Real Name: Ceranda

Identity/Class: Extra-Dimensional (Balatraan)

Occupation: Sorceress

Group Membership: Enchanters (only while possessed/reanimated by Enrakt)

Affiliations: (former) Thor

Enemies: Balatraan army and government, Dr. Doom, Enrakt the Enchanter, Thor

Known Relatives:

Aliases: Enrakt the Enchanter (dead body possessed by him)

Base of Operations: An unknown world in the Balatraan dimension

First Appearance: Thor 1999 Annual (March, 1999)

Powers/Abilities: Ceranda was a powerful sorceress with mystical powers great enough to inhibit and manipulate the dimension-spanning powers of Mjolnir, Thorís hammer. She could also use her flames to peer into other dimensions. While the extent of her power is unknown, it was quite obvious her powers were sub par with the mystical skills of Doctor Doom.

History: (Thor 1999 Annual (fb))- Ceranda was a native of one of the worlds of the Balatraan star-system. One of the last of a line of practitioners in the black arts, Ceranda was cast out of one of those cities because of her practicing the dark arts, and came to dwell on the surface of her home world to live out the rest of her life as an exile.

(Thor 1999 Annual (fb)/ Heroes Reborn: The Return#4 (BTS))- During her lonely existence, Ceranda happened to notice the god Thor locked in battle with Doctor Doom following their exit from the pocket universe created by young Franklin Richards (later known as Counter-Earth). She locked on to Thor and brought him to her world unaware that she had brought Doctor Doom to the planet as well.

(Thor 1999 Annual (fb))- Pretending to discover Thor by accident on the planetís surface, Ceranda used her magicks secretly to keep him from leaving her and to keep him as company. Thor became smitten by her and used his godly powers to make her existence as easy as possible by helping her to farm and toil the surface for food. Meanwhile, Doom realized it was Ceranda who was keeping Thor from using his hammer to escape the planet. Armed with a Balatraan force, he attacked Cerandaís home and stripped her of her powers before killing her and then departing the planet. Ceranda died in Thorís arms as she used what was left of her power to remove all memory of herself from Thorís memories.

(Thor II#20 (fb))- After Thor departed the planet, Enrakt the Enchanter split his astral essence in two. He entered a portion of himself into Mjolnir before Thor had left and the other half of himself into Ceranda. Restoring her to a semblance of life, he then began manipulating Thorís hammer from afar in his efforts to destroy him and avenge his brother Forsung.

(Thor II#20)- After an unsuccessful attempt to kill Odin and Thor, Enrakt was discovered as Ceranda and weakened as her body returned to a semblance of death. Freed of Enraktís presence, her body was placed under a glass of everlasting honor in Asgardís Chamber of Eternal Heroes.

Comments: Created by Dan Jurgens and Klaus Janson.

    It bears mentioning that the Balatraan system of worlds on the surface seems to have the appearance of an extra-terrestrial world within the universe of the Earthís dimension considering the number of times it is referred to as a planet and the comment Dr. Doom makes of the meteor showers upon it. However, if this were the case, Doom could have just had the Balatraans construct for him a starship to send him home. Since it is imperative that Doom must defeat Ceranda to leave the planet, it may be a world within another dimension analogous to that of the Earthís dimension. It is not known as to what other races might occupy this other-dimensional realm or as to whether we may see any other denizens of this world. (Will U: Maybe in a far storyline, Ceranda will have a brother or sister coming to Earth to deal with Thor on Cerandaís whereabouts.)

    In the Marvel Universe, it has been always confirmed that only Thor can lift Mjolnir, yet when Ceranda brings Thor to her home, she also somehow manages to bring Mjolnir with him to her home. Since she is a mystic, it is probably within her means to move it as well.
    --Right. Elfqueen once formed a stone fist with which she was able to lift Mjolnir, though she herself could not lift it--Snood.

by Will U

Ceranda is not to be confused with:

The Balatraans are not to be confused with:

The Balatraans are an extra dimensional race that have settled a number of worlds in an other-dimensional space resembling that of the Earthís dimension. In order to survive the heat on one of these planets, they built cities deep beneath the surface in order to survive and protect themselves from the planetís relentless heat and the meteors that constantly bombarded it. One of their own, Ceranda, however, turned out to be one of the last of a line of practitioners in the black arts and she was cast out of one of those cities to the surface to live out the rest of her life as an exile.

Following his exit from the pocket realm of Franklin Richards, Doctor Doom found his way to one of their underground cities and used their technology to restore power to his armor. He then used his restored armor to conquer them and led them against Thor in an attempt to wrest Mjolnir from the thunder-god. Doom had threatened the destruction of the Balatraans if he did not concede, but Thor saved the city from Doomís explosive device as Doom used the energies absorbed from Mjolnir to escape that dimension upon Cerandaís death.

--Thor 1999 Annual



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