Real Name: Geatar

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (dominant race of Pyraxlon)

Occupation: Pirate, first mate and servant to Nebula

Group Membership: Former member of Nebula's pirate crew

Affiliations: Dr. Mandibus, Nebula, Mentor (A'Lars);
    formerly served Thanos and worked with Nitro (Robert Hunter), Rhino (Aleksei Sytsevich), Super-Skrull (Kl'rt), Titanium Man (Boris Bullski)

Enemies: Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Eros (Starfox), Jack of Hearts (Jack Hart), Mentor (A'Lars), Monks of H'aarg, Oracle of Ancient Knowledge, Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd), Demetrius Stipe, Thanos, Thunderstrike (Eric Masterson), War Machine (Jim Rhodes)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Thanos"

Base of Operations: Mobile, last seen imprisoned on Titan (wherever Nebula goes, he will follow);
   formerly Sanctuary II;
   formerly Pyraxlon, Simian Galaxy

First Appearance: Silver Surfer III#38 (June, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Geatar possesses the natural strength (lifting 10 tons) and enhanced durability of his race. He was not invulnerable though, and could be cut by a sharp object or have his skin penetrated by bullets. In his original body, cybernetic enhancements implanted into his bone structure increased Geatar's strength to incalculable levels (lifting over 100 tons). Due to an evolutionary leftover of his species, Geatar can alter his skin color by changing the melanin particle count inside his pigment cells. He is highly trained in armed and unarmed combat and utilizes advanced energy weapons and blades. He was blindly loyal to Nebula.

Height: 6'8"
Weight: 292 lbs.
Eyes: Orange
Hair: None


(Defenders: Strange Heroes#1 - Geatar) - Born on the technologically advanced planet Pyraxlon, Geatar chose a life of crime.

(Silver Surfer III#71 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Geatar visited the criminal surgeon Dr. Mandibus, who implanted bio-system booster capacitors into Geatar's bone structure to enhance his strength.

(Silver Surfer III#38 (fb) - BTS) - Under unknown circumstances, Geatar became a crewman serving under Nebula. He was unbelievably loyal to her, and would die for her willingly.

(Silver Surfer III#38) - When Thanos teleported to his former ship, Sanctuary II, he found it under the command of Nebula. Nebula dismissed Thanos as an imposter and ordered Geatar to deal with Thanos. Thanos blasted Geatar to the ground.

   Later, when Thanos wanted to get Silver Surfer off his back until he could gather the Infinity Gems, Thanos had Geatar altered to look exactly like Thanos and took him to Pyraxlon. After a brief battle with the Surfer Thanos lured him to Geatar. The Surfer attacked Geatar under the impression that Geatar was Thanos and killed him, reducing him to a skeleton. Encasing the skeleton in a makeshift coffin the Surfer decided to deliver him to Thanos' father Mentor.

(Silver Surfer III#44) - After performing a test on Thanos' skeleton after Drax insisted Thanos was alive, Starfox and Mentor confirmed that it was not the skeleton of Thanos, but was instead Gaetar, who had been enhanced by bionic implants. Starfox reckoned that he would have been as powerful as the Hulk when he was alive. The ruse revealed, Thanos again made his presence known to Drax and the Silver Surfer.

(Silver Surfer III#67 (fb) - BTS) - Geatar was brought back to life (actually cloned/replicated from the DNA matrix in his bones and reinstilled with his original memory and personality) by Mentor utilizing Titan technology.

(Silver Surfer III#67) - Vowing to continue to serve Nebula Nebula while she was catatonic in prison, Geatar served her a meal. He tried to feed her, but she just drooled.

(Silver Surfer III#69 (fb) - BTS) - Geatar contacted Dr. Mandibus to help restore Nebula to her former self.

(Silver Surfer III#69) - Geatar took a knife from the kitchen and took Nebula from her cell. He killed a guard with the knife and flew away in a ship with Nebula, breaking her out of her imprisonment.

(Silver Surfer III#70) - Geatar brought Nebula to a dead moon in the Siminian Galaxy to see Dr. Mandibus. He pounded on the door, and Mandibus let them in.

 (Silver Surfer III#71) - Geatar asked Mandibus if he could help Nebula. Mandibus said that he could, but it would be complicated since he would basically need to rebuild her brain. He asked Geatar what personality he would like for Nebula. Geatar ordered Mandibus to make her exactly as she was. Mandibus began the procedure, but ordered Geatar to stand back, as it would be getting messy.

(Silver Surfer III#72) - After waiting in the waiting room for hours, Mandibus finally finished the surgery. Geatar was very anxious and picked Mandibus up demanding to know Nebula's condition. Mandibus first prompted Geatar to put him down by putting his scalpel to Geatar's throat, and then informed Geatar that the surgery was a success. He then showed Geatar Nebula, who was as good as new, and also had some cybernetic enhancements, specifically her left arm and left side of her face.

(Silver Surfer III#73) - Geatar expressed his concern about the changes Nebula had undergone to her, but she simply said that she liked it and to get used to it. Nebula then expressed to Geatar how grateful she was to him and that she would repay him any way she could. Geatar said it was enough just to serve her. 

(Silver Surfer III#74) - Geatar and Nebula flew to the prison planet Annoval 14 also known as "The Anvil," with the intentions of freeing the rest of Nebula's crew. 

(Silver Surfer III#76) - Geatar approached the prison compound with Nebula under the false pretense of turning her in.

(Silver Surfer III#77) - Geatar managed to convince the chancellor of the prison colony, Demetrius Stipe, to believe that he was sincere about turning Nebula in. Later, when Stipe had his back turned, Geatar stabbed him with the electronic cattle prod that was on his desk. Geatar led Stipe to Nebula's cell, where Nebula had already killed the guards and the two of them threatened to kill Stipe if he did not tell them where Nebula's crew was. He began to lead them to the crew, but then they came face to face with the Silver Surfer.

(Silver Surfer III#78) - After finding the crew, and having Surfer promise not to interfere because he didn't want Stipe to get hurt, Nebula ordered Geatar to go to the armory and get the crew's weapons. Since the doors were going to be locked, Nebula cut off Stipe's hand and threw it to Geatar, who could use it to open any door in the prison (they had those futuristic hand-scanning locks). Afterward, Geatar and Nebula, as well as Nebula's entire crew entered the ship hangar and prepared to steal the biggest ship. However, Jack of Hearts showed up and along with the Surfer, the two of them rescued Stipe and began to take it to Nebula's crew. Nebula realized that her crew could not hope to win, and when a stray shot hit Geatar, Nebula took him to the ship. Geatar told Nebula to help her crew and let him die because he was useless to her injured. But Nebula activated the ship's engines and took off with Geatar in order to save him, even though the thrust from the ship killed every single member of her crew except one.

(Secret Defenders#9) - Geatar followed Nebula to Phobos, one of the moons of Mars, from which she planned to launch a warhead to destroy Titan. When the Silver Surfer arrived (having brought Thunderstrike and War Machine for assistance), Geatar blasted him with a synaptic disruptor that knocked him unconscious. They strapped the Surfer to the warhead and held him with a power drainer.

(Secret Defenders#10) - Other agents of Nebula, including Kurg and Kruk, occupied the other heroes while Geatar and Nebula took off towards Titan. However, War Machine followed them, boarded their ship and tossed Geatar out into space.
    Later, when Nebula had been defeated and her plot foiled, she commented that they would never hold her because Geatar would free her. The Silver Surfer commented that not even Geatar's enhanced form could survive the vacuum of space.

(Secret Defenders#11) - Saved by a quickly activated emergency spacesuit, Geatar was retrieved by Thanos before his oxygen supply could be depleted. Thanos instructed Geatar that he would be his servant.

(Secret Defenders#12) - Thanos coerced Geatar to serve him, both by threatening to kill him if he didn't, and by agreeing not to pursue vengeance on Nebula. Thanos assembled a group of powerhouses (Nitro, Rhino, Super-Skrull, and Titanium Man), promising them great wealth if they performed a mission for him. Geatar was placed as head of the mission and the quintet was sent to the planet H'aag to retrieve for him the Oracle of Ancient Knowledge. They had scarcely arrived when they were beset by the fanatical Monks of H'aarg.

(Secret Defenders#13) - Geatar led the others to fight their way past the Monks, to locate the Oracle, and to disconnect the Oracle from the security net around the planet. With this, Thanos teleported in, took the Oracle, and left the others stranded on H'aarg to face the enraged Monks.

(Secret Defenders#14) - Geatar and the others fought the Monks until they could rig an escape pod to leave the planet, but they were soon adrift in space, and at risk of death due to their depleted life support systems. They were rescued by Captain Marvel and the Silver Surfer, who then convinced Geatar to return with them to imprisonment on Titan. Geatar was happy to do so, and he was placed in a cell alongside Nebula.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin and Ron Lim.

Was Geatar of the Tauran alien race like another of Nebula's orange-skinned pirates, Kehl?  If so, then having superhuman strength in the area of the Thing from the '70's & '80's (Class 75) would not be uncommon for a member of his race.  With bionic implants, it is conceivable that he would have been bumped up to Hulk-class strength (Class 100), making his impersonation of Thanos a bit more believable.  If he is a Tauran, it should also be noted that sometime in the past Galactus destroyed his race's homeworld.
    True, Gaetar was more humanoid in appearance than the Tauranian Kehl, seemed a bit more intelligent than the average Tauranian, plus he exhibited
no superhuman durability like a Tauranian, but he did possess a simplistic loyalty, the strength, and the pigmentation of one.  Quite easily, he could be a hybrid of a Tauranian and an unknown species though.
    Personally, I just hate seeing extraterrestrial listed for Identity/Class while not knowing the designation of their specific race
  &nbap;Whatever the race from Pyraxlon is called...he is one of them. Maybe Pyraxlonian?!

Starfox says his skeletal implants would've made him the equal of the Hulk.  That would put him at Class 70 at least if true, but I didn't buy it even when first reading the issue.  I hesitate to put anybody in that class without lots of empirical evidence, and Geatar never did anything on that scale.  Plus, writers have a way of wanting to make anybody "Hulk-class"  At one time, I think Aquarian was said to have Hulk-level strength. 
    --Chuck D.;
   He is pretty strong with the enhancements, but not so much without them. His reconstructed body doesn't have them.--Markus Raymond

Thanks to Brandon Nash for pointing out Geatar's birthplace from his profile in Defenders: Strange Heroes (2012).

PROFILE BY STUNNER and SNOOD. Expanded by Markus Raymond (new images and handbook additions with a reminder by Brandon Nash)
Thanks to our friend
Bob Almond for reminding us about the appearances from Secret Defenders#9,10 (Bob remembered it b/c he inked a few pages (2 uncredited pages in# 11, and 2 uncredited pp. in#14), and Prime Eternal for SecDef#11-14 (which I researched and added) and the Silver Surfer autopsy appearance.


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Silver Surfer III#76, p22 (Geatar with Nebula in chains)
Secret Defenders#14, p21, pan4 (back in prison)

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