peter Parker while Mary Jane was believed dead.


Stacy, Nancy Amazing Spider-Man I #93 (1971) Wife of Arthur Stacy, mother of Jill and Paul.

Stacy, Paul Spider-Man #76 (1997) Son of Arthur Stacy, returned to NYC with his father, served as ESU tutor to Peter Parker, hostile toward Spider-Man over his role in deaths of Captain Stacy and Gwen Stacy, briefly joined the Friends of Humanity, rescued from the Shocker and the Trapster by Spider-Man.


Stag Beetle (Krolnek) Spider-Man's Tangled Web #15 (2002) Wore armored exoskeleton that gave him superhuman strength, prevented from robbing bank by Spider-Man, identity discovered by his daughter.


Stalker Peter Parker:Spider-Man #10 (1999) Latent psychic, inadvertently established mental bond with Spider-Man after being rescued by him, developed obsession to replace Spider-Man, abducted Mary Jane Watson and faked her death, confronted by Spider-Man after finding Mary Jane, realized futility of quest, apparently self-destructed.


Stampede Amazing Spider-Man Super Special #1 (1995) High-speed runner, member of Shadowforce Alpha.


Staphos, Dr. Monica Spider-Man:The Final Adventure #1 (1995) GARID scientist, worked on treatment for necrotizing fascitis, inadvertently mutated Dryrot and Tendril.


Starfox (Eros) Iron Man I #55 (1973) Eternal of Titan, able to induce euphoria in others, super-strong, flies, fought alongside Spider-Man in the dimension of Mahkus/Elysia to help Captain Marvel (Photon).


Starhawk (Stakar and Aleta) Defenders I #27 (1975) Energy-powered composite of two people from the thirtieth century, member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, aided Spider-Man against Hammer and Anvil, later separated into two people again.


Starngore UK Spider-Man Annual (1982) False identity assumed by Electro, disguised himself with armor and "landed" a fake spaceship in Central Park, then demanded the world deliver its wealth to him; Spider-Man swiftly exposed this deception.


Starr, Dawn Amazing Spider-Man I #204 (1980) Former ESU student of Peter Parker.


Starstreak (Julie Power) Power Pack I #1 (1984) Flying member of Power Pack, leaves rainbow trail in flight.


Status Quo Marvel Team-Up I #96 (1980) Fanatical librarian from Cleveland, used mind control techniques to gather army of "anti-faddist" followers, battled Spider-Man and Howard the Duck.


Steel Serpent (Davos) Iron Fist #1 (1975) Son of Lei Kung, a warrior of the mystical city K'un-L'un; briefly stole power from Iron Fist, who regained it with the help of Spider-Man and the Daughters of the Dragon.


Steel Spider (Ollie Osnick) Spectacular Spider-Man II #72 (1982) Privileged youth who idolized Doctor Octopus and built similar mechanical arms, encountered Spider-Man and chose to emulate him as Spider-Kid, later used advanced version of arms as hero against criminals.


Steele, Simon (Wolfgang Heinrich von Lundt) Web of Spider-Man #10 (1986) Former head of a Nazi spy ring, old enemy of Dominic Fortune, married Fortune's old flame Sabbath Raven (Morelli), fathered daughter Elena, attempted to assassinate Fortune; foiled by Spider-Man, Fortune, and Silver Sable.


Steen, Detective Venom:Along Came a Spider #1 (1996) Member of the Venom task force, confronted Spider-Man (Reilly) about his intervention in police matters.


Stegron (Dr. Vincent Stegron) Marvel Team-Up I #19 (1974) Transformed self into superhuman dinosaur-like form with DNA from the Savage Land and variation on Curt Connors's Lizard formula, fought Spider-Man and other heroes, led army of Savage Land dinosaurs in attack on NYC, thrown into suspended animation, revived and again clashed with Spider-Man in NYC and the Savage Land.


Stein, Gunther Web of Spider-Man #26 (1987) Stole famine relief money with his brother Willy, who abandoned him when Spider-Man caught them at another crime; released from police custody, pursued Willy, caught again by Spider-Man despite malfunctioning spider-sense.


Stellaris (a.k.a. Leah Princess) Thor I #419 (1990) X Armored alien woman who survived her world's destruction by the Celestials, came to Earth, befriended Thunderstrike, met Spider-Man when she started a fight with the SHIELD agents he and Thunderstrike were negotiating with for the release of Code:Blue.


Stephen Amazing Spider-Man I #63 (1968) Young boy rescued by Spider-Man during fight between Vulture (Toomes) and Vulture (Drago), later reported Spider-Man's heroism to J. Jonah Jameson.


Stern UK Spider-Man Annual (1982) Daily Bugle reporter sent by JJJ to cover the arrival of "Starngore" in Central Park.

Stewart Spider-Man:Web of Doom #2 (1994) Communications expert of the Extreme Emergency Team.


Stone, Nelson Web of Scarlet Spider #3 (1996) FBI agent, superior officer of Stephanie Briggs and Joe Wade.


Stiletto (Tom Stuart) Hero for Hire #16 (1973) Used specialized knives in battle, initially fought Power Man (Cage), briefly reformed, subsequently among the villains sent against Spider-Man and the New Warriors by Justin Hammer, later fought the Black Panther on behalf of Killmonger.


Stillwell, Dr. Farley Amazing Spider-Man I #20 (1965) Biologist, brother of Harlan, hired by J. Jonah Jameson to empower the Scorpion, fell to his death trying to reverse the process when the Scorpion began going mad.


Stillwell, Dr. Harlan Amazing Spider-Man Annual I #10 (1976) Scientist, brother of Farley, hired by J. Jonah Jameson to create an agent against Spider-Man, forced to use the process on criminal Rich Deacon, transforming him into the Fly, subsequently killed by Deacon's gang.


Stilt-Man (Wilbur Day) Daredevil I #8 (1965) Uses suit of armor with elongating legs, has led long career as super-villain with few successes, managed to defeat Spider-Man early in his career, sought to repeat victory, but when Spider-Man pushed him out of a weapon's path, he saved the hero's life in return.Recently gave up villain identity.


Stone (Gerald Stone) Amazing Spider-Man I #309 (1988) Mutated Styx in search for cancer cure; became mercenary alongside him with body armor, turbo-hopper vehicle, and various weapons; fought Spider-Man on behalf of Jonathan Caesar and others, also fought Cardiac, turned to crime for gain, again defeated by Spider-Man.


Stone, Chantal Amazing Spider-Man II #1 (1999) Tri Corp head of quantum mechanics, briefly co-worker of Peter Parker.


Stone-Face Captain America I #134 (1971) Harlem crimelord specializing in numbers running and protection, plays up African-American heritage, initially defeated by Captain America and the Falcon, set up the Young Watchers to build trust in order to cloak future crimes, exposed by Spider-Man and Falcon, later fought Power Man (Cage) and Iron Fist.


Stonecutter (Utama "Tom" Somchart) Peter Parker:Spider-Man #11 (1999) Thai youth, gained superhuman strength and skills from the Ringed Ruby of Raggadorr, one of the Exemplars.


Storm (Ororo Monroe) Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975) Weather-controlling mutant, member and leader of the X-Men, worked with her teammates and Spider-Man against the Nest and other threats.


Stranger X-Men I #11 (1965) Mysterious cosmic being, collects super-beings from around the universe to study them. Battled combined forces of Spider-Man, Adam Warlock, and Gardener when Spider-Man was briefly on the Moon; Spider-Man later encountered him again with the Avengers.


Strikeback (Anthony "Tony" Davis) Defenders I #51 (1977) Formerly battled the Defenders and Spider-Man as the Ringer, using specialized rings and armor; manipulated by the Beetle, almost killed by the Scourge of the Underworld, rebuilt as cyborg Strikeback by AIM, reunited with wife Leila Davis, subsequently died when his cybernetic systems deteriorated.


Stromm, Professor Mendel Amazing Spider-Man I #37 (1966) Former business partner of Norman Osborn, framed and sent to prison, sent robots after Osborn upon release, seemingly died in encounter with Spider-Man, actually preserved by prototype of Goblin formula, exhumed and manipulated by Osborn, used armored identity of Gaunt against Spider-Man and others, regained memory, reduced to disembodied head on life support by own robot system, begged Spider-Man to stop system from spreading worldwide, placed in standby mode by Spider-Man pending treatment.


Strong, Susan Amazing Spider-Man II #20 (2000) Former assistant to Senator Robert Kelly, fell under mental control of Stewart Ward.


Strongarm (Armstrong) Amazing Spider-Man Super Special #1 (1995) Former FBI agent, given super-strength by Dr. Purl's procedure, battled Shadowforce Alpha and Primal Lizard alongside the Scarlet Spider.


Strong Guy (Guido Carosella) New Mutants I #29 (1985) Super-strong mutant with distorted body, gains strength from kinetic energy, bodyguard of mutant rock star Lila Cheney, served in X-Factor, fought alongside Spider-Man against Shadowforce.


Strongman (Bruce "Bruto" Olafson) Incredible Hulk I #3 (1962) Muscular member of the Circus of Crime.


Stroud, Simon Creatures on the Loose #30 (1974) Mercenary hired to capture the Man-Wolf, helped Spider-Man and the Black Widow against the Owl, later hunted Morbius.


Strigor Marvel Team-Up I #135 (1983) Non-mutant Morlock, stirred rebellion among some Morlocks, abducted Spider-Man and others, defeated by Spider-Man and Shadowcat.


Students of Love Web of Spider-Man #40 (1988) Cult organized by Teacher, to whom members surrendered their material wealth upon entering commune life; Spider-Man and others investigated the Students when Betty Brant joined.

Stunner (Angelina Brancale) Amazing Spider-Man I #397 (1995) Chosen by Doctor Octopus (Octavius) to test virtual-reality technology, projected her consciousness into beautiful super-strong artificial body, helped Octopus save Spider-Man's life, pursued Kaine for Octopus's murder, rendered comatose when she sacrificed life force to revive Octopus.


Stuntman (Jack Riven) Spider-Man (1981): "Triangle of Evil" Stunt performer accidentally fused into armor, blamed Spider-Man, manipulated Spider-Man into performing deadly stunts, defeated by him. (TV) 


Styx (Jacob Einhorn) Amazing Spider-Man I #309 (1988) Former homeless man, gained power to absorb life forces and decay with touch through Stone's experiments, mind warped, became mercenary along with Stone, fought Spider-Man on behalf of Jonathan Caesar and others, also fought Cardiac, turned to crime for gain, again defeated by Spider-Man.


Subhumans Spider-Man #13 (1991) Group of outcasts, many mentally impaired, who have lived in the NYC sewers for decades, captured victims for Morbius, who did not realize they were bringing him innocents as well as criminals.


Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie) Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 (1939) Amphibious ruler of Atlantis; has been both hero and villain to the surface world; Invader, Defender, and Avenger; has both fought Spider-Man and teamed with him against Llyra, Turalla, and the Aquanoids.


Sugar Face Web of Spider-Man # 1 (1985) Mugger caught by Spider-Man, became one of the Vulturions.


SULTAN Captain America I #265 (1982) Systematic Ultimate Lawless Takeover of All Nations; former SHIELD weapons designer, remade self as cyborg, used robot armies and a floating base in a plot to conquer world, defeated by Spider-Man and Captain America.


Sun, Lin Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1 (1974) Asian-American martial artist, fought crime as one of the Sons of the Tiger, had mystic experience in another dimension.


Sundown (Dr. David Patrick Lowell) Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual 1997 (1997) Gained super-strength, flight, energy-blasts, and other powers from photosynthetic formula developed while working for Norman Osborn, fought Spider-Man and many other heroes before calming and surrendering to the police, served out prison sentence; Lucky Lobo attempted to blackmail him into crime, but he worked with Spider-Man to defeat Lobo.


Sunspot (Roberto DaCosta) Marvel Graphic Novel #4:The New Mutants (1982) Mutant who draws strength and endurance from sunlight, met Spider-Man as a member of the New Mutants and of X-Force.


Sunturion (Arthur Dearborn) Iron Man I #143 (1981) Roxxon operative, transformed into energy state, helped Spider-Man and others against Ultron.


Super Swami Spider-Man (1967): "Super Swami" Obese illusionist, pretended to have vast power in order to blackmail NYC into subservience, exposed and defeated by Spider-Man. (TV) 


Super-Adaptoid Tales of Suspense I #84 (1966) Android created by AIM, able to mimic the abilities of others, fought Spider-Man as a field operative of the New Enforcers.


Super-Apes see Igor; Mikhlo; Peotor.


Super-Skrull (Kl'rt) Fantastic Four I #18 (1963) Skrull with hypnotic ability and all the powers of the Fantastic Four (super-strength, fire control, flight, invisibility, malleability), sent against the Fantastic Four by the Skrull Empire, temporarily trapped in radiation belt above Earth by Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel, escaped and fought other heroes.


Superboy (Kon-El) Adventures of Superman #500 (1993, DC Comics) Clone who uses telekinesis for super-strength, flight, etc.; hero in the DC Universe, defeated by Spider-Man (Reilly) during clash between Marvel and DC heroes.


Supercharger Amazing Fantasy #17 (1996) Given electrical powers by his father, who died in the process, leaving him determined to prove that all super-beings were menaces; fought Spider-Man early in the hero's career, later joined the Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil.


Superman (Clark Kent, a.k.a. Kal-El) Action Comics #1 (1938, DC Comics) original version; The Man of Steel #1 mini-series (1986), current version Last survivor of the planet Krypton, possesses super-strength, super-speed, flight, heat vision, invulnerability, etc., greatest hero of the DC Universe, worked with Spider-Man when Doctor Octopus (Octavius) teamed up with evil genius Lex Luthor, when Doctor Doom teamed up with the energy-draining Parasite, and again to battle Venom when he was let loose in the DC Universe's Metropolis.


SuperPro (Phil Grayfield) NFL SuperPro #1 (1991) Former professional football player, gained enhanced physical abilities, used them to fight sports-related crimes. Spider-Man took an interest in his early mission against Sanction, but the two worked separately and did not actually meet.


Surgeon General (Angeline Kutter) Daredevil I #305 (1992) Seduced men in order to harvest their organs, led large black market operation, used scalpels in battle, defeated by Spider-Man and Daredevil.


Surrender Monkey X-Statix #13 (2003) Apelike French mutant, had mutant sense of timing; fight with X-Statix interrupted by Spider-Man, later apparently killed by the Orphan. 


Swami Simon (Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement, 1977) Cult leader, had his disciples abduct Mary Jane Watson, defeated by Spider-Man.


Swann, Professor Evan Amazing Spider-Man I #310 (1988) Peter Parker's post-grad research supervisor at ESU, once blackmailed by the Tinkerer; briefly possessed power of Captain Universe, battled the extradimensional Quantum Mechanic.


Swarm (Fritz von Meyer) Champions #14 (1977) Former Nazi scientist, became sentient mass of swarming bees; fought the Champions, Spider-Man, others.


Sweatshop Captain America #329 (1987) Strength-augmented agents of the Power Broker; employed by the Red Skull (Shmidt) to oppose Spider-Man, Silver Sable, and others during the Assassin Nation plot.


Swift Web of Spider-Man #92 (1992) Agile member of the Foreigner's Death Squad, defeated by Spider-Man.


Symbiote Amazing Spider-Man I #252 (1984) Alien shape-changer, member of Symbiote race, deemed insane for seeking to bond with host body rather than destroy it, encountered Spider-Man on the Beyonder's Battleworld, mistaken for costume of alien fabric, attempted to bond with Spider-Man following return to Earth, rejected by him, bonded with Eddie Brock as Venom, fought Spider-Man many times, spawned symbiote that would create Carnage, later became menace on its own.


Symbiotes Venom:Lethal Protector #4 (1993) Five symbiotes extracted from Venom's Symbiote by the Life Foundation, bonded with humans, fought Spider-Man and Venom; one remained with Scream, while the other four merged into a single entity and bonded with Guardsman Scott Washington as Hybrid.


Symbiotes Amazing Spider-Man Super Special #1 (1995) Alien race, attempted to invade Earth; driven off by Spider-Man, the Scarlet Spider, and Venom.


Synario (Angela Bradford) Amazing Spider-Man I #438 (1998) Computer programmer, created device capable of planting images in people's brains, used it to commit robberies for capital to start her own company, clashed with Spider-Man and Daredevil.


Synch (Everett Thomas) X-Men II #36 (1994) Mutant able to duplicate the abilities of others, member of Generation X, teamed with Spider-Man against the Plantman, subsequently killed at school.


Synthetic Man Marvel Super-Heroes II #14 (1968) Super-strong robot, fired energy blast from forehead gem, controlled by the Sorcerer to briefly defeat Spider-Man, walked into the sea after the Sorcerer's death.

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