Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Possibly Vampire, Earth-Nocturne

Occupation: Unknown, Presumably Crimefighter

Affiliations: Night Raven (of Earth-Nocturne), Nocturne (Graham "Gray" Poldark)

Enemies: Yi Yang (of Earth-Nocturne), Noose, Dragonpaw

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: London, England, United Kingdom, Earth-Nocturne

First Appearance: Nocturne#2 (September 1995)

Powers: Mischief may or may not be a vampire. If she is, then she would presumably have the usual powers and weaknesses of vampires. She has shown above normal strength.

History: Mischief's past remains largely undepicted. She is known to have associated with Night Raven in the time when he was active from 1921-1951 in England. This Night Raven, of presumably an alternate Earth than Earth-616, allowed a man named George Jenkins to fictionalize his adventures for a radio show.

(Nocturne#2 (fb, bts), Nocturne#4 (fb, bts)) Night Raven, having used the supernatural Looking Glass to peer into the future, discovered that he would die in 1951. He apparently was not given enough information by his glance in the Looking Glass to prevent his death, and so set up events so that he would have a successor. To that end, he made the Nocturne suit, composed partially of the Looking Glass itself, as well as of advanced pieces of technology Nocturne gained through raids.

Nocturne hid the suit in his base on the Isle of Dogs. Night Raven joked that every episode of his radio show held the secret to the location of his base, hidden behind his initials. He joked that nobody would be able to hear the clue for forty years.

Mischief, who owed Night Raven a "favor or two" (and apparently served as his lover) was asked to keep an eye on Night Raven's base till someone suitable to wear the Nocturne suit showed up. Nocturne died in November 1951, killed by his foe Doctor Hurt.

(Nocturne#1 (bts)) Gray Poldark, who had listened to the Night Raven radio show as a youth, but believed it to represent pure fiction, began investigating strange events related to the show. Using noise reduction technology (n.r., the same initials for Night Raven), Poldark deciphered the up to then inaudible closing lines of each episode of the radio show: "For as the vigilant moon sinks over the rooftops, Night Raven slips into the shadows once more, to where the moonlight marks the threshold of his lair"- a reference to a pub called the Vigilant Moon. Poldark discovered both Night Raven's hideout and the Nocturne suit. He put it on, and had a vision of the future that entailed himself fighting the revenant Suture. (Suture was in fact Doctor Hurt, who after his death, was brought back undead by Yi Yang, Asian crimelord.)

(Nocturne#2) Mischief detected Poldark's presence. She found him after he had escaped the flooding of Night Raven's lair, a particularly stringent test of survival Night Raven prearranged to insure that whoever wore the Nocturne suit was capable enough to succeed him. She helped him out, but then taunted him. Poldark saw her fangs and asked her if she was a vampire, which she did not confirm or deny.

(Nocturne#3) Mischief observed Poldark's battle with Suture.

(Nocturne#4) Mischief came to Poldark's rescue after he had been captured by Yi Yang's agents Dragonpaw, Noose, and Hatemare, tailing him to the boat Yi Yang used as a base. Mischief then helped him defeat Noose and Dragonpaw. They then faced Hatemare-but Poldark received a shocking vision from his armor. Hatemare was in fact Night Raven, whom Yi Yang had brought back as a revenant in the manner she had done with Doctor Hurt/Suture. Hatemare then remembered his past life as Night Raven, and then confronted Yi Yang. Yi Yang's boat exploded, but Mischief and Nocturne survived.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett and Jose Fonteriz.

The Nocturne limited series cannot have taken place on Earth-616 for several reasons. The history of Night Raven on Earth-616 is well dealt with elsewhere on the site, even up to what he did in the pre-modern era, and it is remarkably different. Besides this, if Mischief does indeed exist as a vampiress, she would have faced destruction from the Montesi Formula in Doctor Strange II#62.

Besides this, Nocturne#1 has a very odd piece of dialogue in which a policeman states "Like these super-heroes, do you, sir? Can't stand them, me. Thank Jiminy there aren't any real ones, eh?". For Earth-616, this piece of dialogue would not work, even in the pre-modern era, since metahuman adventurers such as the Human Torch, the Sub-Mariner, and so forth were publicly active circa World War II till the 1950's, and various pre-modern metahuman adventurers were active in various later decades.

Mischief should not be confused with:
, Asgardian god of mischief, @ Venus#6

Yi Yang and Nocturne should not be confused with their Earth-616 counterparts.

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