Spider-Man Appendix A




Abernathy, Abner Marvel Team-Up I #115 (1982) Daily Bugle reporter, observed attack by Meru the Mind-Bender.


Abbott, Mr. and Mrs. Amazing Spider-Man I #10 (1964) Neighbors of Parkers in Forest Hills, took May Parker on Florida vacation after her hospitalization.


Abdul Spectacular Spider-Man II #68 (1982) Arabian intelligence agent, investigated activities of the Robot-Master, encountered Spider-Man.


Abomination (Emil Blonsky) Tales to Astonish I #90 (1967) Ex-spy, mutated by gamma rays into monstrous form, enemy of Hulk; under Tyrannus's control, fought Spider-Man and the She-Hulk during the Atlantis Attacks.


Absorbing Man (Carl "Crusher" Creel) Journey into Mystery I #114 (1965) Empowered by Loki to gain the properties of whatever material he touches, frequent opponent of Thor, first fought Spider-Man during the Secret Wars, clashed with him alongside Titania several times afterward.


Access (Axel Asher) DC Vs. Marvel #1 (1995) Can teleport and time-travel within and between universes, able to merge people from different universes or universes themselves, briefly created the Amalgam Universe in which Spider-Man and Superboy were combined as Spider-Boy, helped heroes against Magneto and evil alien overlord Darkseid.


Ace ("Ace" Spencer) Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #5 (1985) Former leader of the Reapers gang, enemy of the Dragons gang, had superhuman reflexes that made him Spider-Man's equal, fought Spider-Man twice when the hero challenged his ethics; gave evidence against his brother, who killed a Dragons member, but his testimony was not accepted; departed NYC with his young sister.


Acts of Vengeance Avengers Spotlight #26 (1989) Plot organized by Loki to set many super-villains against heroes unaccustomed to fighting them, with the ultimate goal of destroying the Avengers; Loki manipulated Doctor Doom (actually a Doombot), the Wizard, the Red Skull (Schmidt), the Mandarin, the Kingpin, and Magneto as part of his plan; Spider-Man was fortunate to possess the Captain Universe power at the time and was able to easily defeat the opponents sent against him.


Adam Spider-Man #6 (1991) Child abducted by the Hobgoblin (Macendale) while he was driven mad from his demonic transformation, maimed with demonic mark, rescued by Spider-Man and the Ghost Rider (Ketch).


Adams Spider-Man: Web of Doom #2 (1994) Demolitions expert of the Extreme Emergency Team.


Adarco (Advanced Robotic Company) Amazing Spider-Man Annual I #27 (1993) Developed the technology in Annex's armor.


Advent (Kyle Grobe) New Warriors I #68 (1995) Time traveller from 2092, attempted to remake history in a potential threat to the timestream, fought Spider-Man (Reilly) briefly before being defeated by the New Warriors.


Agar, Thomas Marvel Team-Up I #87 (1979) Head of Agar Ores, swindled the Black Panther's kingdom of Wakanda, hired Hellrazor to impersonate the Black Panther and frame him, exposed by the Panther and Spider-Man.


Agent (Rick Mason) Marvel Graphic Novel: The Agent (1989) Mercenary and spy, son of the Tinkerer, infected by the Carrion (William Allen), later killed.


Agents of Anarchy Peter Parker: Spider-Man #1 (1999) Terrorists in green armor, freed the Ranger from captivity.


Agitator Peter Parker: Spider-Man #16 (2000) (mentioned only) Mysterious figure with unspecified plans, sent Master Monarch to observe fight between Spider-Man and the Wicked Brigade.


AGK Corporation Peter Parker: Spider-Man #48 (2002) Responsible for the toxic virus release which killed many in Bangladesh and mutated Tara.


Agni (Dr. Araman Nila) Marvel Team-Up Annual #1 (1976) Member of the Nest, had burning touch, radiation expert from India.


AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) Strange Tales I #146 (1966) Weapon-makers for hire; formerly had world-conquering aspirations; created Modok, the Cosmic Cube, and other threats; fought by Spider-Man, usually alongside other heroes such as the Black Panther or Doc Samson.


Airborne Spider-Man/X-Factor: Shadowgames #1 (1994) Flying member of Shadowforce.


Akhenaten Incredible Hulk II #457 (1997) Former ruler/pharaoh of ancient Egypt, cosmically-powered, menaced every super-hero on Earth, including Spider-Man.


Alan Amazing Spider-Man: Skating on Thin Ice (1993) Young Canadian hockey player, dissuaded from drug use by Spider-Man.


Albion (Peter Hunter) Knights of Pendragon I #8 (1991) Avatar of Merlin, active in World War I and World War II, controls mystic fire, member of the Knights of Pendragon, fought Malekyth with Spider-Man.


Allan, Liz see Osborn, Liz.


Allan, Mr. Amazing Spider-Man I #10 (1964) Liz Osborn's father, gem dealer, owns hotel and nightclub.


Allan, Mrs. Amazing Spider-Man I #28 (1965) Mother of Liz Osborn and the Molten Man.


Alpha Marvel Team-Up I #129 (1983) Robotic powerhouse built by the Mad Thinker's Intellectual robots, who dwelled in the Town of Ponder, to defend their sanctuary, destroyed by Spider-Man and the Vision.


Alpha Flight (Vindicator, Northstar, Aurora, Sasquatch, Marrina, Puck, Wildheart, Nemesis, Shaman, Snowbird, Guardian, Talisman, Box, Diamond Lil, Windshear, Wyre, Flex, Manbot, Murmur, Radius, Earthmover) Uncanny X-Men #120 (1979) Canadian super-team, has operated both under government supervision and independently, assisted by Spider-Man against the Collector and the Chess Set.


Alternator Bug-Bot Damage Control I #1 (1989) Giant robot created by the Tinkerer; fought Spider-Man and the Avengers until Spider-Man disabled it from inside, only to be trapped within it until John Porter of Damage Control gained control of the robot and transformed it into a car, enabling Spider-Man to exit through the trunk.


"The Amazing Siskinsky Sisters Circus" Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1992 (UK) Circus troupe owned and operated by a trio of sisters led by Sophie Siskinsky; purported to be the best act in Eastern Europe, Peter Parker, along with Aunt May, failed to take pics of the circus act for JJJ and met the trio and their panther Felix instead; the sisters operated the circus by day while moonlighting as cat burglars with an affinity for jewelry, using Felix, a hot air balloon, and detachable metal claws; they were opposed and captured by Spider-Man.


"Amazon Annie and the Grunge Zombies" Spider-Man: Web of Doom (1994) B-movie in which Mary Jane Watson played the heroine.


Ambush Spider-Man/X-Factor: Shadowgames #1 (1994) Feral female member of Shadowforce.


Amphibius X-Men I #62 (1969) Frog-like Savage Land Mutate, present when Brainchild mutated Spider-Man and the Angel (Archangel).


Anansi (Kwaku Anansi) Amazing Spider-Man II #48 (2003) African trickster god, possibly responsible for the powers of Ezekiel and Spider-Man.


Anarchist (Tike Alicar) X-Force #116 (2001) Mutant able to emit destructive energy and corrosive substance, member of X-Statix, briefly encountered Spider-Man while fighting Euro-Trash. 

Anarchists for Freedom Amazing Spider-Man Annual II 2001 (2001) Terrorist organization, attacked United Nations Plaza, requiring Spider-Man to respond on the evening Mary Jane Watson returned home from her abduction by the Stalker.


Anderson, Big John Spectacular Spider-Man III #1 (2003) Boisterous eccentric, native of unidentified country, lives above Peter Parker.


Anderson, Charles Web of Spider-Man #6 (1985) Government operative, oversaw the dismantlement of building transformed into gold by the Beyonder, cooperated with the Kingpin in the endeavor; Spider-Man helped him when the Arranger tried to force him to sink the gold at a spot predetermined by the Kingpin.


Andros Amazing Spider-Man I #411 (1996) Cell-12 member with serpentine mechanical body.


Angel see Archangel.


Angelina Spider-Man #17 (1991) Young girl injured by freon explosion, rescued from Death and Thanos by Spider-Man.


Animal Liberation Front (ALF) Web of Spider-Man Annual #2 (1986) Sextet of youths that freed animals being experimented upon, left an effigy of a scientist stabbed by a scalpel, and were scared off by Spider-Man after encountering him.


Ani-Men see Unholy Three.


Animen (Buzzard, Crushtacean, Flying Fox, Komodo, Spinneret) Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1 (1995) Group of Wundagorian New Men sent by High Evolutionary on search-and-destroy mission into Jackal's underground base. Led Scarlet Spider back to Wundagore to encounter the Cult of the Jackal.


Annex (Alex Ellis) Amazing Spider-Man Annual I #27 (1993) Armored cyborg hero, able to reconstruct lost leg and weapons via technology, teamed with Spider-Man and Vengeance against various villains.


Annihilus Fantastic Four Annual I #6 (1968) Tyrannical ruler of planet Anthos in the Negative Zone, possesses vast powers generated by Cosmic Control Rod, frequent opponent of the Fantastic Four; Spider-Man and the Human Torch prevented his conquest of Earth while battling the Frightful Four.


Answer Spectacular Spider-Man #91 (1984) Operative of the Kingpin, mutated by Harlan Stillwell's equipment to gain any super-power necessary to deal with any given situation, fought Spider-Man and the Black Cat, discorporated attempting to absorb Dagger's energy to cure Vanessa Fisk, revived by and betrayed Doctor Octopus (Octavius).


Ant-Man see Yellowjacket.


Ant-Man (Scott Edward Harris Lang) Avengers I #181 (1979) Took over shrinking super-heroic role formerly held by Henry Pym (Yellowjacket), fought the Taskmaster alongside Spider-Man, became an Avenger.


Anti-vivisectionists Marvel Comics Presents #39 (1990) ESU students, stole laboratory animals to give them freedom, initially stopped by Spider-Man, who allowed them to escape.


Antoro Amazing Spider-Man Annual I 1998 (1998) Animal trainer, member of the Circus of Crime.


Antro (Hashi Noto) Avengers West Coast #82 (1992) Member of Deathweb, spider-like form, teleports, spews venom.


Anubis Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1 (1995) Wundagorian evolved from jackal, leader of the Cult of the Jackal.


Ape-Man (Gordon "Monk" Keefer) Avengers I #12 (1965) Member of the Ani-Men and the Unholy Three, possessed great strength and fighting ability, fought Spider-Man and Daredevil, briefly mutated to superhuman by Count Nefaria.


Aquanoids Marvel Team-Up I #14 (1973) Amphibious creatures created by Doctor Dorcas, who attempted to transfer the life forces of Spider-Man and the Sub-Mariner into them; seemingly destroyed.


Aquarian (Wundarr) Adventure into Fear #17 (1973) Alien from the planet Dakkim, arrived on Earth in childlike state, received various super-powers from Earth's atmosphere, fought the Man-Thing, befriended by the Thing, gained maturity at Project: Pegasus, started Water Children religious movement, helped Spider-Man and the Hulk against a Doombot invading Avengers Mansion.


Arachne (Dr. Sylvie Yaqua) Avengers West Coast #82 (1992) Member of Deathweb, generates webbing and neurotoxin.


Arachnoid (Zoltan) Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981): "Attack of the Arachnoid" Acquired powers similar to Spider-Man, framed the hero for crimes, further mutated into half-spider form, fought Spider-Man and others, lost powers. (TV) 


Arakne Knights of Pendragon II #6 (1992) Dimension of spider-like humanoids, visited by Spider-Man and the Knights of Pendragon to battle Malekyth.


Arcade Marvel Team-Up I #65 (1978) Wealthy hired assassin, kills victims in elaborate Murderworld structures, initially targeted Spider-Man and Captain Britain, became frequent opponent of the X-Men, later targeted the Green Goblin (Urich) on behalf of Norman Osborn, also targeted Spider-Man and the Black Cat.


Arcane Order of the Night Spectacular Spider-Man II #170 (1990) Cult organized by wealthy eccentric Ambrose Carpathian over a century ago, now led by his descendant Andrew, thwarted by Spider-Man and the Black Fox from using the Dragon's Egg to summon the Black Insect Swarm.


Archangel (Warren Kenneth Worthington) X-Men I #1 (1963) Winged mutant, founding member of the X-Men, originally known as the Angel; met Spider-Man in battles against Morbius, Rampage, and others; served in the Champions, the Defenders, X-Factor; mutated by Apocalypse, returned to the X-Men, later reverted to original form, discovered that his blood possessed healing properties.


ARES (Assassination, Revolution, Extortion, and Sabotage) Amazing Spider-Man Annual I #27 (1993) Armored teleporting terrorists, defeated by Solo and Spider-Man.


Arguelles, Manuel "Mosquito" Marvel Team-Up I #39 (1975) Young boy, fan of Spider-Man, met Spider-Man just prior to the hero's involvement with the second Big Man and the second Crime-Master.


Ariel Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981): "Spidey Meets the Girl from Tomorrow" Woman from the future, sister of Bartow, accidentally traveled to present, allied with Spider-Man and others against Doctor Octopus (Octavius), fell in love with Spider-Man. (TV) 


Arliss, Clifton Spider-Man: Quality of Life #1 (2002) Monanno executive, hired Yith to kill Curt Connors to prevent revelation of carcinogenic qualities in Monanno's products, killed by Yith out of sympathy for Martha Connors's death.


Armada Sensational Spider-Man #0 (1996) Armored mercenary, accompanied by miniature robots to whom he has an emotional attachment, fought Spider-Man (Reilly) on behalf of Mysterio (Beck) until his robots were placed in harm's way.


ARMS (Alternative Resources Munitions Supply) Spider-Man #41 (1993) Munitions dealers, offshoot of AIM, sent Platoon after Spider-Man and Iron Fist.


Arnold, Frank Marvel Team-Up I #141 (1984) Pawn shop owner, killed shop's previous owner, crime pinned on client of Matt Murdock, truth revealed by Daredevil and Spider-Man.


Arrakhyl Knights of Pendragon II #6 (1992) Last survivor of Arakne's Knights of Pendragon after attack by the Warheads, helped Spider-Man and the Knights of Pendragon against Malekyth.


Arranger (Oswald P. Silkworth) Marvel Team-Up I #138 (1984) Personal assistant to the Kingpin, oversaw various criminal operations, mismanaged war with the Lobo Brothers, killed when the Kingpin hired Knight and Fogg to assassinate him.


A'Sai Web of Spider-Man #34 (1988) Extraterrestrial gambler, manipulated Spider-Man and football-playing children in wager with Uatu, transformed into playing card.


Asgard Journey into Mystery I #85 (1962) Realm of the Norse gods, home kingdom of Thor; Spider-Man helped Thor fight the troll Kyrllk here and later visited it out of concern for Thor's growing interference in mortal affairs.


Ashcan (Alex Woolcot) Spectacular Spider-Man II #112 (1986) Young boy, received disintegrating power from father's equipment, accidentally killed father, shot down by SHIELD despite Spider-Man's efforts to protect him, relocated, later befriended by the Hulk.


Ashema Heroes Reborn: The Return (1997) Celestial in human form, informed heroes of Earth (including Spider-Man) and the duplicate Earth created by Franklin Richards of the nature of the duplicate Earth, sacrificed Celestial nature to preserve the duplicate Earth.


Assault (Edward Wong) Spider-Man: Friends and Enemies #1 (1995) Telepathic, able to free others from mental control, one of the Metahumes.


Asylum (Henrique Manuel Gallant) New Warriors I #32 (1993) Darkforce-manipulating mutant, formerly known as Darkling, fought Spider-Man and the New Warriors when his powers first manifested, subsequently gained control and joined Psionex using an earlier member's name.


Atlantis Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 (1939) Sub-oceanic civilization, partially based on ancient surface kingdom of Atlantis which sank thousands of years ago; has attacked the surface world under the leadership of both the Sub-Mariner and others; led in major offensive by the Deviant Ghaur in an attempt to summon the Elder God Set, which was opposed by several heroes, including Spider-Man.


Atlas (Erik Josten) Avengers I #21 (1965) Empowered by machines of Baron Heinrich Zemo as Power Man, fought the Avengers, took new name of the Smuggler when powers diminished, became Maggia agent, captured by Lt. Keating and turned state's evidence, kidnapped by the Maggia, rescued by Spider-Man, powers later amplified to become Goliath, fought both cosmic and non-cosmic Spider-Man during Acts of Vengeance, became, a hero in the Thunderbolts.


Attilan Fantastic Four I #47 (1966) Ancestral city of the Inhumans, initially located on an island, later moved to the Himalayas; Spider-Man visited it during his involvement with the struggle between Zarrko and a Kang robot; the city was later relocated to the Moon and finally stolen by the Kree to be used as a weapon.


Attuma Fantastic Four I #33 (1964) Atlantean warlord, led several invasion attempts against the surface world; opposed by the Sub-Mariner, Spider-Man, and other heroes.


Aura (Annie Herd) Spectacular Scarlet Spider #1 (1995) Wife of Override, wore force-field projecting costume, fought the Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man, wounded in battle, hospitalized.


Aurora (Jeanne-Marie Beaubier) Uncanny X-Men #120 (1979) Mutant with light-powers and flight, sister of Northstar, served in Alpha Flight, fought the Collector alongside her teammates and Spider-Man, suffered from mental collapse, currently serving in Weapon X.


Authority (Tito Mendez) Marvel Team-Up II #4 (1997) Developed worldwide network of information gatherers, attempted to gain Spider-Man's services as operative, sent Spider-Man to obtain Sphere of Ultimate Knowledge, was robbed of his knowledge by Uatu.


Autobots (Optimus Prime, Gears, Hound, Cliffjumper, many others) Transformers I #1 (1984) Extraterrestrial robots capable of transforming into vehicles, engaged in millennia-long war against Decepticons, aided by Spider-Man in one skirmish against their enemies.


Automatoids Marvel Team-Up I #22 (1974) Robots created by Quasimodo, fought Spider-Man and Hawkeye.


Avant Guard (Painter, Bora, Spark) Web of Spider-Man #74 (1991) Trio of artists, sought to remake Manhattan into frozen wasteland, defeated by Spider-Man and the Human Torch.

Avengers (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man (Stark), Yellowjacket, Wasp, Hulk, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Hercules, Black Panther, Black Knight (Whitman), Black Widow, Falcon, Warbird, Beast, Wonder Man, Photon, Sub-Mariner, Starfox, Sersi, Quasar, Doctor Druid, She-Hulk, Tigra, Moondragon, Hellcat, Sandman, Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Gilgamesh, Rage, Crystal, Thunderstrike, Firestar, Justice, Jack of Hearts, Ant-Man, Mockingbird, Thing, Spider-Woman (Carpenter), Moon Knight, USAgent, Machine Man, Living Lightning, War Machine, Darkhawk, Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Swordsman (Jacques Duquesne), Mantis, Jocasta, Madalene, Swordsman (Phillip Javert), Deathcry, Masque, Triathlon, Silverclaw, others) Avengers I #1 (1963) Earth's largest and best-known super-team, has had dozens of members over the years, formerly divided into two groups on different coasts; various lineups have fought alongside Spider-Man against Nebula, Thanos, and other threats; Spider-Man briefly served as a reserve member.


Avril, Sally Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962) Star gymnast at Midtown High, created costumed identity of Bluebird in hopes of becoming Spider-Man's partner, discouraged by Spider-Man, died in automobile accident trying to photograph battle between Spider-Man and the Black Knight (Garrett).


Awesome Android Fantastic Four I #15 (1963) Malleable super-strong android created by the Mad Thinker, able to take on attributes of others, fought the Fantastic Four and other heroes, once sent against Spider-Man by the Mad Thinker.


Axum, Daniel (formerly Danny Broughton, a.k.a. the Battler) Thunderbolts #76 (2003) Super-strong, met several defeats before being imprisoned after battle with Spider-Man, released from prison after three years, attempted to rebuild life as professional fighter under the name "Axum," turned down opportunity to seek revenge on Spider-Man.

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