Type: Alternate/Potential Future Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Time travel

Dominant Life Form: humanity

Prominent Inhabitants: Dia, Energy Commission, Pol;
    Primitives (Jack the Ripper,
Melissa Morgan, David St. Francis)

First Appearance: Vampire Tales#9/3 (February, 1975)

(Vampire Tales#9/3 (fb) - BTS) - In the 24th Century, the Energy Commission attempted to tap into the wasted energies of the past. However, the process by which they did this began to transport inhabitants from the past into their present. This transport was referred to as Interfacing, and those brought forward as Primitives.


(Vampire Tales#9/3 (fb) - BTS) <2310> - Melissa Morgan, a singer and actress was transported from the early 20th Century to Earth-7592.

(Vampire Tales#9/3)
<April 24, 2311> - David St. Francis, a vampire, was transported from 1902 to the Brooklyn borough of sub-city New York, meta-city Boswash. After fleeing from the sudden exposure to sunlight, St. Francis tried to vamp a woman he encountered, but he fell into an express tube, transporting him to Midtown. After figuring out what had happened to him, St. Francis began finding new victims.

<May 1, 2311> - Due to increasing  crime caused by the Primitives, the Energy Commission authorized the capture/neutralization/execution of any and all Interfacers. They were unwilling to lose the energy supply as would happen if they reversed the temporal field effect. However, as there had been no active police force for some time, the efforts to capture the Primitives was less than a success.

<May 2, 2311> - That same night, St. Francis vamped Dia and slew her boyfriend, Pol.

<May 9, 2311> - The containment program was designated a failure.
    St. Francis encountered Melissa Morgan, whom he remembered from having seen her in an opera three weeks before in his time. The two quickly fell in love. Melissa was bitter over the process that had stolen from her both fame and fortune, and St. Francis vowed to make the people of this future world pay dearly.

<May 10, 2311> - Twenty-five men and women were found slain, drained of blood.

<September 2, 2311> - As the murder spree reached a new height, Melissa noticed a man following her, and suspected that he was a Primitive like them. St. Francis blew off her concerns initially, but then thought better of it and returned to Melissa's home early AM. He found her dead, with her throat slit open. Her killer then pulled out a stake and killed St. Francis as well. The killer was from the past, and had blamed St. Francis for driving the people from the streets at night and so he had to punish St. Francis. The killer was...Jack the Ripper.
    A security report filed that morning reported the finding of the dead bodies of two Primitives, one unusually decayed.

Comments: Created by Gerry + Carla Conway and Virgilio Redondo.

It is possible that Earth-7592 is the same world to which Justice Peace referred to as the one from which he'd come in pursuit of the Zaniac, though there is little evidence one way or the other.

Not anymore. Justice Peace's reality was identified as Earth-869371.
--Markus Raymond

see the file on Jack the Ripper for a discussion/explanation of his possible involvement in this story.

No known connection to:

David St. Francis


A vampire brought forward from 1902, he fell in love with Melissa Morgan, and went on a killing spree to punish the people of that future world from taking them from their own worlds. He was killed by Jack the Ripper, who blamed him for making the people afraid to roam the streets at night


--Vampire Tales#9/3



Melissa Morgan


A singer brought forward from the early 20th Century, she fell in love with David St. Francis (it's not clear whether she knew he was a vampire), but was killed by Jack the Ripper after he was brought forward in time.


--Vampire Tales#9/3




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