Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human/technology user

Occupation: Professional arsonist

Affiliations: Unnamed landlord of the Roscoe Buildings

Enemies: Spider-Man; Jerry

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Blowhard" (by Spider-Man)

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#67, fourth story (1990)

Powers/Abilities: Blowtorch is considered a master arsonist, one of the highest paid on the East Coast.  He uses a flamethrower gun as his primary weapon.  He also wears an armored costume that is highly resistant to fire.

History: (Marvel Comics Presents#67, fourth story - BTS) - Blowtorch was hired by the landlord of the Roscoe Building in New York to burn the place down, so he can collect insurance.  Long considered a firetrap, nobody was especially surprised when the buildings cought fire.

(Marvel Comics Presents#67, fourth story) - Spider-Man, just swinging by as the flame started, arrived on the scene to help the firefighters.  Entering the building, he helped a firefighter named Jerry break down a door, only to find Blowtorch, well, torching the place.  As the building begins to crumble on itself, Spider-Man had to be saved by Jerry when some of the building fell on him, giving Blowtorch enough time to exit stage left (a la Snagglepuss).   Not getting too far, Blowtorch turned to find Spider-Man coming at him and prepared to open fire with his flamethrower, but Spider-Man webbed it up.  Blowtorch attempted to simply burn the webbing off, but the flamethrower exploded in his hand, giving Spider-Man enough time to web up Blowtorch's hand and punch him out.  Spider-Man dragged Blowtorch out of the building, as it became nothing more than a flaming crater behind him.

Comments: Created by Len Wein and Dean Ormstrom


Profile by: Zerostar

Updated/edited by Kyle Sims

Jerry, a firefighter, went in to the Roscoe Building to make sure it was empty.  On his entrance, he was trapped by a falling beam, but Spider-Man rescued him.  Later, he returned the favor to Spidey.  After Spider-Man defeated Blowtorch, he helped him find his way out of the building.  Later, he went to a local diner, where he he read the Daily Bugle, shocked at the headline, "Roscoe Building Burns. Spider-Man responsible?", then telling the waitress the true story.  Jerry's face was never fully visible throughout the story for dramatic effect. @ MCP#67/4


Blowtorch is not to be confused with any other arsonist/flame-manipulating being: (although it has been theorized by Spaceknight, Zerostar, and others that Blowtorch may be):


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