Real Name: Barton Ford      

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: Darkhawk, Portal, and the NYPD

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None used

Base of Operations: East Village, New York, NY

First Appearance: Darkhawk#42, August 1994

Powers/Abilities: Shaper possesses the ability the remold inorganic matter into any shape he desires; through his touch; his touch is also lethal to all organic matter. Shaper can also direct the energy source  from his powers into flight. During combat, Shaper wore "shaped" armor of his own design, the specifications of which are unknown.

History:  (DH 42)  Having previously committed at least three murders in the name of his art, sculptor Barton Ford sought for ways to capture the deaths of superbeings in statue form. Fortunately for Ford, a strange piece of metal had recently come into his possession. Attempting to weld the metal onto one of his works, Ford reeled with shock when the metal began to glow, and exploded. Ford soon discovered the explosion had given him the ability to reshape any object he touched.  And, thanks to his nosy landlord, Ford also discovered how his new ability functioned against organic material. Learning of Darkhawk's interference in an armored car heist perpetuated by a friend of his, Ford dubbed himself the Shaper, molded a suit of armor, and flew off to make Darkhawk his first superpowered victim.

(DH 43) Searching for Darkhawk, Shaper arrived too late for a confrontation, and childishly destroyed some property.  Continuing his search, Shaper instead ran into Portal; who had been filling in for Darkhawk. Being an equal opportunity nutcase, Shaper launched a surprise attack, knocking Portal off-balance, and destroying a chimney. Portal  then teleported to ground level, to save some civilians; leaving himself open for Shaper's next blindside attack. Fighting in the middle of the street; Shaper callously killed three construction workers who had stood  between himself and Portal. Watching the battle on the news, Chris Powell resolved to help somehow, and rushed to the scene.

(DH 44) After letting the deaths of the construction workers slow down Shaper, Portal attacks, and seems to take the upper hand. Shaper uses a mailbox as a weapon, temporarily keeping Portal at bay; until Portal finally wises up and teleports in and out of the ersatz battlefield, blasting Shaper at will. The battle rages back and forth, until the combatants end up in a parking garage.shaper04

Sneaking into the garage, Chris Powell  distracts Shaper with a belt, and gets his butt thrown across the room for the effort. After passing on the reason for his appearance, Powell passes out. Portal returns to the fight, and uses his ingenuity, coupled with some handy alien gadgets, to put Shaper down for the count. When Powell wakes up just a short while later, he finds Portal about to kill Shaper; and places himself in danger to prevent that act. Finally seeing the light of reason, Portal agrees to spare Shaper, and instead have him incarcerated.

Comments: Created by  Danny Fingeroth, Nick Choles, and Tod Smith.  After the cancellation of the Darkhawk title, Shaper's fate was left unknown. Unlike most creations of the 90's, Shaper had both an interesting appearance and unique powers;  he could make an interesting return.

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