Real Name: Moondog

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Otherworld) elf

Occupation: Warrior

Affiliations: Elves of Otherworld (especially Buckthorn); ally of Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), Merlyn, Vortigen and the Walkers

Enemies: Cormac and the evil Walkers, Goblins of Otherworld (especially Croglin), Gog, Iron Ogre, Maegog, Mandrac, Necromon and his armies

Known Relatives: Sundog (uncle, deceased)

Aliases: Moondog the Archer

Base of Operations: Otherworld; a base in the woods outside the portal to Otherworld

First Appearance: Hulk Comic (Marvel UK) #11/2 (May 16, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Moondog is only 12-18 inches tall, but he is nonetheless a brave and fierce warrior. He is a highly skilled archer, and is also handy with a knife, and with his hands. He is a skilled tracker and likely possessing superhuman senses, specifically olfactory, hearing, and possibly vision.

(History: Moondog is one of the elves of Otherworld. He is an old ally of Vortigen the Walker.

(Hulk#11/2, 12/2) - Moondog was sent to Earth to assist in the battle against the forces of Necromon. Captain Britain and the Black Knight initially mocked him for his small size, but when both they and Vortigen were overpowered by the Iron Ogre, it was Moondog who came to the rescue. His keen eyes spying the only unarmored portion of the Iron Ogre, Moondog pierced that spot with an arrow, killing it.

(Hulk#13/2 - 16/2) - Moondog led his allies back to the elven fortress, but they were ambushed by Goblins. Moondog was forced to flee from snipers into the woods, where he was jumped and captured by a pair of Goblins, and brought before their leader Croglin. The goblin saw Moondog as no more than a meal, but he had to have his men pull the fiery elf off of him when he broke free. Croglin had Moondog held down so he could decapitate him, but Cormac the Evil Walker stopped him, having other plans for the elf.

(Hulk#17/2, 18/2) - Cormac had Moondog bound to one of a set of stones, which served as a trap for Vortigen. Once the Walker was inside, Cormac trapped the three of them within a circle of power. Vortigen manipulated Cormac's sword strokes so that a wild swing cut Moondog's bonds. The elf leapt atop Cormac, who threw him off, but the distraction was sufficient that Vortigen was then able to knock Cormac into his own field of force, temporarily dispersing his form.

(Hulk#19/2) - Moondog, riding atop Vortigen's wolf, Lupe, went to meet up with the Black Knight while Vortigen left to find a new Rowan Staff. Moondog and the Knight were attacked again by Cormac, but Dane had recently gained the legendary sword Excalibre. Dane lopped off Cormac's hand, causing him to collapse in defeat. Dane and Moondog then mounted his steed, Valinor, and headed off to Otherworld.

(Hulk#21/2 - 25/2) - At the gate to Otherworld, Dane and Moondog were reunited with Captain Britain, but seconds later Brian was stabbed through the chest by the White Rider of Death. Moondog revealed that they could revive Brian once inside Otherworld, but they then found their passage blocked by Mandrac.
Mandrac's men took Brian's body to claim it for the realm of the dead, but Moondog led a band of elves to follow them. Within Otherwold the elves were attacked by Mandrac's children, Nightshade and Wolfsbane. Moondog wounded Wolfsbane with an arrow, while the Black Knight defeated Nightshade. Merlyn then appeared and overpowered Mandrac, allowing the Black Knight to recover Captain Britain's body.

(Hulk#26/2, [27/2 - 29/2], 30/2) - As Merlyn resurrected Captain Britain, Moondog and Buckthorn went to gather firewood and were attacked and captured by Forest Trolls. The Black Knight arrived to fight the Trolls, but they were then joined by Mordred. When Merlyn's task was complete, he joined the struggle and helped defeat Mordred, after which they freed the elves.

(Hulk#43/2 - BTS, 44/2, 45/2) - Moondog listened as Captain Britain revealed his previous attack by Necromon, and as Merlyn charted out their plans against Necromon.

(Hulk#48/2) - Moondog, Buckthorn, and other elves accompanied Captain Britain and Merlyn as they headed towards Camelot.

(Hulk#51/2, 52/2, [53/2, 54/2]) - As they approached Camelot, Moondog and the elves were attacked by Gog, Maegog and their warriors. Moondog unleashed an arrow against the giant warrior, but to no avail. Other heroes joined the struggle, but all were forced to retreat to within the walls of Camelot. Other warriors vanquished Gog, Maegog, and their troops.

(Hulk#55/2) - Camelot appeared to be under siege by the combined forces of the Evil Walkers, but Moondog's arrow proved their foes to be mere illusions of Necromon.

(Hulk#61/2, 62/2) - Necromon led his forces in an assault on Camelot. The forces on both sides met in a massive clash. Moondog battled alongside the rejuvenated Vortigen, but he was struck by an arrow from an unidentified source. He perished in Vortigen's arms.

Comments: Created by Dez Skin, Steve Parkhouse, Paul Neary, and John Stokes.

I found Moondog's ending odd. He fought alongside the heroes during the whole epic struggle. All of a sudden, Jackdaw showed up to help the Black Knight, and they must have decided that they didn't need two elven sidekicks.

No known connection to:

The Elves of Otherworld are presumably separate from the Elves of Asgard, which include

Excalibre, the sword of King Arthur, should be distinguished from:

Gog and Maegog, the agents of Necromon, have no known connection to:

  • Gog, of Gog n'Magog, one of two demons possibly created by Set, @ Incredible Hulk II#257
  • Gog, a Tsiln who first came to earth as a giant infant, @ Amazing Spider-Man I#103
  • Gog, of the Mojoverse, @ Longshot I#1
  • Gog, Owen Lewellyn, of the Super-Soldiers, @ Super Soldiers#2
  • Gog N'Magog, aka Magog and Puppy, also of the Mojoverse, @ Longshot I#1
  • Nightshade, the son of Mandrac, has no known connection to:

    Wolfsbane, the son of Mandrac, has no known connection to:



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