Real Name: Samuel Griggs

Identity/Class: Human/Philantropist

Occupation: Owner of his own company

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Marlene Belden (lover); Janine (secretary);
used as pawn by Ringmaster;
Foggy Nelson & Matt Murdock (lawyers)

Enemies: Daredevil

Known Relatives: Unnamed wife

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Daredevil II#20 (September, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Samuel Griggs is an excellent businessman, doing great things for the community and for charity

History: (Daredevil II#23 (fb)) - At his lover Marlene Belden's apartment, wakes up in the middle of the night, and tells her he has to make a phone call, after which he leaves without any explanation

(Daredevil II#20) - Comes to the offices of Nelson & Murdock, Mrs. Barbato calls Matt and tells him that Samuel Griggs is there to see him, Matt ask her if it is THE Samuel Griggs, and Mrs. Barbato asks Griggs if he is THE Samuel Griggs, whereto Griggs answers "yes". Matt agrees to meet him, and Griggs tells him that he needs a lawyer. Matt says "I thought you had a lawyer", and Griggs answers "A dozen actually, yet every one of them refuses to take the case", and he would've had Claude Unger to have taken the case, but since Murdock just defeated Unger in the Braxton vs. Rosen trial, he now wants Murdock for this case, because he believes Murdock is up for the challenge... to sue Daredevil. Matt decides to call Foggy because he wants his partner to hear that Griggs wants to sue Daredevil. When Foggy arrives, Griggs begins to tell his story about Daredevil fighting ninjas, and breaking his greehouse, and that's why he wants to sue Daredevil, for the damages done to his greenhouse. Foggy and Matt have a hard time believing Griggs story, but Griggs claims to have a memory like an elephant. Foggy tests him, and Griggs passes Foggy's tests. Griggs now tells Foggy and Matt why he wants to sue. He acknowledges that superheroes do a lot of good, but at what costs? Is having superheroes too expensive for society? Foggy thinks that Griggs' arguments are pretty persuasive, and to add more to winning over the two lawyers, Griggs decides to offer $100,000 to the foundation of the junior blind. Matt tells Griggs that he wants 24 hours to decide whether or not to take the case, Griggs agrees to that.

(Daredevil II#21) - Matt calls Griggs to tell him that he has decided to take the case, and that he and Foggy want to have a meeting with Griggs, and see the crime scene. Griggs tells Matt that they can meet Monday morning. When the two lawyers arrives at Griggs' home, they find him in front of the press having a press conference, introducing the two lawyers as the ones he wants to take the case. Matt quickly says that Griggs has forgotten to inform the two lawyers that he was holding a press conference, and that Foggy and Matt won't make a statement before they have a word with their client. After the press has left, Foggy and Matt are a bit angry at Griggs, but Griggs defend himself by saying "lawsuits are wars, we've just fired the opening shot", and that he has learned how to handle the media throughout his career, so if they handle the legal aspects, he will handle the media. The two lawyers then visits the crime scene, and want to hear Griggs' version once more

(Daredevil II#23 (fb) ) - Griggs meets with his lover, Marlene Belden, who tells him that the lawsuit if wrong, because he was at her apartment at the time he claims to have seen Daredevil fighting the ninjas. He tells her that she remembers wrong, he was at his home, and with such conviction she felt he believed it was the truth

(Daredevil II#22) - Appearing on tv, Griggs tells the press that instead of going to court, he wants to settle with Daredevil. If Daredevil agrees to pay him $50,000 in specific property damages and another $50,000 in punitive damages as well as a public apology, he will donate to the crippled children's society, and ends by saying "Do it for the children Daredevil". Foggy calls Griggs to tell him that this was a bad move, but Griggs defends himself by saying that he wants what is right, and he wants the world to know

(Daredevil II#23) - Angry when the tactic backfires because Daredevil uses the same tactic coming on tv, announcing that he won't pay for anything he hasn't done, and he has secured financial support of $100,000 to be given to the children's autism foundation if and when Griggs drops the lawsuit. Foggy & Matt advise Griggs to drop the lawsuit, but Griggs is now more persistant than before, not wanting to lose face, he wants to go ahead with the lawsuit, and threatens them that if they doesn't wanna go along, there will be no money for the blind children. Later Matt learns that Griggs has a lover, and he goes to see her. Matt asks her about the day Griggs claimed to have seen Daredevil and the ninjas destroying his greenhouse, and she tells Matt that she won't testify because that would destroy Grigg's marriage, and if he were to call her as a witness, she would lie. Later Matt & Foggy meet with Griggs, confronting him with Marlene's words, but Griggs claims that Marlene is a nice but very mixed-up woman, still claiming that what he has told all along is the truth. He leaves the lawyers to go to an appointment. Later Foggy calls Griggs to ask to see his appointment book, Griggs tells him that his secretary Janine will send it by fax. From his appointment book Foggy & Matt learn that Griggs has been seeing the therapist Dr. Arnold Quaid. After having learned that Arnold Quaid is an alias for his old enemy The Matador, he brings the former villain to Griggs, implying that Griggs and The Matador have set him up. Griggs claims to have no knowledge about The Matador, claiming that he is not Arnold Quaid, and now has a better chance of winning the trial because he got this little "meeting" on tape, with Daredevil threatening him, thinking this will be perfect for their trial.

(Daredevil II#24) - Matt has a meeting with Griggs, to learn more about his therapist Dr. Arnold Quaid. Matt wants to use Arnold Quaid as a witness in the trial because Kate Vinokur and Daredevil claim that Griggs has been hypnotized. Griggs doesn't want to involve his therapist, but agrees to let him talk to Quaid if he can contact him. Later after the opening of the trial, Griggs calls Matt to tell him that Quaid will call him later. Later in a break during the trial Matt, Foggy, Elaine and Griggs are having dinner, and Quaid calls Griggs on his cellphone, Griggs gives Matt the phone.

(Daredevil II#25) - When Foggy is questioning Daredevil on the stand, Griggs is angered with what he believes is Daredevil lying, and cries out "He's lying dammit!". After a person claiming to be Daredevil comes through the window of the court, Griggs is convinced to drop the lawsuit.

Comments: Created by Bob Gale, Phil Winslade & James Hodgkins

Profile by: The Beetle

None needed

Marlene Belden

(Daredevil II#23) - Griggs' lover during the last three years, claims to have been with Griggs on the day Griggs claimed to have seen Daredevil and the ninjas fighting and destroying his greenhouse.
-- Daredevil II#23


(Daredevil II#23) – The secretary for Samuel Griggs, Janine sent faxes for him and tried to stop Daredevil (Matt Murdock) from entering Griggs’ office.
--Daredevil II#23

Daredevil II#20, p14, pan5 (main image)
Daredevil II#23, p7, pan2 (Marlene Belden)

p19, pan5 (Janine)

Daredevil II#20 (September, 2001) - Bob Gale (writer), Phil Winslade (pencils), James Hodgkins (inks), Nanci Dakesian & Stuart Moore (editors)
Daredevil II#21-22 (October, 2001) - Bob Gale (writer), Phil Winslade (pencils), James Hodgkins (inks), Nanci Dakesian & Stuart Moore (editors)
Daredevil II#23-24 (November, 2001) - Bob Gale (writer), David Ross (pencils), Mark Pennington (inks), Nanci Dakesian & Stuart Moore (editors)
Daredevil II#25 (December, 2001) - Bob Gale (writer), Phil Winslade (pencils), James Hodgkins (inks), Nanci Dakesian & Stuart Moore (editors)

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