Real Name: Nick Scarpa

Identity/Class: Human/Mobster

Occupation: Leader of own crime family

Affiliations: Leader of own crime family, Herman

Enemies: Black Panther

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Corsica, France

First Appearance: Black Panther I#8 (March; 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Nick Scarpa is quite ruthless, and has excellent leadership abilities

History: (Black Panther I#8) On his way back to Wakanda from Narobia, T'Challa discovers two men on a raft. He brings the two men onboard and is introduced to Herman and another guy, who tells him they will make it worth his while if he brings them to Corsica, because he is the president of a large corporation. T'Challa tells them that they are far from Corsica and that he has no desire to take them there, but will bring them to the nearest city on the African coast--and that he knows that the man is not a president of a large corporation, but rather the godfather of a large organization. The man is revealed to be mobster Nick Scarpa, and the two men try to take over the aircraft by force, but T'Challa manages to tilt the aircraft so much that the two criminals loses their balance. Herman tries to shoot T'Challa, but Scarpa stops him. The aircraft crashes, and Black Panther manages to bring out Scarpa, but Herman is killed in the explosion, so now T'Challa has an unconscious man and himself to carry through the desert.

(Black Panther I#9) Black Panther keeps walking in the desert with Scarpa, who is still unconscious. Black Panther himself is about to lose consciousness, but before fainting, he is discovered by a mysterious robot. Later he wakes up, and discovers that he has been found by a movie production team, who tell him that the police are on their way to take Scarpa in, and question Black Panther. Not wanting to go in for questioning, he escapes, while Scarpa is still in the custody of the movie production team

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby

Image provided by Bob Almond, Inker Extraordinaire!

Profile by: The Beetle




One of Scarpa's men, who was with him at the Mediterranean in his yacht. After a storm destroyed the yacht, he was picked up by Black Panther in an aircraft, where he proceeded to try to take it over. Herman fired his gun at Black Panther but missed, and was killed when the aircraft crashed.


--BP I#8







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