Real Name: Gasshga

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Gasshga's dimension) semi-humanoid, Pre-Cataclysmic Era.

Occupation: Warrior, monarch (though he was the only one in his empire)

Group Membership: Member of a race of monstrous creatures

Affiliations: Laralei

Enemies: The Hooded Ones (Gar-Nak, Korr-Lo-Zann, Norra), Kull, Ridondo, the people of Torranna

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Man-Monster from the World Below

Base of Operations: unidentified dimension (Gasshga's dimension, a world-within-our-world)

First Appearance: (unnamed) Kull the Destroyer I#25 (February, 1978)
    (named) Kull the Destroyer I#27 (June, 1978)



Powers/Abilities: Gasshga was about 12 feet tall, with presumably enhanced human strength and durability. He was relatively experienced with a battleaxe and dagger, and his three horns could be used as pointed weapons. His single eye presumably severely limited his depth perception, while his penchant for drinking large volumes of wine limited his speed, reflex, coordination, speech, and reasoning.

(Kull the Destroyer I#25 (fb) - BTS) - Gasshga hails from a dimension referred to only as a world-within-our-world, presumably meaning it is a microverse, a reality accessed by the energies caused by shrinking beyond a certain point. Within that reality, monstrous creatures warred with one another.

(Kull the Destroyer I#27 (fb) - BTS) - Gasshga had many legendary battles.

(Kull the Destroyer I#25 (fb) - BTS) - Eventually, most of the monsters were killed off (as Gasshga referred to his world as "nearly dead"). Gasshga was left as monarch of his realm, though he eventually grew weary of ruling over a realm of desolation.

(Kull the Destroyer I#25 (fb)) - One day a rift was created between Gasshga's world and the Earth-616 dimension, and Gasshga leapt through the rift, stealing the crown from the king of Torranna, taking it for his own, and slaying the king when the palace guard rushed to stop him. Gasshga sought to take over rule of Torranna, but a trio of sorcerers, Gar-Nak, Korr-Lo-Zann, and Norra, combined their powers to drive him back to his realm.
    However, Torranna was left with an empty throne, and neither crown nor heirs to the crown. The city remained without a ruler for some time, awaiting one who would retrieve their crown and become the new king.

(Kull the Destroyer I#25 - BTS) - Kull accepted the mission of reacquiring the crown of Torranna, hoping to use their army to help him retake the crown of Valusia.

(Kull the Destroyer I#26) - Torranna's trio of sorcerers sent Kull and Ridondo to Gasshga's realm to retrieve the crown. Shortly thereafter, Laralei decided she wished to join them; the sorcerers sent her as well, but she arrived in a different location, appearing before Gasshga.

(Kull the Destroyer I#27) - Gasshga found Laralei to be quite fetching and, as she was "the only thing of beauty on this whole barren world and the only plaything to come my way since my safe and innocent youth," he refused to allow her to escape. He scooped her up in his hand and brought her back to his throne room, where he slew a monstrous lizard creature that invaded his castle. Gasshga then began regaling Laralei with tales of his past, all the while consuming wine by the gallon until he finally drifted off into slumber. Certain that Gasshga was asleep, Laralei withdrew his dagger and fled from the throne room.
    Kull and Ridondo arrived soon after and decided to slay the giant in his sleep in order to most easily reclaim the crown. Hearing their voices, Laralei returned to the throne room and cried out for them not to kill Gasshga, who had only shown her kindness. Her cries awakened the giant who, furious and drunken, threatened to kill the pair.

(Kull the Destroyer I#28) - Gasshga's drunkenness afforded Kull the advantage, and he dodged the giant's mighty blows. However, Kull listened to Laralei's pleas not to slay Gasshga, and so he waited for the right opportunity and leapt across his shoulders, stealing the crown from his central horn. Kull then imbedded Gasshga's horn into the stone wall, hoping to gain enough time for he and his allies to flee with the crown. However, Gasshga quickly broke free and pursued them, annoyed to lose the crown, but furious to love Laralei. On his own drawbridge, Gasshga charged Kull, who dodged his awkward rush, and Gasshga plunged into the molten lava in the moat, screaming as the flames consumed him. Smelling the burning flesh and hair and hearing no more from Gasshga, the three left his castle behind and were returned to Torranna by the three sorcerers.




Comments: Created by Don Glut, Ernie Chan, and Rudy Nebres.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Kull I#28, p1
Kull I#27 cover (face)

Kull I#25-28 (February - August 1978) - bi-monthly

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