1. Refers to the initially estimated number of mutants in existence following M-Day, though the estimate has increased to closer to 300.
  2. Refers to the initially estimated number of mutants in existence following M-Day, though the estimate has increased to closer to 300.

(Advanced Ideas in Destruction) See RAID

(Advanced Idea Mechanics) Weapons manufacturers, former division of Hydra.

Aboriginal Gods
Race of gods worshiped in the past by the Aboriginal peoples of Australia.

Abstract entity
Entity who is the manifestation of a universal concept.

An official of the Kree judicial system with the power to impose and enforce judgment on Kree citizens and opponents.

Magical metal found in Olympus which is nearly indestructible.

Artificially created alloy of iron that is the most impervious substance found on Earth.

An android designed by AIM which can duplicate the appearance, superhuman abilities, and special accessories used by humanoids.

Adhesive X
Powerful chemical bonder invented by Heinrich Zemo.

Race of gods worshiped by the Aztec and Mayan peoples.

Race of gods worshiped by the Oceanic peoples.

Obscure science which teaches its practitioners how to transmute matter from one state to another using chemicals and gases.

Alternate Earth
A world resembling Earth which coexists with Earth-616 in another dimensional space.

Alternate future
One of the possible future realities deriving from the present reality through a specific sequence of events.

Race of gods worshiped in the past by the people of Japan.

Adapted for life on land and underwater.

Amulet of Right
Magical item created by Merlyn which was the original source of power to Brian Braddock as Captain Britain.

Artificial being designed to resemble and mimic the form of a human being.

Annihilation Wave
Personal army of Annihilus, originating from the Negative Zone.

Race of gods worshiped by the ancient Assyrian, Babylonian, Canaanite, Mesopotamian, Philistine, Phoenician, and Sumerian peoples.

Antarctiv Vibranium
See Anti-metal.

Quantum particle which resists the effects of gravitons.

Matter composed of particles that have the opposite quantum properties (including electrical charge) as ordinary matter.

Alternate form of Vibranium found only in the Savage Land whose presence breaks down the atoms of other metals.

Race of gods worshiped in the past by the peoples of Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and parts of Brazil.

Artificial intelligence
Artificial construct which is capable of independent thought.

Magical realm which is home to the Asgardians.

Race of gods worshiped in the past by the Norse and Germanic peoples.

Astral body
Sheath or form that contains a living being's life essence, consciousness, spirit, or soul.

Astral plane
Realm which represents the inner psyche of living beings, upon which astral forms can take shape.

Astral projection
Ability to project one's astral body from one's physical body.

Astral vision
Ability to perceive astral forms which would normally be invisible.

See Homo mermanus.


  1. Kingdom which was destroyed by the Great Cataclysm.
  2. Remains of former, reconstructed on floor of Earth's oceans as home of Homo mermanus.

Hidden city which is home to the Inhumans.

Magical realm within Otherworld where the Tuatha de Danaan dwell; former resting place of King Arthur Pendragon.

Member of a sub\species of the Inhuman race who possesses bird-like wings.

Extraterrestrial race with reptilian appearance which has attempted to conquer Earth.

In Irish folklore, a wailing ghost.

Beta particles
High-speed electrons or positrons which emit ionizing radiation.

Big Bang
Scientific theory postulating the universe has expanded to its current state from a primordial condition of enormous density and temperature.

Electricity released from living tissue.

Energy generated by living beings in motion.

Of or having to do with an artificial simulation of a living thing or part of a living thing.

Part of a world in which life can exist.

Bird People
See Avian

Black hole
Singularity which collapses light and matter within its event horizon.

Extradimensional gemstone that was part of the Lifestone Tree.


  1. Gemstone fragment of the Bloodgem which grants its possessor near-immortality.
  2. Gemstone created centuries ago by Kaman- Ru, reveals a map to Kaman-Ru's ancient treasures when bathed in the blood of a supernatural being.
  3. Magical gemstone containing souls claimed by the demon Belasco.
  4. Name for black market diamonds.

Blue Area of the Moon
Artificial environment created on the Earth's moon by the Kree.

See Teleportation

Extraterrestrial insectoid race which uses other beings as hosts for the eggs of their young, with the newly-born Brood assimilating its host's body and consciousness into itself.

(Central Intelligence Agency) US government intelligence agency.

See Commission on Superhuman Activities.

(Canadian Security Intelligence Service) National security agency of Canada.

Enigmatic, extremely powerful extraterrestrial race of armored beings typically standing 2000'; typically manipulate other races and judge their fitness for survival.

Celestial Madonna
Individual destined to give birth to the Celestial Messiah.

Celestial Messiah
Son of the Celestial Madonna, genetically perfect being destined to bring peace to the universe.

Cybernetic device which detects the presence of mutants.

See Cerebra

See life force

Ability to perceive things without using the five physical senses.

Cloak of Levitation
Magical garment which enables its wielder to fly.

An exact genetic replica of a living being.

Code: Blue
NYPD division equipped to combat superhuman threats.

Commission on Superhuman Activities
US government committee which enforces policy relating to superhumans, and organizes national superhuman defenses.

Core continuum designation
Numerical identification given to each Reality in the Omniverse.

Cosmic awareness
Extrasensory means of perception whereby the wielder is aware of all existence.

Cosmic Control Rod
Device wielded by Annihilus which can store vast amounts of cosmic energy and prolong the wielder's life span.

Cosmic Cube
Containment unit (many of which are cubeshaped) holding reality-manipulating energy from the extradimensional realm of the Beyonders.

Cosmic ray
Energetic particles on edge of Earth's atmosphere known to have mutagenic properties for some individuals.

Plant-based extraterrestrial beings who were once allies of the Kree.

Spatial area from which the universe expands.

Bionic device which allows humans and machines to interact without manual direction.

Common realm existing within the consciousness of individuals communicating with machines through cybernetic means.

Cybernetic organism.

The study of animals which are rumored to exist on Earth but lack conclusive proof.

Demon invoked by various magic users and power source of the Juggernaut.

Race of gods worshiped by the Hindu people.

Daily Bugle
New York newspaper published published by J. Jonah Jameson. (Now published by Dexter Bennett as the the DB!)

Daily Globe
New York newspaper published by Barney Bushkin, rival of the Daily Bugle.

Danger Room
Training room designed by Charles Xavier for mutants to test their abilities.

Dark Dimension
Magical realm merged with other dimensions, home of Dormammu.

Unknown form of extradimensional energy that manifests as a nonreflective, highly opaque, black substance.

Magical tome written by the demon Chthon which contains the most powerful black magic known to exist.


  1. Humanoid being possessing almost godlike attributes who was probably not worshiped by humans.
  2. Offspring of a god and a human being.

Earthly force of creation which is said to be, with Gaea, the parent of Earth's gods.

Supernatural being who preys upon the living in some way, usually possessing some magical powers and living in other dimensions.

Department H
Canadian facility which researches the country's superhuman resources and sponsors superhuman organizations such as Alpha Flight.

Member of the evolutionary offshoot of humanity created by experiments performed by the Celestials, possessing no standard genetic characteristics other than grossly humanoid form. Deviants tend to appear monstrous.

Race of gods worshiped by the Baltic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, and Slavic peoples.

Universe or realm containing space, time, matter, and energy.

Dimensional travel
Ability to travel from Earth's dimension into another realm.

Divergent Earth
Alternate Earth which was once parallel to Earth-616 until a change altered how its history unfolded.

Race of gods worshiped by the Philippine people.


  1. Robot built by Victor von Doom.
  2. Former which is designed to mimic Doom's appearance and behavior.

A duplicate or impersonator.

Dora Milaje
("Adored Ones") Ceremonial bodyguards of Wakanda's king, potential wives-in-training.

Magical serpent-like monster, some native to Asgard, Otherworld, and other magical realms.

Dream Dimension
Magical realm accessed through dreams, home of Nightmare.


  1. Mechanical device which can be programmed to perform simple tasks independently.
  2. A living being which is dominated by another being's will.


  1. Human being whose growth has been stunted.
  2. Magical being of short stature who lives underground, native to Asgard.

Dyson Sphere
A device surrounding a star which can harness the star's energy.

Core continuum designation given to the mainstream Earth of the Marvel Universe.

Ebony Blade
Magical sword wielded primarily by the various Black Knights related to Sir Percy of Scandia.

Magical bioenergy used in the construction of astral forms and ghosts.

Elder God
Part of the first race of beings to exist on Earth, originated from the Demiurge, predate the birth of Earth's gods.

Elder of the Universe
Near-immortal being who is the last known survivor of its species and has devoted itself to a particular hobby or discipline.

Magical energy

Electromagnetic pulse
Radiation which overloads and/or shuts down electronic equipment.

Race of mischievous magical creatures native to realms such as Asgard and Otherworld.

Ability to sense the emotions of other beings.

Race of gods worshiped by the peoples of ancient Egypt.

The gradual decay of all matter and energy in the universe.

Extrasensory perception

Member of the evolutionary offshoot of humanity created by experiments performed by the Celestials, possessing extraordinary life spans and a vast array of physical and energy manipulating powers.

Magical, indestructible sword wielded by King Arthur Pendragon

Mutant who is virtually immortal.

Anything which is native to a dimension other than Earth-616

Anything which is native to the past or future but not naturally found in the present; typically refers to alternate or potential futures.

Anything which is native to a world other than Earth.

Eye of Agamotto
Any of three magical talismans powered by Agamotto, though "Eye" typically refers to the 2nd amulet used by Dr. Strange (the other two being the Amulet and the Orb of Agamotto); enables its wielder to read minds, teleport, and emit flashes of light.

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
Investigative agency of the US Department of Justice.

Magical creature similar to an elf, native to Otherworld.

Alternate Earth (Earth-715) in which females are dominant and males subservient. Several divergent realities exist.

Force field
A three-dimensional field of solid energy.

Force shield
A two-dimensional field of solid energy

Gamma ray
Electromagnetic radiation known to have mutagenic properties for some individuals.

Genetic engineering
Manipulating the development of a living being, usually for mutagenic effect.

African island state where mutants were formerly used in slave labor, population virtually wiped out by a Sentinel attack.

The spirit of a deceased being.

Abnormally large humanoid found in Asgard, Olympus, and other magical realms.

Magical cave-dwelling being native to realms such as Asgard, possessing small stature.

Humanoid being with a longer life span and greater physical powers than humans, whose kinsmen or self was once worshiped by humans.

Extradimensional gemstone which was part of the Lifestone Tree, transformed John Jameson into Stargod.

Quantum particle which mediates the effects of gravity.

Great Cataclysm
Disaster caused by combination of volcanic upheaval and destructive assault by Celestials upon Earth which caused entire continents to sink, circa 18, 000 BC

Guardians of the Galaxy

  1. Interstellar heroes who defended the Lifestone Tree in millennia past. Aka the Chosen Eight of Fate.
  2. Heroes native to the 31st Century era of an alternate Earth (Earth-691).

An operative of the US government adorned in green armor designed by Tony Stark.


  1. Afterlife dimension within the realm of Olympus ruled by the god Pluto.
  2. Greek name of Pluto.

Planet which is home to the Kree race.

Cult of ninja assassins who worship the Beast, a demon.

Hatut Zeraze ("Dogs of War")
Former secret police of Wakanda, removed from service by T'Challa but consider themselves acting in the country's interests.

Healing factor
Ability to rapidly recover from injuries and regenerate lost tissue.

Immense airborne aircraft carrier which serves as mobile base for SHIELD.

Name for subset of the Ennead gods dwelling in the realm Heliopolis.

Demons ruling netherworlds (Hells) who gain power by accumulating souls.

Hell's Kitchen
Common name for the neighborhood Clinton in Manhattan, New York.

Magical energy which takes the shape of fire, typically searing the soul.

Hellfire Club
Private club which has sought to dominate others and employs superhumans within its ranks.

Title bestowed upon various beings appointed to serve Galactus in finding him worlds to devour.

A three-dimensional image generated by light.

Homo mermanus
Evolutionary offshoot of humanity who possess gills and dwell underwater.

Homo sapiens superior
See mutant.

Mutants who have been enslaved by humans to hunt other mutants.

Male priest who practices voodoo.

Nickname given to various military and intelligence operations to combat and imprison the Hulk.

Offspring whose parents were of different species (or offshoots of the same race).

Terrorist organization that originated in the 1940s under the auspices of Wolfgang von Strucker.

Realm of space existing outside of conventional space, often used for rapid interstellar travel.

Ability to place another into a trancelike state that makes them susceptible to suggestion.

Enzyme produced by vampires which enables some of their supernatural abilities and requires ingestion of blood to generate new supplies.

Id machine
Mechanical device invented by the Wizard which can brainwash its victims.

Image inducer
Device which projects a hologram to disguise the appearance of the wearer.

Virtual immunity to the effects of injury, disease, or time.

A demon who derives sustenance from the life force of living beings; typically refers to a male demon that seduces a (sometimes sleeping) woman.

Infinity Formula
Serum granting an extended life span to those who ingest it, but requires annual booster to prevent rapid aging and death.

Infinity Gems
Six gems comprising the powers of Mind, Power, Reality, Soul, Space, and Time, with a seventh gem (Ego) which is errant. Combined, the Infinity Gems possess cosmic power that can surpass that of most abstract entities.

Electromagnetic radiation which is normally below detection by the human eye.

Member of the evolutionary offshoot of humanity created by experiments performed by the Kree, have capability for superhuman abilities through use of Terrigen Mists.

Race of gods worshiped by the Inuit ("Eskimo") peoples.

Without substance.

See extradimensional.

Race of gods worshiped by the Finnish peoples.

KGB (Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti)
Defunct Russian intelligence agency which operated during the years the country was under Communist rule.

Tibetan monastery which was home to the Ancient One.

See Amatsu-Kami.

Magical realm accessed through nexus in Tibet, home of Iron Fist.

Addictive drug containing essence of the bacterial creature John Sublime.

Kingpin of Crime
Title of the individual who is recognized as head of the criminal underworld in New York.

Extraterrestrial race whose members have either pink ("white") or blue skin.

(Los Angeles Police Department)

LMD (Life Model Decoy)
Android designed by Tony Stark to impersonate people of importance.

European nation ruled by monarchy, home of Dr. Doom.

Lava Men
Subterranean race descended from slaves designed by the Deviants, obtained ability to withstand heat from the demon Cha'sa'dra.

Legacy virus
Disease spread among the mutant population by Stryfe, ultimately cured by the efforts of Henry McCoy and Peter Rasputin.


  1. Pre-Cataclysmic nation that was home to Deviants, humans and Serpent Men, sunk during the Great Cataclysm
  2. Underwater city populated by Deviants.
  3. Underwater city populated by Homo mermanus who worship the Elder God Set.

Psionic or magical ability to screen the physical body from gravity and thus rise off the ground.

Life force
The energy which animates living beings.

Lifestone Tree
Collection of gemstones formerly guarded by the interstellar Guardians of the Galaxy.


  1. "True Limbo" (denoted with capital "L") Dimension existing outside of time, home of Immortus.
  2. Generic term for various dimensions characterized by static or unchanging physical features (denoted with lower case "l").
  3. Demonic realm, home of Belasco, aka Otherplace, central most amongst the Splinter Nether Realms.

See Werewolf.

Event wherein the Scarlet Witch removed the powers of most of Earth's mutant population.

International crime cartel.

The art, science, and practice of utilizing certain unknown energies outside the electromagnetic spectrum.

Female priest who practices voodoo.

Battle armor designed by Tony Stark for use by SHIELD.

Race of gods worshiped by the indigenous peoples of North America.

Group of alternate universes which is larger than a multiverse, encompassing realities with a certain closeness, such as all those associated with Marvel.

Merged Earth
Two alternate Earths which have been merged into a single world.

See hypnosis.

Characterized by skills, abilities, attributes, or powers that are as far beyond superhuman as superhuman is beyond human

See Shapeshifter

UK-based internal intelligence agency.

UK-based external intelligence agency.

UK-based agency which explores unusual happenings.

Planet which exists within a microverse.

Parallel universe that may be reached from Earth by reducing one's mass to a certain point, thereby creating a nexus. They are erroneously thought to exist within the atoms of our universe.

Electromagnetic radiation which generates heat.

Asgardian name for Earth.

Mind control
Psionic ability to manipulate the thoughts and actions of others.

Uru hammer which bestows the power of Thor.

See Godstone.

Extradimensional gemstone which was part of the Lifestone Tree, wielded by Lloyd Bloch, Karla Sofen, and Helmut Zemo.

Mutants who dwell in the sewers beneath New York City.

Israel's intelligence agency.

Continent which was sunk during the Great Cataclysm.

Group of alternate universes containing the same cosmic hierarchy, including Eternity, Infinity and the Watchers.

Remains of a human being preserved by specific ritual and wrapped in cloth bandages.

Something capable of making cellular-level changes in an organism.

Being born with or potential for genetic variation from the species normal, typically referring to some degree of superhuman power.

Mutant Registration Act
Regulation requiring mutants to formally register themselves with the government.

Being who acquires a physical characteristic by benevolent mutation from the exposure to a mutagenic substance.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
US's national space program.

NSA (National Security Agency)
US government intelligence-gathering agency.

(New York Police Department)

Follower of dictator Adolf Hitler or his ideologies.

Extraterrestrial wristbands tied to the Negative Zone which allow their wielder to harness photonic energy.

Negative Zone
Anti-matter universe discovered by Dr. Reed Richards.

Subterranean realm ruled by Kala, descended from pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis.

New Men
Animals which have been mutated into humanoid forms and granted sentience.

New Universe
Alternate Earth (Earth-148611) on which most superhuman abilities were granted by the Star Brand.

A point in one dimension through which access to other dimensions may be achieved.

Nexus of All Realities
Nexus existing in all dimensions simultaneously; may be a location or a being.

A team that does not include a charter, designated leadership, regular membership, and/or an official name.

Nova Corps
Interstellar law enforcement agency of superhuman operatives based from Xandar.

Now Magazine
Publication produced by J. Jonah Jameson.

O*N*E (Office of National Emergency)
US government-sponsored operatives who police mutants and pilot Sentinels.

OSS (Office of Strategic Services)
US intelligence agency during World War II.

Hidden city on Earth which is home to the Eternals.

Magical realm which is home to the Olympians.

Gods worshiped by the people of ancient Greece and Rome.

Being who is in telepathic contact with every being on Earth.

Being who is all-powerful.

Being who is all-knowing.

Steel alloy stronger than titanium but weaker than Adamantium.

Group of alternate universes which encompasses all reality.

One Above All

  1. The entity believed to be the supreme being/ creator of the Omniverse.
  2. The most powerful of the Celestials.

Magical realm, home of Merlyn and Roma.

A tribe, clan, or race of gods of common origin.

Parallel world
A world that exists in another dimension whose reality never diverged from but is parallel to the reality of Earth-616.

Being from the New Universe who obtained superhuman powers from the White Event.

Being who shares its existence with another who is injured by the process.

Penance stare
Psionic ability to force an evildoer to experience all the pain they have caused others.

Ability to temporarily merge the atoms of one's body with that of a solid object, ultimately passing through the object.

Chemical produced by living things to attract members of the opposite sex.

Phoenix Force
Cosmic being connected to the universe's life force which has possessed and formed relationships with various humanoids.

Quantum energy which travels at the speed of light.

Pocket Dimension
Universe whose spatial size is limited

Hidden city within Siberia where a colony of Eternals exists.

Extradimensional realm ruled by Arkon.

See Shapeshifter.

Power Broker, Inc.
Firm which grants superhuman physical prowess to applicants.

Power Cosmic
The ability to absorb vast amounts of cosmic energy and channel it for a variety of effects.

Ability to psionically scan the various alternate futures and (sometimes) predict which one is most probable to manifest.

Priests of Pama
Monastery in Vietnam established by pacifistic Kree.

Project: PEGASUS (Potential Energy Group/Alternate Sources/United States)
Alternative energy research facility which explores superhuman, extraterrestrial, and extradimensional powers.

Artificial device designed to replace a part of the body.

Protector of the Universe
Title bestowed upon various champions appointed by Eon to combat threats to the known universe, usually wielding the Quantum Bands.

Being possessing attributes in common with a vampire but without magical origin.

Pertaining to the mental manipulation of subatomic particles called psions.

See Psionic.

Psychic shield
Ability to resist the influence of psionic powers upon one's mind.

Psychic vampire
Being who derives sustenance from psionic energy.

Psychic weapon
Psionic construct of mental energy granted form outside of the astral plane.

See telekinesis.

Pym Particles
Particles discovered by Dr. Henry Pym that enable size-changing and shunting and accruing of mass extradimensionally to and from the realm of Kosmos.

Psionic ability to manipulate fire.

Quantum Band
Pair of wristbands which channel energies from the Quantum Zone, usually worn by the Protector of the Universe.

Quantum Zone
Extradimensional realm containing subatomic particles of quantum energy.

Personal aircraft utilized by the Avengers.

Radar Senses
Extrasensory means of perception whereby the brain generates an electromagnetic wave that bounces off of objects and travels back to the brain.

RAID (Radically Advanced Ideas in Destruction)
Terrorist faction that split off from AIM

RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
National police force of Canada.

RCX (Resources Control eXecutive)
UK intelligence agency seeking to control local superhuman resources.

Reality line
See time-line.

Red Room
Russian intelligence base where various Black Widows and Red Guardians have been trained.

Repulsor ray
Plasma-beam weapon designed by Tony Stark.

Extraterrestrial race who have colonized numerous planets throughout the universe.

Mechanical being capable of simulating certain human activities.

Energy resource corporation which has been involved in numerous plots for power and domination.

Ruby quartz
Red gemstone which can block the effects of Scott Summers' optic blasts.

Ryker's Island
Island prison located off New York City.

SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate)
International intelligence agency.

SHIELD (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division)
Former international intelligence agency, predecessor to above SHIELD.

Savage Land
Wildlife preserve in Antarctica containing samples of plant and animal life from Earth's Mesozoic era and tribes of humans.

Scorpio Key
Mechanical device based upon the Zodiac Key.

Scotland Yard
Colloquial nickname for London's Greater Metropolitan police force.

Scourge of the Underworld
Program of assassins who execute known criminals.

Secret Empire
Clandestine organization that was once a division of Hydra and seeks world conquest.

Possessing higher intelligence.

Robot designed to hunt mutants.

Robot constructed by the Kree to monitor and guard remote outposts.

Monastery of pacifistic Kree who dwell on Titan.

Psionic ability to alter one's physical appearance.

Extraterrestrial race descended from avian creatures, conquerors of many other civilizations.

Extraterrestrial race of Deviants who have the ability to shapeshift.

Leader of an entire race of gods.

An intelligence agent who remains under deep cover until needed.

Extraterrestrial race with reptilian appearance.

Sorcerer Supreme
Entity who serves as mystical defender of Earth's dimension.

See life force.

See Hellfire

Extrasensory power combining clairvoyancy with a radar sense, enabling the possessor to sense "danger."

Spirit of Vengeance
Magical being who is charged to deliver vengeance on behalf of murdered innocents.

Star Brand
Extradimensional power source possessed by humanoids and identified by a tattoo on the wielder's body. In the Reality-148611 (the "New Universe"), it inadvertently caused the White Event.

Starcore Station
Manned satellite in solar orbit.

Solar system within the Microverse, home of Psycho-Man.

See Hyper-space.

Realm beneath Earth's surface inhabited by various offshoots of humanity who have adapted to life underground.

A demon who derives sustenance from the life force of living beings; typically refers to a female demon that seduces a (sometimes sleeping) man.

Super Hero
A costumed crimefighter who uses his/her special abilities or possessions to combat evil.

Super Hero Registration Act
See Superhuman Registration Act.

Any member of the Skrullian race who has been granted genetically modified abilities to duplicate those possessed by the Fantastic Four.


  1. Being granted higher than average abilities by a serum based upon the work of Abraham Erskine.
  2. Any attempt to fashion a superior combatant using mutagenics or cybernetics.

A criminal who uses his/her special abilities or possessions to commit injustices.

Characterized by skills, abilities, attributes, or powers that are outside the parameters of achievement by human beings.

Superhuman Registration Act
Regulation requiring super heroes and superhumans to formally register themselves with the government.

Being who shares its existence with another for mutual benefit.

European nation ruled by monarchy, home of Silver Sable.

Sophisticated android based on the works of Phineas T. Horton, allegedly designed to mimic all human bodily functions, though most also include superhuman abilities.

Star system which is home to the Skrull race.

Living beings that resemble machinery and/or circuitry.

Psionic ability to move or manipulate matter without physically touching it.

Psionic ability to transport one's self or other people or objects from one point in space to another without physically having traveled the space in between.

Race of gods worshipped by the ancient Mongolians, Turks, and Siberians.


Terrigen Mists
Mutagenic gas used by the Inhumans to gain superhuman abilities.

Race of gods worshipped by the Aztecs.

Former code name of Hydra when it was allied with AIM and the Secret Empire.

Time travel
Ability to teleport into the past or future.

Time Variance Authority
(TVA) Bureaucratic extradimensional organization which monitors the space/time continuum and enforces laws on time travel.

The events of a particular reality that define its history.

Extradimensional beings who attempt to police the timestream and alter the course of alternate realities.

Dimension in which the flow of time can be observed.


  1. Class of gods who predate the current Gods of Olympus.
  2. Largest moon of the planet Saturn, home to a colony of Eternals.

European country, location of Mount Wundagore.

Misshapen, monstrous being, native to realms such as Asgard and Otherworld.

Tuatha de Danaan
Race of gods worshiped by the Celtic peoples.

Twelve mutants who were fated to defeat Apocalypse.

Sword forged by the demon Surtur which can destroy and/or reshape reality.

Followers of John Sublime who have undergone radical surgery using body parts harvested from mutants.

(Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army to Unite Mankind) Terrorist organization seeking to install a world government, eliminating nations.

Ultimate Nulifier
Extraterrestrial device which can obliterate an entire universe.

Alternate Earth (Earth-93060) that is home to a large population of superhumans ("Ultras").

Electromagnetic radiation which is normally above detection by the human eye.

Computer code designed by the robot Ultron.

Psionic construct created by the Eternals, possessing the collective psychic power of all who participate in its formation.

Cosmic energy originating from the Microverse's Enigma Force which transforms beings into the heroic Captain Universe, granting them a vast range of cosmic abilities.

Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation
(UCWF) Comprised primarily of wrestlers who possess superhuman abilities.

Unstable molecules
Configuration of unrevealed atoms, discovered or synthesized by Dr. Reed Richards and responsive to energized matter around them. Able to adopt nearby properties, such as flaming or stretching.

Magical metal which is well suited for enchantments, found in Asgard.

Dimension within Asgard where the honored dead dwell.

Shieldmaidens of Odin, escort dead Asgardians to Valhalla.

Magical creature who feeds upon the blood of living beings, primary line originally created by a spell written by the demon Chthon in the book of the Darkhold.

Precious extraterrestrial metal recovered on Earth from meteorite deposits. Two forms exist: Wakandan Vibranium absorbs vibrations, especially sound, up until a critical point at which it can explode if overloaded; Antarctic Vibranium emits vibrations that liquifies metal without heat (see also: Anti-Metal).

Triumvirate of magical entities who are invoked by magic users, including Agamotto, Hoggoth, and Oshtur.

Form of magic which involves spells of resurrection.

Race of gods worshiped in the past and present by the peoples of Africa, the Caribbean islands, South & Central America, and Southwest USA.

Isolationist African nation possessing greatly advanced technology based on Vibranium.

Male practitioner of magic.

See Hyper-space

Member of a supremacist terrorist cell who enforce their sense of morality upon others.

Near-immortal extraterrestrial who has taken a vow to not interfere with other civilizations.

Weapon Plus
Multinational program to design warriors to fight in an expected human-mutant war, connected to the Super-Soldier and Weapon X programs.

Weapon X
Secret multinational project which experimented on various mutants.

Human being who can transform into a wolf or humanoid wolf through magic.

White Event
Astrological phenomenon in the New Universe caused by the Star Brand which transformed many into paranormals.

White hole
Exit point of a singularity's inward collapse (black hole).

Wild Pack

  1. Mercenary force based in Symkaria.
  2. Original name of the mercenary force which became the Six Pack.

Female practitioner of magic.

See ghost

Mountain in Transia in which the demon Chthon's essence has been bound. Home to some of the New Men.

Gene which is believed to be the source of genetic mutation.

Electromagnetic ionizing radiation commonly used to penetrate solid matter in order to take photographic plates of interiors.

Home of the Xandarian race and the Nova Corps.

Race of gods worshiped by the Chinese peoples.

Crime cartel based in Japan.

Race of gods worshiped by the Persian people.

Zero energy
Energy contained in the body cells of Jack of Hearts, granted by the mutagenic Zero Fluid.

Zodiac Key
Extradimensional device originating from the Dimension of the Ankh, wielded by members of the Zodiac crime cartel.

Corpse which has been reanimated through magical means.

See Zombie

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