Real Name: Maurglon

Identity/Class: Cavern Troll

Occupation: Foe of Asgard

Group Membership: Trolls

Affiliations: Loki

Enemies: Thor

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A cave on the outskirts of Asgard

First Appearance: Thor I#313 (November, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Maurglon possesses superhuman strength (class 40?) and endurance. Being a cavern troll, he prefers dark environments.

History: (Thor I#313 (fb))- Many years ago, Maurglon attacked a young Thor, unaware of who he was, and was surprised when Thor fought back and defeated him. Thor's half-brother Loki then found the unconscious Maurglon and placed him under a spell, and led him back to his own cave where he imprisoned him with the cavern wall, to await some time when Loki could make use of him.

(Thor I#313)- As Thor was being tried in Asgard for attacking Tyr, Loki decided to release Maurglon to serve as a diversion, so that Thor would be forced to abandon the trial. Maurglon held little love for Loki, having spent ages trapped within the cavern wall, but still desired another chance to defeat Thor. Loki set him free, and teleported him to earth where he began to run amock in New York, hoping to draw out Thor.

Thor was ultimately proven innocent in the trial, and set off to defeat Maurglon on earth with Odin's blessings. He caught up to Maurglon as he rampaged on a street where two young lovers were meeting upon a fire escape, and his rampage placed the two of them into jeopardy. Thor's concern for the bystanders gave Maurglon a slight advantage, and he managed to pummel Thor repeatedly, until Thor, driven by determination to save the bystanders, fought back and struck Maurglon down. With his defeat, Loki teleported him back to Asgard.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench, Keith Pollard and Gene Day.

Maurglon supposedly died during the Ragnarok in Thor II#85.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Thor I#313, cover
Thor I#313, page 5, panel 6

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