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Earle, Caryn Peter Parker: Spider-Man #30 (2001) Neighbor of Peter Parker, frequently flirted with him, owner of Barker.


Ebon Knights Spider-Man Team-Up #1 (1995) Energy-powered androids in service of Shinobi Shaw of the Hellfire Club, used in game with Benedict Kine for J. Jonah Jameson's life, defeated by Spider-Man (Reilly) and the X-Men.


Edifice Rex (Rex Randolph) Damage Control I #1 (1989) Damage Control employee, gained cosmic power, sought to collapse the universe; Spider-Man was among the heroes assembled to fight him, but a fight proved unnecessary when Damage Control simply fired him.


Edwards Spider-Man's Tangled Web #11 (2002) Somewhat incompetent Daily Bugle photographer, attempted to photograph battle between Spider-Man and the Vulture (Toomes).


Edwards, Ginny Amazing Spider-Man I #304 (1988) Publicist for Peter Parker on national tour to promote his book "Webs."


Eel (Leopold Stryke) Strange Tales I #112 (1963) Electric-powered criminal, teamed with Electro to battle Spider-Man early in his career, fought the Human Torch and other heroes before being killed by the Enforcer.


Eel (Edward Lavell) Power Man and Iron Fist #92 (1984) Electric-powered, slippery, impersonated Snake Marston in the Enforcers, also fought Spider-Man as field agent of the New Enforcers, sought Lifeline Tablet on behalf of Caesar Cicero, apparently killed by the Toad in Madripoor Bloodsport.


Egghead (Elihas Starr) Tales to Astonish I #38 (1962) Criminal genius, enemy of Giant-Man (Yellowjacket) and the Wasp; early in Spider-Man's career, Egghead manipulated the heroes into fighting, but they discovered the deception and defeated him; subsequently worked with several other super-villains, led incarnation of the Masters of Evil before being accidentally killed by Hawkeye.


Ego Thor I #132 (1966) Sentient planet, battled Thor and the Fantastic Four, attempted to consume the Earth via spores; efforts fought by Earth's heroes, including Spider-Man; absorbed into Quasar.


Ego-Spawn Fantastic Four #228 (1981) Manifestation of Franklin Richards's frustrations, super-strong, emerged to fight the Human Torch while Franklin's powers were being tested, later fought Spider-Man and Mister Fantastic.


Electro (Maxwell Dillon) Amazing Spider-Man I #9 (1964) Electric linesman, given electrical power through fluke occurrence, became costumed criminal, fought Spider-Man alone and with the Sinister Six, teamed with the Blizzard against Spider-Man and Daredevil, fought Captain America and other heroes, formed the Sinister Seven to combat Kaine, began to lose confidence, revitalized by the Rose (Conover) and Delilah.


Electroll Spider-Man #20 (1992) Electric elemental created by Diablo, dissipated by Spider-Man.

Elektra (Elektra Natchios) Daredevil I #168 (1981) Deadly assassin trained by the Hand, uses sais, former lover of Daredevil, resurrected after death, teamed with Spider-Man against the Silencer.


Elements of Doom Thunderbolts #6 (1997) Over a hundred different artificial life-forms, each created from a pure element, sought to take over the Earth, held at bay by Spider-Man and other heroes until the Thunderbolts defeated them.


Elf with a Gun (Relf) Spider-Man Team-Up #5 (1996) Recruited Circus of Crime to help track the truck driver who killed his uncle Melf, himself a murderer, encountered Spider-Man (Reilly) and Howard the Duck; supposedly agents of the alien Tribunals, the Elves' true nature remains shrouded in mystery.


Ellis, Ken Web of Spider-Man #118 (1994) Daily Bugle reporter, provided name for Ben Reilly's Scarlet Spider identity, almost discovered Spider-Man's secret identity.


Empathoid Spectacular Spider-Man II #6 (1977) Extradimensional empathic android; merged with Morbius when he visited its dimension, then transferred to Spider-Man when Morbius returned to Earth; Spider-Man overloaded it with the emotions at a crowded football game, forcing it from his body.


Emperor of the Eastern Galactic Sector Peter Parker: Spider-Man #50 (2003) Gelatinous creature, came from sky and approached NYC's SETI Research Center; its true nature is unrevealed, but any threat that it posed was presumably thwarted by Spider-Man.


Empire State University (ESU) Amazing Spider-Man I #31 (1965) College attended by Peter Parker and many of his friends, site of much superhuman activity among student body and faculty.


Enchantress (Amora) Journey into Mystery I #103 (1964) Asgardian sorceress, has been both enemy and ally of Thor, encountered Spider-Man when he joined the Defenders in fighting her, encountered him again when he was among the heroes present when she attacked Dazzler at a concert.


Enclave (Wladyslav Shinski, Carlo Zota, Maris Morlak, Jerome Hamilton) Fantastic Four I #66 (1967) Scientists hoping to establish benevolent world dictatorship, responsible for creation of Adam Warlock and Kismet, once subcontracted their work to Tinkerer, attempt to control the minds of others foiled by Spider-Man and Thunderbolts.


Energizer (Katherine "Katie" Power) Power Pack I #1 (1984) Youngest member of Power Pack, able to disintegrate matter and expel energy.


Enervator Amazing Spider-Man I #164 (1977) Device created by Dr. Curt Connors to rejuvenate Spider-Man after Kingpin drained his life force, subsequently used to evolve the Iguana and briefly mutate Spider-Man into Spider-Lizard, stolen by Moonstone, exploded through her use of it.


Enforcer (Charles L. Delazny Jr.) Ghost Rider II #22 (1977) Armored assassin, once blackmailed Spider-Woman (Drew) into committing crimes with him, but Spider-Man's interference led to his defeat; first known victim of the Scourge of the Underworld.


Enforcers (Fancy Dan, Montana, Ox, Ox II, Hammer Harrison, Snake Marston) Amazing Spider-Man I #10 (1964) Initially formed as hired muscle for the Big Man (Frederick Foswell), later hired by the Green Goblin and the Kingpin, fought Spider-Man and the Human Torch, fought alongside and against the Sandman.


Enforcers, New see New Enforcers.


Ent Web of Spider-Man #77 (1991) Super-strong monstrous Morlock, mute, aided in protecting his family by Spider-Man.


Epstein, Dr. Nora Spider-Man: The Lost Years #1 (1995) Head of science department at Salt Lake City college, hired Ben Reilly as a teaching assistant.


Ephex Marvel Graphic Novel #22: Spider-Man: Hooky (1986) Giant insects of Cloudsea, can generate light and dampen their prey's reactions, including Spider-Man's spider-sense.


Equinox (Terrence Sorenson) Giant-Size Spider-Man #1 (1974) Mutated into control of fire and ice, driven mad, fought Spider-Man and several other heroes, became violent when his daughter manifested similar powers, calmed by the Falcon.


Estevez, Steven Spectacular Spider-Man II #112 (1986) Teacher and former social worker, worked with Peter Parker in concern over abuse of Ashcan.


ESU see Empire State University.


Ethan Amazing Spider-Man Annual I #25 (1991) ESU graduate student, worked on plant growth project with Chip.


Eugenix (Genecide, One, Four, Seven, Nine, Eleven, Twelve) New Warriors I #63 (1995) Genetically manipulated superhumans, seek to purge humanity of genetic abnormalities, fought the Scarlet Spider and the New Warriors.


Euro-Trash (Miz Tree, Wall, Surrender Monkey, Oxford Blue, Blind Ali) X-Statix #13 (2003) Europan team of mutant operatives, sent to kidnap Henrietta Hunter, fought Spider-Man and X-Statix, later decimated by X-Statix. 


Evans, Doris "Dorrie" Strange Tales I #113 (1963) Dated the Human Torch early in his career, menaced by some of his enemies, once pretended to be interested in Peter Parker in order to make the Torch jealous, later married and lived ordinary life.


Everyman see Zeitgeist.


Evil Versions (Blood Spider, Deathshield, Jagged Bow) Amazing Spider-Man I #367 (1992) Special students of the Taskmaster, trained to mimic super-heroes, defeated by Spider-Man and Solo.


Excalibur (Captain Britain, Meggan, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Phoenix (Rachel Summers), Lockheed, Widget, Kylun, Cerise, Feron, Amanda Sefton, Wolfsbane, Colossus, Douglock (Warlock), Black Knight (Whitman), Captain UK, Psylocke) Excalibur Special Edition #1 (1987) Team of British super-heroes, fought variety of threats, manipulated against Spider-Man by Arcade, temporarily disbanded, re-formed with new members to fight threat to reality.


Executive Systems, Inc. Web of Spider-Man #27 (1987) Corporation that financed executives and took deadly vengeance on them if they failed, headed by Disgraziato.


Exemplars (Bedlam, Carnivore, Conquest, Decay, Inferno, Stonecutter, Tempest, Juggernaut) Peter Parker: Spider-Man #11 (1999) Empowered by the artifacts of mystic principalities as part of the Wager of the Octessence, attempted to conquer the world, opposed by Spider-Man and the Avengers.


Exmore, Sam Peter Parker: Spider-Man #11 and others (1999) Apprentice editor at the Daily Bugle, led to drug use by admiration of musician Zane Whelan, became disillusioned after Whelan was attacked by Mysterio (Beck), almost died in van accident, saved by Spider-Man.


Extreme Emergency Team (Lt. Sylvia Grace, Adams, Fleming, Motta, Munch, Stewart) Spider-Man: Web of Doom #2 (1994) Unit of highly decorated NYC police officers, captured Spider-Man when the Beetle framed him for murder.


Ezekiel (Ezekiel Sims) Amazing Spider-Man II #30 (1965) Middle-aged businessman, received super-powers similar to Spider-Man's in mystic ritual, warned Spider-Man about Morlun and Shathra, has sought to make the hero more open to possible mystic interpretations of his own powers.

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