Real Name: Jacqueline Shorr

Identity/Class: Fugitive killer/Normal human (Well…she has no powers but I don’t know about "normal.")

Occupation: Former day-care worker, currently fugitive

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: Rick and Marlo Jones, Betty Banner (deceased), Lorraine The Ghost, Moondragon

Known Relatives: Claims to be the mother of Rick Jones

Aliases: Unknown (she has used other names before, but they have not been disclosed)

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: (voice only) Incredible Hulk II#390, (full appearance) Incredible Hulk II#391 (March, 1992)

Powers: None

History: Jackie Shorr was a day-care worker at one of the various orphanages Rick Jones stayed at as a child. She was fired for mental instability. Obsessing over the children she used to care for, Jackie hunted many of them down and killed them. She claims to be Rick Jones’s mother (claiming that the parents Jones believed to be his biological parents were actually adoptive parents), but the truth of Jones’s relation to her is a mystery.

This is the only information that can be trusted about Jackie Shorr. Very little has been revealed about Shorr’s past. Shorr has volunteered certain information, but considering she is known for her dishonesty and mental instability, she is a completely unreliable source.

(Hulk II#390) - Much to her surprise, Betty Banner received a call at work from a woman claiming to be Rick Jones’s mother. It was later revealed that Jackie called Betty in order to meet with her, in the hopes of contacting Rick Jones through Mrs. Banner.

(Hulk II#391) - Betty and Marlo Chandler (not yet married to Rick) met with Shorr at a diner in Reno. When asked what she had been doing while Rick was growing up, Jackie claimed she had been on the run in Europe from men who had since been imprisoned. She claims that she had decided to stay out of Rick’s life, but changed her mind when she read Rick’s autobiography ("Sidekick") and learned what a sad upbringing Rick had experienced.

(Hulk II#395) - Rick showed up at Betty and Marlo’s apartment to meet Jackie. At first, Rick accused Jackie of trying to con him, but Jackie was able to produce documents from an orphanage (supposedly the documents stated she was his mother, what was on the documents was never revealed). Jackie claimed the people Rick thought were his biological parents (Elizabeth and Albert Jones; who died in a car crash when Rick was very young) were actually his adoptive parents. She also showed Rick a picture of a woman with a child who was playing with a dog near a swing-set. The picture sparked a memory in Rick; a memory of falling from a swing-set and hurting his knee, after which a woman ran to help him with a puppy who cheered him up. Jackie asked Rick if he remembered anything, but Rick only responded by telling her to "get away," and stormed out of the apartment.

(Hulk II#396) - Jackie joined Betty and Marlo at one of Rick’s night club gigs (Rick wore a "Spinal Tap" t-shirt, thereby proving his coolness). After his set, Rick approached their table, argued with Jackie for a bit, and as Jackie was ready to leave Rick admitted he wanted her to stay. Rick and Jackie hugged; Jackie bit down on her lower lip so hard that a spot of blood trickled from her mouth.

(Hulk II#397) - Rick had Jackie over to his apartment in Reno for dinner, exciting her with old "war" stories from his days with the Earth’s various super-heroes. Unbeknownst to Rick, she had drugged his coffee. As Jackie told Rick she wouldn’t have him "threatened" anymore, Rick collapsed on the dinner table.

Jackie dragged Rick to her car and sat him down in the passenger side. As she sped out of the parking lot, Marlo and Betty (who had decided to stop by to surprise Rick and Jackie) spotted Jackie peeling away. Believing, but not certain, that she had spotted Rick’s head on the dashboard, Betty convinced Marlo to follow Jackie.

Later, Rick woke up chained to the wall of Jackie’s basement. As Jackie closed the basement door and assured Rick that "mother knows best," Rick spotted a half-dozen longhaired corpses chained to the wall beside him.

(Hulk II#398) - Betty and Marlo lost Jackie’s car, but after cruising for a while they found it parked in front of her house. Jackie spotted them as they walked up to the front door, and prepared for them. She took out a knife (making as if to prepare a meal) and turned up the TV volume to drown out Rick’s cries for help.

After answering the doorbell, Jackie feigned surprise to see them. Betty and Marlo told Jackie the truth about why they were there, and Jackie welcomed them into the house, suggesting they try to call Rick to see if he was home. As soon as they entered, Marlo noticed the overpowering smell of air freshener and the blaring TV. Jackie claimed she had cesspool trouble, and that the loud TV volume was to drown out her "noisy neighbors." While Betty went to another room to call Rick, Marlo spotted pictures on Jackie’s mantle of other boys. She started to leave the room to ask Jackie about it, and accidentally kicked out the power chord to the TV. She kneeled down to re-insert the plug, whereupon she heard Rick’s cries from the basement.

Betty returned to the living room, and found Jackie standing over Marlo’s lifeless body; a bloody butcher knife in her hands. Jackie attacked Betty with the knife, ranting about how she was doing what a mother had to, that Betty and Marlo weren’t right for Rick, and that Betty was the daughter she never had. As Jackie choked Betty with the TV chord, Betty was able to grab a poker stick from the fireplace and use it to render Jackie unconscious.

(Hulk II#399 (fb) ) - Presumably being freed from the basement by Betty and/or the authorities, Rick stood outside Jackie’s house, watching somberly as the ambulance took Marlo away. The police dragged Jackie away, screaming to Rick that she did it for him, and that Marlo and Betty were trying to take him away from her.

(Captain Marvel V#25(fb) - BTS) - Jackie Shorr is inadvertently released from the nuthouse in an unfortunate case of mistaken identities.

(Captain Marvel V#23) - Lorraine The Ghost, who had recently been miraculously resurrected, was introduced to Jackie Shorr in a diner somewhere between L.A. and Phoenix after Lorraine’s bus broke down. Jackie offered Lorraine a ride after a brief conversation, and Lorraine accepted.

During their trip, Lorraine told Jackie the story of how she had been murdered in Canada, turned into a ghost who haunted Marlo Jones, and had finally been resurrected after helping Captain Marvel (and others) battle the death-god, Walker. Jackie suspected that the "Marlo" and "Rick" Lorraine had referred to were the same ones she knew, and when she asked about them, Lorraine confirmed her suspicions. As they pulled up to the home of Lorraine’s parents, Jackie grabbed her long sewing needles while Lorraine was looking out the window, stabbed her, opened the passenger door, and rolled her body out of the car. Lorraine the Ghost was a ghost again.

(Captain Marvel V#28) - Jackie shows up at the Golden Orange comic shop, looking for Marlo. Marlo's busy in the bathroom (duct taping the toilet shut, after Rick and Starfox got sucked into it via a chronal energy leak--GO READ IT, YA BASTICHES!), and Jackie's more than happy to wait for her. A few cops show up (to buy the entire run of Fantastic Force), and Jackie decides she'll try back later.

(Captain Marvel V#29) - After Marlo signs a UPS shipment of new comics to her shop, Jackie uses the opportunity to sneak into the back of the store, a large knife ready in her hand.
(CM Vol. 5 #30) Before Jackie could bring the blade down, Joe Straczynski (Spider-Man author) showed up to talk to Marlo about her mood. Jackie hurried back outside and hid before either could see her.

(CM V5#32) - Jackie shows up at Marlo's apartment. Marlo's away, but Moondragon and Lorraine the Ghost are present. Moondragon had recently copied the part of Marlo's mind that enables her to communicate/interact with Lorraine, and she showed Jackie in, feigning ignorance while Lorraine flipped out, screaming warnings. When Moondragon turned her back, Jackie pulled out her knife and rushed her, but Moondragon whipped around and immobilized her with a thought. Moondragon then uploaded the "Lorraine protocols" into Jackie's mind as well. Jackie was mortified by Lorraine's ghost, who was more than happy for the chance to vent her anger and frustration on the person responsible for her second death. Jackie backed away from Lorraine, and kept on backin', right over the edge of Marlo's balcony, and landed with a big "THUD" after her "EEYARRHH!"-accompanied fall. Lorraine was quite satisfied with this.

(CM V#33) - Moondragon is revealed to have cushioned Jackie's fall just enough so that she would survive, although living the rest of her life in incredible agony. Lorraine wasn't too pleased to have left Jackie alive, but Moondragon saw this as a better punishment. The two watched as she was taken away by an ambulance.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Dale Keown.

Even Moondragon was unable to determine the veracity of Jackie's claims about being Rick's mother. "...your belief is absolute. But you are, on the other hand, crazed."

You should be reading Captain Marvel; it’s one of the best things Marvel is putting out right now.
--Here, Here! Peter David rules!...Giant-Size Man-Thing (you'd get it if you read it)...--Snood

Marlo was resurrected by the Leader and Soul Man (of Leader’s crony-group; the Riot Squad) in Hulk #400, however she was initially in a zombie-like state; unable to speak, move, or do anything by herself. Through the tireless efforts of Rick Jones, she was revived to full consciousness in Hulk #406. Since then her "death" has brought about some interesting side-effects, including the presence of Lorraine The Ghost and Death (the marvel character, not the concept) hiding in Marlo’s body from an angry death god (the aforementioned "Walker"—not the Texas Ranger).

After reading about Jackie’s history in the Hulk title, you may be thinking to yourself, "Where the heck was the Hulk during all this time?" The Hulk never actually met Jackie, and didn’t learn of these events until Hulk #399, when he learned of them from Betty. While all of this was going on, the Hulk was working with the Pantheon in the Middle-East, Las Vegas, and finally at the Mount itself where he helped to try fight off an invasion of the U-Foes and the Riot Squad.

Jackie mentions something very interesting in her first full appearance. She says she was in Europe for a time, hiding from "some men" who were after her, but that those men had been imprisoned by the time of her so-called reunion with Rick. In a later issue, when Rick asks her how she came in possession of the orphanage documents, she claims she stole it because "dangerous people" were after her. Nothing else concerning these supposed "dangerous people" has been revealed, and of course it should be noted that nothing Jackie Shorr says should be taken as gospel. She is a veritable Olympian of lying, and nuttier than a Snickers bar.--Which are PACKED with peanuts, and REALLY satisfy you--Snood.

When he tells Reed Richards about what the police revealed about Jackie, Rick says she used another name when she was a day-care worker. The assumption is that she had her name legally changed (otherwise, you’d think Rick would have mentioned that "Jackie Shorr" was a false name).

When Jackie Shorr first called Betty Banner and claimed she was Rick Jones’s mother, Betty was so shocked, she spilled a cup of coffee on the floor. Later, Jackie drugged Rick Jones with coffee. The coffee, of course, was spilled all over the table once Jones collapsed on top of it. Lorraine was drinking a cup of coffee when she met Jackie in the diner. Coffee drinkers should avoid Jackie the "Household-Item-Killer" at all costs.

by Mick Martin, The Anti-Grimm

Clarifications: Jackie Shorr, alleged mother of Rick Jones and killer psychopath, has no known connection to:

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Other appearances:
Incredible Hulk II#391 (March, 1992) - Peter David (Writer), Dale Keown (artist), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Incredible Hulk II#395-399 (July-November, 1992) - Peter David (Writer), Dale Keown, Dan Juursema, Gary Frank (artists), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Captain Marvel V#23 (November, 2001) - Peter David (writer), Chris Cross (pencils), Anibal Rodriguez (inks)
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Captain Marvel V#33 (August, 2002) - Peter David (writer), Chris Cross (pencils), Rich Perrotta(inks)

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