Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Terrestrial android

Occupation: Locating the Fantastic Four (and Darkoth)

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Dr. Doom (creator)

EnemiesDarkoth, Fantastic Four (Medusa, Mr. Fantastic, Thing)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A building used by Dr. Doom, in Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#144 (March, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: The Seeker had superhuman strength (Class 25?) and durability. It has the equivalent of enhanced durabilty and stamina. In place of hands it had nuclear discharger prods which released a powerful burst of energy, released only upon contact. The "vibro-sensor" atop it's head was a tracking device, with a range of half a mile, and could detect hidden and invisible targets. It was programmed to defeat certain foes, and may or may not have been able to fly.

History: The Seeker was built by Dr. Doom and programmed to defeat Darkoth and the Fantastic Four.

(Fantastic Four I#144) - Darkoth and the Fantastic Four attempted to tunnel underneath the Baxter Building to enter it in secret so that they might escape a plot of Dr. Doom's. Doom sent the Seeker to destroy them. The Seeker swatted the Thing aside, shocked Mr. Fantastic, and threw off Darkoth when he leapt atop him. However, Medusa took advantage of the distraction to bean the Seeker in the back of the head with a rock. The Thing then leapt back into the fray and put the kibosh on the Seeker with a one-two combination. The Thing  was disappointed that he didn't even get a chance to say, "It's clobberin' time!"

Darkoth and the others brought the Seeker into the Baxter Building, where Reed hollowed it out and then wrapped its form around Darkoth. Posing as the Seeker, Darkoth then entered Doom's base, unnoticed by his security system programmed only to notice the unfamiliar. Darkoth freed Doom's prisoners, Wyatt Wingfoot and the Human Torch, before confronting Doom himself. Doom blasted the Seeker, intending to destroy it for its betrayal, but was surprised when Darkoth stood revealed, unharmed by the blast that had shredded the Seeker covering.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway, Rich Buckler, and Joe Sinnott

Kyle provided much of the "Powers" section, using TSR gaming stats.

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