Real Name: Hescamar

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Asgard) raven

Occupation: Servant of Odin

Group Membership: Odin's Ravens

Affiliations: Odin (master), Thor, Jake Olsen (used by Marnot)

Enemies: Dark Gods, Executioner/demon from Hel, Hela, Volla

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Hescamar

Base of Operations: Asgard

First Appearance: Thor II#2 (August, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Marnot was one of the ravens of Odin that was enchanted to transform into "a man, infused with the aura, power, and invincibility of Odin." As such he was probably really strong and wise. If the preceding description is accurate he should also have incredible sorcerous abilities, though he never displayed many powers besides teleporting, or participated in combat.

History: (Thor II#2) - Thor had just been thoroughly beaten by the Destroyer, during which a man named Jake Olsen was also killed, and Thor arrived in Hel (the Asgardian dimension of the dead). Hela told Thor that he was dead and would stay there forever, but then Marnot appeared. Volla immediately sensed his true identity, but Marnot fused her mouth to prevent her from uttering a single word. He told Thor that Jake Olsen died during his battle with the Destroyer and Thor said he would do anything to bring Jake Olsen back. Marnot than said that since there was a tiny spark of life left in Thor, he would bring him back, but he would have to live out the rest of Jake Olsen's life. He brought Thor back, but molecularly bonded him with Olsen (the way Captain Marvel was with Rick Jones).

(Thor II#3) - Thor thought about leaving his new mortal life behind, and Marnot appeared to him and told him that would be a bad idea. He said that Thor had to make amends for Jake Olsen's death. He also told Thor that nobody could hear or see him except for Thor himself, so if Thor yelled at him, everyone would think that he was nuts.

(Thor II#6) - Thor was about to investigate some happenings in Asgard, but he was interrupted by Marnot. Marnot said that he needed to turn into Jake Olsen to accept an award.

(Thor II#9) - Thor had just destroyed the robot known as Replicus, and went to get answers about Asgard, which he had found in ruins. He went to see Orikal, and asked for answers, but Orikal said that he was not allowed to tell Thor anything. Thor started to threaten Orikal but then Marnot suddenly appeared. Marnot said that now was the time for explanation, and went on to tell Thor of the Dark Gods that had conquered Asgard. He told Thor about the discovery of the Dark Gods, the first war with the Dark Gods when Thor was young, how that war was almost lost, and how Odin wiped it from everyone's memory except his own. He told Thor that the Dark Gods have returned and laid waste to Asgard.

(Thor II#10) - Thor changed into Jake Olsen to tie up loose ends before going to liberate Asgard. Marnot appeared and told him that he stood no chance alone against the Dark Gods and he wouldn't let him break his pact by endangering Olsen's life so foolishly. They argued back and forth, and while they did so, everyone thought that Jake Olsen was a crazy man yelling at the air. As Jake Olsen's fiancée walked up, Marnot also reminded him that his obligations to live out Jake Olsen's life also extended to his personal life. Before Thor could change into his Thor body, he ran into Jane Foster. Thor, as Jake Olsen, inadvertently dropped clues to the fact that he was also Thor. Marnot yelled at him for hinting and told him not to speak a word of his current situation.

(Thor II#12) - Thor and his allies had just defeated the Dark Gods and driven them out of Asgard. As they began to celebrate, Marnot's face was seen beside Asgard asking if they had forgotten about him so soon.

(Thor II#13) - All the Asgardians had been cheering and celebrating over their victory and renewed freedom. Odin had just repaired Mjolnir from the damage it received during the fight with the Dark Gods. Heidmall sensed someone approaching and they all turned to see Marnot flying overhead. Odin demanded that Marnot tell him who he was, and Thor explained what Marnot had done to him in the past months. He explained everything from bringing him back to life molecularly bonded to Jake Olsen, to constantly dropping in to bother him about his commitment. Odin started yelling at Marnot and demanding he reveal his intentions, but Marnot just kept mouthing off to him the way a smart-alec kid would to a teacher. Eventually everyone thought that Odin would kill Marnot. Thor thought that Marnot might be Loki, but then Marnot revealed his true form. He transformed into one of Odin's ravens, named Hescamar. As Hescamar, he revealed that he was actually a contingency plan in case the Dark Gods attacked again. He was the result of a spell cast by Odin. In this spell, should the Dark Gods attack again, Hescamar would transform into a man and seek out every Asgardian who was not captured so they could counter-attack. He also revealed that he bonded Thor with Jake Olsen not as a point of honor, but as a way to hide Thor from the Dark Gods who were looking for him on Earth. They were looking for Thor, but they passed right over Jake Olsen.

(Thor Annual 2000) - Hescamar was on hand to advise Odin on the subject of the other Jake Olsen running around. Based on his recommendations, Odin looked into the matter and recognized Loki's involvement.

(Thor II#36) - Hescamar dodged the hammer of Tarene (Thor Girl...the Designate... you know the one), when she traveled to Asgard and demanded that Odin restore Thor's full godhood.

Later, when Loki duped Tarene into becoming the mental host for the Destroyer, Hescamar traveled to Earth, in the form of Marnot. He transformed the badly injured Jake Olsen into Thor, so he could defend himself, but also told Thor that the Destroyer was Tarene.

(Thor II#37) - As Thor battled the Destroyer, Marnot recognized the demon who had possessed the form of Keith Kincaid (and would later take the form of the Executioner). To prevent Marnot from revealing him, the demon grabbed him by the throat and drained his life. As he collapsed in death, Marnot returned to his true form as Hescamar.

Comments: Created by Dan Jurgens and John Romita Jr.

I get that Marnot was trying to protect Thor, but I don't get why he was always such a jerk to him, or why he didn't tell him the truth. I also don't understand why he spoke in slang that you could find in American towns and suburbs, as opposed to the language the Asgardians tend to speak.
Yeah, he seemed like he could have been a Howard Mackie creation: Mystery for the sake of mystery--Snood.

And since when did Odin have a third Raven? There's always just been Huginn and Muninn (Thought and Memory)
And why was Hela intimidated by Marnot? I guess because he had some fragment of the Odinforce, but Hela's usually not scared by Odin himself.
And lastly, why did they call him Jake Olsen in first appearance, and then switch to Olson. Maybe I'm wrong...

I assume Marnot went to Hel after his death. He supposedly perished during the Ragnarok in Thor II#85.


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Thor II#13, p10, pan4 (main image)
  p14, pan4 (as Hescamar)

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