All-Winners Squad [Captain America (Nasland, Mace), Bucky (Davis), Human Torch, Toro, Namor, Miss America, Whizzer]
All-Winners Comics Vol. 1 #19 (1946)
Post-war team of heroes, later joined by Blonde Phantom, aided by Angel, disbanded in 1949.

American Ace (Perry Webb)
Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 (1939)
American pilot and engineer, became freedom fighter in Attania.

American Avenger (Don Caldwell)
USA Comics #5 (1942)
Masked adventurer active in Argentina, used identity of historic hero el Gaucho, wielded whip.

Archie the Gruesome
Comedy Comics Vol. 1 #10 (1942)
Street sweeper, used costumed identity to fight evil.

Black Widow (Claire Voyant)
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #4 (1940)
Slain medium transformed into operative of "Satan," dispatched against evil souls, used touch of death, accompanied Invaders on European mission.

Blackstone, Harry
Blackstone, the Magician Detective #2 (1948)
Stage magician and detective, accompanied by assistant Rhoda.

Blue Blade (Roy Chambers)
USA Comics #5 (1942)
Musketeer-like hero, rode untiring horse, active on West Coast.

Blue Blaze (Spencer Keen)
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #1 (1940)
Man of 1852 placed in suspended animation and transformed by mysterious blue flame, periodically returned to grave to be moved to new sites of evil; super-strong, invulnerable.

Captain Daring
Daring Mystery Comics #7 (1941)
Armored hero, used advanced technology, seemingly active in both 1940s and 3050.

Captain Terror (Dan Kane)
USA Comics #2 (1941)
Adventurer first active in the Spanish Civil War, posed as playboy, excellent fighter, used boat and plane, still alive in modern times.

Captain Wonder (Prof. Steve Jordan)
Kid Komics #1 (1943)
High school teacher, gained super-strength from chemical fumes, worked alongside similarly empowered Tim Mulrooney.

Challenger (Bill Waring)
Daring Mystery Comics #7 (1941)
Law student who sought vengeance for father's death, learned multiple fighting and weapon skills around the world.

Dakor the Magician
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #1 (1940)
Sorcerer and detective; able to create illusions, transform objects, etc.; aided by Williams.

Defender (Don Stevens)
USA Comics #1 (1941)
Marine, became costumed crimefighter alongside young partner Rusty.

Dix, Jeff
USA Comics #4 (1942)
Army officer, promoted from corporal to sergeant during World War II, active as homefront intelligence agent.

Doctor Gade
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #2 (1940)
Scientist, gained invisibility and immunity to fire from chemicals, became killer vigilante.

Drew, Davey
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #7 (1941)
Young orphan, inadvertently released powerful Demon, used mystic cloak to protect himself from harm, aided by sorcerer Prince of Good against the Demon.

Dynamic Man (Curt Cowan)
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #1 (1940)
Artificial man, FBI agent in civilian identity, super-strong; able to change appearance, see through solid objects, use magnetic field to repel bullets and fly.

Electro the Robot
Marvel Mystery Comics Vol. 1 #4 (1940)
Created by wealthy Professor Philo Zog, remote-controlled, used in conjunction with team of operatives, had super-strength and leaping power, super-fast, impervious to bullets and cannon fire.

Falcon (Carl Burgess)
Daring Mystery Comics #5 (1940)
Assistant District Attorney, used costumed crimefighting identity, able to glide.

Father Time (Larry Scott)
Captain America Comics #6 (1941)
Scythe-wielding crimefighter, motivated by father's unjust execution.

Fiery Mask (Dr. Jack Castle)
Daring Mystery Comics #1 (1940)
Doctor and police consultant, gained super-powers from villain's device; had super-strength and leaping power, projected heat, created force fields, had super-breath.

Fighting Yank (Bill Prince)
Captain America Comics #17 (1942)
Costumed government operative, active in China.

Flexo the Rubber Man
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #1 (1940)
Super-strong robot of questionable sentience, composed of special rubber, animated by secret gas, flew at super-speed, remote-controlled by Doctors Joel and Joshua Williams.

Fourth Musketeer
Comedy Comics Vol. 1 #10 (1942)
Ghost of French musketeer, rides ghostly steed, came to U.S. to fight spies.

Gaunt, Gary
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #9 (1942)
Noted criminologist, transformed into nocturnal monster by accident, searched for cure with help of girlfriend Jean.

Golden Girl (Betty Ross)
Captain America Comics #1 (1941); Captain America Comics #66 (1948)
Longtime associate of first wartime Captain America (Rogers), active as army intelligence agent, used postwar costumed identity to become crimefighting partner of later Captain America (Mace), not to be confused with Kid Commandos/V-Battalion member.

Hercules (Varen David)
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #3 (1940)
Young man raised in Arctic by scientist father, ten feet tall, super-strong, came to U.S. with circus, embarked on adventures.

Human Top (Bruce Bravelle)
Red Raven Comics #1 (1940)
Gained super spinning powers from experiment by Prof. Raymore Davis, fought crime, not to be confused with Kid Commandos/V-Battalion member.

Hunter, Jerry "Headline"
Captain America Comics #5 (1941)
Foreign correspondent active in London for NY newspaper, clashed with German spies, later worked for London Star.

Jones, Zephyr (Zephyrus Jones)
Daring Mystery Comics #2 (1940)
Son of famed scientist Dr. Morrison Jones, completed father's work on spaceship, visited Mars and other worlds, accompanied by friend Corky Grogan.

Ka-Zar the Great (David Rand)
Marvel Comics #1 (1939)
Jungle adventurer, orphaned as youth, accompanied by Zar the lion and Trajah the elephant, obtained superhuman strength and endurance from mystic potion, ally of the Human Torch and others.

Laughing Mask (Dennis Burton, aka the Purple Mask)
Daring Mystery Comics #2 (1940)
Assistant District Attorney, used glowing mask and two .45s as killer vigilante.

Magar the Mystic
Red Raven #1 (1940)
Sorcerer originally active in nineteenth century; able to communicate with and recreate the dead, teleport, move at super-speed, use psi-vision.

Major Liberty (John Liberty)
USA Comics #1 (1941)
History professor, able to summon ghosts from America's past to help him against crime and enemy agents.

Mantor the Magician
Human Torch Comics #2 (1940)
Sorcerer able to transform and create objects, cast illusions, shoot fire, etc.

Marvel Boy (Martin Simon Burns)
Daring Mystery Comics #6 (1940)
Reincarnation of hero known as Hercules, possessed superhuman strength.

Marvel Boy (Martin Oksner Burns)
USA Comics #7 (1943)
Young boy, gained super-powers from mummy of "Hercules," instructed by mysterious Shadow; super-strong, super-fast, super-intelligent.

Marvex the Super-Robot
Daring Mystery Comics #3 (1940)
Robot from the Fifth Dimension, active heroically on Earth, super-strong, super-fast, bulletproof, able to send mental radio messages.

Master Mind Excello (Earl Everett)
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #2 (1940)
Naval intelligence agent, able to see and hear over distance, able to mentally magnify strength; carried various gadgets, including triple-propeller pistol, acidic chemical SF44, wall-climbing vacu-pads, high-explosive liquid.

Merzah the Mystic
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #4 (1940)
Mystic, fought spies and saboteurs, telepathic, projected thoughts, precognitive, aided by Jose and Diana.

Miss Fury (Marla Drake, aka the Black Fury)
Miss Fury #1 (1943)
Socialite and athlete, wore supposedly magical costume during crimefighting endeavors and international adventures.

Miss Patriot (Mary Morgan)
Marvel Mystery Comics #29 (1942); Marvel Mystery Comics #50 (1943)
Reporter and frequent ally of the Patriot, briefly obtained superhuman senses.

Mister E (Victor J. Goldstein, aka Victor Jay)
Daring Mystery Comics #2 (1940)
Wealthy sportsman, used costumed identity to fight crime.

Mister Wu
All-Select Comics #11 (1946)
Gentleman detective of East Indian descent, expert fighter, used cane as weapon, accompanied by young aide Alfie.

Monako, Prince of Magic
Daring Mystery Comics #1 (1940)
Sorcerer, learned magic in India; able to levitate, teleport, grow to giant size, shrink, cast illusions, etc.; aided by Pere and Josie.

Monstro the Mighty
Comedy Comics Vol. 1 #10 (1942)
Giant son of the war god Ares, served in many wars over the centuries, finally tired of bloodshed, aided Major Crash and Hook of the Flying Intelligence Service during World War II.

Moon Man
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #5 (1941)
Wealthy scientist, used costumed identity against criminals, traveled by roadster, wanted by police.

Phantom Bullet (Allan Lewis)
Daring Mystery Comics #2 (1940)
Wealthy reporter, used costumed identity to fight crime, wielded special gun which fired ice bullets.

Phantom of the Underworld (Dr. Doyle "Doc" Denton)
Daring Mystery Comics #1 (1940)
Police detective and surgeon.

Phantom Reporter (Richard Jones, aka Van Ergen)
Daring Mystery Comics #3 (1940)
Millionaire who served as both reporter and costumed crimefighter.

Rockman (possibly Daniel Rose)
USA Comics #1 (1941)
Claimed to be ruler of the Subterranean realm of Abysmia, sought to help U.S. against enemies, travels via "digger car," super-strong, super-fast, super-tough, does not require oxygen to breathe, immune to sea pressures.

Roko the Amazing (Lon Crag)
USA Comics #5 (1942)
High school student, gained super-powers from magic word "Illium," super-strong, nearly invulnerable, able to fly, carried shield.

Roland, Bob
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #5 (1941)
Geologist, accompanied by fiancee Carol in subterranean adventure, encountered and foiled demonic fire-being called Volcan.

Secret Stamp (Roddy Colt)
Captain America Comics #13 (1942)
New York schoolboy, used costumed identity to fight crime.

Kid Komics #1 (1943)
Young duplicate of Namor, similarly powered, alleged nephew of Poseidon, aided by Eggie and Beans.

Super Slave
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #5 (1941)
Genie in service of Cappy and Jane; super-strong, able to change size and control objects, etc.

Taylor, Jim "Taxi"
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #2 (1940)
Taxi driver; invented flying submersible Wonder Car with wireless system, magnetic rays, etc.; uses car as taxi to publicize invention, fights crime.

Three Xs (1X, 2X, 3X)
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #1 (1940)
Trio of non-powered adventurers; 1X is the detective, 2X the inventor, 3X the strongman.

Thunderer (Jerry Carstairs, aka the Black Avenger)
Daring Mystery Comics #7 (1941)
FCC radio operator, used costumed identity and magnified voice to frighten criminals, accompanied Invaders on European mission, still alive in modern times.

Daring Mystery Comics #6 (1940)
White youth raised in India by tribe, accompanied by Balu the tiger and Rangoo the chimp.

Tough Kid Squad (Wally and Tom Danger, Butch, Derrick Dawes, Eagle)
Tough Kid Squad #1 (1942)
Band of teen adventurers, led by two brothers transformed by early version of super-soldier serum; Wally is unusually smart, Tom unusually strong.

Trojak the Tiger Man
Daring Mystery Comics #2 (1940)
White youth raised in Africa by tribe, fought Nazis and criminals, accompanied by Balu the tiger and Sator the falcon.

Tyme, Tommy
Young Allies #7 (1943)
Youth who received magic Clock of the Ages from genie, adventured in various past eras when bored with schoolwork or otherwise unoccupied.

Vagabond (Pat Murphy, aka Chauncey Throttlebottom III)
USA Comics #2 (1941)
Police officer using identity of clown-faced eccentric to infiltrate and fight criminal activities, wore padded suit.

Vance, Terry
Marvel Mystery Comics #10 (1940)
Teenage detective and inventor, helped reporter Deadline Dawson on various cases, accompanied by pet monkey Doctor Watson.

Victory Boys (Victor, Maxie, Gus, Warren, Hans, Kurt)
Comedy Comics Vol. 1 #10 (1942)
Band of German orphans, led by American boy, active against Nazis in Germany.

Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #7 (1941)
Mysterious non-powered crimefighter, allegedly sworn to witness evil deeds and avenge them, may have become ghostly being later in life.

Young Allies (Bucky, Toro, Jeff Sandervilt, Henry "Tubby" Tinkle, Percival "Knuckles" O'Toole, Whitewash Jones)
Young Allies #1 (1941)
Team of teen adventurers, active in U.S. and abroad, occasional allies of Captain America (Rogers), remained active post-war.

Young Avenger (Bill Bryon)
USA Comics #1 (1941)
Youth who received heroic instructions from mysterious Shadow, super-strong.

Zara of the Jungle
Mystic Comics Vol. 1 #2 (1940)
Woman raised in jungle by recluse father, sworn to protect jungle, expert archer.

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