Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human, magic user

Occupation: Would-be artist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Cadaver, Dr. Druid, Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), U.S. Agent

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Sewers beneath San Francisco, California

First Appearance: Secret Defenders#20 (October, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: The Slaymaker possessed the ability to command living tissue, reshaping it to whatever he imagines. He could command the creatures he created, granting them names such as "Titus" and "Andronicus." His grand ambition was to fashion a pyramid of bodies into his Panentropic Engine, which would allow him to reshape reality into "a new aesthetic" wherein "all shall be as one within the enchanted glade", allowing him to practice his art "on a Brobdingnagian sacle."

History: (Secret Defenders#21 (fb))- As a young man, the Slaymaker desired to become an artist, but lacked the skill to bring his wild thoughts and ideas to life. He therefore turned to dark magic, and immersed himself in the ancient craft of transfiguration, learning how to make living tissue obey his commands.

(Secret Defenders#20)- The Slaymaker began gathering bodies from the San Francisco area to create his Panentropic Engine. Dr. Druid was alerted to the Slaymaker's actions by a vision from Dr. Strange and used hypnosis to bring Spider-Woman to assist him, but the Slaymaker overwhelmed them with his creatures, and placed their bodies within the Panentropic Engine.

(Secret Defenders#21)- To prevent Dr. Druid from hypnotizing him, Slaymaker covered Druid's eyes with organic tissue. As he continued his work upon the Panentropic Engine, he was attacked by Cadaver and the U.S. Agent, each come in pursuit of their friends. Slaymaker sent his creatures to hold them back while he completed the Panentropic Engine, but Dr. Druid had Spider-Woman fashion a psi-web to reconfigure the bodies and wrest control of the engine away from Slaymaker. Slaymaker attempted to fight Dr. Druid for control, but the Engine was destroyed.

The backlash from the Engine's destruction put Slaymaker into a coma in which he perceived reality had been transformed, when it actuality he was observing his own subconsciouness-- "an act of subconscious plagiarism." Happily quoting Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky, Slaymaker was left to lie amongst the sewers.

Comments: Created by Tom Brevoort, Mike Kanterovich, Bill Wylie and Tony Dezuniga.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Secret Defenders#21, page 4, panel 4
Secret Defenders#21, page 5, panel 1
Secret Defenders#21, page 21, panel 3

Secret Defenders#21 (November, 1994)

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