Real Name: Quentin O'Toole

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: None, homeless person; formerly a top broker on Wall Street in the 1970's working as a premier investment councelor for Hoskins, Rank and Fuller

Affiliations: The Punisher

Enemies: The Slasher

Known Relatives: Unnamed ex-wife

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile on Wall Street

First Appearance: Punisher II#8 (May, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Quentin O'Toole was a brilliant investment councelor in the 70's but had a lot of bad luck, so he wound up living in the streets in terrible shape.

History: (Punisher II#8 (fb, BTS))- In the 70's Quentin O'Toole was a top broker for Hoskins, Rank And Fuller. At a seminar in Hokkaido in 1972, Quentin O'Toole was present when Mr. Takegura gave a speech for a virtual blueprint for takeover of the American electronics industry. Eventually, a series of bad investments made O'Toole drop out of the business, leaving him a broken man. His wife left him, and he became a bum living in the streets.

(Punisher II#8)- During his search for the Billionaire Boys' Club, the Punisher (as McRook) met with Quentin O'Toole. The Punisher took him to a small restaurant and bought him breakfast. He asked Quentin about the whereabouts of Roky Vance. He told him that he had seen him yesterday at 2 p.m, and that he left at 6 in the morning. The Punisher was surprised that Roky Vance was there at that time, and suspected insider trading. He told Quentin to keep his eyes out for Roky. Quentin asked McRook if he could get him a gun, because he was afraid of the Slasher, but also that he wasn't sure he wanted one anyway.

The next day McRook again met with Quentin, asking him about Takegura. Quentin told him about seeing Takegura at the seminar in 1972 and that he was a right-wing man, wanting to restore the old ways of the Japanese imperial monarchy. He also told McRook that he had some bodyguards. As McRook left, Quentin told him that he would call him if he learnt more. At night Quentin heard a man coming, and recognized him as Roky Vance-- the Slasher. Quentin threatened him with a gun, but was attacked from behind by Sijo. Sijo left Quentin alive for Roky to finish him off. Roky killed Quentin with a large knife, leaving yet another victim of the Slasher.

(Punisher II#9 (BTS))- On the WNEX news, tv-reporter Peggy Snow reported that Quentin O'Toole had been found dead, the eighth victim of the Slasher. The Punisher found his body, with the name "Roky" spelt in blood, O'Toole's dying act.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron, Whilce Portacio and Scott Williams.

by The Beetle

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