******They are ordered, somewhat, alphabetically by character/group/topic******

*Captain America, at the AIM Weapons Expo @ Cap411-414, we identified the following characters. Please let us know who are missing.

*Delubric Consortium: mentioned in Fantastic Four Annual#27, and Av:TermObjective+AvForever#9. What are they, beyond just some temporal agency? Any other appearances

*Femizons of Superia. Check out the page, and let us know who are missing.

*Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. Who is the race that defeated the Four Horsemen after a centuries-long war has been revealed. The Celestials would have been a logical choice, except that war would have lasted seconds.

*Where is the Starstop, the interstellar space stop of the characters from U. S. One?

*Tiboro: I think the Screaming Idol may have been seen a few times in the background over Dr. Strange's Sanctum. If you can identify any of those appearances, please let me know.

*Windeagle: Who shot him? It was someone else's gun, but the Panther blamed Leroy Ames. Was it him, and did they ever conclusively prove it. It still seemed ambiguous and unresolved at the end of Marvel Premiere#53

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