Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Unrevealed, presumably mutants or mutates

Occupation: Professional criminals

Affiliations: Except for each other, none known

Enemies: the Black Cat

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man Super Special#1 (1995), second story

Powers/Abilities: Leather possesses a high, possibly superhuman level of strength and endurance; she has steel claws on her gloves which are strong enough to pierce concrete and which she can use for both fighting and climbing. Lace can fly and emit blinding light from her body.


History: (WOSMSS#1) Nothing is known about Leather and Lace except that they are "independent operators climbing up the underworld ladder" and have presumably committed several successful crimes. When the Black Cat learns that the two women plan to rob Mikkal's, a Manhattan restaurant, she first offers her security services to the manager and then, when rejected, decides to allow Leather and Lace to complete their robbery so she can recover their haul and embarrass Mikkal. The Cat watches the two criminals climb to the restaurant, but when she sees that her former boyfriend Flash Thompson is at Mikkal's with a date, she decides to prevent the robbery. After a brief skirmish, she binds them both in her cable, and all three crash into Mikkal's office, where the Cat demands a fee for her services; Flash and his date never realize that there was any danger, and the unconscious Leather and Lace are presumably arrested and jailed.






Comments: Created by Karl Kesel, Patrick Zircher, and Jeff Albrecht.

Since the Black Cat didn't, as originally planned, wait until Leather and Lace had completed their crime, it seems likely that any halfway competent lawyer could have gotten the pair released shortly after arrest (If simply climbing up a building is a crime in New York City, Spider-Man's in a LOT of trouble.), unless the police were able to link them to earlier crimes. As a minor point, the dialogue and body language between Leather and Lace suggests that the two women are lovers, although this is never directly stated. Their costume choices certainly seem to stereotype them as a "butch" and a "femme," respectively.
hmmm...not too P.C...but they are pretty stereotypical




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