WIBBOW - Wobbow, ambassador to the Intergalactic Council
    --Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet ([Maximum Security#1, 2],3

WICCA of Earth-93060 (Steffi) - Gross Babies
    --Power of Prime#1

WICCAN (William "Billy" Kaplan) - Young Avengers, Initiative, son of Jeff (cardiologist) and Rebecca (psychologist), two younger brothers; lover of Teddy Altman (Hulkling)
    warlock, generate lightning, cast various spells
    ASGARDIAN* (OH: AZ#12)--(Asgardian) Young Avengers#1; (Wiccan) #6 (1-6,
    Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways#1-4, Punisher War Journal II#2-3/Civil War#5-6, CW7, She-Hulk II#21

WICHITA KID ( ) - informer for Luke Cage
    --Power Man#18 (Power Man/Iron Fist#51

WICKED (    ) - "Genoshan Excalibur," parents killed in Sentinel assault on Genosha, allied with Xavier in Genosha, lost powers during M-Day, temporarily gained over-exaggerated powers via Terrigen
    Generate spirit forms
    --Excalibur III#1 (7(fb), 1-4, 5-7, Mystique#23, Son of M#5-6

WICKED BRIGADE (Lightning Fist, Ogre, Razorwire) - sought bounty on Spider-Man posted by Agitator, blasted by Master Monarch
(app)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#16

WICKER, BARNEY - congressional candidate, targeted for assassination, Spider-Man overheard the plot, but mistook it to involve a marathon race; he realized his mistake in time to save Wicker
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#216

WICKER MAN - ancient Celtic/Druid device, burned those imprisoned in it, magical version created by Morgan le Fay and Mordred
    (app)--Black Knight I#4 (Druid#1(fb) Black Knight I#4

WIDDLE WADE - mutated clone of Deadpool, created by Boss, owned pet dog Daruma, impaled on metal spike, spirit briefly conjured by T-Ray.
    dwarf-like form, enhanced version of powers
    *D* (app)--Deadpool Team-Up#1 (1(fb2), 1d, Deadpool III#33)

WICKHAM, miss - hired by Phoebe Marrs to watch over her son, Edward Payne
    (app-phoebe_marrs)--Namor I#14 (14 (fb), 14

WIDE LOAD ANNIE (Annie Wheeler) - Starstop, Short Stop, girlfriend/wife? of Poppa Wheelie, knows Nick Fury?
    --USOne#1 (1(fb), 1-4, 6-12, She-Hulk II#6, 7, 40(fb), [39-41], 42,43

WIDGET - Excalibur, mental essence of Kate Pryde of Earth-Days of Future Past, built into primitive robotic form by Tweedledope, eventually rebuilt self into advanced form and regained original programming, allied with Kang in bringing about Captain Britain’s rule of Otherworld
    (U#8,net)--Excalibur I#1, 2 (3,4, Excalibur minus 1, Marvel Comics Presents#31/4,32, 37, 38, Ex9, 11, Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem, Ex20, 26, 12-15, 17-19, 21-25, Quasar#11, Ex30, X-Men: Spotlight on the Starjammers#2, She-Hulk II#26(fb),26, Ex37, [Excalibur: Possession], Ex42-50, 54, 55, 125, Excalibur II#1,[2,3],4

WIDGETS - drones used by Ship
    (app-ship)--Marvel Preview#11?

WIDOWMAKER - Land of Legends, steed of Pecos Bill
    --Captain America I#383

WIDOWMAKER ( ) - Frenchman, former guard at Dovecote, possesses over thirty years of combat training.
    wm, bald
    (app)--Captain America I#238 (239

WIDOW MAKER - see OLIK -- Warlock + Infinity Watch#24

WIDOW-MAKER - see RAZORHEAD (app)--X-Statix#5

    --Punisher War Journal#17 (18, 19

WIGLIF - Korgon’s followers, xenophobic
    (app-kor)--Fantastic Four I#224 (225

WIGID - magician, agent of the caliph, ruler
    (app-bagmom)--Howard the Duck Annual#1

WIKKA of Earth-Shadowline - shadow, took over Miller’s Creek, granted them prosperity in return for human sacrifices.
    Scarecrow like body, reanimate skeletons
    --St.George#4 (5(fb), 4

WILAMEAN of Earth-Hercules 2300 - planet, Andromeda galaxy, home of Wilameanis, shared with Gegku
    --Hercules I#2

WILAMEANIS race (J’Webb, Captain Cyber ) - extra-terrestrial, planet wilamean, humanoids
    (D#15)--Incredible Hulk II#137

WILBUR THE GREAT (Wilbur??) - Criminal mastermind hired by the Nazi’s to steal oil and gas from train shipments and unload into an awaiting submarine to send back to Germany. Foiled by the Human Torch and Toro. He was a slender bespectacled man that used an asbestos lined umbrella as a weapon.
    --All-Select #3/2 (Spring 1944) “Vanishing Oil Tank Cars”

WILBURN, MYRON - Project: Pegasus
    --Marvel Team-Up Annual#5 ( Spectacular Spider-Man II#56, Quasar#2(fb), Avengers Annual#18/2(fb), Captain America An7, Quasar#8, 13, Iron Man An8

WILCOMB, Rev. BILL - hospital chaplain, spoke to MJ about plans for May
    --Amazing Spider-Man#543

WILCOT, Dr. KEITH - assisted by astral self of Dr. Strange in performing surgery to remove Jonathon White's magical token from Topaz
    --Dr. Strange IV#1 (4

WILCOX, BRENT - Empire State University, theoretical physicist, college classmate of She-Hulk, once dated Jen Walters, assisted in discovering nature of the compaction receptacles and Encroachiverses
    --Sensational She-Hulk#14? (25(fb), 14-18, 25, 42

WILCOX, LON - World War II, briefly trained by Nick Fury, worked with James MacReedy, Larry Freese, and Russ Talbert; instructed by Fury to join the Maulers
    (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#116

WILCOX, Dr. of Earth-7484 - one of the surgeons who created Deathlok, mind placed in clone of Luther Manning until eventually rejected
    *D* (app-lmc)--Astonishing Tales#34 (35d)

WILCOX-SMYTH, Mr. - Earth-238, home secretary
    (app-e238)--Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#377([384, Daredevils#6d])

WILD ANGELS - planned Marvel UK mini-series, featured Dark Angel and Wild Thing; eventually released by Marvel Italia
    --Wild Angels#1 (2-4


WILD BILL ROBOT - SHIELD security guard constructed by Tony Stark; ran amok, firing at everyone it encountered until shut down by a SHIELD technician, later sent after Captain America and the Falcon by the Nightshade enslaved SHIELD crew, shattered by Captain America
    (app)--Strange Tales I#142 (Captain America I#190

WILDBLOOD ( ) - Inniverse, brother of Occulus
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#362 (364(fb), 362-365

WILDBOYS (Jet Ving + Marvin "Spit" Lockerbie) - two wilding criminals of Manhattan, employed by typhoid Mary in an attack on daredevil
    (U#8)--Daredevil I#253 (260, Daredevil An4B/2, An6, An8/2, Daredevil#317,318

WILDBOYS of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. (Wulff(quit), Dorian, Warbird, Shiv, Trash, Watson + Crick)
    - halo city
    --X-Nation#1 (X-Men 2099#30, XN#1, XM32, XN#5, 2099: World of Tomorrow#1-3, 5,6

WILD BUNCH of Earth-982 - see SAVAGE SIX (app)--Spider-Girl#24, 25

    alias used while serving as armored security agent in Las Vegas
    --Deadpool IV#25? (26-27)

WILDCARD of Earth-1287 (John Crenella) - Strikeforce: Morituri
Strikeforce: Morituri#13

WILDCAT - Project X
    --[Wolverine II#50]

WILDCATS of Earth-5555 circa 8162 A.D. (Leopard, Lion, Panther, Puma, Tiger) - former team in the Game
    --Dragon’s Claws#1

WILDCAT SMITH - see SMITH, WILDCAT (app)--Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#2

WILD CHILD (Kyle Gibney) - Gamma Flight, Omega Flight, Alpha Flight, X-Factor, Weapon X
    -WILDHEART*, WEAPON OMEGA* (D#9-Omega Flight, OH: AZ#12)--Alpha Flight I#1, 11 (Wolverine III#54 (fb?), X-Factor I#142(fb1+3+[2], Marvel Comics Presents#51(fb) [AF#1],11,12,13,26-28, MCP#51-53, AF#76, 79,80, 84, 85,86, 87(fb), 87-90 ->wo ->wh. XFac117(fb), 112-117, 119-126, Uncanny X-Men Annual 1996, Marvel Fanfare II#6, Sabretooth II#1, XFac137,138, 141,142, Alpha Flight II#3, Deadpool III#57, 60, 61, Weapon X#, Weapon X: Draft: Wild Child(fb), Weapon X: Draft: Sauron + WC + Agent Zero, Weapon X II#1, 2(4(fb), 3, 4, [Wolverine III#55 (fb), 54 (fb)], 53-54, 55 (fb), 55, 56

WILD CHILDREN of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - see ZOOMERS
    --X-Men 2099#22

WILD DOG – see ANDY ??—X-Men Unlimited#1/2

WILDEBEARS-32246 - circa 12,000 AD, trained as warriors/security by upper/ruling class, powers of a couple drained by Rogue
    powerful bear-like creatures
    --Rogue Touch (2013)

    (Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook)--Incredible Hulk III#93 (96, 102, 105, Skaar: Son of Hulk#3, Skaar: Son of Hulk Presents - Savage World of Sakaar#1, Skaar: Son of Hulk#14-17, 19, War of Kings: Savage World of Sakaar#1, Incredible Hulk#709-711

WILDEMAN, Dr. EUGENE - captured and mutated children and self with gamma rays
    (net)--Hulk vs Prime#0

WILDER - see WILDER, ALEX--Runaways#1

WILDER, ALEX – Runaways, 16 years old, manipulated the team to save them from a planned betrayal by the Hayeses and Deans, eventually revealed himself, but was slain by the Gibborim for interfering with the process
    WILDER (OH: AZ#12)--Runaways#1 ([II#24], 17(fb), 17(fb), Runaways II#14 (fb), I#1-10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15,16,17d, 24

    former thief
    --Runaways#1 (13 (fb), 13 (fb), Runaways II#18 (fb), 14 (fb), Runaways I#1,2-4, 6-9, 11, 15-17

    former thief
    --Runaways#1 (13 (fb), 13 (fb), Runaways II#18 (fb), 14 (fb), 1-6, 15-18, 14 (fb), Runaways I#1,2-4, 6-9, 11, 14, 15-17

WILDER, LAWRENCE of Earth-Slow Glass - businessman, preserved wife's image in Slow Glass and then killed her; killed himself when Sandson O. Tyme explained that the image would eventually disappear
    *D* (app-earthslowglass)--Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction#2

WILDFIRE (Harold Paprika) - racist, sought to drive the Simmons family out of Jamaica Queens neighborhood, husband of Ethyl.
    uses blow torch
    (app)--Power Man#32 ( Captain America I#411, [412-414]

    --Dazzler# ( X-Men Unlimited#32(fb)

    briefly possessed form of handsome male
    (M)--Alpha Flight I#118,119(120-124,128->wc)

WILDHUNT - hunt of faerie hounds, led by Malekith
    --[Thor I#345],346

WILDING, Dr.  of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Alchemax
    --Ravage 2099#22

WILDKAT CLUB (Patch) - District X
    --District X#8 (
    X-Men: The 198#1

WILD MAN (Alex Wildman) - insane, believes killing Hulk will stop voices in head
    total molecular control over body
    (WWH, net)--[(mentioned)], Hulk: Future Imperfect#2 (unseen) Incredible Hulk II#446, 447 (448,450

WILDMAN of Earth-9511 - former member of Avengers; listed as "dead and insane"; possibly Alex Wildman?
    (app)--The Last Avengers Story#2

WILDMAN (Logan) of Earth-3470 - counterpart of Wolverine
    (app)--Exiles I#33

WILDMAN of Earth-73836 – leader of the Wild Ones
    WILD ONE* (app-earth-1958)—Fantastic Four I#136 (137

"WILD MAN" of Earth-982 - see JARKOER, CHRIS.
    nickname he gave himself while pretending he had been heroic when confronted by Fury and Venom, when in reality he had been mortified

WILDMAN of BORNEO - see WEREWOLF (Jack Russell) (app)--Werewolf by Night I#6

WILDMOON, Reverend - Mount Pressure, priest, sought to eliminate improper speech and actions, became host of and empowered by a native of the Baloneyverse, used power to force everyone to practice the religion Organism, killed anyone who spoke or acted in what he felt was an improper manner, killed when native of Baloneyverse burst out from within him.
    cause intense mental pressure to immobilize victim, summon large rocks to crush victims from above, known as the holy quash
    *D*--She-Hulk II#13 (13(fb), 13d)

WILD ONE - ancient demonic entity, much younger than Elder Gods, banished to netherworld by Neptune, summoned to earth via spells of Shanzar and Lucian Aster, betrayed them, transported to Strange Matter dimension and crushed
    (app)--[Incredible Hulk Annual#18/2], Silver Surfer III Annual#5 ([Silver Surfer Annual#5(fbs)/Namor Annual#2(fbs), Hulk Annual#18/2 (fb), 18/2, Namor Annual#2], SurfAn5, Dr. Strange III Annual#2

WILD ONE of Earth-1958 – see WILDMAN (app-earth-1959)—Fantastic Four I#136 (137

WILD ONES of Earth-1958 (Wildman) – younger group, enemies of the Patriots.
    rode flying motorcycles and used blasters shaped like electric guitars
    (app-earth-1959)—Fantastic Four I#136 (137

WILD PACK (Battlestar, Amy Chen, Crippler, Doug Powell, Raul Quentino, Sandman, Larry Arnold)
    - employees of Silver Sable, originated in Symkaria early/mid 1960s by Symkarian king to hunt down Nazi war criminals, originally headed by Ernst Sablinova, became mercenary group to supplement Symkaria’s economy after Silver Sable took over
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#265? (Citizen V and the V Battalion#1(fb1),
    Amz265, Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man#17,18,
    Spectacular Spider-Man II#128, A301,
    Silver Sable#35, Spider-Man Unlimited#16, [Marvel Team-Up II#3], Heroes for Hire#10,11, Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2000/2, Thunderbolts#41, 67

WILD PACK - see SIX PACK—X-Force#8

WILDPRIDE (Kyllian) - disciple of Modred, former disciple of Dr. Strange, houses Irish curse,
     body covered with symbolic birthmarks, which he can use to fire pain inducing bolts of force
    (OH: AZ#12, app)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#5 (5(fb), 5, Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#77

WILD ROSE (Rose Kugel*?) - Israeli mercenary, Punisher ally
    (app)--Punisher II#7 ([
Punisher II#7/Punisher: Empty Quarter (fb), Punisher II#7(fb)], 7, [48(fb) / 7(fb), 48(fb)], 47-48, [Punisher: Empty Quarter (fb)], Pun:EQ

WILDRUN - @ 1760, Anachronaut, first Red Wolf created by Owayadata, drove Sioux away from the planes so the Cheyenne would have a place of their own
    -RED WOLF* (app-an)--Avengers Annual#21 (Fantastic Four An25, AvAn21, 22, Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#1, Avengers Forever#3

WILDSIDE (Richard Gill) - Mutant Liberation Front, allied with Weapon X, mind damaged when Cable interrogated him.
    warp perception of reality, appear invisible, wm, white hair, red circles around eyes, superhuman reflexes
    (net-mlf)--New Mutants I#86 (87, 100, X-Force#1, 7/2, 9/2, 10, Cable: Blood & Metal#1,2, X-Factor I#77,78, 85, X-Force Annual#3, XFor43, Excalibur I#104,105, Weapon X II#5, 8-11

WILDSTREAK (Tamika Bowden) - Olympic gymnast, lost use of legs when criminals sabotaged her training equipment, costume designed by father, acts as vigilante, vowed revenge on all who would harm the innocent.
    costume allows her to regain her previous abilities amplified to superhuman level, bf
    (CWBDR, card (gives her last name as Bodden), app)--Fantastic Four Annual#26 (Thunderstrike#11, Civil War: Front Line#5/4, Fantastic Four#540

WILD THING of Earth-8410 (Nikki Doyle) - 2020 A.D., virtual reality master, former VR addict, arrested for black marketing VR equipment, used as government agent.
    able to physically enter and interact with virtual reality
    (app)--Wild Thing I#1 ([1(fb)], 3(fb), [3(fb)], [1(fb)], 6(fb), 1-3, [4(fb)], 4(fb), [4(fb)], 4, 5(fb), 5-6, [7(fb)], 7-8, 9-10, Wild Angels

WILD THING of Earth-982 (Rina ) - daughter of Wolverine + Elektra, brother of Saberclaw, student at Upper Saddle River High School, occasional ally of Magneta + Daze.
    enhanced senses + healing, form psionic claws on each hand
    (OH: AZ#12, net)--J2#5 (6/2, 8, 9/2, 10, 11/2, Spider-Girl#1/2, Wild Thing II#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Spider-Girl#58,59, 85/2, Last Hero Standing#1-5

WILD THING of Earth-148611 - see MUTATOR
    Paratroops (app-wt)--DP7(nu)#30

WILD TIGER - drug marketed by cursed lotus
    --Journey into Mystery I#514 (515,516

WILD TIGER (Deng Ling-Xiao) - servant of cursed lotus, leader of wild tigers gang, fought shang-chi, fell to death to prevent self from revealing cursed lotus’s identity
    *D*--Journey into Mystery I#514 (515,516d)

WILD WEASEL of Earth-982 ( ) - old enemy of Steel Spider

WILDWIND ( ) – Underground Legion, android, unaware of true nature initially, destroyed at Wright-Patterson Air Force base, rebuilt by Dr. Broadhurst
    generate winds to fly and assault others
    (app)--Blackwulf#1 (2-6, 7(fb), 7-10

WILDWHIP ( ) - Ravencroft inmate
    (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#217 ([217(fb)], 217

WILD WORMS - Halfworld; immense worm-like creatures, wore saddles over pleasure centers and gave rides through subterranean tunnels
    (app)--Rocket Raccoon#3

WILDE, SARA - journalist, first person encountered by Joseph Hauer after his escape, formerly allied with Super Soldiers, expelled when group taken over by Mercy Corporation, sought background information on Mercy. wf
    (app-ss)--Super Soldiers (MUK)#1 (2-7

WILES, GILBERT - first known human to bond with Uni-Power, bonded with it 22 years ago to save a plane from hijackers, researched it ever since, funded by David Garrett, sought out by Uni-Power possessing the Hulk in recent years, framed for Garrett's death, released when Lombardi confessed
    --Captain Universe/Hulk#1 (1(fb), 1, 2

WILF - Viking, friend of Uller, as a youth encountered Odin and learned of the Godstorm
    --Thor: Godstorm#1 (2,3

WILFORD, ELIZABETH "BETSY" - formerly dated Colossus
    --X-Men I#98 (CX6, [UX109], Captain Marvel I#50, [UX111], Ms Marvel#19, Power Man/Iron Fist#50, UX123,124, [Dazzler#1]

    --Captain Marvel I#50 ([Uncanny X-Men#111], Ms Marvel#19

WILGHE - Rejects, friend of Zharkah, mate slain in battle with Chosen, infant daughter died soon after birth.
    see through solid objects
    (app-rej)—X-Factor I#44 (45, 49,50

WILHITE, Captain - @ World War II, US Navy, submarine officer, formerly commanded the Sea Wolf, inexperienced in combat, clashed with Captain Simon Savage over leadership
    (app)--Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#19

WILKE, TERRY - see THRUST of Earth-148611 --Kickers Inc. #5

WILKERSON, ROBERT - father of Prodigy
    --World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#2 (2 (fb), 4 (fb)

WILKES, CHARLIE - pre-modern era, attempted to steal gold from Cult of Maboo, beaten up by Cult
    (app-maaboo)--Tales of Suspense I #19/3

WILKES, JONATHAN - @ 1961, created Robot X
   (app-robot x) --Amazing Adventures I#4

WILKES, NICHOLAS - stole the Wand of Watoomb, forced to confess by Dr. Strange, confession thrown out due to coercion
    --She-Hulk I#2 ([2(fb)], 2

WILKES, SHANTAL – Empire State University student, friend of MJ Watson-Parker
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#427 (428, 430, 432, Spider-Man#89, A433, 434

WILKINS, DIAN - James-Michael Starling's classmate and friend
    last name revealed in OHotMU DE: Omega
    --Omega the Unknown#3  (4, 7, 10, Defenders I#76,77

WILKINS, LENORE - former lover of Murdoch Adams, slain by Ningal
    *D* (app-ma)--Chamber of Chills#4/3 (Dr. Strange II#36(fb,d)

WILKINSON, MARY - resident of Lagos, classmate of Rebecca Cross
    --Alias#11 (12

WILKS, LESTER - wife-beater, beaten by Moon Knight
    --[Moon Knight VI#14]

WILL ?? - old friend of Phillip LeGuin
    (app-phillip)--Defenders I#117 (117(fb), 117

WILL ?? - Pacific Northwest lumberjack, killed by spike
    *D* (app-tess_Walker)--Namor I#26

WILLARD, AMOS - doctor, resident of Cardiff Moor
    --Captain America Comics#10

WILLARD, RALPH - TV journalist, reported Warhawks rioting
    (app)--Avengers I#98

    son of Vision and Scarlet Witch, later revealed as magical creation derived from energies of Mephisto, seemingly reabsorbed by Mephisto and destroyed, alleged reborn as William Kaplan, later Wiccan
    (app-thomas&william)--[Vision and Scarlet Witch II#3], 12 ([Fantastic Four I#277/Avengers West Coast#52 (fb)], [Vision and Scarlet Witch#3]/Avenger Forever#8 (fb)/[AWC#52 (fb)], [V+SW#4-11], 12
/ West Coast Avengers#34 (fb ) / West Coast Avengers#43 (fb), [AWC#61/AvFor#8 (fb)], West Coast Avengers Annual#1, WCA#30, Solo Avengers#5/2, WCA#34 (fb), WCA Annual#3, WCA#39-40, 42-43, 44, [45], [47], [50], 51-52)

WILLIAM ?? - mutant, raised in monastery, restricted to lying on back to prevent him from injuring others, escaped + traveled inot New York city, exhausted powers and shut down mind.
    Release eyeblasts that incapacitate anyone they touch, damage his mind the more they are used
    (app)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#34

WILLIAM ?? - child of the Voyager, gained self-awareness, married Alicia Harker over 200 years ago, eventually consumed by the Voyager, but released to the afterworld by the Voyager upon its being liberated from Earth by Sam Wantling, reunited with Alicia by his descendent, Harriet Homerstone
    *D* (app-homerstone)--[Children of the Voyager#3], Marvel Frontier Comics Special#1/3

WILLIAM of RUBRUQUES - Knights Templar, led a mission for Giacomo Montesi into Tibet in hopes of discovering the Nine Wise Men of Kamar-Taj circa 1253 AD
    --real world figure; Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#13/2

WILLIAM, PRINCE of Earth-1193- "Billy the Kid", prince , aided Excalibur in rescuing Shadowcat from ogre,
    --Excalibur I#12 (13

WILLIAMS, ASHLEY G. of Earth-2149 - S-Mart retail clerk, sought to defend humanity from the zombie menace, head bitten off by zombie Howard the Duck
    *D* (app)--Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness#2 (3 (fb), 2d, 3 (d)

WILLIAMS, ASHLEY J. of "Earth-818793" - enemy of the Deadites
    --Evil Dead;
    Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness#1-5

WILLIAMS, ATHA - Stark Enterprises, former secretary shortly after it was formed.
    wf, blond
    --Iron Man I#21_( 248

WILLIAMS, CHARLES - alias used by rapist--Moon Knight VI Annual#1

WILLIAMS, EVERETT - alias of Foggy Nelson while under FBI hiding/protection; homage to Bill Everett
    --Daredevil II#88

WILLIAMS, HELEN - Fontane college faculty advisor, helped design exoskeleton for Adrian Castorp
    (app-adriancastorp)--Defenders I#142 (142(fb), 142

WILLIAMS, JASON - mercenary, father (Jay) apparently slain by Black Widow, hired by Rafael Perez to locate Bobby Campero, whom the Black Widow had kidnapped
    --Black Widow IV#1 (4, 6

WILLIAMS, JOEL - American scientist, brother of Joshua Williams and co-creator of the robot, Flexo the Rubberman.

  --Mystic Comics#1/1(2-4)

WILLIAMS, JOHN – lawyer for Williams, Williams, & Williams

WILLIAMS, JONAS – SHIELD II, commander of the task force to apprehend the AWOL Sharon Carter which led to freeing Nick Fury from the pocket dimension

WILLIAMS, JOSHUA  - American scientist, brother of Joel Williams and co-creator of the robot, Flexo the Rubberman
     --Mystic Comics#1/1(2-4)

WILLIAMS, MANNIE - ran elderly folks home scam, beaten by Moon Knight
    --[Moon Knight VI#14]

WILLIAMS, MARTHA - mother of Wonder Man and Grim Reaper, widow of Sanford
    --West Coast Avengers II#2

WILLIAMS, MIKE - TV news reporter outside Avengers Mansion
    (app)--Avengers I#113

    girlfriend of Nighthawk of Earth-616, later one of the psychics controlling Over-Mind
    (app)--Defenders I#32 (32(fb)/Marvel Team-Up I#101 (fb), 101, Def#102, [Captain America I#268], Def106->psychics)


    Identity used while affected by a virus of the Anti-Vision, acted as a private detective
    --Vision I#1

WILLIAMS, SPENCE - Daily Bugle intern
   (app) --Tangled Web of Spider-Man#11 (20

WILLIAMS, Mr. - worked for unspecified developers, sought to level the temple on an island (Koma Koi?), encountered the "Giger's" blue gorilla
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents I#142

WILLIAMS, Mr. - resident of New Jersey, kept secret the existence of the Visitors, committed suicide when actions threatened to be exposed by Invisible Woman
    *D*--Marvel Knights 4#5 (6, 7d)

WILLIAMS, warden - State Prison, forced to release his inmates by Puppet Master, saved from them by the Fantastic Four
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#8

WILLIAMS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY (Nigel Williams) - building construction, president let buildings burn down to get newer models, got injunction to prevent jonah jameson from running story after he angrily destroyed their architecture models
    --Daily Bugle#2

WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, & WILLIAMS (John Williams) – law firm

WILLIAMS INNOVATION (Simon and Sanford? Williams, Skullcrasher)
    --Avengers I#10

WILLIAMSON, Mr. - Broadway Project, father of Mildred/Mortus, when the Project failed it was too much for him. Williamson died, leaving his daughter, Mildred, with nothing
    *D* (app)--Dracula Lives#7 ([7(fb, dies)]

WILLIAMSON, Pvt. - Sentinel Squad O*N*E, from an earlier squad, slain in battle with the cyborg dinosaurs in the Savage Land
    *D*--Sentinel Squad ONE#3 (3d

WILLIAMSON, RON - Chicago-based criminal, encountered Ghost Rider (John Blaze), formerly dated Gloria (daughter of Rev. Joshua)
    (app-destroyer/joshua)--Ghost Rider II#60

WILLIE ?? - Teen Brigade
    (app-teenbrigade)--Avengers I#1

 WILLIE ?? - agent of the Astrologer
    (app)--Amazing Adventures II#5/2

WILLIE ?? - Haven House, friend of Sophie
    --Spider-Man: Breakout#2 (3-4

WILLIS, Dr. ?? - wished for Dr. Donald Blake to help with surgery
    (app)--Avengers I#101

WILLIS, ELIZA - elderly woman, one of Leonard Tippit's targets
    (app)--Avengers I#101

WILLIS, Dr. ERIC - father of Roger Willis, long-lived due to possession of Casket of Ancient Winters, slain by Malekith
    --Thor I#345d

WILLIS, MARTIN – Genetech, Secret Empire
    --Five Decades of the X-Men/2

WILLIS, MARY - mother of Greg (Gravity)
    --[Gravity#1, 3], 5(fb) (5(fb), [1(fb)], [1, 3], Beyond#6

WILLIS, RICHARD - father of Greg (Gravity)
    --[Gravity#1, 3], 5(fb) (5(fb), [1(fb)], [1, 3], Beyond#6

WILLIS, ROGER - guardian of Casket of Ancient Winters, father killed by Malekith.
    wm, middle aged
    --Thor I#346

WILLIS, Dr. - treated Hawkeye after he was injured by the Stone Perfs
   (app-stoneperfs)--Avengers Spotlight#30

WILLIS, - Hellfire Club bartender
    --Iron Man: Kiss and Kill#1/2

WILL-KILLER - Mahkus & Elysia dimension, belligerent + powerful leader of Mahko clan
    --Marvel Team-Up I#143

    (app-mahk)--Fantastic Four I#152 (153

WILL O'THE WISP (Jackson Arvad) - Brand Corporation, Outlaws, Exterminators, former pawn of Jonas Harrow, constructed magno-chamber along with James Melvin, mutated when it exploded, sought revenge on Brand Corporation and Melvin.
    alter density from intangible to rock solid, mesmerize others, fly, superhuman strength
    (I#12, D#14, M, OH: Spdm: BiB)--Amazing Spider-Man I#167 (235(fb), 167,168, Spectacular Spider-Man II#57,58, A234-236, Web of Spider-Man#50, Amazing Spider-Man An25/3, Spectacular Spider-Man An11/2, Web of Spider-Man An7/6, Spec235,236, Sensational Spider-Man III#29-31, Punisher War Journal II#4

WILLOUGHBY - Workshop, slaughtered by Sabretooth
    --Wolvinerine III#13 (14-17, 18d)

WILLOUGHBY, ELAINE - childhood friend of Isaac Christians, married Buster Henderson, died in recent years
    *D* (app-gargoyle)--Gargoyle#1

    --Amazing Spider-Man#546

WILLOW - see MANTIS (I#13,D#8,M, OH: Av2005)--

WILLOW of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD ( ) - X-Nation.
    imitate form + powers of others
    --[Marvel Vision#1(pictured)], [2099 Genesis#1(shadow,unnamed)], X-Nation#1 (XN3(fb), 2099 Gen1, XN#1,2,[3],4,5

WILLOW-DANCER - @ 8000 BC, Tribe of the Moon.
    command plants and animals, female
    (net)—Alpha Flight I#83

WILLOWS, BOB - Department F.66, exorcist, forensic scientist,
    insane, long hair + beard
    (app-df66)--Pryde & Wisdom#1 (2, 3

WILLS, "WEASEL" - criminal, stole Iron Man mark iii armor from Stark, forced him to wear mark i armor to defeat him
    -IRON MAN* (app)--Tales of Suspense I#65

WILMES, Mr. - Citrusville, former gardener of Terrence DeFlyte
    --Legion of Monsters: Man-Thing#1

WILSON - board member of Imperial Industries International
    (app)--Strange Tales I#137 (138, 139

WILSON, Mr. - Souls of the Damned, child molester, reclaimed by demons from Hell

WILSON, DUANE - Howling Commandos, temporary replacement for Eric Koenig, cracked under fire, briefly deserted, court-martialed and put before firing squad
    (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#75 (75(fb), 75

WILSON, DUBOSE - New York criminal, attempted to deal diamonds from Sir Guy Cross-Wallace, investigated his activities in Africa when the diamonds never arrived, briefly allied with Shanna, convinced Mlima to betray Cross-Wallace.
    --Marvel Comics Presents#69/2 (70/2-77/2

WILSON, FRED - former SHIELD ESPer, killed by Rose and Charlie
    (app-rose)--Daredevil/Black Widow: Abattoir

WILSON, HARRY of Earth-Hammer of Thor - elderly man, believed self to be Thor, picked up hammer once
    --Thor II#59

WILSON, JIM - nephew of Falcon, former ally of Hulk, Young Watchers, died of aids
    *D* (WWH)--Incredible Hulk II#131 (World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#2 (fb), IncHulk#131-132,133, 136, 138,139, 146, Marvel Feature I#3, Hulk155, 157, 167,168, 171,172, 208,209, 211-213, Giant-Size Incredible Hulk#1 (fb), IH214-216, 221,223, 225-227, Hulk Annual#7, Captain America I#230, Hlk232, Cap231, Marvel Team-Up I#114, Cap270, 272, Hlk388, 417,420d)

WILSON, KEITH - Teen Brigade, opposed the Tzin manipulation/drug addiction induction of Mitch Baskin
    (app-Tzin)--Captain America Goes to War Against Drugs

WILSON, LOUIS - discovered Tablet of Life and Time, became its preeminent scholar, gave Kingpin information to help him steal it, revealed its secrets to Caesar Cicero
    (app-tablet-life&destiny)--Amazing Spider-Man I#68 ([Spider-Man: Lifeline#1 (fb)], ASM#68-69, [69], 73,74, [Spdm: Lifeline#1 (fb)], 1-3

WILSON, MERCEDES - high school sweetheart and ex-wife of Wade Wilson, killed by Deadpool in front of his eyes, resurrected by T-Ray, sought as target by Bullseye and as lover by Black Talon, transformed into albino form with red hair
    *D/Res*--[Deadpool III#26(delusion)], 27(real form), 28(named) (30(fb), 33(fb), 27-33

WILSON, pilgrim MOSELY 2099 - Church of Thor
    *D*--Fantastic Four 2099#2 (3d)

WILSON, ROD - murdered a man, later picked up by dead man while hitchhiking
    --Astonishing #17

WILSON, Dr. ROGER  - Colorado Memorial Hospital, neurosurgeon, sought by Fortress terrorist group to save Leland Townsend
    (app-fort)--Marvel Comics Presents#129/2

WILSON, Pvt. SAM of the Civil War of Earth-717 - Third Indian Home Guard, raised by Shawnee medicine man after parents died, given mission to find a man who would bring union to all people, merged Stephen Rogers with We-Pi-Ahk, killed by Buck Barnes
    *D*--What If: Captain America

WILSON, SAM - see FALCON--Captain America I#117

WILSON, SARA - ?mother of Jim?, sister of Falcon
    --Captain America I#272 ( 275

WILSON, SIDWELL 2099 – raised in low gravity, abusive owner of the Gene Doll that would become Vendetta, sought body from Nu-U, set on fire by Vendetta, killed by Punisher
    (app)—Punisher 2099#20 ([19(fb)], 20

    (net-preff)--(g)Whip Wilson#9

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