Real Name : Creaux; first name unrevealed

Identity/Class : human (see powers/abilities)

Occupation : Police officer, criminal

Affiliations : formerly New Orleans Police Department; lieutenant of Tombstone

Enemies : Gambit, Spider-Man (Ben Reilly), New Orleans Public Integrity Department, Detective DeWitt

Known Relatives : None

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations : formerly New Orleans, Louisiana; later New York City

First Appearance : Spider-Man Team-Up#5/1 (December, 1996)

Powers/Abilities : Creaux has a high but not necessarily superhuman level of strength and endurance; at least, he quickly recovered from being slammed against a wall by Ben Reilly with the sort of force that Reilly customarily used to jump from building to building. Creaux carries a supply of unidentified powder which in small doses is euphoric and in large does can paralyze an opponent instantly and cause death within a few hours; although the powder is associated with voodoo, he implies that it is not magical in nature, indicating that it is some unknown scientifically derived substance. Creaux walks with a cane, which he can use as a weapon; following his first clash with Ben Reilly, he was blind in his left eye.

History: (Spider-Man Team-Up#5/1 (fb) ) - After leaving Salt Lake City during his five years of wandering, Ben Reilly, the clone of Spider-Man, found himself in the French Quarter of New Orleans, where he befriended shopkeeper Nellie. After a few days working for room and board, Ben watched while Nellie was visited by corrupt Officer Creaux for a "protection" shakedown; having previously killed Nellie's son, Creaux threatened her until Ben intervened. During their fight, Ben knocked Creaux into a display case, and the glass blinded Creaux in his left eye. In a fury, Creaux used his powder to paralyze Ben, only to be fought back by Nellie and subsequently taken in by the New Orleans Public Integrity Department (a version of Internal Affairs), arriving in response to a phone call from Nellie.

Nellie used her own knowledge of voodoo, inherited from her mother, to cure Ben, who left New Orleans shortly thereafter. It is not known what became of Creaux after that, although he eventually ended up in New York (ironically, during the same general timeframe as when Ben Reilly arrived in New York) in the employ of the superhuman gangster Tombstone. Creaux approached Jaques St. Pierre, owner of the nightclub N'Awlins (and friend of the X-Man Gambit), about using small doses of his powder to addict his clientele under Tombstone's drug trade; St. Pierre refused.

(SMTU#5/1) - Both Ben and Gambit were present at N'Awlins when Creaux returned with Tombstone himself; Creaux used his powder on St. Pierre, intending for Tombstone to take over the club. Both Ben (as Spider-Man) and Gambit saw the sequence and attacked the criminals; Creaux managed to slip away and was prepared to dose the club with the powder, but he was prevented from doing so by Gambit and a lucky shot of Ben's webbing. Gambit defeated Creaux, then returned to help Spider-Man rescue Detective DeWitt, an undercover narcotics officer who attempted to arrest Tombstone, not realizing that he was bulletproof. Gambit and Reilly defeated Tombstone, and Reilly was then able to cure St. Pierre via the same measures that Nellie used years ago. Tombstone and Creaux were taken into custody by the police; Tombstone was at large not long afterwards, but Creaux has not been seen since.

Comments: Created by Darick Robertson and Jerome K. Moore.

As an aside, while at the nightclub, Detective DeWitt used the alias "Meredith DeWolff" and claimed to have a dead sister; she evidently based her cover story on Captain Jean DeWolff, Spider-Man's long-time police ally.

It's just as likely that "DeWitt" is a fake surname she used for spying on Creaux. And, that she was actually born "Meredith Weatherby", half-sister of Jean DeWolff!

CLARIFICATIONS: Creaux should not be confused with:

  • Crow of Earth- Ultraverse, a sentient crow who follows Lord Pumpkin @ Necromantra/Lord Pumpkin#2
  • Crow, an intern at Nelson and Murdock @ Daredevil II#43
  • Algernon Crowe, leader of the Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards @ Hell's Angel#1
  • Geronimo Crowe, former agent of SHIELD @ Wolverine II#164
  • Joshua Crow, a minister with the power to summon souls from "Hell" @ Hellstorm#7
  • Black Crow, a mystic entity who manifests in the body of Jesse Black Crow @ Captain America#292
  • other Crow characters

Spider-Man Team-Up#5 (December, 1996) - Darick Robertson (writer/pencils), Jerome K. Moore (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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