Z of Reality-8116 (Z-7458) - Zygotean, escaped destruction of the Milky Way by the Infinity Horn, plotted vengeance on Dreadstar, ultimately slain by him

Z9 (Rigel Type Zeta 9) - court recorder of the Star Chamber's Cosmic Claims Court
    Zeta 9, Z9, RTZ9, trillion-line code of zeroes and ones--She-Hulk III#7 (8

Z99 - biological weapon, stolen from aim compound by Zaran for Fu Manchu
    --Marvel Knights I#4

Z-RAYs - weapon of Cedric Rawlings, radiation able to shrink objects or people, used by Nazis in an attempt to condense fuel for V2 rockets, shrunk Dredmund Druid nearly out of existence
    (app-rawlingscedric)—Tales of Suspense I#68/2 (69/2,70/2, Captain America I#256

Z-RAY - weapon of AIM, destroyed by Captain America and Agent 60
    --Tales of Suspense I#86

Z-RAY - weapon of Kro, either mounted on his raiding craft or in a hand-held form, said to have the power to slay 100 humans
    --Eternals I#3 (Marvel: Lost Generation#10, Et I#3

ZA of the Mojoverse - invoked by various inhabitants, "Za's vid"
    [Uncanny X-Men Annual#16]

ZA of Reality-8116 - Tyjorian, cultivated by Aknaton as a caring being on a savage, cannibalistic world, mutated by blue crystals, served Aknaton, blew the Infinity Horn with Juliet and Whis'par, ending the Milky Way galaxy to spare it from Zygotean torment and being converted into energy beings that survived the destruction to hopefully bring about a better tomorrow
    (app)--Epic Illustrated#1

ZAAR dim (Lubderbites) - aquatic realm, encountered by Nebulon
    --Defenders I#34

ZABIBI of the Hyborian era - alias used by Nafertari
    --Shadows in Zamboula; Savage Sword of Conan#14

ZABO ( Donalbain) - brother and former bodyguard of Mal Donalbain,
    immense strength, limited intellect
    --Claws of the Cat#1 (Marvel Team-Up I#125

ZABU - Savage Land, saber-tooth tiger, partner of Ka-Zar (Plunder)
    (D#15)--X-Men I#10 (Ka-Zar the Savage#11/2,12/2,14/2,15/2,17/2-19/2,21/2-26/2, KaZar minus 1, Astonishing Tales#11(fb), XM I#10, Daredevil I#12,13, 14?, 24, Amazing Spider-Man I#57,58, Marvel Super-Heroes I#19, Incredible Hulk II#109-111, UX62,63, X-Men: Hidden Years#3,5, AstT#1-7, Savage Tales I#1, Amz103,104, AT#9, 8, 10-13, 15-20, Kazar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle#1, 2, 3(Marvel Team-Up I#19), 4,5, SavT#6, 7, 7/3, Kaz6-8, ST8,9, Kaz9, SVT10, Kaz10,11, ST#11, Kaz12,13, Marvel Two-In-One#16,17, Kaz14-20, UX115,116(Classic X-Men#22/2), MTU#104, MTIO An6, Marvel Fanfare I#2, 4, Ka-Zar the Savage#1-22, 25/2,26/2, 23-31, UXM An7, Kaz32,34, Avengers I#256,257,[258], Iron Man I#202, UX An12, West Coast Avengers An3, Codename: Genetix#3,4, Marvel Comics Presents#16/4, Wolverine: Global Jeopardy, UX274,275 Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular#2/2, Namor I#14, 17,[18], Marvel Graphic Novel: Ka-Zar: Guns of the Savage Land, Ka-Zar of the Savage Land, Tales of the Marvel Universe#1, Sensational Spider-Man II#13-15, Hulk454, Kazar Annual 1997, Kazar V#1,2, UX354(fb), Kaz3, 5,6, 8,9(fb),9-14, 14/2(fb),14/2,15,[16],17-20, Captain America III#29(fb),20,[30],31, Uncanny X-Men#457-459, Hercules III#3, 5, Marvel Comics Presents#, Cable & Deadpool#49, Marvel Comics Presents#5/2-7/2, UX495

ZABU - pet dog of Gus Beezer
    (app-gus beezer)--Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer: Spider-Man#1 (Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer: Hulk#1, Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer: X-Men#1, Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer: Gus Beezer & Spider-Man#1

ZABU ( ) - @1940s, half-human creture raised by Mor, defeated by Electro
    (app-mor)--Marvel Mystery Comics#17/2

ZABU - medicine man of M'Tuba's tribe, feared foreign medicine would undermine his authority
   (app-M'Tuba)--Lorna the Jungle Girl#19

ZABYK - Skrull, set off Hyper-Wave bomb in attempt to gain control of empire, wore protective armor, but was still affected by the bomb and trapped in the armor
    (app)--Avengers Annual#14 (14(fb), 14, Fantastic Four Annual#19

ZAC - green drink served warm in Deviant Lemuria
    --Eternals II#2

ZACH ?? ( ) - mutant, Xavier Institute.
    Merge objects or beings
    --X-Treme X-Men#20 (21-23

ZACK ?? - Greenwich Village hippie circa 1971, supported Roger Krass while he published Peter of the People
    (app-krass)--Creatures on the Loose#11

ZACK ?? - youth in Donna Little's Trailer Park
    --She-Hulk II#24

ZACK's BILLIARDS and BAR - attended by Peter Parker, Harry Osborn, & Vin Gonzalez
    --Amazing Spider-Man#565

ZADKIEL -  Angel, allegedly responsible for bonding Johnny Blaze to an angel to become Ghost Rider, served by Dan Ketch
    NEW MORNINGSTAR, HE of the INEFFABLE SEFIROTH, CHIEF of the ORDER of DOMINIONS, LORD of the BLACK HOSTS--[Ghost Rider VI#14], 18, (seen) 27 (18 (fb), 21 (fb), [20-23, 24-25, 26], 27

    --Darkhawk#2 (3, 4, 6, 16(fb), An1/5, Amazing Spider-Man I#353

ZAFAR II, Emperor BAHADUR SHAH - slain by Tiger Jani, later impersonated by Brahman to give his people something to believe in and fight for
    *D*--[Immortal Iron Fist#15]

ZAFFER - Wasteland dimension, mate of Damask, lives in idealic paradise generated by the Rose of Purity; encountered and befriended (and briefly battled) Defenders sent to claim the Rose by Amora the Enchantress
    (app)--Defenders I#108

ZAFINA - per-modern era Halwani princess, daughter of King Kadar, cousin of Dr. Khadijah, had Mr. Justice captured and tortured by Jameel, defeated by First Line
    (net)--Marvel: Lost Generation#9

ZAFIRO - former agent of Machette
    (app)--Punisher War Journal I#69 (74

ZAFRA of the Hyborian era - sorcerer employed by Akter Khan in Zamboula, used Book of Skelos, Tomes of Sabatea, invoked Set, Erlik, and the Children of Jhil, created the Sword of Skelos
    --Sword of Skelos; Savage Sword of Conan#56

ZAHGURIM - demon, Satan's armorer
    (app)--Hellstorm#12 ([13(fb)] 12,[13],14

ZAHHAK - living demon with brain-eating snakes growing from his shoulders, father of Aban
    DRAGON KING*--[Terror, Inc - Apocalypse Soon#1], 2 (4 (fb), 2 (fb), 3-4

ZAHNER, LLOYD - Project: Glamor, partner of Monteiro, broke up Demon/Marea’s operations, face burnt by Man-Thing, knocked unconscious and killed by Choate/Steel in swamp
    -CORNDOG (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#1/2 (2/2-5/2, 7/2-12/2

ZAHNMORDER ( ) - World War II, Vernichtalungs Kommandos.
    masochist + sadist
    *D* (net)--Adventures of Captain America#1 (2-4d)

ZAHRAHN of the Hyborian era - island on which Rhan and the demoness fathered the Children of Rhan, who age rapidly upon leaving that island
    --Savage Sword of Conan#64 (64(fb), 64(fb), 64

ZAI'ID, Col. MUTASIM - leader of Mazikhandar Liberty Legion
    --Invaders III#6

ZAIKROS – Emperor on the planet Jupiter; requested help from X-Men to defeat Jovian mutants led by the Coordinator.
    --Edições Gep#6

ZAIRRE, JOAQUIM - Satanist, attempted to sacrifice Werewolf to demon (s), knocked into portal into Biphasia
    (app-Biph)--Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#5

ZAK - extraterrestrial, with Ozt plotted conquering Earth, abandoned plot after humanity overcame their phase 1 shrinking test
    (app-corenmarc)--Tales of Suspense I#1/5

ZAK ?? - Almost Reno, friend of Mary
    rock-like body
    --X-Force I#86

ZAK - North
    --Black Widow IV#4

ZAK - Sectaur, ally of Dargon
    --Sectaurs#1 (2-8

ZAKAIUS - former servant of Domitian, attempted to purge galaxy of infidels by stealing their souls.
    mentally manipulate others, fire energy blasts, immune to mental manipulation, teleport
    (app)--Warlock & the Infinity Watch#35 (38(fb), 37(fb), 35,37-39

ZAK-DEL - see WRAITH--Annihilation Conquest: Wraith#1, (identified) #2

ZA’KEN – Shi'ar adventurer & exile, parents murdered for political demagogue, saved Deathcry's life, took Hercules and Deathcry to Chandilar in hopes of lifting their exile
    apparent healing powers, skilled swordsman
    (app)--(shadowed) Avengers I#398; (full) 399 ([399 (fb)], 398-399

ZAKHAROV, General NIKOLAI ALEXANDROVICH - Russian, supervised efforts to stop the Punisher's efforts to retrieve the Barbarossa virus, allied with Rawlins to take down Punisher, mortally wounded by Rawlins, slain by Punisher
    *D* MAN of STONE--Punisher VII#15 (39 (fb), 15(fb), 15-18, 37-41, 42d)

ZAKKA - Deviant tool-maker, built time-displacer able to bring forth ancient warriors, summoned Tutinax, slain by him
    Tool-Master--Eternals Annual#1

ZAKKIM - see FROG-MAN (app)--Strange Tales#104/3

ZALADANE (Zala Dane) - Savage Land, Sun People, former warlike queen and high priestess of garokk, claimed to be sister of polaris, formerly stole her magnetic powers, apparently killed by magneto
    -ZALA *D?* (U#8,M)--Astonishing Tales I#3 (4,5, Uncanny X-Men#115(fb),116, Marvel Fanfare I#3,4, Uncanny X-Men An12, UX249,250, 274,275

ZALASKI - former ruler of dimension conquered by Juggernaut; released Thor so he could defeat Juggernaut, but prevented from resuming his own dictatorship by Eric Masterson
    (app)--[Thor I#428], 429

ZALGODIAN race - extinct, formerly held and utilized the Zalkor
    --[Warlock and the Infinity Watch#31]

ZALKOR - immensely powerful, but immobile being, addicted to Skrimblatt, granted great power to a certain being (his Kalorian), in exchange for that being's soul, as well as supplying the Skrimblatt that the Zalkor could not reach, previously worshipped/attended by the Zalgodians
    BESTOWER of UNLIMITED WISHES*, DREAMER* (app-countabyss)--Warlock & the Infinity Watch#23 (31(fb), 23, 32,33

ZALMAN, agent - Hydra, assisted Saddam Abed Dasam, partnered with agent King, helicopter shot down by SHIELD
    (app-dasam)--Elektra II#2 (2 (fb), 2, 3, 4 (fb), 4, 5

ZALME, - mutant, former member of army until powers surfaced and he turned into an immense and savage lizard-man, defeated by Dazzler

ZALPH - Beginagains.
    (app)--[X-Factor I#44]

Zalphir - Kings of Ancient Atlantis; apparently ended up in Hell; tormented Namor
    --Namor the First Mutant#6

ZAM - Kree, son of Ko-Rel (Nova 001)
    --[Nova IV#5]

ZAMATEV - Russian agent
Black Widow: The Coldest War (1990)

ZAMBADA - Wakandan, follower of Solomon Prey, nose broken when attacked T’Challa.
    had natural affinity for riding pteradons, used lightning lancer
    (net-wak)--Black Panther: Panther's Prey#1 (2

ZAMBIBI - see NAFERTARI--Savage Sword of Conan#14? 194

ZAMOK IZ LLOD of the Hyborian era - Sythia, castle of Vassilisa and Vlad Bloodhawk
    (app-vas)--Red Sonja III#8 (9-13

ZAMORA of the Hyborian era (Hangara, Yezud)
    - country, worshipped spider-god(omm+zath) in yezud, also bel and sodatha

ZAMORA, ANGEL of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Lotusland VR tech
    *D*--Hulk 2099#2 (3-10

ZAMORA, DARIUS - @ 1962, descendent of Gypsies, died of heart attack when duped by business rival Luther Krumhausen, called on ancestors to shrink Krumhausen, transferred own spirit into a cat and ate Krumhausen
    Knowledge of Gypsy magic, could curse a person, could pass his own soul on to an animal at the point of death
    *D* (app)--Journey into Mystery I#80/1 [80(fb)], 80

ZAMORA, Officer PETE - LA cop, assisted Hawkeye in war against Stone Perfs and search for Terminizer
    (app)--Avengers Spotlight#30 (31-33, [36]

ZAMORA, TALIA of Earth-982 - high school, romantic interest of Zane Yama, infatuated with J2. wf, blond
    --J2#1 (4, 7-9, 12, Wild Thing II#3/2, 4/2, 5/2

ZAMPA, MARIO - UK crimelord

ZAMPELLI, MATTHEW - watched over Warren Worthington and Andrew Palmer in detention
    --Angel: Revelations#4 (2008)

ZAMSED - Kree, Starstealth
    (app)--Force Works#1 (1(fb) - BTS / 13(fb) - BTS, 14(fb) - BTS, 1(fb) - BTS, 13(fb) - BTS, 1, 12 (fb) - BTS, 12 - BTS, 13, 14

ZAMU - R'Zahnian leader, spied on Earth and sought political power while working as a stage magician, encountered and exposed by Dr. Druid, arrested
    (app)--(g) Amazing Adventures I#3; Weird Wonder Tales#20

ZAN - invoked by 31st century Courga of Reality-691
    --[Guardians of the Galaxy#2]

ZANADU - mystic mountain of Mogul
    MYSTIC MOUNTAIN*, XANDU*, ZANDU* (app)—[Thor I#137/2], 139/2 (140/2-145/2, 474(fb), 474

ZANCA, JACQUELINE "JACKIE" - former Observer reporter, killed and replaced by Volx
    *D* (app-volx)--New Warriors I#64

ZANDA - princess of Narobia, Council of Antiquarians, allied with Black Panther in encounter with Collectors. bf
    (app)--Black Panther I#1 (2-5,7, Iron Man III#21/2,22, Black Panther III#42-45, Black Panther IV#16-17

ZANDOR - corpse reanimated by ICON as first effort of Operation: Marauder, former professional wrestler, killed during a match, used as an enforcer by Cardinal.
    dim, bald man
    (app-icon)--Frankenstein Monster#14 (15

ZANDROFF - right hand man of Mother Matrix, fled with her
    (app-mother)--Marvel Comics Presents#156 (157, 158

ZANDU - see ZANADU (Mogul) (app)—[Thor I#137/2], 139/2

ZANE, ANGELIQUE of Earth-93060 - winged ultra, encountered Rune + Adam Warlock
    --Rune II#3 (6,7

ZANE, DONOVAN - Friends of Humanity, led Empire State University chapter
    --Spider-Man I#82 (83,85 87

ZANG of the Hyborian era - former agent of Salome
   *D* (app-salome)--A Witch shall be Born; Savage Sword of Conan#5

ZANIAC (Brad Wolfe) - movie actor, abused as child by mother, developed pathologic hatred of women, mutated by explosion in irradiated area,
    strength and durability, generate energy knives, upon death releases creatures to infect others with power
    *D* (1980s, app)--Thor I#319 (371d)

ZANIAC ("Thug" Thatcher) - infected by power of Wolfe, Thor and Justice Peace went back in time to prevent his creation, Thatcher died of a heart attack
    *D* (1980s, app)—Thor I#371 (372(uncreated)

ZANKOR - Skrull captain, sent to earth @ 13-15 years ago to scout earth for invasion, crashed to Earth, developed amnesia, inadvertently exposed own device, true nature discovered and revealed by Reed Richards
    (net)--Amazing Fantasy I#7, Marvel: Lost Generation#11

ZANNARTH - demon of hell, incubus, assisted Satana until killed by Ellin ;
    *D* (app)--Haunt of Horror#2/8 ([2/8 (fbs)], 4d, 5/4(d))

ZANO - Xartan, son of Ugarth, attempted to gain vengeance for father's death, defeated by X-Factor and their protégés
    (app-xartans)--Journey into Mystery I#90 (X-Factor I#32(fb), 32

ZANTH - Time Keepers
    (app-timekeepers)--Thor I#282 (245(fb)/Avengers Forever#9(fb)/What If? II#39(fb), Thor I#245, W?39(fb), [39(fb)], Th282(fb)/AvFor8(fb), [Quasar#30 (fb)]/What If II#13?, [AvFor8(fb)/Avengers I#2], [AvFor8(fb)], 8(fb), [8(fb)], [8(fb)/Avengers West Coast#42-44, 48, 50-52], [Avengers West Coast#62], Quasar#26, [Quasar#30(fb)], [W? II#35-38], 39, Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#3, [AvFor8(fb)], 8(fb), 9(fb), 1, [2-9], 10-12, Marvel Universe: The End#2

ZANTOR - Atlantean, gatekeeper of Faceless Ones
    —Tales to Astonish I#72

ZANTOR - Atlantean, scientist, servant of Attuma, drained blood from Hulk to briefly empower Attuma and Vashti,
    connection to the above?
    (app)—Hulk/Sub-Mariner Annual 1998 (Hulk/Sub-Mariner Annual 1998 (fb), Hulk/Sub-Mariner Annual 1998

ZANUSSI, BRUNO - American drug dealer, allied with Hans-Dieter Flurgen + Monsieur Marat + Mingus Strathcoe + Moscow Eddie Yarkov in plot to smuggle cocaine in countries while distilled in whiskey, killed by Punisher and Clansman
    *D* (app-clansman)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Blood on the Moors (Blood on the Moors (dies)

ZAPAL of the pre-Cataclysmic era - Atlantean scientist in Kamuu's court
    (app-kamuu)--Sub-Mariner I#62/2 (63/2

"ZAPHRALZ" - demon servant of Kx'ulthuum, attempted to seduce Conan to reclaim the Death-Sword, slain by Scarlet Mage
    *D* (app-kx'ulthuum)--Conan the Barbarian I#169 (170d)

ZAPORAVO  of the Hyborian era - former captain of the Wastrel, a ship of Zingaran buccaneers, former lover of Sancha, slain by Conan
    HAWK* *D*--REH's Pool of the Black One; Savage Sword of Conan#22 (22, 22(fb, dies)

ZAPPER - see RIDGE,DAN "ZAPPER" (app-dr)—Savage She-Hulk#2

ZAPPER (Caesar Cirigliano) - stole Opti-Link helmet from research lab, turned from life of crime when saw his potential fate from Cloak and Dagger
    used it to fire optic blasts
    (app)--Strange Tales II#6 (6(fb), 6

ZAPPER (Colin Smith) - merc, British mutant.
    electromagnetic powers
    (app)—Marvel Graphic Novel: Agent ([GN(fb)], GN

ZAPRUDER, "FILTHY" FRANKIE - District X, formerly employed Dzemal, threatened by Bishop, formerly held the Toad Boy and sold the Toad Juice
    strong body odor parallels emotions
    --X-Men Unlimited II#2 ([District X#2], 3-6

ZAPSTER (Langley Saint-Margaret) - Anti-Registration Underground
    --Civil War: Front Line#4([4/4])

ZAR - pet lion of Ka-Zar the Great
--Marvel Comics#1

ZARA ( ) - jungle girl, raised in Africa's jungles by widowed step-father
    (net-gold)--(g) Mystic Comics#2

ZARA of Earth-93060 - Cloud City

ZARAG of the Hyborian era - thief, stole the gemstone of the Warz Bel Doqh imposter, slain by a giant spider
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#73

ZARAGON HOTEL - used by Netman to ensnare Captain America in a trap
    --Captain America Comics#10

ZARAGZ'NA - Skrull world, former home to Super-Skrull's son Sarnogg, destroyed by Annihilation Wave via Harvester of Sorrow
    --[Annihilation: Super-Skrull#1], 3 (3 (fb)), 3d)

ZARAKEL Overlord (Rakkhal)'s mother
(app-ov)--Silver Surfer I#6 (6(fb)

ZARAMBA of the Hyborian era - priest of Kassali
    --The Ivory Goddess; Savage Sword of Conan#60

ZARAN (Maximillian Zaran) - Batroc’s Brigade, Thunderbolts army, former agent of MI-6, defected to employ of Fah Lo Suee, became mercenary after spurned by her, master of ancient and modern weaponry, defeated and identity briefly? taken by successor
    -the WEAPONSMASTER (D#1, M, AZU#4)--[Master of Kung Fu#76], 77 (78,79, 83,84, 86-89, 109, Captain America I#302,303, West Coast Avengers II#11, Solo Avengers#3, Cap357/2,358-362, 411-414, Elektra I#7, Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman, Gambit III#16(fb3+6), 17-19, Wolverine II#158, 167,168, GLA#2, New Thunderbolts#8, Thunderbolts II#103, Union Jack II#1

ZARAN (Zhou Man She) - trained by Maximillian, temporarily defeated him and took over his identity.
    master of ancient and modern weaponry
    --Master of Kung Fu: Bleeding Black (Marvel Knights I#4-6, 11-14,

    - Xander?
    --Dr. Strange II#27?

ZARANO of the Hyborian era - Zingaran buccaneer, former ally of Ferdrugo, Thoth-Amon and Menkara, slain by Picts after seeking the Treasures of Tranicos
    *D*--Conan the Buccaneer; Savage Sword of Conan#40 (41, 43(fb), 43, 47, 48d)

ZARATHON - see VOSBURG, ZARATHON--Vampire Tales I#10/2

ZARATHOS - demon that formerly possessed John Blaze, considered ancient in pre-cataclysmic era, opposed by Blood, worshipped by Fallen, formerly held the Medallion of Power, formerly plagued Native American tribe until defeated by man who would become Centurious with aid of Mephisto, imprisoned by Mephisto until bound to John Blaze, eventually separated from him
    -GHOST RIDER* (M, MarvZom, MKE)--Marvel Spotlight I#5, (true form) Ghost Rider II#76 (GR III#
    GR II#76+77(fb),
    MarvSpot#5->gr/blaze [Ghost Rider II#26]->gr. GR43,44->gr. GR76,77->gr.
    GR II#80,81, Amazing Spider-Man I#274, Midnight Sons Unlimited#4, Ghost Rider: Crossroads

ZARATHUSTRA (    ) - servant of Lord Moses
    (app)--Fantastic Force#2 ([3] 10,11, 16

ZARDA of "Earth-31916" -
    *D*--Supreme Power#2

ZARDETH - evil sorcerer, Crystalium
    --Crystar #1

ZARDOK - Starblaster, Kronan, apparently killed when electrocuted by Perun
    - ZARDOX, ZARDROX (app)--Starblast#1 (2, Quasar#55

ZARDOX - see ZARDOK (app)--Starblast#1

ZARDROX - see ZARDOK (app)--Starblast#1

ZAREK - former Kree prime minister, conspired with Ronan to overthrow Supreme Intelligence and establish a regime where the blue Kree can purge the empire of the non-blue, leader of Lunatic Legion
    -ZO* (M, Annihilation: Nova Files, app)--Marvel Super-Heroes I#12 (Captain Marvel I#16 (fb), Untold Tales of Captain Marvel#1, Marvel Super-Heroes II#12, [Captain Marvel I#11-15], 16, 38(fb), 41(fb), [34(fb), 34, 35(fb), 36], 37-38, 41(fb), 41, Annihilation: Ronan#3, [4]

ZARFHAANA - pre-cataclysmic era, country, ruled by emperor Varicus, ancestors of the Hyrkanians, worshipped the White Wolf
    Sons of the White Wolf; Savage Sword of Conan#37 (Kull the Conqueror II#1

ZARGHEBA of the Hyborian era - Shemite, allied with Thutmekri to obtain Teeth of Gwahlur, sent Muriela to impersonate the Oracle of Alkmeenon, slain by the servants of Bit-Yakin
    *D*-- REH's Jewels of Gwahlur; Conan the Warrior; Savage Sword of Conan#25

ZARGUS - Zephyrland dim, the Four, warrior, killed by other Zephyreans under Virago’s spell
    *D* (app-four)--Sub-Mariner I#64 (65-67d)

ZARIN - Polar Eternals, military leader, pilot and aid to Valkin, left for space with others in Uni-Mind
    --Eternals I#11 ([12-14], [Avengers I#246, 247], 248, Eternals: Herod Factor

    Narcopath, send others to sleep
    --X-Men: Mutant Empire#3

ZARINA - Atlantean, sister of Fen, aunt of Namor, mother of Beemer + Bobo, encouraged Beemer to sabotage the oil rig outside of Atlantis
    --Namor II#5 (8-12

ZARKO the FLYING SQUID - origin unknown, sought vengeance on Terry Kavanaugh for being excluded from the OHotMU Update '89
    fly, used various weapons in each tentacle
    (app)--Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update ‘89#8

ZARKOFF - terrorist, dealt with Madame Menace, sought to betray her, defeated by her
    --Machine Man I#17

ZARKORR (Dave Bartlett) - alternate future, posed as alien to prove his continued worth to the Space Patrol
    (app)--Tales of Suspense I#35

    --Ravage 2099#

ZAROUR, HAYYAN - Palestinian leader, kidnapped by Dr. Octopus, rescued by Spider-Man, New York Police Department, with covert aid of the Mossad
    --Spectacular Spider-Man III#8 (9, 10

ZARR 2099 - Sky People of Savage Land
    --Doom 2099#19 (20-22

ZARRKO the TOMORROW MAN (Artur Zarrko) - human from alternate future of Earth-6297’s 23rd century, would-be world-conqueror.
    utilizes advanced technology including Servitors
    -TOMORROW MAN*, BORIS imposter* (M, OH: AZ#12)--Journey into Mystery I#86 (101,102, Marvel Team-Up I#9-11, Thor243(fb), 242-245, 438-441, Darkhawk#26-29, [F4#396],397-400, 400/2, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, F4#401-407, Fantastic Four Unlimited#12, Fantastic Four Unplugged#3, F4#408,409, Thor II#33-35, 41,43, 53,55, 61, 66,67, Amazing Spider-Man#552

ZARTHON of Weirdworld - sorcerer
    (app)--Marvel Super Special#12

ZARTRA - empress of pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis when it sank, wife of Kamuu, Lemurian woman, fled homeland when it was conquered by Deviants, slain prior to sinking of Atlantis by Nolem--a former subject from Lemuria, merged glass eye with Kamuu's sword, creating the magic item known as the Eye of Zartra
    wf, dark hair, eyepatch
    *D* (app)--Sub-Mariner I#62/2 ([63/2(fb)], [Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23/7 (fb)], Adventure into Fear#15(fb), Marvel Spotlight I#17, SubM#62/2, 63/2d, 66/2(spirit)

ZARTRA - @ 6000 BC, Homo mermani, Atlantean, first empress of undersea Atlantis, wife of Kamuu, daughter of Elanna
    (app)--Sub-Mariner I#66

ZARTROS - gnome, Quarl dim, former prisoner of Quarlians, allied with Ka-Zar
    (app)--Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle#17 (18-20)

ZAR-ZAK  the Hyborian era - sorcerer, partnered with Kamala and Atola in plot to dupe the men of the village of Numalia out of their money, "abducted" Kamala, posed as dragon fought by Atola, picked the pockets of those watching the struggle
    --Savage Sword of Conan#46/3

ZA'TAI - suburb on the Aerie
    --War of Kings: Who Will Rule?#1

ZATAMA - Wakandan high council, strongly opposed to modernization, murdered by Tanzika in order to frame Monica Lynne
    *D* (net-wak)--Jungle Action I#7 (8,9d)

ZATH of the Hyborian era - Spider God, worshipped in Yezud, possible offspring or reincarnation of Omm
    (app)--[Savage Sword of Conan#207], 210 ([207-209], 210

ZATOA - city on Alpha Centauri IV
    --Avengers Forever #1

ZAVERIA - @ 1459, Transylvania, husband slain by the Turks, former romantic interest of Dracula
    --Dracula Lives#4/8

ZAVITZ - participated in Sentinel assault on Kang
    --Avengers III#48

ZAWADI - Monster Hunters, Wakandan woman.
    enhanced strength + speed + agility, skilled warrior and hunter, used spear and short daggers
    <Precious Gift>     (app-monsterhunters)--Marvel Universe#4 (4(fb), 4-7, Marvel: Lost Generation#2

ZAXON, Dr. KONRAD - mad scientist, hired as replacement for Bruce Banner when he was believed to have been killed by the time displacement ray, specialized in organic energy, attempted to siphon Bulk's power with his Organic Energy Attractor, apparently killed by backlash of energy
    *D* (app)--Tales to Astonish I#78/2 (79/2d)

ZAXTON, LAWRENCE - mad scientist, Thor foe
    (1960s)--Journey into Mystery I#95

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