Real Name: none stated

Identity/Class: Magical creature (possibly demon)

Occupation: Trickster, Master of Deception

Affiliations: Mr. Harold Pruitt (Psychic Anchor)

Enemies: Rick Sheridan, Sleepwalker

Known Relatives: none stated

Aliases: none stated

Base of Operations: mobile when not imprisoned

First Appearance: Sleepwalker Holiday Special#1 (January, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Mr. Jyn was imprisoned in a credit card. If someone was to find the card and pick it up he could communicate with them mentally. The card could be used to withdraw huge amounts of cash from automated telling machines. In return for the money, the person with the card would then be asked to perform a ritual to release Mr. Jyn. That person would then act as a psychic anchor for Mr. Jyn while in their dimension, but if they were to renounce Mr. Jyn, he would revert to a demonic appearance.
Mr. Jyn had superhuman agility, enhanced human strength (1 ton range) and vast superhuman endurance. He used a scrying field to search for potential threats, and upon location of such threats was able to remove a part of himself (e.g. a digit) and transform it into a mindmite (a being capable of causing total, irreversible psychic erosion) to attack any such threat. He wielded a strange green energy he could use to attack others or bind them, and could manipulate the elements. He had bound himself to the earth dimension using its native energies, though this could be neutralised by overloading him with more energy. Once this was done he was vulnerable to Sleepwalkers Warp-Vision.

Mr. Jyn could grant wishes by altering reality. Presumably he could create matter (food, drink, clothes, precious metals, whatever etc.), generate illusions, become invisible, turn into a gaseous form, fly, create whirlwinds and all the other things genies do. Also, he was extremely long-lived.

History: One cold December night when Harold Pruitt came across Mr. Jyn's credit card lying in the snow. His wife had left him for another man, his employer had made him redundant, and he was facing eviction from his rented apartment. As he picked up the credit card, thinking it would be the solution to his problems, Mr. Jyn spoke into his mind. Harold took the card to an automated telling machine, typed in the letters J-Y-N and money sprayed out all over the floor. As Harold scrambled to pick up the scattered notes, Mr. Jyn asked him to perform the ritual that would release him from the card. Returning to his apartment, Harold gathered objects of significance to him (His wife's picture, a bowling trophy and his mothers lamp, etc.) and chanted, releasing his benefactor from his imprisonment.

Mr. Jyn appeared in human form, towering over Harold. After introducing himself, Mr. Jyn used his scrying field to scan for potential threats. The earths Sorcerer Supreme some guy called Dr Strange or so I gather was otherwise occupied. The Spirit of Vengeance some dude with leathers and a flaming skull named Ghost Rider posed no threat unless innocent blood was spilt, and the Protector of the Universe cosmic chappie called Quasar was oblivious to his presence. However the scrying field detected a latent threat in the form of Rick Sheridan. Mr. Jyn casually removed a finger from his left hand and transformed it into a Mindmite to deal with the threat.

While the Mindmite set about the psychic erosion of Rick's mind, Harold took Mr. Jyn to the office of his former employer, one Mr. Thaddeus J. Attwater. Mr. Jyn produced pictures of Mr. Attwater that showed him in a less than favourable light, pictures that could have ruined the man. Now able to black mail Mr. Attwater, Harold and Mr. Jyn left.

Meanwhile, in Rick's subconscious mind, the Mindmite was taunting him using figments of his imagination. Sleepwalker appeared and destroyed them with his Warp-Vision. That done, Rick promptly fell asleep, and Sleepwalker was released from his mind. Sleepwalker recognised Rick's tormentor as a Mindmite and set about tracking its master.

Rockefeller Plaza, Harold's ex-wife Ellen was on a date with her new partner, Jerry. Unknown to them Harold and Mr. Jyn were watching. Harold decided he wanted the couple broke up, and ordered Mr. Jyn into action. Mr. Jyn moulded the ice from the skating rink to entrap Ellen and Jerry, and began crushing Jerry's ribs. Just then, Sleepwalker arrived. Using his Warp-Vision to free the couple from the ice, he confronted Mr. Jyn, who was shocked to discover a sleepwalker outside of the mindscape. The two battled, and Mr. Jyn boasted that his abilities were better than Sleepwalkers. Sleepwalker realised he was outmatched and decided to try another tactic. Appealing to Harold, he questioned whether the destruction Mr. Jyn was causing was what he had really wanted. Harold realised it was not, and thus Mr. Jyn lost his psychic anchor. But while this reverted Mr. Jyn to his true demonic appearance, Sleepwalker felt something was wrong. Investigating with his Warp-vision, Sleepwalker discovered Mr. Jyn was using energies native to the earth dimension and neutralised those energies with electricity from Christmas tree lights. Sleepwalker proceeded to remove Mr. Jyn from the earth dimension. Harold apologised for the trouble he had caused and threw away the card.

But sitting on the pavement was a homeless man called Simon who picked the card up only to hear a familiar voice...



Comments: Created by Tom Brevoort and Mike Kanterovich

Sleepwalker referred to Mr. Jyn as "Jyn'Ai" upon meeting, having previously called him either a demon or a trickster. I am unsure as to Mr. Jyn's connection to other Marvel Djinni, however see below for clarifications.

Mr. Jyn could easily reappear, he is long-lived and has promised to get his revenge upon Sleepwalker. Only one problem... no more Sleepwalker comics!
--That's not a problem for me!!!!--Snood.


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