Black Blade of Baghdad
Alpha Flight #32 (1986) Weapon of Razer. Saps life force, shrinking victim's height.

Blades of Zz'ria
Excalibur #42 (1991) Wielded by Kylun; cleave through magical constructs, metal, & stone; lethal to even the most powerful evil magical beings; pass through the virtuous and pure without causing injury.

Chaos Sword
Marvel Fanfare #8 (1983) Wielded by James Mandarin while under the Slitherer's influence.

Crystal Sword
Warheads #6 (1992) Formed from Crystal Wand of Aeish, given to the Warhead Gregory by Mys-Tech's Rathcoole to slay Mephisto, proved insufficient for the task.

Crystal Sword
Warheads #10 (1993) Formed from the sister to Aeish's wand, located in Hell by Warheads in failed plot of Blackheart's vs. Mephisto; later transformed into dagger & used by Blackheart to temporarily destroy Mephisto. Slay even a Hell-lord like Mephisto.

Dagger of Loki
Tales to Astonish #1 (1994) Asgardian blade, bestowed Loki's power on Knut Caine/Mad Viking.

Ebony Blade of Proctor
Avengers #375 (1994) Alternate dimensional counterpart, claimed by Avengers of Earth-616 after Proctor's death, briefly stolen by Bloodwraith.

X-Men: Kitty Pryde - Shadow & Flame #4 (2006) Aka Silver Spirit; One of Japan's five "Swords of Secrets," held by Clan Yashida.

Honor Sword of Clan Yashida
Wolverine #4 (1987) Forged 800 years ago from meteorite by Masamune/demon smiths in caves of Kyushu, said to possess a portion of Masamune's soul.

Midnight Sons Unlimited #4 (1994) Sword of Foundry, used to slay her by Blade, tempered on her blood, then used to slay the Fallen.

X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame #4 (2006) Aka Black Wind; one of Japan's five "Swords of Secrets," acquired by the Path of Destiny.

Magus Sword
Man-Thing #7 (1980) One of several similar swords forged by Miguel Diasturian, used by Captain Fate & then John Daltry; the Hell-lord Thog manipulated Daltry via the Sword & then briefly wielded it vs. the Man-Thing.

Muramasa Sword
Wolverine #40 (2006) One of several swords by Muramasa; forged using Wolverine's fury following the murder of his wife, Itsu; recently claimed by Wolverine, given to Cyclops to use vs. him if he were ever brainwashed again.

Thor #296 (1980) Created by Odin, wielded by Siegmund (a past reincarnation of Thor) until destroyed by Odin so Siegmund would be slain by Hunding, re-forged by Siegfried (another reincarnation of Thor).

Journey into Mystery #117 (1965) Aka Oversword; constructed from ring of the Nibelung by Odin as weapon vs. the Celestials, forged of uru, the Destroyer used it to slice off the arm of Nezarr & impale Arishem before Arishem melted it down to slag.

Sabre of Sorcery
Tales to Astonish #101 (1968) Wielded by Heimdall vs. the Hulk. Project energy and/or flame blasts.

Daredevil #319 (1993) Associated with the Hand, started to rot due to use for seppuku.

Silver Scythe
Tomb of Dracula #1 (2004) Forged by a master mage & given to Michiyo Watanabe so she could gain revenge on the Yiki Onna vampire who slew her mother. After drinking Michiyo's blood, it then claimed that vampire's blood from the very mist itself.

Solar Sword
Iron Man #26 (1970) Wielded by Val-Larr & past defenders of Luminia. Absorb & emit light as bursts & strobes; builds to critical mass in a light-rich Earth-like dimension.

Star Sword
Creatures on the Loose #26 (1973) Forged by the god Gorm from the Star Stone (meteorite), used to drive off Dragon Kings on at least two occasions, once by Thongor.

Thor: Son of Asgard#6 (2004) Sword of Balder, forged by Sindi using a scale from Hurakei, feather of Gnori, jewel of the Jenna, & the water of the Lake of Lilitha.

Sword in the Stone
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #8 (1986) Removed from a steel anvil & marble block by Arthur Pendragon, proving his worth as the king of Camelot; eventually broken in battle.

Sword in the Star
Marvel Preview #4 (1976) Sentient sword, worshipped by Wayfinder & his people, created the Microverse to allow his people to escape demons attacking them, then became the Enigma Force.

Sword of Demonicus
Ghost Rider #76 (1983) Used by Mephisto to remove briefly Zarathos from Johnny Blaze.

Sword of Frey
Thor #294 (1980) Later held by Balder. Can fight of its own accord when unsheathed.

Sword of Kamuu
Sub-Mariner #62 (1973) Pre-Cataclysmic weapon forged using Orichalcum & arcane elements, powers amplified by the Eye of Zartra, intended to be wielded by rightful heir to Atlantis' throne; previously held by Alaric, Namor, & Sean Dolan (Bloodwraith). Durable, increases wielder's physical and/or magical powers; brings death curse to wielder if used to slay an Atlantean.

Sword of Light
Heroes for Hire #2 (1997) Gifted to Black Knight (Dane Whitman) by Lady of the Lake to replace the Ebony Blade. Releases energy stored within Shield of Night.

Sword of Might
Captain Britain #1 (1976) Offered by Merlyn or Roma to beings to test their mettle; those who accept it over the Amulet of Right are considered less worthy; previously wielded by the Reaver & Captain Britain (Kelsey Leigh).

Sword of Scone
X-Men: True Friends #3 (1999) Wielded by a time-traveling Shadowcat in 1936, restoring Shadow King to corporeal form. Disrupt psychic (and possibly other) energies.

Sword of Scotia
Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Blood on the Moors (1991) Legendary sword of Ian Og, wielded by Duncan Ferguson as the Clansman. Six foot claymore (two-edged broadsword), deflects bullets; must only be used vs. those who deserve its dire justice.

Sword of Skulveig
Thor Annual #18 (1993) Formerly wielded by fire demon Skulveig, eventually taken by his son Hrinmeer. Composed of unidentified metal, previously coated with poison from the fangs of Cerberus.

Sword of Ultimate Shadow
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #46 (1992) Wielded by Necromancer of the High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth, used vs. Dr. Strange of true Earth, claimed by the latter after Necromancer's defeat. Scimitar-shaped, cause great pain, even to astral self & through mystic defenses.

Twilight Sword
Thor I#337 (1983) Aka Sword of Doom; created by Surtur using the "Burning Galaxy" (created by exploding the home galaxy of the Korbinites), intended to set the universe afire, later used as a power source by Loki & Morgan Le Fay.


Amulet of Pazuzu
Howard the Duck #3 (2002) Ancient artifact made of uranium, transforms wielder into a powerful warrior.

Amulet of Right
Captain Britain #1 (1976) Gifted by Merlyn & Roma, original source of Captain Britain (Brian Braddock)'s power.

Anomaly Rue
Strange Tales #110 (1963) Aka Window of the Worlds; seal of the Vishanti found in the window of Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum; protects the Sanctorum from most supernatural invaders.

Beatrice Medallion
Uncanny X-Men #160 (1982) Pendant given to Illyana Rasputin by Belasco, contained five indents for "Bloodstones" that would mark when her soul would become his.

Bell of Ikonn
Dr. Strange #47 (1981) Fashioned by Ikonn's Tibetan worshipers; ringing breaks down reality & enables Ikonn to access Earth.

Black Mirror
Tomb of Dracula #3 (1972) Forged by demons, opens portals into other dimensions, wielded by Ilsa Strangway & Marie Laveau.

Blinding Brazier of Balthaak
Iron Man #21 (1999) Transformed Samantha McGee into Inferno, the Exemplar of Balthaak.

Breathing Guns
Hellstorm #12 (1994) Enchanted firearms which can injure supernatural beings, used by Jaine Cutter & Stephen Loss.

Bride of Slorioth
Secret Defenders #15 (1994) Statue wielded by Dr. Druid, used to preserve Shadowoman's life at cost of her soul.

Casket of Ancient Winters
Thor #346 (1984) Asgardian box, contains the Fimbulwinter of Ymir, creating massive snowstorms if opened.

Cauldron of the Cosmos
Defenders #15 (1974) Meditative cauldron possessed by Dr. Strange.

Claw of Bast
Before the Fantastic Four: Reed Richards #1 (2000) Ancient artifact divided into three components, can restore life to the dead or dying, but can only be invoked nine times.

Cloak of Levitation
Strange Tales #110 (1963) Cape worn by Dr. Strange, nearly indestructible, can be animated independently or according to Strange's mental commands. Dr. Strange's original cape was given to Rintrah, later worn by the construct Strange.

Cobra Crown
Savage Sword of Conan #40 (1979) Imperfect predecessor of the Serpent Crown created in ancient Lemuria & stored on the Nameless Isle; later briefly worn by followers of Set in place of the lost Serpent Crown but swiftly burnt out with usage.

Conversion Rings
Spellbound #1 (1988) Formerly attached to Zxaxz's crown, used by Spellbinder & Roy Fortune to tap into magical energy, caused insanity with prolonged use, finally destroyed by Fortune.

Crimson Ruby of Cyttorak
X-Men #12 (1965) Aka Crimson Crystal of Cyttorak; transforms its bearer into the Juggernaut, Exemplar of Cyttorak.

Crystal of Souls
Ghost Rider #74 (1982) Used by Centurious to contain the souls he had stolen, used by Mephisto to imprison Zarathos, also called "the Soul Crystal."

Death Mask of Koala Munba
Marvel Fanfare #38 (1988) Ancient artifact, can bestow youth upon others, drains youth from those who follow the wielders, destroyed by one of its wielders.

Eye of Watoomb
Ms. Marvel #4 (2006) "House of M" version of Wand of Watoomb reforged to replace Warren Traveler's missing eye.

Eye of Zartra
Sub-Mariner #63 (1973) Jewel which Zartra kept in place of her missing eye, placed on the hilt of the Sword of Kamuu after her death, grants the sword's wielder immunity to magic.

Fearsome Fist of Farallah
Iron Man #22 (1999) Transformed Andreas Zorba into Carnivore, Exemplar of Farallah.

The Five
Sensational Spider-Man #32 (1998) Collection of items which imparted death, immortality, knowledge, madness & power to Override, Madame Web, Morris Maxwell, Norman Osborn & Mattie Franklin.

Gaea Shard
Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #41 (1992) Crystal containing a sliver of the essence of the Elder Goddess Gaea, wielded by Dr. Strange vs. the Undying Ones.

Gehenna Stone
Wolverine #11 (1989) Housed the soul of Baal & imparted the demon's power to those who possessed it, destroyed by Wolverine.

Gem of Infinite Suns
Thor #32 (2001) Asgardian, forged from the heart of a star, counters the effects of the Casket of Ancient Winters.

Heart of Pele
X-Force #81 (1998) Mystic rock sought by the Lava Men to power their Firebringer weapon in an attempt to detonate all of the Earth's volcanoes, guarded by the goddess Pele.

Holy Grail
Union Jack #1 (1998) Cup which Jesus Christ drank from at the Last Supper, used by Baroness Blood to overcome her vampiric weaknesses. Duplicates used by GRAMPA.

Ivory Idol of Ikonn
Thor #17 (1999) Totem which transformed Olisa Kabaki into Bedlam, the Exemplar of Ikonn.

Jade Tiger Amulet
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1 (1974) Head & paws of the Jade Tiger of Master Khan, worn by the Sons of the Tiger & White Tiger, grants enhanced strength.

Kestrel Key of Krakkan
Thor #17 (1999) Transformed Bridget Malone into Conquest, the Exemplar of Krakkan.

Medallion of Power
Ghost Rider #1 (1990) Icon of the Blood, transforms Dan Ketch into Ghost Rider.

Momentary Princess
Gambit #10 (1999) Jewel which appears briefly in alternating increments of 27 & 29 years, first sighted in 1887. Sought by the families of Baron Strucker & Gambit over the decades.

Orb of Agamotto
Strange Tales #118 (1964) Used by Dr. Strange to view events on Earth & in other dimensions, can also access realm of Agamotto.

Philosopher's Stone
Fantastic Four #525 (2005) Powerful alchemist's tool for transmuting elements, possessed by Diablo.

Pincers of Power
Strange Tales #140 (1966) Dark Dimension weapons used in duels, summon pincers of energy to bind an opponent.

Purple Gem
Strange Tales #119 (1964) Possessed by Dr. Strange, opens a portal into the Purple Dimension, can augment the power of Aggamon.

Ringed Ruby of Raggador
Peter Parker: Spider-Man #11 (1999) Gem which transformed Utama Somchart into Stonecutter, the Exemplar of Raggador.

Ruby Scarab
Supernatural Thrillers #8 (1974) Gem, wielded by both Scarlet Scarabs, sought by the Elementals.

Screaming Idol
Strange Tales #129 (1965) Statue, conduit to Tiboro's Sixth Dimension.

Serpent Crown
Tales to Astonish #101 (1968) Aka Helmet of Power & Supreme Sceptre of Life & Death; places its wearer under the influence of Set, grants mental powers.

Marvel Spotlight #33 (1977) Cloak worn by Devil-Slayer & Agents of Fortune, used to teleport to other dimensions or summon weaponry.

Shield of Night
Heroes for Hire #2 (1997) Gifted to the Black Knight (Dane Whitman) by the Lady of the Lake; partnered with the Sword of Light, could absorb energy & redirect it through the sword.

Soul Shroud
Thor #430 (1991) Mystic fabric used by Mephisto to contain the soul of Odin, later replaced him with the soul of Loki.

Spirit Stone
Ghost Rider #6 (1967) Grants wearer superhuman strength, intended for the Phantom Rider but taken by Towering Oak, side effects killed Towering Oak, buried with him.

Staff of One
Runaways #4 (2003) Mystic conjuring staff wielded by the Minoru family, currently used by Nico Minoru (a.k.a. Sister Grimm), emerges from her body when she bleeds; limited by ability to perform each spell only once.

Stones of Merlin
Fantastic Four #5 (1962) Aka Obsidian Stones; powerful magic rocks, repeatedly sought by Dr. Doom.

Talisman of Abraxas
Marvel Team-Up #8 (1998) Given to the Sub-Mariner by Dr. Strange to help him control his personality shifts.

Tomorrow Stone
Gambit: Hunt for the Tomorrow Stone (1999) Controls temporal energies, can heal fatal wounds; used by Gambit to restore Spat to her normal age.

Trident of Neptune
Tales to Astonish #75 (1966) Olympian trident crafted from Adamantine, sometimes wielded by the Sub-Mariner to signify his lordship over Atlantis.

Verdant Vial of Valtorr
Iron Man #22 (1999) Transformed Yoshiro Hachiman into Decay, the Exemplar of Valtorr.

Wand of Watoomb
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 (1965) Powerful mystic conduit.

Werewolf Rings
Werewolf by Night #20 (1974) Transforms wearer into a werewolf with human intelligence, worn by Lou Hackett & Jack Russell, both destroyed.

Wondrous Waterfall of Watoomb
Iron Man #22 (1999) Transformed Nicolette Giroux into Tempest, the Exemplar of Watoomb.


Runaways #1 (2003) Written by unidentified author(s), contains history of Pride including future events, six copies known to exist, one in possession of Chase Stein.

Black Sea Scrolls (Referenced) Marvel Premiere #4 (1972) Referenced by Ancient One, contained information on Shuma-Gorath.

Book of Antag
Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (1990) One of (at least) two copies of a book written in the 21st Century of Earth-691 (after the "War of the Worlds") by the space wanderer Antag, contained clues leading to Captain America's shield.

Book of Enchantments
Defenders #53 (1977) Used by Nicodemus vs. Dr. Strange; contains the Exorcism of Transferral, allowing the transfer of power from another mage.

Book of Kell
Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #9 (1989) Associated with the Serpent Men (Sons of Set) which contains numerous spells, including one which summoned a snake-demon.

Book of Knowledge
Dr. Strange Annual #1 (1976) Aka Book of Continuous Writings; held within Temple of Man, instantly transcribed anything happening within the temple, but writings ceased after the priests were murdered.

Book of Many Things
Marvel Premiere #19 (1974) Aka Sacred Volume of Kali, a book which the Ninja received from his teacher Master Khan & which later served as the prison for the the Ninja, later held by Cult of Kali.

Druid Tome
Captain America #256 (1981) Previously contained within Greymoor Castle, sought by Dredmund the Druid, contained essence of Samhain, destroyed by Vision & Scarlet Witch.

Fur Journal
Hellstorm #20 (1994) Aka Fur bible; bound in hide of first man on Earth (Adam K'ad-mon), possessed by Stephen Loss.

Grimorium Verum
Hellstorm #3 (1993) Ancient occult text cataloging the arsenal of Darkness, almost as powerful as the Darkhold, bound in flesh, used by Patsy Walker to summon Satan (Marduk Kurios); it or a copy was later held by Bible John.

Libro del Malditos
Werewolf by Night #19 (1974) "Book of the Damned," presumably a partial(?) copy of the Darkhold; three versions exist, including one held by Geraldo Kabal & discovered by Jack Russell & Raymond Coker; referenced cure for lycanthropy.

Lifeline Tablet
Amazing Spider-Man #68 (1969) Written by Homo mermani in Hyborian era, portions caused Silvermane to age regress beyond birth temporarily, full portion used by Hammerhead's sister & the Lizard. Grants immortality & great power.

Malleus Maleficarium
Excalibur #99 (1996) Aka Hammer of Witches; written in 1486 by Jakob Sprenger, a Dominican inquisitor; translated by British King James, that copy later held by the Hellfire Club London in their Necromanteion; extensive information on demonology.

Mourning Call scrolls
Marvel Comics Presents #55 (1990) By Philip Lemarchand, creator of the Lament Configuration; a copy used by Jack Russell to summon the spirit of Gregory Russoff.

Journey Into Mystery#3 (1973) Written by Abdul Alhazred based on the Darkhold; alternate reality version created by Sumerians & involved with chainsaw-wielding undead-fighter who traveled to Earth-2149.

Pnakotic Manuscripts
Scarlet Witch #1 (1994) Partially written by Great Race of Yith & the Old Ones, later found in Hyperborea of Eibon's era, referenced by Agatha Harkness.

Precis of Thaumaturgical Regenerations
Marvel Super-Heroes #14 (1993) By Lord (Julian) Phyffe, includes seven volumes, one of which was given to Dr. Strange.

Scrolls of Watoomb
Dr. Strange #81 (1987) Usurped from Dr. Strange by Urthona, restored to Strange by Agamotto.

Secrets of Light & Shadow
Marvel Fanfare #8 (1983) By Jack van Nyborg, used by James Mandarin to unwittingly summon the Dark-Crawler/Slitherer.

Text of Tantilova
Marvel Comics Presents #63 (1990) Used by Past Master to exorcise unwanted spirit presences.

Thanatosian Tomes
(Referenced) Marvel Premiere 4 (1972) Referenced by Ancient One, contained information on Shuma-Gorath & the Old Ones.

Unausprechlichen Kulten
(Referenced) Marvel Premiere #4 (1972) By Von Junzt; contained information on Shuma-Gorath & the Old Ones, the Black Stone in the mountains of Hungary near Stregoicavar, & of a monstrous toad-like entity.

Vermis Mysterii, de
Journey Into Mystery #3 (1973) "Mysteries of the Worm"; Written in the 1500's by alchemist Ludving Prinn; by would-be occultists in Rhode Island to summon the Shambler from the Stars circa 1973.

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