TWAIN, ALICIA - rented room in boarding house to Morbius, threatened and inadvertently slain by copper miners seeking to drive her off of her land
    *D*--Vampire Tales#10

TWAIN, MARK robot - see SAMUEL CLEMENS robot
    (app-mtir)--Captain America I#269

TWAKI, TED - head of Tricorp, former supervisor of Otto Octavius at General Techtronics labs. bm, balding
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#1 (2,3, 10, 16

TWEEDLEDOPE of Earth-238 - Crazy Gang.
    troll-like idiot savant, superhuman strength, speaks only in grunts and giggles, wears a beanie
    *D* (app-cg238)--Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#377, [Daredevils#6d]

TWEEDLEDOPE - Crazy Gang of Earth-616, created Widget and mind-switching device, kidnapped Joyboy for Red Queen.
    duplicate, create near futuristic devices from any existing materials, fondness for rats
    (net)--Mighty World of Marvel#11 (12, Captain Britain II#1-3, Excalibur I#1,2-4 52 54

TWELFTH RED - criminal organization, researched Clan Destine's history after having had several operations broken up by them
    --Clan Destine#1 (2008)

TWELVE (Sun-Tao, Tiger Minn, deceased woman, 10 others) - core of what became the Sons of Yinsen
    --Iron Man III#

TWELVE (Bishop, Cable, Cyclops, Iceman, Living Monolith, Magneto, Phoenix (Jean Grey), Polaris, Professor X, Mikhail Rasputin, Storm, Sunfire)
- twelve mutants of significance in destiny of apocalypse, used to focus his power to enable him to take form of x-man/nate grey:

    --[X-Factor I# ], Uncanny X-Men#376(named) (X-Men II#96, UX377, Cable II#76, X97, UX378

TWELVE LABORS of HERCULES (Nemean Lion, Lernean Hydra, Cerynein Stag, Erymanthian Boar, Augean Stables, Stymphalian Birds, Cretan Bull, Diomedes' mares, Hippolyta's golden belt, Geryon's cattle, Golden Apples of the Hesperides, Cerberus)
    (app)--Thor I#356, Hercules III#1

TWENTY-THIRD SECT - joined the Order of the Golden Dawn
    (app-order)--Master of Kung Fu I#83 (85-86, 88, 118

TWIGG-SMYTHE, CEDRIC - British assassin, known as Britain's most inhuman killer, hired by Supremus to slay Nick Fury, succeeded only in destroying an LMD
    --Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD I#8

TWILIGHT - sword of Surtur
    -SWORD of DOOM--[Thor I#337], 343(completed and named) (337-348, 350/Avengers I#249, Th351-353, 364, 366, Avengers III#1, Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill#5

TWILIGHT 2099 ( ) - X-Nation.
    control laws of nature within sphere of influence
    --[Marvel Vision#1], 2099 Genesis#1, X-Nation1 (X-Men 2099#30, XN#2,3

TWILIGHT of Earth-148611(Lenore Fenzl) - DP7, apparently perished fighting the Famileech
    *D* (dp7#24)--DP7#1(An1 DP7#1

TWILIGHT of Earth-93060 (Billy Stephens) - teenaged ultra, warp reality, unwittingly created Gaunt
    (app-gaunt)--Ultraverse Comic trading card #10 (Ultraverse Master Series trading card #72

TWILIGHT WELL - World's End, guarded by Kartag, used to restore Asgard, connected to Fates/Norns
    WELL at WORLD's END* (app-kart)--[Thor I#195],197(197,[198-201]

TWILO - planet in Monster Man and Kid Monstro television show
    (app-silverberg)--Marvel Two-In-One#78


TWIN GIANTS - see MAD TWINS (app)--Sub-Mariner II#3

TWIN KILLERS ( + ; Murphy) - hired by Kingpin to kill Larry Cebulski, inadvertently killed his twin Lenny, Kingpin was cleared of any guilt due to twin’s history of killing six other sets of twins in the past year after escaping from a mental institution.
    psychotic, wm, dark hair, six feet tall
    --Daredevil II#9 (13

TWINKEE TAKERS ( ) - hostess ad, fought spider-man
    <1976>/Iron Man Annual#3

TWINS TRIGGER of Earth-Amalgam - Aurora & Northstar + Trigger Twins, Generation hex
    --Generation Hex#1

TWIST, HODIAH - 1930's era detective, patterned after Sherlock Holmes; partner of Conrad Jeavons, fortune wiped out during Stock Market crash of 1929, wife committed suicide
    strong deductive abilities (though rejects the supernatural in favor of the mundane), powerful hypnotic power
    (app)--Vampire Tales#2 (Vampire Tales#2/8(fb), 2/8(fb), 2/8, Marvel Preview#16, Amazing Adventures#32 (fb)

TWISTED SISTERS (Coil, Gyre, Helix, Ringtoss /Ringlet, Torque) - shadow city, defeated + imprisoned in bedlam purgatorium by lockdown, attempted to mutated invisible woman, brought to earth and sent to attack psylocke by
    --Fantastic Four III#17 (18, Uncanny X-Men#4__

TWISTED WOOD - Sakaar, formerly held a camp of those who followed the Hulk and the Warbound out of the Great Arena
    --Incredible Hulk III#95
Skaar: Son of Hulk Presents – Savage World of Sakaar#1

TWISTER ( Mitchell) - son of Human Top (David Mitchell), V Battalion, Penance Council, briefly duplicated powers via scientific means, primarily served in scientific capacity
    (net)—Citizen V and the V Battalion#2 (2(fb4)

TWIT - Silver Squad
     *Des* (app-silver)--Web of Spider-Man I#79

TWITCH ( ) – underworld informant, gave info to Nick Katzenberg, directed Spider-Man to the Rose (Blume) for Katzenberg, killed by one of the Praetorian Guard
    *D* (app)—Web of Spider-Man#84 (87

TWITCHY (    ) - World Counterterrorism Agency
    Hawkeye and Mockingbird#3

TWO (    ) - Stealth Inc.
    (app-stealth)--Marvel Fanfare I#54 ([54 (fb)], 54

2-D MAN (    ) - Liberteens
    African-American, stretch body in thin form
    --Avengers: The Initiative Annual#1/3

2-D MEN - Dimension of Doom, possessed virtually no thickness, planned to invade Earth
    (app-doomdim)--Tales of Suspense I#33

2R - Russian organization, formerly the Red Room
    RED ROOM*--Black Widow IV#1, (named) #3

TWO-FACED GOBLIN of Earth-Amalgam (Harvey Osborn) - Green Goblin + Two-Face, Terrible Three
    GREEN GOBLIN* (app-tt)--Speed Demon#1

TWO GEMS THAT ARE ONE - magic items held by Dr. Strange, temporarily usurped by Urthona
    --Dr. Strange II#81

TWO-GREEN KID of Earth-81698 (  ) - gunfighting Hulk in alternate reality wild west
    (app)--Marvel Super Heroes II#98

TWO-GUN HULK of Earth-84112 (  ) - old West gunfighter, carried horse, pursued by Sheriff Blunderbuss Ross and Hulk-Bustin' posse
    (app)--Marvel Super Heroes II#104

TWO-GUN KID of the Old West (Clay Harder) - fictional character?, father killed by rival rancher.
    vigilante + singer
    (pre-ff entry)--All-Western Winners#2; Two Gun Kid I#1 (2-59

TWO-GUN KID of the Old West (Matthew Hawk; born Matt Liebowitz - legally changed) - Sunset Riders, frontier lawyer of Tombstone, Arizona, adopted masked identity to achieve justice where the law could not, briefly traveled to modern era with hawkeye following encounter with Kang, faked death of both civilian and masked identity in order to live life in peace, formerly imprisoned by the Time Variance Authority, freed by She-Hulk, assisted others in defense of Wonderment Montana, apparently killed in final battle against Nightriders.
    rode horse Thunder
    -Matt Hawk, Clay Harder *D* <chronology WAY incomplete> (D#20, 2006#11, Outlaw Files)--Two Gun Kid I#60 (
    X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book 1: The Past <1867>, Kid Colt#141, Avengers Forever#4-6, [Avengers I#141], 142-144, 147, Marvel Tales#100/2, Champions#11, Av161,162, Ghost Rider II#27, Av168, [170], 172, [173], 174,175, West Coast Avengers II#18, Marvel Comics Presents#116/4, DD I#215(fb), Unlimited Access#1, [She-Hulk II#3], 4-5, 6-7, 9, 16-19, 20 (fb), 20, 21, 29 (fb)
    Two Gun Kid: Sunset Riders#1,2, Blaze of Glory#2-4

"TWO-HEADED DOG-MAN" - creation of Professor Baldwin, killed when Illuminator used his light power to separate the creatures
    *D* (app)--Illuminator#2

TWO-HEADED THING - subterranean, freed + replaced death row inmate Eddie Kane, killed by "lightning" bolt before he could attack the prison guards.
    limited telepathy, duplicate the form + abilities of other living things + anthropomorphosize them + increase size + strength, bulletproof
    (Marvel Monsters)--Strange Tales I#95 (Fantastic Four Unlimited#7

212 SECURITY (Rayburn Frasier, James & Veronique Guererro, Mike & Randy, Angela Del Toro) -
    --White Tiger#2

TWO-LEGGED RAT ( ) - criminal, "Speedball Revenge Squad,"
    wore rat costume and used guns
    CAT-KILLER* (app)—Speedball#5 ([New Warriors I#66(fb)], 66

TWO-MINDS of "Earth-58163/House of M"- see HULK (Bruce Banner)--Incredible Hulk III#83

TWO-RIVERS, BILLY - CA$INO, son of John Stands-In-Timber, assaulted by Mason, defended by Red Wolf
    (app-mason)--Marvel Comics Presents #170/4

    --Captain America V#7 (8

TWOYOUNGMAN, KATHERYN - mother of talisman, former wife of shaman, died despite his medical efforts to save her
    (net)—Alpha Flight I#5/2

TWOYOUNGMAN, - grandfather of shaman/Michael, died, exists as spirit to assist in training or guidance
    —[Alpha Flight I#1], 5/2 (5/2(dies), 5/2

TYANNAN race - Negative Zone, efforts to seed that universe with life resulted in creation of Annihilus, later trapped in vortex around the Distortion Area, briefly enslaved by the Brute
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#140 (140(fb)/Fantastic Four Unlimited#3(fb), [FFU3(fb)], 3

TYANON - chaos entity; banished from Earth, returned with the aid of her Familiar, attacked Doctor Strange in the Sanctum Sanctorum; defeated and banished by Doctor Strange
    Mistress Tyanon*--Doctor Strange: From the Marvel Vault#1

TYBURN, GUDRUN - Mys-Tech techno-wizards, supervised Nakasoni corporation and Project: Digitek
    younger woman, light brown hair, reform from injury, telekinesis
    good face picture Dark Angel#6, p14, panel 4
    --Hell's Angel#1, (named) Dark Angel#6 (H’sA#1 MotorM#3 DarkA#6

TYBURN's KEY - see TOKYO EAZE--Motormouth & Killpower#6

TYCHO - young Eternal of Titan, briefly became an orphan when his parents were removed by the Infinity Gauntlet, Firelord and Drax briefly took charge of him
    --Silver Surfer III#52

TYGER TIGER (Jessan Hoan) - Madrpioor crimelord, part owner of princess bar, former owner of merchant bank in Singapore, bank destroyed + kidnapped by Reavers under direction of Roche, mind altered by Prettyboy, rescued by X-Men, slew Roche and took over his empire.
    Asian female, skilled hand-to-hand combatant
    (U#7)--Uncanny X-Men#229, (named) Marvel Comics Presents#6 (MCP#6(fb), 2-10, Wolverine II#4,5, [6(fb)], 6-8, 17,18, 27, 31-33, MCP#62,63, Wolv35, MCP85, 86(fb), 87-92, 131, 152-155, Wolv II#87, 98,99, 125,126, 128, Iron Man IV Annual#1

TYKKIO, VALDEMAR - AIM, scientist supreme, instituted takeover of Boca Caliente, brother of Yorgon
    —Iron Man I#201 (204-2007, [208], 216

TYKKIO, YORGON - AIM, brother of Valdemar, cyborg, led revolt against his rule, controlled body of MODOK + destroyed it after defeated in battle against Iron Man, allied with Clytemnestra Erwin against Tony Stark/Iron Man, killed by her when attempted to flee from him
    (app)—Iron Man I#201 (204-207, [208], 215,216d

    son of Cable, former member of clan chosen, kidnapped and mind twisted by frisco to follow stryfe, seemingly killed when mindlink to dawnsilk severed by cable, sent into past and posed as tolliver
    -TOLLIVER*--[X-Force#1], Cable II#1 (Wolv#(fb), Cab II#1(fb)->tolliver.
    [Cable II#17],18->gen)

    --X-Men II#198

TYLER, ABBY - mother of Purity Singers (Molly & Wally Tyler), agents of Isolationist?
    --[X-Factor III#21], 23 (24

TYLER, BOBBY - @ 1962, son of John and Mary, brilliant young inventor, assembled creations from spare parts at a junkyard, created a fan to combat a heat wave, and the fan actually drew an "outer space object" that was causing the heat wave, which was ended after the government agents took the object away
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#82/2

TYLER, CHARLES - grandfather of Purity Singers (Molly & Wally Tyler), agent of Isolationist?
    --X-Factor III#21 (24

TYLER, JOHN - @ 1962, father of Bobby
    (app-bobby)--Journey into Mystery I#82/2

TYLER, JUNE - grandfather of Purity Singers (Molly & Wally Tyler), agent of Isolationist?
    --X-Factor III#21 (24

TYLER, MANDY - Vampires Club, fan of vampires and serial killers, dated Morbius, seriously injured by Bloodthirst
    (app)--Morbius I#7

TYLER, MARY - @ 1962, mother of Bobby
    (app-bobby)--Journey into Mystery I#82/2

TYLER, MOLLY - Purity Singers, daughter of Abby & Roy, sister of Wally, granddaughter of Charles & June
    --X-Factor III#21 (22-24

TYLER, NATHAN - see LORD of LIGHT. Dagger's father (app)--Strange Tales II#1

TYLER, PASCAL - Guardsmen, stole advanced equipment from Vault including Wizard's anti-gravity discs and Stark's Guardsmen armor-neutralizing device
    (app)--Cage I#9

TYLER, ROY - father of Purity Singers (Molly & Wally Tyler), apparent son of Charles & June, agents of Isolationist?
    --[X-Factor III#21], 23 (24

    -- Eternals I#6

TYLER, WALLY - Purity Singers, son of Abby & Roy, brother of Molly, grandson of Charles & June
    --X-Factor III#21 (22-24

TYLER, WILLIAM - father of Billy, owner of railroad company in Sangaro, hired col. Richard Trask to take down Rawhide Kid and Rosa/Apache Kid, killed in process of trying to stop them himself
    *D*--Apache Skies#1 ([2],3,4d)

TYLER, WILLIAM "BILLY" - son of William, sought to kill Geronimo, imprisoned by Apache Kid/Aloysius, killed him after father got him out of prison
    *D*--Apache Skies#1 ([1(fb)] 1d)

TYLER, WILSON - former head of Tyler’s World in the Canopus System, former acquaintance of Death's Head (FPA), killed and instincts assimilated by Death's Head-Minion
    (app-dh)--Death's Head II#1 (1d)

TYLER - mind temporarily transferred into body of Namor via refugree of alien collective
    (app-collect)--Defenders: From the Vault#1

TYLER ?? - son of single mother Donna, the girlfriend of Clayton Cole (Clash)
    (app-clash)--Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2

TYLER’s WORLD (Kryzote mercenaries, Wilson Tyler) - Canopus System, named for its owner, Wilson Tyler. Deemed impregnable by its architect, until both Death's Head (FPA) and the Minion cyborg broke into it
    --Death's Head II#1

TYME, SANDSON O. of Earth-Slow Glass - owner of antique store in Greenwich Village, became purveyor of "Slow Glass" from the Peddler
    (app-earthslowglass)--Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction#1 (4+6(fb), 6, 1, 2, 3, 5, 4

    (net-gold)--(g) Young Allies#1

TYMOK – time traveler from unspecified distant future, sought Chronite to power his weapons, sent Hulk temporarily into past, brought dinosaurs to Manhattan, captured & imprisoned after gloves destroyed by Hulk.
    Gloves could open space warps and fire concussion + heat blasts.
    (app)--Incredible Hulk: Lost in Time

TYMON - wizard of Kobar, discovered existence of earth, which Chaynn used to steal a nuclear weapon
    --Dr. Strange II#65 (69,70

TYNDALL - Weirdworld, elf
    --Marvel Premiere#38

TYNDALE - Pilgrims Rock
    (app)--Doom: The Emperor Returns#3

TYNDAR - Anachronauts, Trojan warrior @ 1250bc, immersed in river Styx.
    (app-an)—Fantastic Four Annual#25, Avengers Annual#21 (22, Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#1, Avengers Forever#3

TYNJO of "Warnlin" of Universe-7711 - leader of the Trolls, ally of Lyissa
    *D* (app-chen kan)--Rampaging Hulk I#4 (4 (fb), 4d)

TYP, M'DOM - see M'DOM TYP (app)--Ka-Zar the Savage I#2

TYPEFACE (Gordon Thomas) - vigilante, war veteran, fired from Ace Signworks inc during a downsizing, sought to take vengeance on Ace by killing his former boss, George Finch, and blowing up Ace’s building, defeated Spider-Man in their first conflict, convinced by Spider-Man not to blow it up, but Finch detonated it himself for the insurance money and let Typeface take the blame, apparently killed during final battle of civil war
    uses weapons in shape of letters, ie. sharp, blunt, gas bombs, explosives, etc.
    *D* (2006#11, CWBDR, app)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#23 (24(fb1+2), 23,24, Tangled Web of Spider-Man#18, Civil War: Front Line#4//4/4, 5/2, Civil War#6-[7]/Civil War: Front Line#10, 11(d)

TYPHOEUS - see TYPHON?- *D* (app)--[Avengers I#49]

TYPHOID (Mary, possibly Mezinis or Walker) - multiple personality disorder, innocent woman + lusty vigilante + sociopathic man-killer, institutionalized for life
    pyrokinetic, empath, minor telekinesis
    -TYPHOID MARY*, BLOODY MARY*, Lyla, INNOCENT MARY (U#7, M, OH:DD, NA: MWF, app)—Daredevil I#254 (Typhoid#4(fb)?, [254(fb)], Daredevil: Man without Fear#2/Daredevil Annual 1997(fb)/[DD#350(fb)], DD#254(fb), 254-257, 259-263, Daredevil An6/4, Cloak & Dagger III#9(fb), Power Pack#53(fb), 53, Captain America I#373-377, Marvel Comics Presents#109-116, DD292, 294,295, 297, 123/3-130/3, 150,151, Spectacular Spider-Man II#213,214, Typhoid#1-4, Deadpool I#6,7, [DD366], Daredevil/Deadpool Annual 1997, Dp8, 10, 12-14, 38, 61, Deadline#2, Daredevil II#46/47, 48, Weapon X II#26, 28, New Avengers#1,2,3(fb)/4(fb), [Civil War: War Crimes#1 (fb)]-->Mutant Zero. Avengers: The Initiative#

TYPHON - monstrous son of Gaea and Tartarus, enemy of Olympian Gods, in ancient Greece unsuccessfully attempted to destroy Olympian Gods and was buried alive beneath Sicilian volcano Mount Etna, imprisoned in Tartarus following defeat by Zeus in distant past, in modern era claimed to be son of Typhoeus and titaness, has escaped on several occasions to menace Olympians.
    giant humanoid
    (2006#11, app)—Avengers I#49 (49(fb), [47, 48], 49, 50, Marvel Premiere#26(fb), 26, Av163(fb), 163, Avengers Annual#23

TYPHON GROUP - Hydra front company
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

TYPHOON (Kwan Tai-Fung Cutlass) - private investigator, partner of Cutlass, worked out of Oriental Expediters
    (app)--Defenders I#133 (148

TYPHOON ( ) - 1969, enemy of First Line, pawn of Skrulls, killed when Skrull ship exploded during attempt to interfere with mankind’s first moon walk
    *D* (net)--Marvel: Lost Generation#6d

TYR - Asgardian god of war, sacrificed left hand to imprison Fenris Wolf, has shown enmity towards Thor since he achieved greater preeminence
    (D#1,M,app)--Journey into Mystery I#85 ([OHotMU Deluxe#1 (fb)], JiM#106/2, Thor I#474(fb), JiM85, Thor Annual#5, Thor275, [300,301], 302, 312,313, 324/2-326/2, 327, 350,351,352/[Avengers I#249], Th359, 399, 400, Marvel Super-Heroes III#9/2, Th454, 477, Thunderstrike#17/2

TYR (Marc Devlin) - S.T.O.R.M.., large amount of military experience.
    spotted green skin, fangs, hot-headed, skilled warrior
    (card)--Gene Dogs#1 (1(fb1+2), 1-4, Genetix#3,4

TYR of the BLINDING BLADE - Warriors of the World of 1000 Galaxies, challenged Fandral
    master swordsman
    (app-world1000galaxies)--Thor Annual#2

TYRAK - Atlantean mutate.
    great strength, skilled warrior
    TYRAK the TREACHEROUS, impersonated Triton (U#7,app)—Avengers I#154 (156, 172, 278, Avengers Annual#18, Av319-324

TYRANNOID subterranean race - descendents of Gortokians? or one of the two races designed following the rebellion of the Gortokians, servants of Tyrannus, rebelled against him and usurped power of the Hulk he had attempted to steal, imprisoned Tyrannus
    (I#11,D#12)--Incredible Hulk I#5 (
Ruins of Ravencroft: Sabretooth#1 (fb, 1862)
    Warlock & the Infinity Watch#34,35, [Hulk#1,2],3,4,6-10

  • tyrannoid - given power siphoned from Hulk by Tyrannus, destroyed an airliner for him, transferred minds with Banner and attempted to take death penalty for him as penance for his actions, rescued by Hulk and returned to original form
        --Hulk#4 (10,11
  • TYRANNOIDs of Latkovia - counterparts, battled Kokoro in the past
        (app-kokoro)--[Magneto & the Magnetic Men#1], Mutant Outsiders Annual#2

    TYRANNOSAUR of Earth-93060 ( ) - TNTNT
        *D?*--Strangers#3 (Exiles II#11d

    TYRANNUS (Romulus Augustulus) - They Who Wield Power, occasional enemy of Mole Man, former lover of Kala, native of ancient Rome, exiled from Camelot to Subterranea by Merlin, discovered fountain of youth + race of subterraneans, took possession of Deviant technology, has made several attempts to conquer the surface world, organized They Who Wield Power and merged with cobalt flame of flame in el Dorado, sent into space, merged with and controlled form of abomination until had form recreated, participated in plot to give Set access to earth, took possession of Hulk, attempted to steal his power, but had it usurped by Tyrannoids who imprisoned him and transformed him into one of them as punishment for his abuse of them.
        wm, blond
        DES*, Dr. Tyrone, ABOMINATION* *D/Res*(D#13,M, OH-Hulk, net)—Incredible Hulk I#5 (
    Ruins of Ravencroft: Sabretooth#1 (fb, 1862)
        Hulk5, Tales to Astonish I#80,81, X-Men I#34, Incredible Hulk II#127, Fantastic Four I#127,128, Hulk241(fb), [Marvel Team-Up I#15, 19,20], 26, [28], Hlk241(fb2), [Nova I#5], Hlk208,209, [XM#119], Hlk238-243, Incredible Hulk Annual#15(abom), West Coast Avengers II#25, Solo Avengers#12, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23(separated), Spectacular Spider-Man An9, Daredevil An 4B, Avengers Annual#20, Hulk An17/2, Avengers West Coast An6, Hulk An18, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#34,35, Hulk#4(fb), [1,2],3,4, 6-11

    TYRANT - powerful entity, old enemy of Galactus + Spinsterhood, created by Galactus billions of years ago to be his companion, sought to be a conqueror and rule the universe, seized power on several worlds, eventually attacked Galactus, which resulted in a battle that destroyed galaxies, Galactus eventually overpowered him and shrunk him in size in power, fled from Galactus in his ship, in modern era abducted Morg, seemingly destroyed by Ultimate Nullifier, based out of the Fortress
        (2006#11, app)--[Silver Surfer III#78], 81 (Cosmic Powers#6(fb)/[Surf III#107(fb)], [Cosmic Powers#5(fb)], [Surf82(fb), 81(fb), Cosmic Power#6(fb)/Surf82(fb), Surf81(fb)/Surf82(fb)/Cosmic Powers#5, Surf81(fb)/Surf82(fb), Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3(fb)], [Surf#78-80], 81,82, [Cosmic3,4], 5,6, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#3, Surf III#101,102, [104,105], 106-108, 109d)

    TYRANT - medieval picture by Superstar Pictures, directed by McAllister, produced by Mark Carstine, starred Ivan Barloff, Marie Deterle, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Hannah, Mike Duffy, Craig Talbot and Carol Young, those involved attacked by the Hunchback
        --Captain America Comics#3

    TYRANT of TOMBSTONE VALLEY of the 19th Century ( ) -
        --Rawhide Kid I#41

        --Namor: The First Mutant#4

    TYRESEUS of Earth-73012 - former follower of Yob-Haggoth, soul stolen by Ariane?.
        minstrel, eyes sewn shut
        (app-ariane)--[Savage Tales I#7/2], 8/2

    TYRESEUS, Doctor - see LIBERATOR-Rom Annual#4

    TYRK, ARISEN - tyrannical mystical god king of Other Realm, agent of Unnameable, defeated and deposed by Stargod, escaped to earth--physically and mentally fragmenting in the process, eventually merged back together, defeated after challenged Unnameable’s power
        God-King of Other Realm, LUNATIC, LUNATIK*, Harrison Turk*, Harrisyn Turk*, NILFFIM*, NILFFIM-RIDERS*, Wizard King
        (1980s-Lunatik, app)--(Turk)[Creatures on the Loose #33], 35, (Tyrk) Marvel Premiere#45, 46 (36, 37,[Marvel Premiere#45], 46, Defenders I#71(fb)
    fragments. 73

    TYRMEAN BRAIN-STEM PARASITES - Formerly used by Broker to control servants, specifically his Bodyguard Cadre
        bond to back of hosts' necks, stimulated by ultrasound to cause great pain or even death
        (app-broker)--[Force Works#13], 15 ([13-14], 15, [16], Century: Distant Suns

    TYRO - young Technarch, trained by Warlock, consumed by siredam but then took over its form via programming instilled by Warlock, aided in defeat of Ultron and the Phalanx
        --Nova IV#11

    TYROC of "Warnlin" of Universe-7711 - former base of Lyissa
        Citadel of Terror* (app-chen kan)--Rampaging Hulk I#4 (4 (fb), 4d)

    TY-ROCK - crack dealer, fought Slag after attempting to force Slag's cousin Chris to kill a police officer
        (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#11/4

    TYRONE ?? - took over as leader of the Reapers while Lorenzo was imprisoned, tried and failed to kill Ace
        (app-ace spencer)--Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#6

    TYRR - Bast dimension, opposed cousin Jarr's efforts to restore their planet's technology by energy siphoned from Earth
       (app-bast) —Iron Man I#50 (51

    TYRUS the TERRIBLE of Earth-982 – Asgardian Rock Troll, sent by Loki to capture Kevin Masterson
        --Spider-Girl#0/3, A-Next#1

    TYRUS the TERRIBLE of Earth-8710 – Asgardian Rock Troll, agent of Loki, enemy of Dargo
        --Thor I#384 (440

        --Sensational Spider-Man III#36

    TZABOROTH - see DARK ANGEL (Deborah & Donald Ritter).
        offspring of thena & kro, delta force
        (app)--(D+DR) Eternals: Herod Factor, (Tz) Avengers I#370, 371, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10

    TZADQIEL - Angel, Asura?, imprisoned with Satanists

    TZARR of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - Negative Zone, has treaty with Stark-Fujikawa
        --[Fantastic Four 2099#1]

    T’ZIN - one of the agents of the White Dragon
        (app-wd)--Iron Man I#39 (40

    TZIN extraterrestrial race - conquered worlds by undermining societies with drugs, empowered addicts in US to become Drug Lords
        (app)—Captain America goes to War against Drugs (Captain America: Drug Wars

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