Though an American company, Marvel has licensed other companies around the world to translate and reprint their stories since at least the 1950s. Perhaps inevitably, this has also resulted in a surprising number of these licensees producing their own, original material (in many cases, especially the earliest ones, without permission to do so). We've featured a lot of characters who originated in these stories in the Appendix over the years, but there are still more to track down and profile. Most people at least know that Marvel UK produced original content, thanks largely to that content being extensively reprinted in the USA. However, there's a lot more than Marvel UK out there (and even in terms of Marvel UK, most people are unaware of just how much new material they produced). You can find information around the internet, but it tends to be piecemeal and scattered, hence why these pages are trying to gather it all in one place (if there weren't so many stories to list, I'd have tried to keep it on a single page).

   For the record:

  1. I'm only covering new stories, not reprints of American material or posters, etc. A lot of reprints modified art, and at least in the case of the Marvel UK material it wasn't uncommon to rearrange panels, add new splash pages, include new posters, etc. Trying to track such things in just Marvel UK is difficult; trying to do so for the whole world is guaranteed to induce insanity. So I'm not going to try.
  2. Since these stories can be very hard to track down, I'm bound to have missed some somewhere. If you know of any not covered here, please feel free to let us know so we can add them.
  3. Similarly, because of how hard some stories are to get copies of, and the language barriers, some of the information below is second-hand rather than from personally reading the stories (which would be the normal Appendix policy). As such, some errors might have crept in. If you spot any, let us know. And in cases where I don't have the actual comic to work from, if you know where I can lay my hands on it, please do get in touch.
  4. While the list below is predominately comics, there have been a handful of cases of new Marvel material being produced in other formats. Since there's not so many of these as to warrant their own pages, I've included them on this list.
  5. I've included new stories where the licensee had permission to produce original material. I've also included cases where the licensee only had permission to reprint stories, not make their own new ones, but did the latter anyway, as these still carry a level of "official" status. I've generally not included cases where someone used Marvel characters without any license, permission or authorization whatsoever, but there are exceptions to that rule, generally because I find the tale noteworthy or interesting in some capacity - e.g. while unofficial it was done with the involvement or permission of a creator associated with the Marvel character.
  6. If a country (or continent) isn't listed, excepting of course the U.S.A., it's because I'm unaware of any new Marvel content that has been generated there. If you know of any, then please get in touch, and I'll gladly add it!

Each entry includes the following categories:

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Lists by Loki, with invaluable assistance from Zuckdy1, Stephen Rizzo, Rob Kirby, and the many others who directly or indirectly informed me of one or more of these tales but whose names I've shamefully forgotten.

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