Membership: Izzy, Loc, Nemo

Purpose: Street gang

Affiliations: Machine Man

Enemies: A.I.M., Road Warriors, X.E.R.O.

Base of Operations: Central City, California

First Appearance: X-51#10 (May, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: The Blood Brothers were originally an ordinary street gang who rode motorcycles and carried knives, chains, and occasionally firearms. They were later supplied with advanced motorcycles desgined by Machine Man which could transform into suits of battle armor.

History: (X-51#10)- The Blood Brothers became engaged in a gang war with the Road Warriors in Central City. They returned to their hideout one night to find Izzy strung up, with explosives tied to his chest. He managed to warn them away, and only he was killed in the explosion that resulted. The Road Warriors then attacked the Blood Brothers, and Nemo fled from them into a swamp. Some of the Road Warriors caught up to him, but they were driven off by Machine Man. Machine Man took Nemo to his home to help him recover, while the rest of the Blood Brothers wound up being arrested by the police.

(X-51#11)- Nemo joined Machine Man in battling the Road Warriors, and helped convince the police to set the other Blood Brothers free. However, Loc was killed by Grafik of the Road Warriors during the battle. Nemo followed Machine Man as he fought the Road Warriors, and witnessed their destruction as they were brought before the Celestials.

(X-51#12)- Machine Man reformed the Blood Brothers and supplied them with advanced technology, granting them motorcycles which transformed into battle armor. They joined Machine Man in assaulting A.I.M., which was under the control of X.E.R.O. With their help, Machine Man was able to destroy X.E.R.O., ending his threat to humankind. Machine Man then departed the Blood Brothers in order to explore the Monolith of the Celestials.

Comments: Created by Joe Bennett, Karl Bollers and Bob Wiacek.

X-51#12 was a text-story issue, with accompanying pictures, which retold the complete story of Machine Man up to that point, then quickly synposized the defeat of X.E.R.O. and A.I.M.

by Prime Eternal

The Blood Brothers should not be confused with:

Izzy was Nemo's brother, and a member of the Blood Brothers. He was watching their hideout when he was ambushed by the Road Warriors, had explosives strapped to him, and left to serve as a bait for the other Blood Brothers. Izzy managed to warn the others off, but he died when the explosives went off.


Loc was a member of the Blood Brothers, and a good friend of Nemo's. He was captured by the police and later set free when the Road Warriors attacked the police station, only to be killed by Grafik of the Road Warriors almost immediately.

--X-51#10, 11

Nemo was the young leader of the Blood Brothers, and brother of Izzy. He was saved from the Road Warriors by Machine Man, and became his friend. He helped Machine Man reform the Blood Brothers into heroes, and helped lead them against A.I.M., using technology provided by Machine Man. Nemo remained in command of the Blood Brothers when Machine Man left them to seek out the Celestials.

--X-51#10, 11, 12

Images taken from:
X-51#12, page 18-19
X-51#10, page 4, panel 6
X-51#10, page 3
X-51#10, page 21, panel 4

X-51#10-12 (May-July, 2000) - Karl Bollers (writer), Joe Bennett (pencils), Bob Wiacek (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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