Classification: Mutated terrestrial animals

Location/Base of Operations: Beaver Falls (and Beaver Lake) Beaverkill Valley, Northern Ontraio, Canada

Known Members: Dozens (hundreds?) of unnamed members

Affiliations: Subservient to the Dire Wraiths

Enemies: Alpha Flight (Marinna, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird), Rom, Starshine (Brandy Clark)

First Appearance: Rom#56 (July 1984)

Powers/Abilities: The "Salmon Monsters" are amphibious, and appear to have a level of strength beyond Class 25.

Traits: (physical) Black skin, tails, fin on head, webbed feet/hands

History: (Rom#56) Realizing that members of the team Alpha Flight were in Beaver Falls researching the pollution in Beaver Lake, Dire Wraiths who had taken up hiding in the town sent their most recent creations, monsters created through sorcery using the local salmon population (which had already been polluted by coal mining over the years) after the heroes. A large force of the creatures soon stormed the town and came into combat with Alpha Flight, who were soon joined by Rom and Starshine, who were tracking the Wraiths to the area. Using his Energy Analyzer, Rom realized the monsters were derived from the local fish. Driving all of the salmon monsters back into the lake, Shaman then used a mystical healing herb from his pouch, spreading it into the water. The herb cleansed the creatures of their sorceress nature, and they reverted back to fish. However, due to their inability as normal fish to adapt to the horribly polluted waters, they all died.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo, Mark Bright and Mel Candido.

Profile by Madison Carter


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Rom#56, page 12, panel 1

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