Spider-Man Appendix G




Gadgeteer Spider-Man (1981): "The Incredible Shrinking Spider-Man" Criminal janitor, stole shrinking ray and used it on Spider-Man, defeated. (TV) 


Gaines Twins (Roland and Roxanne Gaines) Spider-Man (2003): "Mind Games (Part 1)" (9/5/03) Twins with mind-control abilities, sought to use Spider-Man in vengeance attempt. (TV) 

Galactus (Galan of Taa) Fantastic Four I #48 (1966) Sole survivor of universe before the current one, consumes energies of entire planets to survive, has menaced Earth many times, usually driven off by the Fantastic Four, generally too powerful for Spider-Man to do much more than crowd control.


Galannan, Bill Spider-Man:  The Final Adventure #1 (1995) Son of GARID's founder, director of media relations.

Gale Web of Spider-Man Annual #10 (1994) Strength-enhanced bodybuilder, loses control of strength without medical treatment, Ravencroft inmate, released by Shriek, fought Spider-Man with other escapees.


Gambit (Remy LeBeau) Uncanny X-Men #266 (1990) Mutant, able to charge objects with energy, roguish adventurer, member of the X-Men, fought the Silencers alongside Spider-Man and the Black Cat, fought Tombstone and Creaux alongside Spider-Man (Reilly).


Game Players (Donald Hart, Edwin Hills, Buck Masterson, Gary Wisen) Peter Parker:  Spider-Man #53 (2003) Wealthy men, chose representatives to fight Spider-Man and accepted bets on the result, exposed by testimony of Rocket Racer (Farrell) and XP2000.


Gamelin, John T. Marvel Team-Up I #87 (1979) President of Roxxon Oil, handled media cover-up after James Melvin was mesmerized into revealing the activities of the Brand Corporation.


Gamesman Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981): "The Education of a Super-Hero" Mesmerized people via hypnotic signal through arcade games, sought to wreak havoc on NYC; fought by Spider-Man, Videoman (Byte), and others. (TV) 


Gamora Strange Tales I #180 (1975) Deadly extraterrestrial assassin, raised by Thanos, joined the Infinity Watch with Time Gem, became guardian of Atleza Langunn with Adam Warlock.


Gang of Four (Copperhead, Gladiator, Owl, Stilt-Man) Daredevil/Spider-Man #1 (2001) Group of criminals organized by the demonically powered Copperhead, broke out of prison and plotted to kill Daredevil, who fought them alongside Spider-Man until Copperhead betrayed his fellows.


Gangers Silver Surfer III #127 (1997) Biosynthetic clones of mad genius Alexei Ganger, kidnapped the Puppet Master as part of their master's plan for the Silver Surfer, briefly fought by Spider-Man and Daredevil.


Gannon, Rich Spider-Man Unlimited I #7 (1994) Homeless design engineer, rescued from muggers by the Scarlet Spider, got job back, died in debris from Terror Unlimited attack.


Gantry Untold Tales of Spider-Man #4 (1995) Super-strong member of the Spacemen.


Gardner, Donna and Donnie Spectacular Spider-Man II #102 (1985) Twins; Donnie was contemplating suicide, but was stopped by Spider-Man so that he could provide a kidney for Donna after her injury in a car accident.


Gardener (Ord Zyonyz) Marvel Team-Up I #55 (1977) Elder of the Universe devoted to plant growth, encountered Spider-Man on the Moon, later clashed with the Hulk and the Silver Surfer.


Gargoyle (Isaac Christians) Defenders I #94 (1981) Elderly man placed within demonic body by the Six-Fingered Hand, joined the Defenders, fought alongside Spider-Man, enjoyed a contemplative moment with him, later went into the service of Hellstorm.


GARID (Galannon Alternative Research for Immunization Department) Spider-Man:  The Final Adventure #1 (1995) Site of Dr. Staphos’ research to treat Necrotizing Fascitis, briefly employed Peter Parker, produced the superhumans Dryrot and Tendril.


Garrett, Detective Neil Spectacular Spider-Man III #1 (2003) Worked with Spider-Man in investigation of murders committed by the Symbiote.


Gatherers New Mutants Annual #4 (1988) Armored operatives of the High Evolutionary, sent to capture individuals who provoked his interest, captured the Gwen Stacy Clone, fought Spider-Man.


Gaunt see Stromm, Professor Mendel.


Gauntlet (Alfredo Morelli) Amazing Spider-Man I #282 (1986) Longtime friend of Richard Fisk, impersonated him as new Kingpin as part of their overall plan to bring down the Kingpin's empire, chose to remain in power, fought by Fisk (as Blood Rose) and Spider-Man, almost died at sea, stole one of Nightwatch's power-enhancing gloves to become super-villain.


Gauntlet (Cinder Fontaine, Barone, Vise, others) X-Man #37 (1998) Flying armored telepaths, targeted X-Man on behalf of the covert multinational operation caused Psi-Ops; Spider-Man helped X-Man fight three of them during their initial attack.


Gawain Knights of Pendragon II #1 (1992) Robot possessed by the spirit of an Arthurian knight, member of the Knights of Pendragon, fought Malekyth with Spider-Man.


Gaxton, Blackie Amazing Spider-Man I #11 (1964) Small-time criminal, accumulated gambling debt from Bennett Brant, forced Bennett to help break Doctor Octopus (Octavius) out of prison.


Gaza X-Men I #62 (1969) Giant blind Savage Land Mutate, fought Spider-Man when he came to the Savage Land with the Angel (Archangel).


Gen 13 (Burnout, Rainmaker, Fairchild, Freefall, Grunge) Deathmate #2 (1993, Image Comics) Superhuman teenage escapees from top-secret project, fought alongside Spider-Man against flying energy-knife-wielding mercenary Glider, who turned on project soldiers when they threatened children; Spider-Man later captured their runaway extradimensional pet Qeelocke.


General Techtronics Corporation Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962) Company that sponsored the original demonstration of the safe handling of nuclear laboratory waste materials, which led to Spider-Man gaining his powers.


Generation X (Husk, Chamber, Skin, Synch, Jubilee, M, Penance, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Mondo, Gaia) Generation X #1 (1994) Team of mutant heroes-in-training, allied with the X-Men, helped Spider-Man against Major Love; disbanded, many of its members joining X-Corps.


Genetrix Spectacular Spider-Man II#222 (1995) Overgrown "viruses" created by Jackal, mutated into various forms, from humanoid to monstrous, each programmed with a special function and a limited lifespan; fought Spider-Man and his allies.


Genii (Jason Kimbal) Thor I #202 (1972) Originally from Harlem, matter-manipulating member of the Young Gods, stopped half of his team from interfering with the High Evolutionary, encountered Spider-Man.


Gentleman (Gustav Fiers) Spider-Man:  Gathering of the Sinister Six (1999) Wealthy and manipulative, enslaved Pity, sought vengeance for the death of his brother the Finisher, manipulated the Sinister Six against Spider-Man, killed by his chauffeur.


Gerbil Web of Spider-Man #34 (1988) Young football player who hurt his leg, leading Spider-Man to volunteer to play in his place, attracting the attention of A'Sai and Uatu.


Ghaur Eternals II #2 (1985) Leader of the Deviants, orchestrated Atlantis Attacks as part of scheme to return Set to Earth, opposed by Spider-Man and other heroes.


Ghost Iron Man I #219 (1987) Freelance industrial saboteur, can become invisible or intangible, controls most forms of machinery on contact, frequent Iron Man (Stark) opponent; fought Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Black Panther, and Sunturion over experimental vibranium; targeted Tri Corp and again fought Spider-Man.


Ghost Rider see Blaze, John.


Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch and Spirit of Vengeance (possibly Noble Kale)) Ghost Rider III #1 (1990) Empowered by Spirits of Vengeance, exact link to Zarathos unclear; partnered with Spider-Man against Venom, Demogoblin, and others; joined him in short-lived new Fantastic Four, subsequently became ruler of Blackheart's realm.


Ghost Strike (Raul) Meteor Man #1 (1993) Assassin, derived various powers from costume, fought Meteor Man and Spider-Man.


Ghoul (Jonathon Martin) Exiles I #1 (1993) Ultraforce member, corpse-like superhuman, able to reconstruct himself after any injury and communicate with the dead; met Spider-Man when Ultraforce was manipulated into attacking the Green Goblin (Urich).


Giant One Amazing Spider-Man I #108 (1972) Large member of the Monks of the Hidden Temple, fought Spider-Man.


Giant-Man see Yellowjacket.


Giant-Man see Foster, Bill.


Gibbon (Martin Blank) Amazing Spider-Man I #110 (1972) Circus acrobat with ape-like fighting style, sought to become Spider-Man's partner, fell under influence of Kraven the Hunter, defeated, later helped Spider-Man against the Beetle (MACH-5), subsequently joined the Legion of Losers to fight Spider-Man but had a change of heart and helped Spider-Man and the Grizzly against the Kangaroo (Hibbs) and the Spot.


Gibbs Family (Frank, Vicky, Jacob, Tanya) Web of Spider-Man #33 (1987) Vicky Gibbs, unable to cope with her husband Frank's work for the Kingpin, was committed to the Mad Dog Ward by the Arranger for fear that she might expose criminal operations; Spider-Man was briefly imprisoned in the ward trying to rescue her, but eventually Frank helped her escape and the family left for a new life.


Gillis, Holly Spectacular Spider-Man II #18 (1978) ESU art student and girlfriend of Hector Ayala, the White Tiger; though they headed out west together, Hector eventually married another woman.


Gladhand, Charlie UK Spider-Man Annual (1982) Host of late night talk show "People Talking" who interviewed both Zora Loftus and Ben Grimm during a show about super-heroes.


Gladiator (Melvin Potter) Daredevil I #18 (1966) Former super-villain, used circular wrist-blades to fight Daredevil, at times believed himself to be a Roman gladiator, retired from crime and married psychiatrist Betsy Beatty, fought Spider-Man during temporary lapse, owns costume shop and works as bodyguard.


Gladiator Daredevil I #366 (1997) Criminal using costume and blades of earlier villain, fought Spider-Man and Daredevil as part of the Gang of Four.


Glenville, Sara Web of Spider-Man #45 (1988) CID agent, went undercover as airline stewardess to arrest Morris "Snake" Diamond, arrested Diamond and the Vulture (Toomes) with Spider-Man's help.


Globe of Ultimate Knowledge Tales to Astonish I #73 (1965) Contains accumulated knowledge of the Watcher, stolen by the Leader, retrieved by Spider-Man on behalf of the Authority.


Goblinettes Spider-Man:  Legacy of Evil (1996) Three feminine robotic versions of Green Goblin, used as agents by Harry Osborn as part of his posthumous plot to force his son Normie to become the next Green Goblin.


Godbe, Janine (Elizabeth Tyne) Spider-Man: The Lost Years #1 (1995) Changed name to escape after killing her abusive father, fell in love with Ben Reilly during his "exile," presumed dead from an attack by Kaine in Salt Lake City, met Ben in NYC, chose to turn herself in for her crime.


Goddess Infinity War #2 (1992) "Good" side of Adam Warlock, created when he purged himself of good and evil using the Infinity Gauntlet, created Cosmic Egg and attempted to destroy all life to eliminate evil during her Infinity Crusade; commanded several mesmerized heroes, including Spider-Man, who managed to shake off some of her spell.


Gog Amazing Spider-Man I #103 (1971) 100-foot tall alien that crashed on Earth as a child, used as pawn against Spider-Man by Kraven the Hunter, later recruited into the Sinister Six before being banished extradimensionally.


Gold Notepad Web of Spider-Man #6 (1985) When the Beyonder transformed the original Heroes for Hire building into solid gold and the US government claimed ownership of it, Spider-Man, bitter that the Kingpin earned government reimbursement for keeping the incident a secret, took a gold notepad from the trash; he later questioned the move but eventually sold the pad to a fence; it was later received by the Foreigner and stolen by the Black Cat, who made it part of one of her costumes.


Goldbug Power Man #41 (1977) Criminal who uses exoskeleton and hovercraft in his quest for gold, fought Power Man (Cage) and the Hulk, contracted radiation poisoning from gold being used in an experiment of Peter Parker's.


Golden Horde Peter Parker:  Spider-Man Annual 2000 (2000) Chinatown gang, feuded with the Bacchae over intergang romance, fought by Spider-Man and Bounty.


Goldman, Hal Amazing Spider-Man I #331 (1990) Fan obsessed with Mary Jane Watson, posed as police officer and killed those he felt had injured Mary Jane, killed Jonathon Caesar to protect Mary Jane, attempted to kill Mary Jane when she rejected him, maced and knocked unconscious by Mary Jane.


Goliath see Atlas.


Gooner, Melvin Spider-Man #8 (1991) Daily Bugle reporter, accompanied Peter Parker to Canada to investigate alleged Wendigo murders.


Gorgon Fantastic Four I #44 (1965) Member of the Inhuman royal family, able to cause tremors with his hooves, aided Spider-Man during clash between Zarkko and a Kang robot.


Gorilla Girl Marvel Team-Up I #91 (1980) Circus performer able to transform into gorilla, member of the Freaks.


Gorilla-Man (Dr. Arthur Nagan) Mystery Tales #21 (1954) Scientist whose head was transplanted to a gorilla's body, leader of the Headmen.


Gorman, Edward Spectacular Spider-Man II #2 (1977) ESU chancellor.


Goron Spider-Man (1981): "The A-B-C's of D-O-O-M" Able to shoot various sorts of rays from his eyes, ally of Doctor Doom, fought Spider-Man. (TV) 


Grace (Francesca Lexley Grace) Knights of Pendragon I #1 (1990) Athletic, wears wrist weapons, former agent of the demonic Bane, member of the Knights of Pendragon, fought Malekyth with Spider-Man.


Grace, Lt. Sylvia Spider-Man:  Web of Doom #2 (1994) Organizer and leader of the Extreme Emergency Team.


Grafton, Dr. Susan Spider-Man:  Quality of Life #1 (2002) Doctor who treated Martha and Billy Connors when they contracted cancer.


Grainger, Bruno Amazing Spider-Man I #194 (1979) Criminal recruited by the Black Cat during her criminal activities.


Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast) Avengers I #69 (1969) Galactic gamesman, one of the Elders of the Universe, manipulated the Avengers on several occasions, once abducted all of Earth's heroes, including Spider-Man, for a contest against Death.


Granetti, Vince Spectacular Spider-Man II #106 (1985) Drug smuggler, served on industrial board of directors with the Wasp, hired Paladin, crimes exposed by Spider-Man and the Wasp.


Grant, Gloria "Glory" Amazing Spider-Man I #140 (1975) Former neighbor of Peter Parker on Lower West Side, became personal secretary of J. Jonah Jameson, fell in love with Eduardo Lobo, accidentally killed him trying to protect him from Spider-Man, possessed by Calypso, rescued by Spider-Man and Shotgun, began dating Randy Robertson.


Grasp (Herb Bannion) Iron Man I #214 (1987) One of the Seekers, wears gray armor, uses electro-gauntlets and energy net.


Graviton (Franklin Hall) Avengers I #158 (1977) Scientist who gained control of gravity and sought to set himself up as a god, fought the Avengers, destroyed the Daily Bugle building during the Acts of Vengeance, fought both cosmic-powered and non-cosmic-powered Spider-Man, later defeated by the Thunderbolts, apparently sacrificed life to prevent extradimensional invasion.


Great Gambonnos (Ernesto and Luigi Gambonno) Amazing Spider-Man I #16 (1964) Acrobatic members of the Circus of Crime.

Great Game Amazing Scarlet Spider #2 (1995) System of wealthy individuals setting super-powered opponents against one another, including Joystick, el Toro Negro, Muse, Polestar, the Rhino, and others; spread to involve Kaine, the Scarlet Spider, the Green Goblin (Urich), and others; ended when it was revealed that James Johnsmeyer was manipulating the game to kill business rivals.


Green, Sally Amazing Spider-Man I #36 (1966) Classmate of Peter Parker at ESU.


Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) Amazing Spider-Man I #14 (1963) Wealthy industrialist, mutated into super-strength and insanity by Professor Stromm's formula, sought to lead underworld, fought Spider-Man several times, briefly stripped of memories of villain career, returned and killed Gwen Stacy, seemingly killed during battle with Spider-Man, revived by the formula's effects on his body, orchestrated the Jackal's creation of Ben Reilly and the subsequent confusion about whether Ben or Peter Parker was a clone, returned to battle Spider-Man, driven further into madness by the Gathering of Five, attempted to corrupt Spider-Man and failed.


Green Goblin see Osborn, Harry.


Green Goblin (Dr. Bart Hamilton) Amazing Spider-Man I #167 (1977) Psychiatrist to Harry Osborn, used Harry's therapy to learn secrets of the Green Goblin and sought to control the underworld himself, clashed with Spider-Man and Silvermane, died in the blast of his own bomb.


Green Goblin (Phil Urich) Web of Spider-Man #125 (1995) Nephew of Ben Urich, Daily Bugle intern, discovered cache of Green Goblin equipment, granted super-strength and disorienting lunatic laugh by experimental mask, embarked on brief career as super-hero, fought various villains; encountered Spider-Man, Daredevil, Ultraforce; gear destroyed in battle with Sentinel, abandoned hero activities to return to college.


Green Goblin Construct Spider-Man #88 (1998) Genetic creation of Doctor Angst, used as pawn of Norman Osborn while Osborn was trying to prove he was not the Goblin; sought to discover his own identity, eventually disintegrated.


Greer, Gabrielle Web of Spider-Man #119 (1994) Neighbor to Ben Reilly, helped bring him to the emergency room after he was seriously wounded by Venom.


Gregg, Emil Spectacular Spider-Man II #107 (1985) Mentally unstable youth. Heard dictation of his neighbor Stan Carter (the Sin-Eater) and confessed to Carter's crimes; the exposure of his fraud led to the firing of Eddie Brock and the chain of events which created Venom, later killed by the mother of a victim of another Sin-Eater, Michael Engleschwert (who was killed in battle with Venom).


Gregor Spider-Man #47 (1994) Servant of Kraven the Hunter; mentor, trainer, and servant to Kraven’s son, the Grim Hunter.


Gremlyns Sensational Spider-Man #21 (1997) Demonic servants of Buel.


Grey, Fettes Amazing Spider-Man II #45 (2002) Writer of "Lobster Man."


Grey Gargoyle (Paul Pierre Duval) Journey into Mystery I #107 (1964) Invented chemical enabling him to turn himself and others to stone, old enemy of Thor, battled Spider-Man when several villains attacked the wedding of Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman (then known as the Invisible Girl), later launched into space after battle with Spider-Man and Captain America, eventually rescued.


Griffin (Johnny Horton) Amazing Adventures II #15 (1972) Mutated into winged lion-like form by the Brand Corporation; fought the Beast, the Champions, and other heroes; degenerated into mindless bestial form after fight with Spider-Man and Wonder Man.


Grim Hunter (Vladimir Kravinoff) Spider-Man #47 (1994) Son of Kraven the Hunter, gained super-strength from father's potions, briefly allied with the Hobgoblin (Macendale) when the villain also sought super-strength, fought Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider, killed by Kaine.


Grim Reaper (Eric Williams) Avengers I #52 (1968) Brother of Wonder Man, has worked with many other super-villains and returned from the dead several times in campaigns against Wonder Man and the Avengers, led the fifth Legion of the Unliving to imprison the Avengers behind a force field which Spider-Man and other heroes attempted to penetrate.


Grimes, Ludlow Web of Spider-Man #8 (1985) Given super-strength by same meteorite as the Smithville Thunderbolt in modern times, abandoned by family, attacked Thunderbolt out of jealousy, fought Spider-Man, regained composure, recruited by SHIELD.


Gripes Web of Spider-Man #1 (1985) Mugger caught by Spider-Man, became one of the Vulturions.


Grizzly (Maxwell Markham) Amazing Spider-Man I #139 (1974) Former wrestler, uses bear-like exoskeleton for super-strength, attacked J. Jonah Jameson for getting him expelled from the ring, fought Spider-Man, organized the Legion of Losers, had change of heart and helped Spider-Man and the Gibbon defeat the Kangaroo (Hibbs) and the Spot, had brief hero career, returned to crime.


Grunz Web of Spider-Man #34 (1988) Extraterrestrial acquaintance of A'Sai, lost bet that A'Sai could not overpower Uatu.


Guapo (Robbie Rodriguez) X-Statix #9 (2003) Mutant able to perform various feats while riding sentient skateboard, member of X-Statix, briefly encountered Spider-Man while fighting Euro-Trash. 


Guardian Web of Spider-Man #122 (1995) Hulking clone of Spider-Man, guarded the Jackal's base, died of clone degeneration.


Guardians of the Galaxy (Martinex, Starhawk, Nikki, Vance Astro/Major Victory, Charlie-27, Aleta, Talon, Yellowjacket (Rita DeMara), Irish Wolfhound) Marvel Super-Heroes II #18 (1969) Group of heroes from over a thousand years in the future, originally formed from survivors of Badoon invasion of Earth's solar system, traveled to modern era and interacted with various heroes; three members of the team worked with Spider-Man against Hammer and Anvil.


Guardsmen Avengers Annual I #15 (1986) Armored guards who served at the superhuman prison called the Vault, encountered Spider-Man in their efforts to capture and hold Venom; some Guardsmen became members of the Jury.


Gunplay (Miho Mikashi) Spider-Man:  The Arachnis Project #1 (1994) Daughter of Prof. Toshiro Mikashi, kidnapped by the Life Foundation, allied with Sneak Thief and took up weapons to survive destruction of the Life Foundation's bunker by Homo Arachnis.


Gyrich, Henry Peter Avengers I #168 (1978) Government liaison to the Avengers, formerly associated with anti-mutant Operation:  Zero Tolerance, saved from assassination by Marrow and Callisto by Spider-Man.

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