EARTH-791014 (Amusement World)

Type: Alternate future Earth, @ 3900 A. D.

Core Continuum Designation: Earth-791014

Environment: Essentially earth-like. The planet Earth is coated almost entirely in plastic, and most of the building structures were immense shopping malls, lit with gaudy signs, such as the gold-lettered "Second Church of the Latter-Day Elvis, Reverend Wolfman Sid, Presiding, Sermon Concerts Friday and Saturday Nights (5 Creds Donation). Guest Clones Will Perform" or the "Richard M. Nixon Memorial Massage Parlor."

Usual means of access: Time travel

Dominant Life Form: Humanity

Significant Inhabitants: Queenie Dimm, Mauler, formerly Kang the Conqueror

First Appearance: Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow (October, 1979)

(Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow (fb) - BTS) - A total socioeconomic collapse occurred in the last decade of the 20th century. With the benefit of thousands of years of bloody hindsight, they realized that rebuilding the same way would lead to the same failure. Humanity worked together to save their race. The new World Government realized that the problem was overpopulation, and so a unified league of scientists succeeded in accomplishing space travel, and within a few decades they had colonized several other planets in the solar system (Jupiter and Saturn were most popular, due to a revived cult movement called "Tolkienism").

    The World government evolved into the Colonial Government, and the lack of crowding or limited resources allowed humanity to work together which much less strife. However, Earth itself fell apart, virtually forgotten by the colonists, and a series of petty dictators and instant governments fought for rule of the world. Eventually, it fell into the hands of the ultrazealous religious faction known as the Purists, whose Conscience Police pursued such a reign of terror that word of it finally reached even the Colonial Government. The much larger and higher-tech Colonist swiftly routed the Purists, retook Earth, and then converted the entire planet into an amusement park for tourists to prevent such a thing from happening again.

    In the succeeding centuries, the Colonists focused their science almost entirely toward the creation and utilization of leisure time, making the Earth the most valued planet in the solar system. Life was so peaceful in the Sol system that the Colonial Government progressively down-sized their army below the point of effectiveness.

(Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow (fb) - BTS) - Kang popped up on all of the vid channels and told everyone that he was going to conquer the 40th Century. No one took the threat seriously until Kang began to materialize a variety of time displaced threats, causing mass destruction. Kang appeared on the vid tube again, warning that the time travelers would destroy the whole planet unless they gave in to his "benevolent rule." The Colonists, used to their laissez-faire life and not wanting to lose their favorite recreation spa, surrendered to Kang.
    Doom intended to use this process to conquer each century, moving backwards in time until he had conquered all reality.

(Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow) - The Avengers traveled forward in time, arriving a few months after Kang's arrival. They were seeking Kang to force him to restore Captain America, trapped in an energy field by his technology as used by Aningan Kenojuak. The Avengers continued their search, until finding a large neon sign flashing the name, "KANG." After the Avengers fought their way into Kang's Obelisk, an amused and somewhat unstable Kang apparently remembered his "prank" with Aningan and restored Captain America for them, sending them back on their way. However, after they left, he figured that they would soon uncover his true plot, and so sent a number of time displaced menaces after him. As the heroes split up and fought off their attackers, the Beast managed to dope out Kang's technology and focus several space warps on Kang's body, apparently sending different parts of it to different eras.

    With Kang foiled, the Avengers returned to their own era. With the Earth and its Colonies left to their own accord once again.

Comments: Created by David Michilinie.

    The Scarlet Witch described their last encounter with Kang prior to this one as Kang having been victorious, but being defeated by the instability of his own mind. Sensing that they could not prevail, the Avengers had baited Kang until his desire to destroy them utterly superseded his thirst for conquest. He then expended so much energy toward that end that his power sources were exhausted, and he was forced to flee through time.
    --That doesn't match with any printed story I'm aware of (though it is actually closest to the recent mega-series running from Avengers III#38-54), so it must be an untold tale. I would place this adventure for the Avengers somewhere during the time when Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch believed themselves to be the children of Robert Frank (Between Giant-Size Avengers#1 (I think, which occurred around Avengers I#126) and Avengers I#184-186). Wonder Man is conspicuous by his absence, perhaps meaning that the story probably took place before Avengers I#150. A series of Kang sagas occurred between Avengers I#128-143. The Avengers seemed less than surprised at the sudden reappearance of Kang after his apparent death (in Avengers I#143), but perhaps their minds/memories were somewhat affected in both cases by the temporal energy. Always a good out.
    However, that does not mean that the events took place at the same time for Kang, who could have had this adventure at any point in his timeline b/t Avengers I#8 and his most recent appearance, or even afterwards. In addition, there is also no evidence that this was not a renegade, robot Kang, or perhaps one of the Council of Kangs or Council of Cross-Time Kangs (with C's or K's, take your pick). I'm inclined to go with one of the other Kang incarnations, based on his behavior.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

None of the residents had any connection to anyone from any other realities, including all of the Mauler robots, or Howard the Duck's Maller foe, etc.

Queenie Dimm

    After surviving Kang's first attack (a Tyrannosaurus rex), the Avengers encountered this young woman, who apparently worked at the Richard M. Nixon Memorial Massage Parlor. She had pale white skin and wore a long, curly brown toop (toupee) and a costume composed of two strategically placed plastic feathers (though their might have been three feathers before the T. rex struck). Though upset about the destruction of her workplace, she was quite smitten with the Beast, and was more than happy to reveal the events of Kang's arrival and conquering of their reality. The Beast was quite disappointed he couldn't just stay with her...not even for ten minutes.

--Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow


    Shortly after arriving in this future, the Avengers stopped this man, asking directions on how to find Kang. After overcoming his excitement at Iron Man's outfit, which was made of the ultra-rare metal, and over the Beast's seeming full body toop (toupee), he instructed them  to go "down five walks, spin a right, go seven more walks, then turn left an 'ya can't miss it."

    He appeared to be about 90 years old, though remarkably fit and spry, he wore a bright mauve split-leg jumpsuit with yellow piping, with a baby blue skull and crossbones on the back. His pale-green hair flowed down to his shoulders, and his only jewelry consisted of four antique Budweiser beer cans that had been cut open and then reformed around wrists and ankles as bracelets. He rode the future equivalent of a motorcycle: a six foot long plastic tube, approximately a foot in diameter, with two saddlelike seats and a set of handlebars at the front. A funnel-shaped device extended from below the tube to a point several inches above the street, and was apparently the source of the vehicle's ability to float at that height as it moved forward with a psh-psh-psh-psh sound.

--Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

None. I'm not going to describe their futuristic, progressive/punk outfits, adorned with centuries old antiques.


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