Many of the heroes of the "old west" era of the USA's 19th century rode horses in their adventures. These horses tended to be fiercely loyal to their masters, able to understand simple commands, fast runners and capable of performing unusual feats such as chewing through ropes. Notable among these horses was Banshee, who wore the same phosphorescent dye as his master the Phantom Rider and the Black Rider's steed Satan, who doubled as Ichabod in his master's secret identity of Matthew Masters.

Arab Steed of Ringo Kid
Ringo Kid #2 (1954)

Arrow Steed of Arizona Kid
Arizona Kid #1 (1951)

Banshee Steed of Phantom Rider
Ghost Rider #1 (1967)

Black Steed of Gunhawk
Western Gunfighters #1 (1970)

Blaze Steed of Red Larabee
Gunhawk #12 (1950)

Blazer Steed of Outlaw Kid
Outlaw Kid #10 (1972)

Chipper Steed of Hurricane
Western Legends #1 (2006)

Cloud Steed of Lobo
Tex Morgan #1 (1948)

Eagle Steed of Matt Slade
Matt Slade, Gunfighter #1 (1956)

Eagle Steed of Arrowhead
Arrowhead #1 (1954)

Fury Steed of Prairie Kid
Wild Western #12 (1950)

Fury Steed of Tex Taylor
Wild West #1 (1948)

Fury Steed of Red Hawkins
Wild Western #13 (1950)

Lightning Steed of Masked Rider
Marvel Comics #1 (1939)

Lightning Steed of Tex Morgan
Tex Morgan #1 (1948)

Midnight Steed of Blaze Carson
Blaze Carson #1 (1948)

Nightwind Steed of Apache Kid
Apache Kid #53 (1950)

Nightwind Steed of Rawhide Kid
Rawhide Kid #17 (1960)

Satan/Ichabod Steed of Black Rider
All-Western Winners #2 (1948)

Spot Steed of Texas Kid
Daring Mystery Comics #1 (1940)

Steel Steed of Kid Colt
Kid Colt #1 (1948)

Thunder Steed of Outlaw Kid
Outlaw Kid #1 (1954)

Thunder Steed of Texas Kid
Texas Kid #1 (1951)

Thunder Steed of Two-Gun Kid
Two-Gun Kid #60 (1962)

Tin Steed of Steam Rider
Amazing Fantasy #20 (2006)

Warrior Steed of Rex Hart
Rex Hart #6 (1949)

Whirlwind Steed of Tex Dawson
Western Kid #1 (1954)

White Wing Steed of Red Warrior
Red Warrior #1 (1951)


Accolon Eagle, pet of Morgan Le Fay
Iron Man #150 (1981)

Agamemnon Dog (deceased), pet of Elektra Natchios
Elektra: Root of Evil #3 (1995)

Al Owl, pet of Star-Lord (Peter Quill)
Marvel Preview #4 (1976)

Alice Dog, pet of Bernie Tarpin
Rom #30 (1982)

Ananta Snake, pet of Shanna
Rampaging Hulk #9 (1978)

Angel Wolf, pet of Vincente Fortunato
Spider-Man #70 (1996)

Atlan Dolphin (deceased), member of Conspiracy
Rampaging Hulk #8 (1978)

Balu Tiger, pet of Trojak
Daring Mystery Comics #2 (1940)

Bambi Deer, possessed by Chondu the Mystic
Defenders #31 (1976)

Barker Dog, pet of Caryn Earle
Peter Parker: Spider-Man #30 (2001)

Barko Dog, member of the Confederates of the Curious
Immortal Iron Fist Annual #1 (2007)

Barretta Bird, pet of Tatiana Caban
NYX #4 (2004)

Benjamin Cat (Earth-148611), pet of Kathy Ling
Psi-Force #4 (1987)

Bentley Dog, pet of Illuminator (Andrew Prentiss)
Illuminator #1 (1993)

Bingo Dog, pet of James MacKenzie
X-Men Unlimited #48 (2003)

Boromir Horse, steed of Thundersword
Secret Wars II #1 (1985)

Brad Giant snake, servant of Amanda Sefton
Nightcrawler #2 (2004)

Butter Rum Horse (deceased), pet of Angelica Jones
Firestar #2 (1986)

Casey Dog, pet of Glenn Herdling
What If #31 (1991)

"Cat" Cat, pet of Shang-Chi
Master of Kung Fu #38 (1976)

Cerberus Wolf/dog, pet of O.Z. Chase
Dazzler #38 (1985)

Charlie Cat, pet of Howard the Duck
Howard the Duck #1 (2002)

Chewie Cat (Earth-58163), pet of Carol Danvers
Ms. Marvel #4 (2006)

Chi-Chee Monkey, pet of Hope (Esperanza Ling)
Warlock #1 (1999)

Clea Cat, pet of Vincent Stevens
Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #62 (1994)

Cleopatra Cat, pet of the Roman
Wolverine #183 (2003)

Colonel Pterodactylee Miniature Pterodactyl, pet of Nightcrawler
Special Edition X-Men #1 (1983)

Coyote Cat, pet of James Proudstar
X-Force #-1 (1997)

Crowley Cat (Earth-712), familiar of Arcanna Jones
Squadron Supreme #1 (1985)

Daruma Dog, pet of Widdle Wade
Deadpool Team-Up #1 (1998)

Dawg Dog (deceased), pet of Ezekial Tork
Man-Thing #9 (1974)

Dempsey Dog (deceased), pet of Herbert Wyndham (High Evolutionary)
Thor #135 (1966)

Deuce Dog, pet of Blind Al
Deadpool #36 (2011)

Dr. Watson Chimpanzee, pet of Terry Vance
Marvel Mystery Comics #10 (1940)

Drogs Extraterrestrial mounts, steeds of Lunatik
Cosmic Powers Unlimited #3 (1995)

Duke Dog, pet of Barbara Norriss
Defenders #21 (1975)

Eclipse Horse, pet of Tony Stark
Iron Man Legacy #3 (2010)

Elisabeth Dog (Huskie), pet of Sgt. Preston Dudley
Howard the Duck #9 (1977)

Exiter Cat (deceased), familiar of Satana
Haunt of Horror #2 (1974)

Felina Giant cat, pet of Leanne
Ka-Zar the Savage #1 (1981)

Figaro Parrot, trained agent of Mr. Polly
Captain America Comics #63 (1947)

Figaro Cat, pet of Sam Wilson
Captain America #137 (1971)

Figaro Cat (Earth-148611), pet of Angie Tensen
Justice #26 (1988)

Fluffy Cat, pet of Randy Robertson
Amazing Spider-Man #27 (2001)

Frankie Dog, pet of "Joan the Mouse"
Punisher #19 (2003)

Fur-Person Cat, pet of Samson Scythe
Captain America Annual #5 (1981)

Gorlion Gorilla/lion, pet of the Ancient One
Amazing Adventures #1 (1961)

Greymalkin Cat, pet of Sarah Mumford
Hulk Comic #1 (1979)

Gyre Robot hawk (destroyed), pet of Lure
Gun Runner #4 (1994)

Hank Dog, pet of Shatter
Morlocks #2 (2002)

Hamarkis Eagle, pet of Ashake
New Mutants #32 (1985)

Horus Faclon (deceased), pet of Anubis the Jackal
Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu #1 (1985)

Igor Cat, pet of Gary & Susan Daley
Tower of Shadows #4 (1970)

Jade Leopard (deceased), pet of Shanna
Marvel Comics Presents #68 (1991)

Jager Dog, pet of Karl Lykos
X-Men #60 (1969)

Josie Cat, pet of Pepper Potts
Iron Man: The Iron Age #1 (1998)

Karia Giant lizard, steed of Arkon
Avengers #358 (1993)

Kevin Moldy cheese, pet of Peter Parker
Peter Parker: Spider-Man #21 (2000)

Khan Tiger (deceased), pet of Yi Yang
Hulk Comic #17 (1979)

Killraven's Serpent Horse Earth-691
Amazing Adventures #26 (1974)

Kirby (Kerberos) Coyote, pet pup of Amadeus Cho
Amazing Fantasy #15 (2006)

L-10 Robot lion (Earth-1119, destroyed), Black Panther's pet
Exiles #1 (2009)

Lad Dog, pet of Bruce Banner
Incredible Hulk #219 (1978)

Leo Dog, pet of Tony Stark
Iron Man Legacy #1 (2010)

Lightning Dog, pet of Tex Dawson
Western Kid #1 (1954)

Lord Hawk's Hawk Robot hawk
Captain Britain #27 (1977)

Luna Cat, pet of Vincent Stevens
Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual #4 (1994)

Lupe Wolf, pet of Vortigen
Hulk Comic #6 (1979)

Machino Robot dog, pet of Anelle
Captain Marvel #2 (1968)

Maguire Robot cat, pet of Mad Jack
Spectacular Spider-Man #242 (1997)

Matilda Snake (deceased), pet of Venomm
Black Panther: Panther's Prey #2 (1991)

Max Dog, pet of Cindy Lou
Thor #444 (1992)

Mel Gibson Cat, pet of Helen Purvis, torn apart by the recently vampirized Helen
X-Men: Soul Killer (1999)

Mike Dog (Weimaraner), pet of Thunderer
Daring Mystery Comics #7 (1942)

Mikki Chimpanzee, pet of Lorna
Lorna the Jungle Girl #1 (1953)

Monstro Giant ape, former circus performer
Journey into Mystery #54 (1959)

Muffin Dog, pet of Ray Coffin
Micronauts #2 (1979)

Nancy Horse, steed of Two-Gun Kid
Marvel Tales #100 (1979)

Nanook Dog, pet and possible sled dog of Steven Grant (Moon Knight)'s director of acquisitions, Spence
Moon Knight #3 (1985)

Nebuchadnezzar Rat, familiar of Cyrus Black
Defenders #6 (1973)

Nightmare Owl Demon owl, pet of Nightmare
Nightmare #2 (1995)

Nosey Ferret, pet of the Ferret
Marvel Mystery Comics #4 (1940)

Nugget Dog, pet of Willie Lincoln
Daredevil #258 (1988)

Orion Dog, pet of Truthsayer
Darkhold #16 (1994)

Pallas Owl, pet of Athena
New Warriors #10 (2000)

Parsival Dog, pet of Howard the Duck
Howard the Duck #1 (2002)

Peanut Dog (deceased), pet of Vic Martinelli
Iron Man #146 (1981)

Pet Vulture Vulture, pet of Death's Head
Dr. Who Magazine #140 (1988)

Phix Cat, familiar of Ashake
New Mutants #32 (1985)

Prince Horse, steed of Sgt. Preston Dudley
Howard the Duck #9 (1977)

Puggins Dog, pet of Kathy Dare
Iron Man #234 (1988)

Pumpkin Cat, pet of Angelica Jones
Firestar #1 (1986)

Rambo Dog, pet of Rich Sheridan
Sleepwalker #1 (1991)

Ranger Horse, steed of Red Wolf
Marvel Super-Heroes #2 (1990)

Rangoo Ape, pet of Tigerman
Daring Mystery Comics #6 (1940)

Rex Robot dog (destroyed), pet of Ultron
Blackwulf #3 (1994)

Ridge-Runner Cougar (deceased), pet of Danielle Moonstar
Marvel Graphic Novel #4 (1982)

Roger Giant snake, servant of Amanda Sefton
Nightcrawler #2 (2004)

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Fish (deceased), pets of She-Hulk
She-Hulk #9 (2005)

Rusty Robot horse, steed of Shabby Allus
Captain Marvel #42 (1976)

Sabre Dog (deceased), pet of Angela Cleaver
Fury/Black Widow: Death Duty (1995)

Satin Horse, steed of Shooting Star
Marvel Comics Presents #45 (1990)

Scratch Dog (Earth-5555), pet of Scavenger
Dragon's Claws #1 (1988)

Scratchy Cat, owned by Dwight and his sister in Los Angeles; trapped with Dwight under collapsed masonry following earthquake caused by Vibro, rescued (with Dwight) by Wonder Man (Simon Williams).
Avengers West Coast #58 (1990)

Shadow-Hound/Laelaps Dog, pet of the Huntsman
Ka-Zar #1 (1974)

Sheba Wolf, pet of Shanna
X-Men Unlimited #48 (2003)

Silverhoof Horse, steed of Balder
Thor #344 (1984)

Sirius Dog (deceased), pet of Douglas family
Incredible Hulk #294 (1984)

Skeeter Cat, pet of Tatiana Caban
NYX #4 (2004)

Snowstar Dog, pet of Glazier
Incredible Hulk #262 (1981)

Socrates Dog, pet of Pepper Hogan
Iron Man #2 (1998)

Sorcrates Dog, pet of Zuras
Eternals #5 (2006)

Splatt Cat, pet of Roadkill
Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #38 (1992)

Spot Dog, pet of John Warren
Journey into Mystery #57 (1960)

Sturky Artificial being, pet of Bereet
Incredible Hulk #269 (1982)

Sunny Dog, childhood super-powered pet of Sentry
Deadpool Family #1 (2011)

Tabby Cat, pet of Henry Pym
Tales to Astonish #65 (1965)

Tao Cat, pet of Lin Sun
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #9 (1975)

Teena Spider (deceased), pet of Black Talon
Young Allies #2 (1941)

Thunder Horse, steed of Major Mapleleaf
Alpha Flight #1 (2004)

Trajah Elephant, ally of Ka-Zar
Marvel Comics #1 (1939)

Tula Panther (deceased), pet of Dr. Agony
Captain America Comics #37 (1944)

Ubbu Imp, pet of Shazana
Strange Tales #133 (1965)

Void Mutt Dog, imprisoned inside Sunny the Sentry Dog
Deadpool Family #1 (2011)

Whiteface Eagle, pet of Tiwaz
Thor #355 (1985)

Yeager Dog, pet of Hal Chandler
Incredible Hulk #251 (1980)

Zoroaster Spider (deceased), pet of Diabolique
Darkhold #10 (1993)

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