WRAARL - see DEVOURER of SOULS--Savage Sword of Conan#

WRAATH (possibly William Amos) – Peacekeepers, cyborg, possible future self of Mammoth
    large + strong
    (app)--Blackwulf#1 (2, 4, 6, 8, 10

WRAITH of the Hyborian Era - white wolf, agent of Ranelphi, slain by Conan
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#8

WRAITH (Brian DeWolff) - brother of Jean DeWolff, son and former pawn of phillip dewolff, mutated by advanced technology procured by father, original form destroyed by scourge, transferred mind into body of another.
    telepathy, induce illusions, project psionic bolts, control mind of another
    *D/possessed another* (D#20, M, 1970s)—Marvel Team-Up I#48 (49+50(fb), 48-51, Iron Man I#105,106,[107],108, MTU#72, [Spectacular Spider-Man II#108], Amazing Spider-Man I#277"d", Morbius#18,19

WRAITH (Yuri Watanabe) - see WATANABE, YURI (app)--Amazing Spider-Man II#664/1

WRAITH (Hector Radoza) - X-Men, mutant, briefly recruited to stop Magneto's war in Genosha.
    transparent skin, able to make other's skin transparent as well
    --Uncanny X-Men#392 (X#112, UX393, X#113

WRAITH (Zak-Del*) - Kree, son of Sim-Del, mutated by the Nameless Kree
    --Annihilation Conquest: Wraith#1, (identified) #2 (2 (fb), 1-4

WRAITH of Earth-9602 (Todd LeBeau) – Gambit + Obsidian, JLX, escaped from Sentinels w/ aid of Shadow Guild
    (app)--JLX#1 (JLA: The New Blood#1, Judgment League: Avengers#122, JLX#1, 2, 4, 6, [JLX Unleashed#1]

WRAITH, JOHN - Project X, former expediter for landau, luckman, and lake.
    alter density, bm
    -Carlysle, KESTREL*, HALCON (net)—Wolverine II#48, 60 (Maverick II#2(fb4), Wolv61(fb), 60(fb), 61(fb), Wolv60-65, Maverick I#1, Maverick II#1

WRAITH, JOHN of Earth-1610 - Weapon X, antagonist and former controller of Wolverine, led his recapture
    --Ultimate X-Men #2 (7-12

WRAITHKNIGHTS - agents of Nazgoth/Dire Wraiths, bonded to Galadorian spaceknight armor
    --Spaceknights#1 (2-5

WRAITH SQUAD (Alyssa, Coffin, two others) - field agents for Division U, failed to capture Captain Universe (Roland Taylor)
    (app-du)--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5/2

"WRANGLER" - see Emmy Doolin.
    form in which she was seen by hallucinating Wolverine & Sabretooth
    (app-doolin)--Wolverine II#45 (46(fb), 45,46

WRANGLER (  ) - Superia’s Femizons.
    wf, lariat, black hair
    LARALIE* (app)--[Captain America I#387], 389 ([387,388],389-392

WRANGLERS - Possible security agents for Weapon X, whom Emmy Doolin was seen as in shared delusions of Wolverine and Sabretooth
    (app-doolin)--Wolverine II#46

WRAP (Nick Bisley) - Hellions, enslaved by Emplate
   --Generation X#57

WRARL  of the Hyborian era - Bahreen Bel Akif, former advisor to Onan Bakh Galeen
    --Savage Sword of Conan#63

WRARRL - see DEVOURER of SOULS--Savage Sword of Conan#

WRATH of Earth-93060 (Thomas Hunter) - Aladdin
    --[Prime I#6], Prototype#3 (4, Wrath#1-8, Sludge#12/Ultraverse Presents#8/4, Wrath#9

WRATH of Earth-93060 (Tunney) - Aladdin
    --Mantra II#2 (3-5

WRATHCHILDE (Dr. Phillip Roth) - summoned and mutated by Sapphire Lotus
    (app)--Death's Head III#1 (2-4

WRECK of Earth-97103 - Land of Fuzz, counterpart of Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)
    (app-earth97103)--What If II#100/2

WRECKAGE of Earth-93060 (Jack Prosper) - Ultraforce, former FBI agent
    --Ultraforce II#1, 3(named) (3(fb), 1-3

WRECKER (Dr. Karl Kort) - Communist agent, infiltrated Gamma Base in order to destroy Bruce Banner's electromagnetic wave defense device, used giant robot to frame hulk for sabotage, exposed by fantastic four and hulk
    (1960s, app)--Fantastic Four I#12

WRECKER (Frank Smith) -
    (1960s, app)--Tales to Astonish I#63

WRECKER (Dirk Garthwaite) - Wrecking Crew, Lethal Legion, Thunderbolts army, stole Norn power Karnilla had intended for Loki, has periodically divided power into the Wrecking Crew.
    superhuman class 50 strength, enhanced durability and stamina, uses virtually indestructible enchanted crowbar
    (I#12, D#15, M)--Thor I#148 (431(fb) 149,150 171 Defenders I#17-19, Iron Fist#11(fb), Fantastic Four I#168, IF#11(fb),11,12, Thor#305, Secret Wars I#1-3, Th383(fb),SecWar#4-11, 12//She-Hulk III#10(fb), Secret Wars II#7, Marvel Age Annual#1, Spectacular Spider-Man II#125(Avengers I#273-277),Spec126 Avengers: Deathtrap: the Vault GN, Avengers Spotlight#26, Damage Control II#1, Fantastic Four#355, Iron Man I#251, Thor418, Avengers An19/5, Th426-431, Captain America I#411-414, Thunderstrike#13/2,14/2, Avengers Unplugged#4, Journey into Mystery I#505,506, Uncanny Origins#14, Thunderbolts#1, Marvel Team-Up II#6,10,11, Avengers III#15,16,17(fb),17,18, Thor II#28,29, Wolverine II#164,[165], Marvel Universe: The End#3, Thing: Freakshow#1, Avengers III#77-80, She-Hulk III#5,6, [New Avengers#1-3], New Avengers#7-8, Toxin#4,
    Daredevil II#102 (fb), 103, Amazing Spider-Man#552-553

WRECKING CREW (Wrecker (Garthwaite), Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball, Excavator)
    - Masters of Evil, Thunderbolts army, Hood's army, former inmates, received power when lightning bolt divided Wrecker's power among the four of them
    (I#13, AMW)—Defenders I#17 (18,19, Iron Fist I#11(fb),11,12, Thor305,
    SecWar1-11, 12//She-Hulk III#10(fb), Spectacular Spider-Man II#125(Avengers I#273-277),Spec126,
    Avengers Unplugged#4, Journey into Mystery I#505, Uncanny Origins#14, Marvel Holiday Special 2004(fb), Marvel Team-Up II#6, 10,11, Avengers III#15,16,17(fb),17,18, Thor II#28,29, [Av44], Marvel Universe: The End#3, Thing: Freakshow#1, Avengers III#77-80, She-Hulk III#5,6
, Runaways II#1, New Thunderbolts#2, [New Avengers#1-3]/4(fb), Thunderbolts II#103, New Excalibur#13, Omega Flight#1-5, Marvel Comics Presents II#5/3, New Avengers#35, Annual#2, Daredevil II#103

WRECKLESS ( ) - Brute Force, cybernetically enhanced bear
    (app-Brute Force)--Brute Force#1 (2-4

WREKK - one of many robots owned by Josiah Dogbolter, encountered Doctor Who
    (app-Dogbolter)--Doctor Who Magazine#86 (87

WREN - Inhuman Bird People of Sky Island/Aerie, tracked Condor for Red Raven
    Brother Wren* (app)--Nova III#4

WREN, HUBERT - post World War II era, developed duplicator, inadvertently duplicated fiancÚ "Barb," much to his chagrin
    (app)--Uncanny Tales#54/5

WRENCH (Kurt Klemmer) - criminal, reportedly killed by Scourge of the Underworld-3
    *D* (app)--Omega the Unknown#6 ([Captain America I#394(d)]

WRENCH (Leonard Hobbs) - Team America, Thunderiders, mechanic, married Georgianna, bm
    (D#13)—Team America#2

WRENCH ( ) - worked for Architect
    --Punisher War Zone#18

WRETCHED ONE - wove a Soul-Shroud of Thor (Eric Masterson) for Mephisto
    --Thor I#430

wretches of the pit of the Hyborian era - due to an unidentified factor -- magic or some toxin in the air or water -- many of the children of Kherdpur were born as grotesque monstrosities who were confined to the tunnels known as the pit, befriended by Yolinda, slain by Grimm and his men
    *D* (app-yolinda)--Savage Sword of Conan#234/2 ([234/2 (fb) / 235/2 (fb)], 234/2, 235/2d)

WRIGHT, ADAM* - Child abducted by the Hobgoblin (Macendale) while he was driven mad from his demonic transformation, maimed with demonic mark, rescued by Spider-Man and the Ghost Rider (Ketch).

WRIGHT, ARIANN - Legion of Night, daughter of Caspar, killed Aan Taanu's child.
    pre-teen girl, mystic awareness, manipulate it under certain conditions
    (app)--Legion of the Night#1 (2, Midnight Sons Unlimited#9/2

WRIGHT, CASPAR - father of Ariann, runs Thamuz bookshop, respects Ariann’s mystic awareness, assists her as needed
    (app)--Legion of the Night#1 (2, Midnight Sons Unlimited#9/2

WRIGHT, GORDON ?LAWRENCE? - Third Wing presidential candidate, pawn of Red Skull and Dr. Faustus, eventually exposed and forced to withdraw candidacy
    --Captain America V#35 (36-39, 41-42

WRIGHT, KENNETH - Super Soldiers, killed by Childs
    - VICTORY* *D* (app-ss)--Super Soldiers#1 (1(fb), 2(fb)

WRIGHT, LOUISE - daughter of agent Wright, suffering from unknown ailment
    (app-agentwright)-- (pictured) X-Force I#127

WRIGHT, Mr - android working w/ Dr. Keene in the Black Hole
    --Ghost Rider III#62 (63-65

WRIGHT, agent - CIA, daughter Louise dying, sought vengeance on X-Force/X-Statix for preventing government from harvesting powers of Paco Perez, directed them into conflict with Bush Rangers, led CIA Crack Squad in plan to kill X-Force, killed by Bush Ranger Tray
    *D* (app)--X-Force125 (127d, 128(d))

WRIGHT-ARMSTRONG (Edgar & Rosetta Cutler, Ken Sales, Mohammed Simensky)
    - contracting group, created the Nightmericans, killed the Cutlers, closed after scandal
    --Hulk: Nightmerica#1 ([1(fb)], 1, [2,3], 4-6

WRINKLES ( ) - criminal, one of a group who sought to steal and sell the costume of the Black Tiger, presumably killed in the plane crash
    *D* (app-bt)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #21/5 ([22/5,23/3d]

"WRISTLETs of SUTNAQOCCU" - mystic wristlets formerly held by the "Zrhaer" until given to the Champion, apparently destroyed by Silver Surfer
    *Des* (app)--Silver Surfer I#97 (98 (fb), 97, 9dd)

WRITER ( ) - warped reality, brought fictional story to life in his last seconds of life, created Genevieve Beaumain, Elijah, Martin, and others; involved Man-Thing and temporarily transformed him back into Ted Sallis, changes and story ended with his death
    *D* (app)--[Marvel Comics Presents#164/3], 167/3 (167/3(fb), [164/3-166/3], 167/3d)

WRONG ( ) - Soldier of Misfortune
    --New Warriors I#54 (55,56, 62, 65

W'SULLI - African? witch-doctor, father of Mi'chi'li, controlled the Nightspawn, summoned the Eternal Warrior, possibly slain by the Nightspawn after it escaped his control
    magical powers
    (app)--Marvel Preview#12 ([12], 12, Marvel Two-In-One#41(fb), 40,41

W'TABE – Wakandan
    --Fantastic Force#4

WU, Dr. - contested Reed Richard's monopoly on unstable molecules
    --She-Hulk II#5

WU, DAVID - brother of Leiko, Chinese ambassador
    (app)--Master of Kung Fu I#90 (91-93

WU, FONGJI - see FONGJI the SILENT--Avengers vs. X-Men#6

WU, LEIKO - girlfriend of Shang-Chi, former girlfriend of Clive Reston + Cat/Shen Keui + xiao, former agent of Freelance Restorations + MI-6, kidnapped, tortured, and left hand cut off by Argus in attempt to learn how much her organization knew about his terror alliance, the Red Wolves
    (AZU#4)--Master of Kung Fu I#33 (34,35, 38-40, 43-51, 54, 56-63, 66-68, 71-97, 99-101, 103-106, 108-119, Rom#38,39, MoKF#122-125, Marvel Comics Presents#1/3,2/3,[3/3],4/3,5/3, 7/3, Master of Kung Fu: Bleeding Black, Incredible Hulk II#434, MCP156/2,[157/2],158/2, Master of Kung Fu II#1-6

WU, ROSE CARLING - Landau, Luckman & Lake, hybrid human-extradimensional (Kimora's realm), old friend of Wolverine, apparently killed by Gen. Coy and Prince Baran
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men#257 (Logan: Path of the Warlord , UX257, 261, Wolverine II#87,98d)

WU, SONIA - social studies teacher of Devlor
    --Fantastic Force#3 (4, 16

WU, STEPHEN - member of the Hand, killed by the Mandarin for giving one of his rings to Chen Hsu
    --Iron Man I#259

WU, TSO REN - monk hiding from the Chinese government in Chinatown, San Francisco(?); Wolverine left Daken with him, and he escaped with Daken, taking him to Miss Sinister
    --X-Men Origins#1 (2008)

WU of the Old West - associate of Morris Masters, unable to translate Chinese character ("Western Cliff") on letter carried by girl who died
    --Marvel Westerns: Strange Westerns starring the Black Rider#1

WU-AN - heir apparent to throne of K'un-Lun @ 1963, utilized the portal created by Phineas Randall
    --Immortal Iron Fist Annual#1

WULFF of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. ( ) - X-Nation, formerly Wildboys.
    feral abilities
    --[Marvel Vision#1], X-Nation#1 (X-Men 2099#30, XN#1-5

WULFHERE - @ 200 AD, Viking king, fought and slain by a time traveling Kull for the lead of his tribe against the Romans
    *D*--Kings of the Night; Savage Sword of Conan#42/3 (43/4

WUNDAGORE - mountain in Transia, HQ of High Evolutionary built @ 1931, prison of Chthon, ship/building was designed by Horace Grabsheid, built by Moloids under direction of Phaeder?, clay and wood absorbed magic from Chthon
    (D#15)--Thor I#134

WUNDAGORE (III?) - High Evolutionary + Godpack's ship, New Immortals kept in suspended animation aboard it
    --Thor I#484

WUNDAGORE II - planet for the New Men
    (D#15)--Tales to Astonish I#94/2; (identified) #95/2 (Iron Man I#110-112, Spider-Woman I#37, West Coast Avengers Annual#3, Thor I#484, Quicksilver I#9

WUNDAGORE II - used to transport the High Evolutionary, the Godpack, Thor, Jane Foster-Kincaid and "Don Blake" to a confrontation with the New Immortals somewhere in the constellation of Orion, destroyed
    --Thor II#482

WUNDAGORE-3 - base of the Man-Beast and his New Men, from which they assaulted the High Evolutionary and his Counter-Earth
    (app)--Marvel Premiere I#1; (identified) #2

flying vehicle which the High Evolutionary used to transport the New Immortals, Count Tagar, and the Godpack from Wundagore Mountain to New York City
--Thor I#484

    Dakkamite, sent in ship as an infant to escape destruction of planet, grew to adulthood uneducated in small ship, awakened by Man-Thing, forced to wear destructive suit designed by Reed Richards to prevent destructive release of energy not released by vigorous activity, eventually mutated into Aquarian by Cosmic Cube/kubik, briefly regresses to Wundarr by Power Platoon.
    child-like intellect, superhuman strength and durability
    (app)--Adventures into Fear#17 (Quasar#4(fb), Adventures into Fear#17, Marvel Two-In-One#2,3,4, 8,9, Ms Marvel#17, MTIO#42, 53, 55-58->aquarian)

WYATT, LESLEY - featured on a talk show at the same time as Rick Jones
    --Generation X: Crossroads

WYATT, Dr. - treated Happy Hogan after his fight with Spymaster
    --[Iron Man IV#14]

WYATT, Mr.  - presumptive director of Division U
    (app-du)--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5/2

WYCKWOOD, ORMOND - Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards, supervised Gena-Sys and Genetix projects of Mullarkey
    wm, brown hair + beard, slightly obese, involuntarily displaced a short distance when his life is threatened, later able to teleport others
    --?Warheads#1, Knights of Pendragon II#4 (named)? (
    Motormouth & Killpower#4/2, Killpower: The Early Years#1,
    Codename: Genetix#1-4, Plasmer#1-3, ?4?, Genetix#1-6

WYCOMBE, WILBUR - US democratic senator for California, investigated Project: Glamor, interrogated Gen. Selbert/Brass, kidnapped and used as test subject, died from experimental Super-Soldier serum variant, killed Nurse Goren while agonal
    BACON *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#2/2 (3/2, 4/2d, 5/2(d))

    --X-Force I#83 (83(fb), 83,84

    --Amazing Spider-Man I#546

WY'NKAR-7 - planet, home to being that became Lunatik
    (app)--Lunatik#1 (1(fb)

WYNN of Earth-93060 - Aeran, ally of Karr, summoned Choice to Xurina to battle Xorn

WYNN, THOMAS - corrupt assistant district attorney, slain by Punisher, husband of Rachel, father of Charles and Thomas
    --Daredevil vs. Punisher#4 (4d)

WYNNE, Dr. EDWARD - biologist, former superior to June Covington, who later murdered him for condemning her genetic plug-ins

WYNOSKI, ANGELA - see JEFFERSON, ANGELA--Punisher: Bloodlines

WYNN, TYLER - former CIA agent, handled slush funds, developed budget-balancing program, fled after realized the CIA would kill him once they had the disks, chased by Gambit, who helped him escape the CIA after learning the truth, became accountant for Mr. Green
    --X-Men Unlimited II#3

WYNTER - robot, controlled mentally by Dark Beast, posed as member of Gene Nation until destroyed by Generation X

WYRD - Asgard, spring of destiny, used by Norns to predict future
    --Bizarre Adventures#32

WYRD SISTERS (Braxus, Sapphire, Xena) - daughters of Web-Spinners, aided Dark Angel against Mys-Tech, the Anti-Being, and the Mercenaries
    (app)--Dark Angel#9 (11, 12, 16

WYRE ( ) - genetically altered, implanted with synthetic wires, former assassin for the Secret Empire; the Breed (including Wild Child) were created from his DNA, and he trained them, but he eventually realized the horrors he had created, and he slaughtered them all, save Wild Child, who convinced him of his humanity; eventually allied with Alpha Flight.
    (AZU#2, app)--Alpha Flight I#114 (117 (fb), 114 (fb), 117 (fb), 116 (fb), 114-115, 116, 117 (fb), 117, 118, 119-120, [122 (fb)], 122-126, 128-130

WYRM - ancient god/demon, enemy of Set
    WORM* (app)--
"The Valley of the Worm" in Weird Tales (February, 1934); (Marvel) Supernatural Thrillers#3

WYSPs of Earth-Cable – thoughts + hopes + prayers of Askani given form
    --[X-Men: Book of Askani]

WYSPER (Jen Stewart) - Jury, former Vault guard, husband Ryan killed by Tarantula, killed?
    (net-jury)--[Marvel Graphic Novel: Avengers: Deathtrap: the Vault], Venom: Sinner Takes All#1 (1(fb), 1-5, Venom: The Hunted#4, Thunderbolts#23, 28, 32

WYVERNS of the Hyborian era - tamed and used as steeds by people of Zembabwei, giant relic form of pteradon. winged lizards
    (app-nen)--Red Moon of Zembabwei in Conan of Aquilonia; King Conan#3 (3(fb), 3, 4

WYZCHENKO, Off. DANNY - chicago police, befriended Kitty Pryde, looks like Peter Rasputin
    --X-Men Unlimited I#38

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