Real Name: Dimitri Fortunov

Identity/Class: human

Occupation: rebel leader

Group Membership: former Royal Family of Latveria

Affiliations: Sergei (partner, deceased);
    Nathaniel Richards, X-Force (Cable, Meltdown, Rictor, Shatterstar, Siryn) (loose alliance)

Enemies: Dr. Doom, SHIELD II (GW Bridge, Colin Muldowney, Theresa Petty), Baron (Wolfgang) Strucker

Known RelativesTristian Mangegi Fortunov/Baron of Sabbat (grandfather), unnamed grandmother (not the Baroness Sabbat), unidentifed father (illegitimate son of Tristian), Rudolfo and Zorba (uncles)

Aliases: Baron Sabbat?

Base of Operations: Latveria;

First Appearance: Tales of the Marvel Universe#1 (February, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: no superhuman powers;
    He is experienced with firearms and other conventional weapons, and he fights passionately for that in which he believes.

(Tales of the Marvel Universe#1) - Dimitri and Sergei received word of the apparent death of Dr. Doom (during the final battle with Onslaught). He decided that it was time his family retake the throne of Latveria.

(X-Force#63 (fb) - BTS) - Using Sergei's surveillance jamming device, Dimitri and Sergei Infiltrated Castle Doom. However, having failed to account for heat sensors, they were discovered and incapacitated by Doom's servitor robots. As they had been programmed, the servitors hooked up their captives to Doom's Liddleville, sending their minds into synthe-clones within the artificial city. However, with Sergei, something went wrong with the process: his synapses were fried and he died instantly.

(X-Force#63) - Dimitri encountered Meltdown, who had been similarly captured and transferred into Liddleville upon infiltrating the Castle. Meltdown's allies, X-Force and Nathaniel Richards, freed the two from Liddleville. Cable and Richards planned to destroy Doom's technology to prevent the wrong hands from getting hold of it, but Dimitri thought that the time platform in particular could be used for good. When SHIELD agents arrived to confiscate the equipment for the United Nations, Dimitri pulled a grenade to hold everyone back, but agent Petty shot Dimitri. His body flew back into the time machine, activating it and somehow sending the entire Castle Doom into 1941, overlapping its past self like a phantom.

(X-Force#64) - Back in 1941, Dimitri tried to find his grandfather to try to convince him to change his ways, to make things better for the Latverian people suffering under his rule. Learning that Tristian's uneasy Nazi allies, Baron Strucker and his aide, Schlange, planned to assassinate him, Dimitri instead joined with X-Force to destroy Strucker's Sturmfanger (Storm-Catcher) machine, the energies of which was holding them all in the past. Dimitri told Tristian of Strucker's intentions, but was stopped by Meltdown from revealing who he was or how he had gotten in there. Rictor destroyed the Sturmfanger machine, and Dimitri and the others returned to the present.

Comments: Created by Mark Bernardo & Aaron Lopreste, and possibly Rachel Pinnock or Randy Emberlin.

    It's unclear whether Dimitri, who had been shot in the chest by Petty and had been saved by traveling back in time to before it happened, survived after returning to the present. It may have been that once he returned, he went right back to where he was, dying from the bullet wound. Or not...He was not seen or mentioned again after fading from the past.

Now <cracks knuckles>, onto the real challenge. Putting all of the past of Latveria into one coherent chronology.

King Vladimir is the same as Tristian Mangegi Fortunov, who also goes by Baron Sabbat and possibly Baron Krozi and Baron Haasen.

See the Rudolfo entry for the TSR history of the Latverian throne.

Please let me know if I am neglecting any significant portion of Latverian history.

Alternate theories on the King of Latveria pre-resolution:

(2) Fortunov/Sabbat was in power in 1941, but was overthrown by Vladimir (or one of his ancestors) sometime thereafter.

(3) Vladimir was and is Fortunov/Sabbat, but Rudolfo overthrew him and came to power, at which point he was deposed by Doom.

(4) Latveria was in a position of unrest for the few decades before Doom's takeover, with several different people declaring themselves as rulers.
    OR it had been a loose association of states that was first united under Doom.

No known connection to:

X-Force#63, p14 (w/o ads), pan1 & 3

Other appearances:
X-Force I#63 (February, 1997) - John Francis Moore (writer), Anthony Castrillo (pencils), Mark Morales & Chad Hunt (inks), Bob Harras (editor)
X-Force I#64 (March, 1997) - John Francis Moore (writer), Anthony Castrillo & Mark Pajarillo (pencils), Jon Holdredge & Mario Alquiza (inks), Bob Harras (editor)

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