Spider-Man Appendix C




Cabal of Scriers Amazing Spider-Man I #394 (1994) Ancient mystic order co-opted by Norman Osborn during his years in Europe; many members turned away from his aims, while others remained with him in the Order of the Goblin.


Cable (Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, a.k.a. Nathan Dayspring Askani'son) Uncanny X-Men #201 (1986) Son of Cyclops and a clone of Phoenix (Jean Grey), sent to the future by Apocalypse, grew to adulthood, returned to native era as mercenary and hero, led X-Force when Spider-Man worked with the team against the Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy.


Caches, Professor Marina Amazing Spider-Man I #427 (1997) Ex-wife of the Black Tarantula, fled with their son Fabian to keep him from being instructed in his father's legacy of crime, became ESU psychology professor, taught Mary Jane Watson, dated Dante Rigoletto.


Cadre (Dementia, Shard, Vortex) Web of Spider-Man Annual #9 (1993) Three siblings, members of the Hellbent bloodline of super-beings, trained and manipulated by the Knights Templar, clashed with Spider-Man during their first venture into the outside world, subsequently aided Moon Knight against other Hellbent.


Caduceus (Mark Cadmon) Thor I #300 (1980) Young man from 1919, healing member of the Young Gods, stopped half of his team from interfering with the High Evolutionary, encountered Spider-Man.


Caesar, Jonathon Amazing Spider-Man I #304 (1988) Wealthy, landlord of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, obsessed with Mary Jane, kidnapped her, hired Styx and Stone to fight any pursuers, knocked unconscious by escaping Mary Jane, imprisoned, attempted to kill Mary Jane upon release, killed by Hal Goldman.


Caffrey Captain Marvel v VI #10 (2003) Alien of the Borozil Clan, super-strong, wielded energy-whip, fought Spider-Man when he intervened in his quarrel with lover Tlaango, put on "trial" by Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), killed by Karl Coven.


Cage (Carl Lucas, a.k.a. Luke Cage) Hero For Hire #1 (1972) Subjected to experiment while unjustly imprisoned, given super-strength and bulletproof skin, became mercenary, hired by J. Jonah Jameson to capture Spider-Man, later joined forces with Iron Fist in Heroes for Hire, allied with Spider-Man and other heroes on occasion.


Cahill and Jones Amazing Spider-Man I #199 (1979) Members of the Daily Bugle's board of directors.


Caiman Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1 (1995) Wundagorian evolved from reptile, member of the Cult of the Jackal.


Calculus (Jahahahrel Patel) Thor I #300 (1980) Hindu youth from 1926, analytical and telepathic member of the Young Gods, stopped half of his team from interfering with the High Evolutionary, encountered Spider-Man; later manipulated Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the Outlaws into disposing of the Black Insect Swarm.


Caldrone, Javier Amazing Spider-Man II #1 (1999) Tri Corp molecular chemist, briefly co-worker of Peter Parker, toward whom he developed an intense dislike.


Caledonia (Alysande Stuart) Fantastic Four III #9 (1998) Captain Britain of another dimension, met Spider-Man shortly after her arrival to the Earth dimension, spent months as an associate of the Fantastic Four.


Caliber Alpha Flight I #23 (1985) Armored Canadian criminal, fought Alpha Flight; present at the Chess Set's auction when Alpha Flight, Wolverine, and Spider-Man attacked.


Callahan, "Big Mike" Amazing Spider-Man II #26 (2001) Longtime friend of Ben and Richard Parker, father of the Squid, shared stories of past with Peter Parker, helped Spider-Man dissuade the Squid from crime.


Callisto Uncanny X-Men #169 (1983) Mutant with enhanced fighting skills and senses, former leader of the Morlocks, attempted to assassinate Henry Peter Gyrich alongside Marrow, stopped by Spider-Man, rescued from Hunger by Spider-Man and Marrow.


Calypso (Calypso Ezili) Amazing Spider-Man I #209 (1980) Sorceress, lover of Kraven the Hunter, sent the Lizard after Spider-Man, killed by the Lizard, possessed Glory Grant in order to resurrect her body, killed a second time by Al Kravinoff.


Cameo, Charles Spider-Man (1967): "The Sinister Prime Minister" Actor, master of disguise, carried specialized weapon-cane, impersonated the Prime Minister of Rutania, exposed by Spider-Man, later impersonated Spider-Man himself and was again defeated. (TV) 


Camino, Lee Web of Spider-Man #27 (1987) Businessman sponsored by Executive Systems, Inc., who sent Headhunter to kidnap his son when he failed to earn sufficient profits.


Campbell, Meredith Green Goblin #7 (1996) Daily Bugle intern, dated by Phil Urich.


Candyman Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six (1999) (mentioned only) Enemy of Spider-Man, no other information available.


Cannonball (Samuel Zachary Guthrie) Marvel Graphic Novel #4: The New Mutants (1982) Mutant with concussive flight ability, founding member of the New Mutants, brother of Husk, fought the Incandescent Man alongside Spider-Man; later joined X-Force, the X-Men, and X-Corps; briefly believed to be immortal, served in X-Force when Spider-Man helped the team against the Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy.


Captain America (Steve Rogers) Captain America Comics #1 (1941) Given peak human physique by government super-soldier project, carries unbreakable shield, active in World War II, survived to modern era via suspended animation, became leader of the Avengers, admired by Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson alike; has teamed with Spider-Man against Batroc the Leaper, SULTAN, Vermin, and other villains.


Captain America see USAgent.


Captain Britain (Brian Braddock) Captain Britain I #1 (1976) British super-hero, given super-strength, flight, energy blasts, etc. by Merlin as part of trans-dimensional Captain Britain Corps, roomed with Peter Parker as an exchange student, teamed with Spider-Man against Arcade and the Litter, led Excalibur, subsequently became ruler of extra-dimensional realm of Otherworld.


Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) Marvel Super-Heroes II #12 (1967) Heroic Kree warrior, fought alien and earthly menaces, became the Protector of the Universe, teamed with Spider-Man against the Basilisk and other threats. His death by cancer shook Spider-Man, who realized that heroes are not immune to death.


Captain Marvel see Photon.


Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) Silver Surfer Annual #6 (1993) Artificially-created son of Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), formerly known as Legacy, aided Spider-Man against X and the Nihilists, later went mad from cosmic awareness, made Spider-Man participate in Caffrey's "trial."


Captain Power (Christina Carr) Spider-Man: Chapter One #1 (1998) Crippled by the same accident that mutated Doctor Octopus (Octavius), developed power to transform into superhumanly strong male, sought revenge but was defeated by Spider-Man.


Captain Universe Micronauts I #8 (1979) Manifestation of power from the Microverse, transforms random people into cosmic-powered heroes, possessed by Spider-Man for weeks prior to his first battle with the Tri-Sentinel; during an encounter with the Psycho-Man, Spider-Man also encountered various aliens who had wielded the power.


Captain Zero Amazing Spider-Man I #295 (1987) Would-be hero, met Spider-Man in the Mad Dog Ward, became outpatient, helped Spider-Man against Brainstorm.


Caputo, Dr. Julia Amazing Spider-Man I #392 (1994) Treated the dying woman who was believed to be May Parker but was actually the actress hired by Norman Osborn.


Cardiac (Dr. Elias Wirtham) Amazing Spider-Man I #344 (1991) Physician, gained superhuman strength from artificial heart, carries multi-purpose staff, seeks violent vengeance on corrupt corporations, has worked against and alongside Spider-Man and other heroes.


Cardinale, Carlos Web of Spider-Man Annual #4 (1988) Young son of Poison, kidnapped by el Toro Negro, rescued by Poison and Spider-Man.


Carl Venom: Lethal Protector #4 (1993) Bonded with one of the Life Foundation's symbiotes, fought Spider-Man and Venom.


Carlson, Ivor Marvel Team-Up I #86 (1979) Took over leadership of Deterrence Research Corporation following Moses Magnum's defeat.


Carl Spider-Man #13 (1991) Daily Bugle reporter, provided Peter Parker with tip about Morbius's underground activities with the Subhumans.


Carlyle Amazing Spider-Man II #43 (2002) Captured Doctor Octopus (Octavius), developed tentacled armor, fought Octopus and Spider-Man.

Carnage (Cletus Kasady) Amazing Spider-Man I #344 (1991) Serial killer, mutated by offspring of Venom's Symbiote, used super-strength and ability to generate weapons in insane killing spree, fought by Spider-Man and Venom, joined forces with Shriek and others, fought by many super-heroes, lost and regained powers a number of times, symbiote took possession of Spider-Man (Reilly) and the Silver Surfer.


Carnivore (Count Andreas Zorba) Black Panther I #4 (1977) Greek aristocrat, gained claws and fighting ability from the Fearsome Fist of Farallah, one of the Exemplars.


Carol Spider-Man (1967): "Home" Extraterrestrial woman from race with powers similar to Spider-Man's, sought to return her people to their homeworld after years of being stranded on Earth, aided by Spider-Man. (TV) 


Carradine, Jessica Sensational Spider-Man #0 (1996) Daughter of the Burglar, sought revenge on Spider-Man, whom she regarded as a criminal; dated Ben Reilly until she learned his secret identity, but became convinced of Spider-Man's heroism and did not reveal his secret.


Carrera, Mia Amazing Spider-Man #223 (1981) Girlfriend of Roger Hochberg.


Carrion Spectacular Spider-Man II #25 (1978) Altered clone of the Jackal, able to levitate and destroy organic matter by touch, used deadly red dust, manipulated Darter, fought Spider-Man and the White Tiger, killed by the Spider-Amoeba.


Carrion (Malcolm McBride) Spectacular Spider-Man II #149 (1989) Infected by the Jackal's virus; clashed with Spider-Man alongside Hobgoblin (Macendale), Carnage, and others before being treated at Ravencroft.


Carrion (Dr. William Allen) Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand (1997) SHIELD scientist, used Jackal's virus, infected crowd with zombie virus before being defeated by Spider-Man.


Carson Spider-Man: Friends and Enemies #2 (1995) Sent the Seekers after the Metahumes in an effort to sell them to west coast power brokers.


Carter and Lombardo Amazing Spider-Man I #126 (1973) Advertising agents who approached Spider-Man about representing Corona Motors; their deal led to the creation of the Spider-Mobile.


Carter, Sharon Tales of Suspense I #75 (1966) SHIELD agent and former girlfriend of Captain America, served as temporary SHIELD director during an absence of Nick Fury; encountered Spider-Man while she was tracking down Marrow.


Carver Wolverine II #157 (2000) Clawed Morlock, had impenetrable skin, allied with Fugue, fought by Spider-Man, Wolverine, Lt. Curson.


Cassady, Wes Amazing Spider-Man I #302 (1988) Kansas construction foreman; gained superhuman speed, strength, and senses from bite of radioactive rabbit; kept powers secret and refrained from helping Spider-Man against Doctor Nero.


Cassidy, Black Tom (Thomas Samuel Eamon Cassidy) X-Men I #99 (1976) Projects mutant power through wood, longtime partner of the Juggernaut, once wielded half of Juggernaut's power against Spider-Man and X-Men; he and Juggernaut later fought Spider-Man and X-Force.


Cassidy Crystals Spider-Man: Fear Itself (1992) Crystals which produce vapors inducing hallucinations and fear, incapacitated creator Viktor Cassidy, sought by the Baroness and the White Ninja.


Cat Amazing Spider-Man I #29 (1965) Cat burglar, fought Spider-Man early in his career, later returned using stolen Prowler equipment, allied with Belladonna, sought vengeance on her for betrayal, defeated by Spider-Man.


Cat see Tigra.


Cat (Shen Kui) Master of Kung Fu I #38 (1976) Expert martial artist, has been both ally and enemy to Shang-Chi, aided in rescuing his son from Shockwave and Razor Fist by Spider-Man.


cat, unnamed Peter Parker: Spider-Man #27 (2001) Lab subject escaped from AIM, sought by Mister P and Mister Q, protected by Spider-Man, followed Peter Parker home.


Cat-Man (Townshend Horgan) Daredevil I #10 (1965) Member of the Ani-Men and the Unholy Three, possessed agility, fought Spider-Man and Daredevil, briefly mutated into a superhuman by Count Nefaria.


Cat's Eye Black Cat #4 (1994) The Black Cat's private investigation firm; employs Loop, Paul Proust, and others.


C. B. Spider-Woman (1979): "The Kongo Spider" Movie director, sought to manipulate Spider-Man and Spider-Woman into battling giant mechanical spider for his movie. (TV) 


Cell-12 (Andros, Bramer, Lasher, Nardi) Amazing Spider-Man I #411 (1996) Team of cyborgs, hired by the Hobgoblin (Macendale) to attack Ben Reilly and Peter Parker, attacked and left for dead by the Hobgoblin after failure.


Century, Turner D. (Clifford F. Michaels) Spider-Woman I #33 (1980) Sought to return America to ideals of 1900s, clashed with Spider-Woman (Drew), once tried to kill everyone in NYC under 65, foiled by Spider-Man and Dominic Fortune, later killed by the Scourge of the Underworld.


Chain Lightning (Bannion) Iron Man I #214 (1987) One of the Seekers, wears blue armor, uses energy chain.


Chairman (Hostess Twinkies Cakes advertisement, 19) Wields gun capable of transforming people into chairs, targeted Spider-Man, defeated by children.


Chakra Web of Spider-Man #117 (1994) Member of the Host, able to take astral form, remained loyal to Judas Traveller after Scrier's machinations were exposed.


Chamber (Jonathon Evan Starsmore) Generation X #1 (1994) British telepathic mutant with energy powers which have consumed parts of his face and chest, member of Generation X, encountered Spider-Man while fighting Major Love, later became involved in scandal with rock star, joined the X-Men.


Chambers, Mr. Marvel Team-Up I #65 (1978) One of Arcade's two chief assistants.


Chambers, Brandon Spider-Man/Punisher/Sabretooth: Designer Genes (1993) Roxxon executive, sponsored his brother Phillip's DNA experiments, not realizing that their other brother Mitchell was the subject; kept Mitchell prisoner for more research following encounter with Spider-Man, the Punisher, and Sabretooth.


Chambers, Joseph UK Spider-Man Annual (1983) Veteran of a war in the Pacific who was robbed by a criminal called Sleeper; hunting the criminal, Spider-Man listened from outside Chamber's apartment window as the NYPD investigated the burglary.


Chambers, Mitchell Spider-Man/Punisher/Sabretooth: Designer Genes (1993) Mutated by his brother Phillip via DNA from rats, bears, coyotes, and wolves; fought Spider-Man and the Punisher, kept for future research by Brandon Chambers.


Chambers, Dr. Phillip Spider-Man/Punisher/Sabretooth: Designer Genes (1993) Scientist, mutated his brother Mitchell with funding from their other brother Brandon, killed by Sabretooth.


Chameleon (Dmitri Smerdyakov) Amazing Spider-Man I #1 (1963) Initially master of disguise, one of Spider-Man's earliest opponents, clashed with Spider-Man alone and alongside half-brother Kraven the Hunter, later underwent process that enabled him to directly change form and voice, impersonated J. Jonah Jameson for months in order to discredit Spider-Man, created Parker Replicoids at suggestion of Harry Osborn, became mentally unstable, became convinced that he was Kraven the Hunter, fought Spider-Man and Al Kravinoff.


Chance (Nicholas Powell) Web of Spider-Man #15 (1986) Compulsive gambler and mercenary, uses flying battlesuit, wrist-blasters, other technology, stakes fees against successes, fought Spider-Man on behalf of the Foreigner, the Life Foundation, and others.


Chance, Bobby Amazing Spider-Man I #271 (1985) Young boxer, resisted manipulation by Madame Fang and Manslaughter, protected by Crusher Hogan and Spider-Man.


Chang, Phillip Amazing Spider-Man I #184 (1978) ESU classmate of Peter Parker, skilled martial artist, took vow of peace, harassed by the White Dragon, helped by Spider-Man and Moon Knight.


Chapel, Robin Damage Control I #1 (1989) Damage Control traffic officer, present when Damage Control released Spider-Man from the Alternator Bug-Bot, later promoted to CEO, fired Edifice Rex.


Charlemagne Spider-Man Versus Wolverine #1 (1987) Freelance espionage operative, worked with Wolverine in past decades, manipulated Spider-Man into killing her during a battle with Wolverine.


Charlie Amazing Spider-Man I #3 (1963) Petty criminal, captured with two underlings by Spider-Man, only to be released by the police on a technicality; confronted again by Spider-Man, called for police claiming that the hero was attacking without cause.


Chase, Detective Sloane Web of Spider-Man #114 (1994) Investigated Lance Bannon's murder by FACADE and, later, the activities of the Lizard.


Chekov, Arthur "Anton" Marvel Team-Up I #124 (1982) Elderly poet, one of May Parker's tenants.


Chekov, Bette Marvel Team-Up I #127 (1983) Granddaughter of Arthur Chekov, fled from mob after buying stolen cocaine, rescued by Spider-Man, healed by Uatu's power.


Chen, Amy Silver Sable #1 (1992) Asian mercenary, member of the Wild Pack, carries specialized crossbow, targeted Venom alongside her teammates.


Cherryh, Randolph Winston Daredevil I #177 (1981) City councilman early in Spider-Man's career, offered Spider-Man a reward to capture Batwing and promised to make his life difficult when he refused, later ran for mayor as Kingpin's pawn but was exposed by Daredevil.


Chesbro Amazing Spider-Man I #419 (1997) Agent of the Black Tarantula, gathered information on NYC underworld and spied on Professor Caches.


Chess Set (Brass Bishop, Dark Tower, Killer Queen, King Coal, Overknight) Alpha Flight I #121 (1993) Team of criminals, attempted to sell energy-saturated corpses of Silver, Auric and Hedison to an audience of super-villains, fought by Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Alpha Flight.


Chi-Chee Warlock III #1 (1999) Lab monkey infected with transmode virus by Mainspring, companion of Hope.


Chief Examiner Questprobe #1 (1984) Entity created by the alien Durgan of Scadam to obtain power against the invading Black Fleet; analyzed several super-heroes, including Spider-Man.


Children of the Damned Frankenstein Monster #18 (1975) Artificial life-forms created by Ludwig Frankenstein and basil Frankenstein, cared for by Victoria Frankenstein, encountered Spider-Man during his clash with Dr. Kraft.


Childress, Dr. Delia "Delilah" Marvel Team-Up I #102 (1981) Former flame of Doc Samson, AIM agent, directed the Rhino to fight Spider-Man and Doc Samson.


Chip Amazing Spider-Man Annual I #25 (1991) ESU graduate student, worked on plant growth project with Ethan, one of Carnage's first victims.


Chondu the Mystic (Harvey Schlemmerman) Tales of Suspense I #9 (1960) Minor sorcerer, one of the Headmen, formerly trapped in monstrous form, now a disembodied head, seeks Spider-Man's body for his own.


Chtylok the Che-K'n Kau Sensational Spider-Man #13 (1997) Immensely powerful bird-like creature, worshipped by the Fall People, awoken from millennia of sleep by global warming, fought the Hulk, arrived in the Savage Land where Spider-Man and Ka-Zar were fighting Stegron and Roxxon Oil, driven back underground, consumed Dr. Gerald Roth.


Church, Lynn Marc Spector: Moon Knight #21 (1990) Cyborg, fought Spider-Man, Moon Knight, and other heroes alongside Midnight and the Secret Empire.


Cicero, Caesar, a.k.a. "Big C" Amazing Spider-Man I #73 (1969) Maggia lawyer and gangland boss, sought the Lifeline Tablet, employed various criminals, clashed with Spider-Man.


Circus of Crime (Ringmaster, Clown, Princess Python, Great Gambonnos, Human Cannonball, Strongman, Antoro, Live Wire, Blackwing, Fire-Eater, Iron Jack Baker, Professor, Rajah, Tarrax the Tamer, Teena the Fat Lady, others) Incredible Hulk I #3 (1962) Group of criminal performers, committed robberies through use of the Ringmaster's hypnotic hat, initially clashed with the Hulk, later fought Spider-Man and others, fought Spider-Man when he rescued Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy from the Ringmaster's control.


Citizen V see Baron Zemo.


City Stealers Marvel Team-Up I #28 (1974) Wore armor provided by They Who Wield Power; attempted to steal Manhattan Island, foiled by Spider-Man and Hercules.


Clark, Detective Venom: Along Came a Spider #1 (1996) Headed the Venom Task Force, accompanied Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) into battle when the Symbiote possessed Ann Weying.


Clarke, Ken UK Spider-Man Annual (1982) Daily Planet reporter covering the arrival of "Starngore" in Central Park; he stopped Peter Parker from being electrocuted by the "force field" protecting the "spaceship."


Clash Amazing Spider-Man Super Special #1 (1995) Expert hand-to-hand combatant, second-in-command of Shadowforce Alpha, held medical personnel at gunpoint to get treatment for Cordite, escaped with him after encounter with the Scarlet Spider.


Clayton, Katrinka Janice "K.J." Amazing Spider-Man I #190 (1979) Reclusive publisher of the Daily Globe, targeted by hostile takeover of Rupert Dockery and nearly killed before Spider-Man intervened.


Clea Strange Tales I #126 (1964) Extradimensional sorceress, niece of Dormammu, apprentice and lover of Doctor Strange, met Spider-Man during some of his encounters with Strange, later led rebellion in the Dark Dimension.


Cleary, Albert Damage Control I #1 (1989) Damage Control comptroller, present when Damage Control released Spider-Man from the Alternator Bug-Bot.


Clemmens, Charles Spider-Man's Tangled Web #7 (2001) Cab driver who learned Spider-Man's identity; provided him with crime tips in gratitude after Spider-Man saved his son Jimmy's life. When he learned he was dying of a brain tumor, he used stolen jewels to leave his wife Gladys money to pay for Jimmy's medical treatment.


Clemson, Mike Iron Man I #214 (1987) Manipulated Spider-Woman (Carpenter) on behalf of the Conclave, worked with Deathweb against Spider-Man and the West Coast Avengers, later worked against Vengeance.


Clive Spider-Man (1967): "Blotto" Deranged movie producer, used "spirit-scope" to tap darkest human emotions to create the monstrous Blotto; Spider-Man used the spirit-scope to reduce Blotto to a scrap of screen material. (TV) 


Clivendon, Harvey Spider-Man (1967): "The One-Eyed Idol" Australian hunter, used hypnotic idol to mesmerize J. Jonah Jameson into theft, used many weapons against Spider-Man but was defeated by him, later sought the Fountain of Youth and was again defeated by Spider-Man. (TV) 

Cloak (Tyrone Johnson) Spectacular Spider-Man II #64 (1982) Mutated by experimental drug, became living portal to dimension of darkness, able to teleport, partner of Dagger, became vigilante against drug dealers and other criminals; teamed with Spider-Man against Silvermane, Thule, Carnage, and others; briefly went mad due to manipulation by Nightmare.


Cloudsea Marvel Graphic Novel #22: Spider-Man: Hooky (1986) Mystic dimension of floating landmasses; Spindrifter brought Spider-Man there to help her against the Tordenkakerlakk.


Clown (Eliot "Crafty" Franklin) Incredible Hulk I #3 (1962) Member of the Circus of Crime, frequently leads in the Ringmaster's absence, led group as "the Masters of Menace" to fight Spider-Man.


Club Noir Web of Scarlet Spider #1 (1995) Ben Reilly briefly worked as a waiter at this club before its owner, crime lord Jason Tso, hired him as a bodyguard.


Clum, Oswald Amazing Spider-Man I #207 (1980) Daily Globe theater critic.


Clyde Amazing Spider-Man Annual #17 (1983) Classmate of Peter Parker at Midtown High.


Cobra (Klaus Voorhees) Journey into Mystery I #98 (1963) Criminal, able to contort body and move at superhuman speed, uses venom darts, fought Thor alongside Mister Hyde, later turned on Hyde and sought protection from Spider-Man, active in two Serpent Squads, became leader of the Serpent Society, fought Captain America.


Cochrane, Tom Spider-Man's Tangled Web #4 (2001) Spider-Man sabotaged a weapons shipment arranged by Cochrane, not realizing that the Kingpin would demand Cochrane's life for failing; Cochrane willingly went to his death to spare his family.


Code: Blue (Lt. Marcus Stone, Jock Janson, Mad Dog Rassitanio, Rigger Ruiz, Fireworks Fielstein, Mother Majowsky, Fenton, others) Thor I #426 (1990) Special NYPD division intended to combat superhuman threats, frequent allies of Thor, fought alongside Spider-Man against the Wrecking Crew; Spider-Man once accompanied Thunderstrike in freeing them from SHIELD custody.


Coffee Bean Amazing Spider-Man I #53 (1967) Restaurant frequented by Peter Parker and his ESU classmates, the X-Men in their civilian identities, and other NYC residents.


Coldheart Spider-Man I #49 (1994) Armored government agent, sought vengeance on superhumans for death of her son, interrupted fight between Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin (Macendale), attempted to kill them both with her freezing swords, dissuaded by Macendale's young son.


Collector (Taneleer Tivan) Avengers I #28 (1966) Elder of the Universe, obsessed with collecting rare objects and life forms, has menaced the Avengers and others, once attempted to add Spider-Man and Marrina to his collection, defeated by Spider-Man and Alpha Flight.


Colossus (Piotr "Peter" Nikolaievich Rasputin) Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975) Russian mutant, able to assume super-strong metallic form, joined the X-Men, fought alongside his teammates and Spider-Man against the Nest, the Juggernaut, and others; sacrificed his life to cure the mutant-killing Legacy Virus.


Commanda (Catherine D'Anton) Untold Tales of Spider-Man #9 (1996) Wears armor with various powers, accompanied by robot drones, turned to jewel theft for pleasure, fought Spider-Man early in his career, attempted to seduce him, pretended to be innocent victim so the police would allow her to escape.


Commuter (Ron) Amazing Spider-Man I #267 (1985) Committed crimes in NYC, lived in the suburbs, pursued by Spider-Man, had string of good luck in escaping, although Spider-Man eventually caught up with him.


Conclave (Mike Clemson, Manipulator, others) Avengers West Coast #84 (1992) Clandestine group of government officials, sent Deathweb after the West Coast Avengers, who were aided against their foes by Spider-Man.


Connors, Billy Amazing Spider-Man I #6 (1963) Son of Dr. Curt Connors, often victimized by his father's Lizard persona, once kidnapped by Warrant to be used as bait for the Lizard, contracted cancer from Monnano products.


Connors, Dr. Curt see Lizard (Curt Connors).


Connors, Martha Amazing Spider-Man I #6 (1963) Long-suffering wife of Dr. Curt Connors (Lizard), mother of Billy, died of cancer induced by Monnano chemicals.


Conover, Jacob Daredevil I #131 (1976) Longtime columnist for the Daily Bugle, saved Fortunato's life early in the Kingpin's rise to power, turned to crime after being fired, took over the Rose identity, allied with Fortunato and Delilah.


Conquest (Bridget Malone) Thor II #17 (1999) Young Irish woman, gained fighting ability and weapon skills from the Kestral Key of Krakkan, one of the Exemplars.


Constrictor (Frank Payne) Incredible Hulk II #212 (1977) Mercenary, uses armor and electrically-charged wrist-cables, former partner of Sabretooth, fought Spider-Man and the New Warriors on behalf of Justin Hammer.


Controller (Basil Sandhurst) Iron Man I #12 (1969) Wears exoskeleton, uses slave disc to control others, fought Iron Man (Stark) and Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), served as part of the Inner Circle to the New Enforcers.


Conundrum Spectacular Spider-Man II #257 (1998) Special-effects expert, employed hypnosis and hallucinogens, worked with Mad Jack in kidnapping, fought by Spider-Man as Prodigy.


Coolridge, Joshua Amazing Spider-Man II #56 (2003) Caught for carjacking by Spider-Man, joined educational discussion group led by Ezekiel.


Coolridge, Melissa Amazing Spider-Man II #55 (2003) Bright but troublesome student, placed in honors class by Peter Parker, who investigated the disappearance of her brother Joshua.


Cooper, Cole Web of Spider-Man #113 (1994) Daily Bugle photographer, suspected by some of being FACADE.


Copperhead (Lawrence Chesney) Daredevil I #124 (1975) Daredevil opponent, used armor and dart-gun, died and received supernatural power from a demon, led the Gang of Four against Daredevil and Spider-Man.


Corbett, Buddy Web of Spider-Man #13 (1986) Con artist who fled from Spider-Man; J. Jonah Jameson made Spider-Man's "attack" of him a media event, angering Spider-Man enough to almost beat up Jameson.


Corbett, Ron Web of Spider-Man #21 (1986) Olympics trainee, blamed Spider-Man for his father's death in a bank robbery and used his athletic skills to frame Spider-Man as criminal. Spider-Man's selfless rescue of tram passengers made him question his actions.


Cord, Joe Marvel Team-Up I #27 (1974) Longtime friend of the Chameleon, released from prison by the Hulk through the Chameleon's machinations, caught in the Chameleon's conflict with the Hulk and Spider-Man, died protecting the Chameleon from police gunfire.


Cordite Amazing Spider-Man Super Annual #1 (1995) Leader of Shadowforce Alpha, fought the Scarlet Spider, escaped with Clash.


Corliss, Dean Amazing Spider-Man I #70 (1969) Dean at ESU.


Corman Peter Parker: Spider-Man #48 (2002) AGK employee, possessed by the Virus.


Corona (Dagny Forrester) Spectacular Spider-Man II #176 (1991) Scientist whose experiments gave her energy blasts, flight, and other powers; fought Spider-Man, captured and enslaved by her brother Cedric Forrester, freed with Spider-Man's help.


Coronary (James Sharp) New Warriors I #4 (1990) Able to alter his form and control the bodily functions of others, member of Psionex.


Cortese, Frank Spider-Man #45 (1994) Ex-assassin, hired mercenaries to attack Spider-Man on the Chameleon's behalf.


Cosmic Cube Tales of Suspense I #79 (1966) Object created by AIM, used to channel limitless extradimensional power, once used by Spider-Man and others against Set at Project: Pegasus, evolved into the being called Kubik.


Cosmic Egg Infinity Crusade # (1993) Power item created by the Goddess; used by her to create Paradise Omega, the base from which she commanded several mesmerized heroes, including Spider-Man.


Cosmos, B.J. (B.J. Kosmojian) Amazing Spider-Man I #14 (1964) Owner of Cosmos Productions, hired by the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) to make a film about Spider-Man in order to trap his enemy, cancelled production when the trap failed.


Costas, Jimmy Web of Spider-Man #26 (1992) Young man, down on his luck, stole purse in a moment of weakness but turned it in to Spider-Man, who gave him a second chance; may have been the nephew of the Burglar who killed Ben Parker.


Coterie Contest of Champions II #1 (1999) Temporary alliance of the Brood and the Badoon, organized "Contest of Champions" to use Earth's heroes (including Spider-Man) as food or host bodies; the heroes discovered their deception and defeated them.


Couper, Miranda "Randi" Spectacular Spider-Man II #99 (1985) One of Peter Parker's Chelsea neighbors, roomed with Bambi Modica and Candi Muggins; frequent rooftop sunbathing complicated Spider-Man's comings and goings.


Coven, Karl Captain Marvel VI #9 (2003) Serial murderer, returned to life after resurrection, given cosmic power by Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), attended "trial" of Caffrey and Tlaango where Spider-Man served as "prosecutor," killed Caffrey, killed in retaliation by Caffrey's people.


Cox, Kelly Spider-Man and Wolverine #1 (2003) Assistant principal at Midtown High.


Coy, General Nguyen Ngoc Marvel Team-Up I #100 (1980) Vietnamese crimelord, forced his niece Karma to work for him alongside her brother Tran, activities opposed by Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, later become power in Madripoor and was one of the criminal figures consulted by Fortunato.


Crawford, Ashley Spectacular Spider-Man II #103 (1985) College student, worked with Barry and Thomas to create Blaze hoax to outwit Spider-Man, dressed as Blaze for video footage; deceived by Spider-Man, the Human Torch, and Thomas; later turned thoughts to stealing the Mona Lisa.


Creaux Spider-Man Team-Up #5 (1996) Corrupt police officer, clashed with Ben Reilly in New Orleans, used special powder to almost kill him; years later, worked for Tombstone and fought both Reilly (as Spider-Man) and Gambit.


Creep Spider-Man I #96 (1998) Costumed operative of Norman Osborn. Attacked Alison Mongraine and Robbie Robertson when they were bringing information to Peter Parker.


Crime-Master (Nick "Lucky" Lewis) Amazing Spider-Man I #26 (1965) Sought control of the underworld, allied with and worked against the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), operations interfered with by Spider-Man, killed by police.


Crime-Master (Nick Lewis, Jr.) Marvel Team-Up I #39 (1975) Took on father's identity to gain revenge, clashed with Spider-Man, the Human Torch, and the Sons of the Tiger; killed crime rival Big Man and was shocked to learn that it was his girlfriend Janice Foswell, who had taken over her own father's past identity.


Crimewave Sleepwalker #5 (1991) Sought to supplant the Kingpin as head of NYC's organized crime, activities halted by Spider-Man and Sleepwalker.


Crimson Crusader (Rory Destine) Marvel Comics Presents #158 (1994) Young member of the super-powered family Clan Destine, can control gravity to fly, make objects light or heavy, and create a protective force-field, brother of Imp, encountered Spider-Man, who helped them rescue their cousins Cuckoo and Argent from the Skyline Killer.


Crimson Dynamo (Dmitro Bukharin) Iron Man I #109 (1978) Armored Russian operative, one of several who have used the name and armor, sent against Spider-Man and the Hulk by General Kutzov, became Airstrike with new armor, joined People's Protectorate.

Crippler (Carl Striklan) Daredevil Annual #7 (1991) Sadomasochistic Hydra agent, joined the Wild Pack, encountered Venom and Spider-Man.


Critical Mass (Arnie Gunderson) Marvel Comics Presents #49 (1990) Mutant able to generate explosive force, former classmate of Peter Parker, led the Band of Baddies, kidnapped mutant daughter of old friend of Wolverine's, defeated by Spider-Man and Wolverine.


Crown (Adam Crown) Knights of Pendragon I #14 (1991) Apparently imbued with the spirit of King Arthur, wields energy sword and shield, member of the Knights of Pendragon, fought Malekyth with Spider-Man.


Crown see Hunger.


Crushtacean Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1 (1995) Wundagorian evolved from crab, member of Animen.


Crystal (Crystalia Anaquelin Maximoff) Fantastic Four I #45 (1965) Elemental-powered Inhuman, ally of the Fantastic Four, served in the Avengers when they helped Spider-Man against Darkling.


Crystals of Kahesha Darkhawk #45 (1994) Seven extradimensional crystals which empowered Elias Flynn and the Metahumes, merged into powerful entity, absorbed the Hostiles, fought by Spider-Man and the New Warriors, separated and returned to their home dimension.


Cult of the Jackal (Anubis, Caiman, Harrier, Piranis, others) Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1 (1995) Established by the Jackal from Wundagorian New Men who followed him away from the High Evolutionary's rule, led into Wundagore by the Scarlet Spider to obtain information on the Jackal's work, welcomed back by the High Evolutionary.


Curson, Lt. Tara Wolverine II #156 (2000) NYPD officer, accompanied Spider-Man and Wolverine into Subterranea in pursuit of Fugue.


Cushing, Kathryn "Kate" Web of Spider-Man #5 (1985) City editor of the Daily Bugle, frequently urged Peter Parker to apply himself more to his photographic duties, investigated the Students of Love when she believed her sister had joined the cult, fired during cutbacks.


Cussler, Phillip Sr. Spectacular Spider-Man II #215 (1994) Elderly gentleman, wealthy, mildly deranged, believed his son had driven him out of the family business, employed Scorpion in revenge plans, built up Scorpion's confidence, attacked Spider-Man from behind and received near-fatal blow during period when Spider-Man was sinking into violence.


Cut New Warriors I #54 (1994) Used several swords, one of the Soldiers of Misfortune.


Cutter Nightwatch #1 (1994) Armored member of Warforce.


Cutthroat (Daniel Leighton) Marvel Team-Up I #89 (1980) Costumed assassin, brother of quasi-hero Diamondback, hired by Amos Jardine to kill Spider-Man, defeated by Spider-Man and Nightcrawler, later joined the Red Skull (Shmidt)'s Skeleton Crew, killed by Crossbones.


Cyber-Hunters Web of Spider-Man #97 (1993) Armored assassins of the Foreigner, cooperated with Blood Rose against Spider-Man, turned against him per the Foreigner's orders, defeated by Blood Rose.


Cyberiad (Nathan Price) Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981): "The X-Men Adventure" Schizophrenic cyborg, took over the X-Mansion, fought Spider-Man and the X-Men. (TV) 


Cyberslayers Spectacular Scarlet Spider #1 (1995) Monstrous robots used by Alistair Smythe against Doctor Octopus (Trainer) and the Scarlet Spider.


Cyborg X Spider-Man #18 (1992) Soldier rebuilt after being critically injured; initially went out of control and was subdued by Spider-Man and the Ghost Rider (Ketch), subsequently helped Spider-Man but was apparently killed in an attack by the Sinister Six.


Cyclone Amazing Spider-Man I #143 (1975) French engineer, used wind-generating suit to become costumed criminal, kidnapped J. Jonah Jameson, fought Spider-Man, recruited by the Maggia, slain by the Scourge of the Underworld.


Cyclops (Scott Summers) X-Men I #1 (1963) Mutant who emits energy beams from his eyes, founding member and longtime leader of the X-Men; he and his team aided Spider-Man against the Menace, the Nest, and other threats; led X-Factor, briefly merged with Apocalypse.


Cygnus (Rowena MacLean) Solo #1 (1994) Former lover of Solo, daughter of Emil Tessler, served in ARES.

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