TRIAD (Y’Garon, Y’Bsgloth, Y’Griarth) - three N'Garai, invoked by Gloria Hefford to summon Kthara
    --[Giant-Size Dracula#5, Marvel Spotlight I#24(named)]

TRIAD (Glow, Goblin, Guardian) - represented fractured psyche of Bruce Banner/Hulk, guided him during his initial recovery from his mindless state in the Crossroads
    (app)—Incredible Hulk II#308 (309-312

TRIAD (Fei, Hong, Lady Chi, Lo, formerly Hope Lee) - Chinese criminal organization
    uses armored assassins
    TRIADS--X-Treme X-Men#6 (7-9, Taskmaster#1-4, [Jubilee#5(fb), 1-4], 5, 6, Arana#7

TRIAD BROTHERS - three siblings, employed by Langley and Deathwatch, kidnapped Emmaline Watanabe, battled Wolverine, Brass (Watanabe), and Ghost Rider, and later Spider-Man
    project energy blasts through swords
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#67, (named) 70 (68-71, Web of Spider-Man#85

TRIAGE - see BLACQUE, NIGEL--Black Panther III#54

TRI-ANDROID - see TRI-MAN (app)--Daredevil I#22

TRI-ANIMAN - created by Masked Marauder by combining alligator + gorilla + cheetah
    - TRI-MAN* (app)--Werewolf by Night I#42 (43

TRIANGLES - three "anti-bodies" created by the universe to oppose the Trion shard, first empowered an unnamed extra-terrestrial champion who used its power against the shard and was destroyed by it, second captured by the Skrulls and ended up empowering 3D Man, third sent to earth and absorbed by Jonathon Tremont
    (app-triple evil)--[Marvel Premiere#35], Avengers III#50 (50(fb2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9-11)

TRIATHLON - see 3-D MAN. (OH: Av2005, net)--Avengers III#8 (50(fb11), 9(fb), 8,9, 15, #0, 26-30, Magneto: Dark Seduction#2-4, Deadpool III#44, Black Panther III#23, Av31, Incredible Hulk An2000 Av32,Thunderbolts#43,A33,Tb44,A34, Maximum Security#1, 2, Av35,Maximum Security#3, A36,37, 38-43, Avengers An2001, Av44,45, 46, 48, 50, 52-55, 56(fb), Order#5,6, Marvel Universe: The End#1, 5, 6, Av86-88, Black Panther IV#18, Civil War#5-[6], [Amazing Spider-Man#538], Avengers: The Initiative#1, 3, 4, 8 (fb), 10, 12-->3-D Man)

TRIAX - New Men, boar, agent of Man-Beast
    -"APOLLO", Ralph Shaw (app)--Warlock I#3 (Warlock & the Infinity Watch#3, 5, 6, 26-28

TRIAX - Mega Monster.
    quadruped, carapace, extendable stalk-like eyes
    (app)--Godzilla#12 (13,14

TRIAX - giant insects used as weapons/warriors by the H'Mojen, battled Fantastic Four and Spider-Man
    --Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four#2 (2007)

TRIBAL FATHERS - Universal Cosa Nostrum leaders
    (app-ucn)--Marvel Comics Presents#172/3

TRIBE of FIRE (Chakel, Erista, Falke, Gahck, Glumph, Kaffkal)
    - Savage Land, encountered Wolverine and the Apocalypse robot's Honker of Doom
    (app-gahck)--Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure

TRIBE of the MOON (Bear Brother, Firehand, Talisman, Talks-to-Spirits, Willow Dancer) - @ 8000 BC in what would become Canada, battled Llan the Sorcerer + Dwellers of the Twisted Realm + Creatures of the Caves + Sharks from Beyond Time + Deviants + Dimension Giants + Ice Devils
    -Alpha Flight I* (Mystic Arcana, app)--Alpha Flight I#83 (83(fb)

TRIBBITITES (King Torkon II, Queen Froja + Amphos + Grodnik + Gridney, Torrak, Toadius (king), Helkooky)
    - extraterrestrial, Milky Way galaxy, original planet Kroke, built Tribbit/Toadworld from stolen Kree plans and use it as capital of small empire, imperialistic, Intergalactic Council, also have base on Trellnax-7 + opposed Kree/Ruul onslaught; worship/invoke the "Great Horned Toad"
    frog-like bipeds, long + sticky tongues
    TOAD MEN (I#11, D#15, WWH)--Incredible Hulk I#2 (Incredible Hulk II#190,191, Hostess Ad, Captain Marvel IV#2, Over the Edge#3, Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, [Maximum Security#1,2],3, Defenders II#1, 8, She-Hulk II#17

TRIBUNAL of Earth-Slow Glass (officer Demin, judge Repra) - possibly a diverse assembly of many extradimensional aliens from various universes, investigated Sandson O. Tyme's possession and use of Slow Glass
    (app-earthslowglass)--Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction#3

TRIBUNAL race - extraterrestrial or extradimensional energy beings, unknown galaxy or planet, preside over events of cosmic significance, deceived original Defenders into breaking up.
    immense power, use Elf-like time agents
    (D#15)--Defenders I#87 ( 124,125

TRI-BUNAL of the MICROVERSE ( ) - Prisonworld, roboid frying judge
    (app-ld)—Micronauts I#54

TRIBUNE (Buck Ralston) - anti-communist reactionary, framed the New York Three for bombing at an anti-war protest, attempted to sentence them to death, apparently slain in helicopter explosion
    used gavel-blaster and Dominator belt to mind-control political protestors and other "subversives" into serving him
    *D* (app)—Daredevil I#70 (71d)

TRIBUNE - see GRAYDON CREED--Sabretooth#1

TRIBUNE (Tane) - would-be leader of city in Tibet, used powers against Wolverine, sought to claim Serra for himself, defeated by Wolverine
    (app)--Wolverine: Killing

TRICARDIAN STEEL - alloy used by the Shi'ar in the hulls of their starships
    --X-Men I#97 (also mentioned in Marvel Preview#14

TRICEPHALUS - Monster Isle, servant of Mole Man, giant deviant mutate.
    giant, wings + threes heads
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#1 (Marvel Universe#7, Fantastic Four#1, Avengers West Coast#54, Fantastic Four III#347-349, Warlock & the Infinity Watch#7, Fantastic Four I#400?, Fantastic Four III#�, JLA/Avengers#1

TRICK SHOT (Buck Chisholm) - expert marksman, former member of Carson’s Carnival of Traveling Wonders, trained Hawkeye, former criminal.
    uses variety of specialized arrows
    (U#7, M)--Solo Avengers#1 ([Avengers I#19+65(fb)]/Solo Avengers#2(fb)/Hawkeye III#2+3+5(fb), SoloA#1//SA#1/2, [2,3],4,5, [13], [Avengers Spotlight#22],23-25, Captain America I#411-414, Hawkeye II#1-4

TRICKSTER (Milo van Sett) - Golden Age, Patriot (Mace) foe

TRICKSTER - see NANABOZHO (app)--Doctor Strange III#25

TRICKSTER - see CAT (app-cat)--Marvel Fanfare I#39

TRICKSTER of Earth-Chronomancer ( ) - Clan Hellfire, brother of Fold,
    combine powers with him to teleport themselves and/or others
    --Bishop: Last X-Man#5, (named) 6 (7, 14

TRICOLORE (    ) - S.H.E., French
    (app-s.h.e.)--Sentry I#4

TRI CORP RESEARCH FOUNDATION (Javier Caldrone, Stan Hardy, Terry Kwan, Chantal Stone, Walter Thorson, Dr. Ted Twaki, Peter Parker (fired))
    - private company funded by trust set up by Quentin Chase III @ 100 years ago
    GENERAL TECHTRONICS LABS*--Amazing Spider-Man II#1 (2,3, 10

TRIDENT CORPORATION (Norm + Steve Hicks, Hauser) - non-existent, several men were made to believe that they were employees on strike by Hatemonger/Hitler, sent to slaughter Mexican "scabs" who were actually vacationing teachers
    --Captain America III#45

TRIDENT TEAM (Askid, Beemer) - Atlanteans, former training team under Thakorr
    --Namor II#1/2 (2, 7-12

TRIESTE - Banari, slave of Starblasters, died when Tamara tried to kill her Skullhugger
    *D* (app)--Namor I#46 (47d)

TRIFANOV, YURI - Russian, public relations director for People's Protectorate
    (app)--Soviet Super Soldiers#1

TRIGATOR - 2075, tiger/alligator; Stellar Stone turned into one by BEM Reconverter
    --Speed Carter #3/4

TRIGGER - participated in scamming relatives of overseas soldiers, thwarted by Human Torch and Toro
    --Human Torch Comics #25

"TRIGGER" - Light Brigade
    (app-lb)--Death's Head III#9

TRIGGER, AURORA of Earth-Amalgam - Aurora and Wayne Trigger+Cinnamon, Twins Trigger, Generation Hex
    (app-gh)--Generation Hex#1

TRIGGER, NORTHSTAR of Earth-Amalgam - Northstar and Walter Trigger,
    Twins Trigger, Generation Hex
    (app-gh)--Generation Hex#1

TRIGGER BOLO - Six Big Men, ran retail-delivery racket, accidentally shot by Steve Enkel
    --Marvel Comics #1d

TRIGGERMAN CARR  (Gerald Carr) - Delta City, enemy of Fight Man
    --Fight Man#1

TRIGLAW - Russian or Finnish god of war--not in MU

TRIGORIN - Odessa mafia, purchased Rahne Sinclair’s stolen necklace, tried and failed to prevent New Mutants from retaking it.
    Used armored guards—X-Men Unlimited#43

TRIJI - South Pacific island republic, former French colony
    --Punisher War Journal#20

TRIKON - three Alpha Primatives, given near human level intellect by Maximus and convinced to expose selves to Terrigen mist, led Alpha Primitives to revolt, caused a large amount of damage to Attilan, driven into portal to Negative Zone by Black Bolt and Lockjaw, later became trapped on Stranger’s laboratory world, possibly freed during battle against Overmind
    (app)--Amazing Adventures II#9 (Inhumans: Untold Saga#1(fb), Amazing Adventures#9,10, Quasar#14,15,[16]

TRILBY, DILBERT - Daily Bugle, obituaries, wrote one for Doctor Octopus
    —Spider-Man Unlimited#3 (18

TRILEXIA race of Earth-691 circa 31st century - extraterrestrial, attacked crew of Sol III
    green insectoid
    --Cyberpace 3000#1 (2-6, 8

TRILL race (Trantra) - extraterrestrial


TRILLO, JANICE - Police officer, driver for Shadow Command, killed and identity assumed by Chameleon
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#603 (604d

TRI-MAN - android, possessed power of three men (Brain, Dancer, Mangler), agent of Masked Marauder
    (app)—Daredevil I#22 (23

TRI-MAN - see TRI-ANIMAN (app)--Werewolf by Night I#42

TRI-MAN - android, agent of Masked Marauder, transform into rocket-like form, as well as nuclear warhead
    BIRDROID, BOMBDROID *D* (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man I#25 (26-28d)

TRINA ?? - waitress at Coffee Bean
    --Amazing Spider-Man#547

TRINATIONAL COMMISSION - rival of Tony Stark's corporations, joined forces with Justin Hammer and other Stark rivals  to hasten an ailing Stark's demise so that they might divide up Stark Enterprises amongst them
    --Iron Man I#2__

TRINI - owner of San Juan gym in which Manuel Torres and Roberto Velasquez trained
    (app-bantam)--Captain America Annual#12/2

TRINITY 2099 ( ) - Halo City youth
    --X-Men 2099#30

TRINITY of ASHES (Grief-Savor, Mother of Pain, Ygmlosvorraich) - mystic entities, enemies of Vishanti, battled in War of Seven Spheres
    --Dr. Strange III#

TRINITY-THAT-IS-ONE - Ferrol, existed in symbiosis with scorpion-like symbionts, saved by Star-Lord
    --Marvel Preview#14

TRIO (    ) - Slice & Dice, allied with Duet & Sextet against Solo, accidentally shot and killed by men trying to kill Sextet, then impersonated by Sextet.
    (app-slice)--Marvel Comics Presents#56/4

"TRIOCCULA" - Brotherhood, present at X-Force parade. Fire energy beams from eyes

TRION - three sentient manifestations of forces that compose extradimensional realm to which Juggernaut + Black Tom Cassidy + X-Men traveled, expelled their dark sides to purify themselves, dark sides took on life of its own and possessed Juggernaut until freed with help of Wolverine + Professor X, secret revealed by Storm, shard sent to Earth
    --[Uncanny X-Men#368], XMen II#88 (UX369, Avengers III#50(fb1)

TRION SHARD - see TRIPLE EVIL (app)--Avengers III#42

TRION race (Peirso ) - extraterrestrial, allies of Galador, briefly turned against them by Nazgoth.
    --Spaceknights#1 (2-5

TRIPHAMMER (     ) - Power Tools
   (app-power)—Avengers Spotlight #29 (29(fb), 29

TRIPLANET METALS INC of "Earth-7643" - federal mining company, catered to terraformers
    (app-starstalker)--Marvel Premiere#32

TRIPLE-IRON ( ) – former agent of Harold Meachum.
    used electrified three part nunchaks
    (app)--Marvel Premiere#17 (18, Captain America I#411-413, [414]

TRIPLE EVIL - dark portion of the Trion, expelled into earth dimension in distant past
    TRION SHARD*, TRIPLE THREAT* (app)--Avengers III#42 (Av50(fbs), 42, 47, 48, 50, 52, 53, [54]

TRIPLE PLAY - batting game in Coney Island
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#549

TRIPLE THREAT - see BOROUGHS, CHARLES (app)--[Daredevil I#367], 371

TRIPLE THREAT - see TRIPLE EVIL (app)--Avengers III#47

TRIPLE THREAT KILLER - see BOROUGHS, CHARLES (app)--[Daredevil I#367], 371

TRIPLE X (Neurotap, Rictor, Shatterstar) - three mutants, joined together to protect mutants and others wrongfully abused
    (app)--X-Force Annual 1999

TRIPLEX - Hellbent
    three heads
    (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#53

TRIPLICATOR - 2075, creates 2 copies of anyone it strikes
    --Speed Carter#4/4

TRIPLIKILL (Eddie Rice + + )
    - mutants, merged into one
    --X-Men: Missing Mutant Mystery


TRI-SENTINEL - three different models of Sentinels designed by shaw industries, merged in single six-armed + three-faced form by loki as vengeance for defeat of his plans during acts of vengeance, sent to overload the amity point power plant, destroyed by spider-man using uni-power, rebuilt by life foundation, but erased their reprogramming when activated, destroyed by spider-man + nova (Rider)
    (net/sf, app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#329 (351(fb), 351,352

TRISERINAK of Earth-Amalgam - Triton + Serifan, Un-People
    (app-up)--Challengers of the Fantastic#1

TRISH ?? of Earth-148611 - addicted to drugs by Rodney Jung
    --Untold Tales of the New Universe: Justice#1

TRISH ?? - gun-toting nurses serving Zadkiel, all but one of whom were slain by Ghost Rider (John Blaze) when they tried to destroy him; their most recent recruit helped Lucas Collier try to escape
    --Ghost Rider VI#20 (21-23

TRISHA ?? of Earth-93060 - Mantra fan club, Coven
    --Mantra I#21 (Mantra II#1

TRI-SPECTRASCOPE - analytical device, used by Vance Astro for study of a miniature version of Karanada
    --Marvel Preview#6

TRISTAN - Street Arabs circa 1907, badly scarred flying the Yorkes' bomb away from others, battled Runaways in recent years, stayed with Lillie
    --Runaways II#25 (27-30, 25-26, 30

TRISTUM - Guildern, comrade of Donal Ban, recruited Nikki Doyle to help him claim the throne
    (app-guildern)--Wild Angels

TRI-TANIUM - metal used in protective door by Mr. Negative
    --Amazing Spider-Man#570

TRITON - son of Neptune

TRITON ( ) – inhuman.
    obligate water-breather
    (I#11,D#13,M)--Fantastic Four I#45 (Inhumans III#9(fb2), Thor I#150/2-152/2, Inhumans: The Untold Saga(fb), F4#45-48, Inh:US(fb), 54, 57,59, Incredible Hulk Annual#1, F4#60-64, F4 An#5, Sub-Mariner I#2,3, F4#82,83, SubM#18-20, F4#99, Amazing Adventures II#1, 2, SubM#31, Silver Surfer I#18, SubM#36, AA3-7, Av95(fb), 94,95, F4#130, F4#131,132, [Marvel Team-Up I#9,10],11, Av118, SubM#67, Hulk175, F4#148,149, Av127, F4#150, 158(fb),159, Inhumans I#1-12, Captain Marvel I#53, Spectacular Spider-Man II#11, F4 An12, [Marvel Two-In-One#64],65,66, 71, Marvel Graphic Novel#1: Death of Captain Marvel, [Avengers An12(fb)], F4#240, 248, Bizarre Adventures#28/4, Hlk279, Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions I#1,[2,3], Vision & Scarlet Witch I#4, Thing I#3, Dazzler#32, F4 An18, Marvel Graphic Novel: Inhumans, X-Factor An2, Thor400, F4 An21/2, Marvel Comics Presents#28/4, New Warriors I#6, X-Factor I#67, Infinity Gauntlet#2, Av334, Namor I#55,56, 58-62, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, Fantastic Force#9, F4#402, F4:AR#2, Fantastic Four Unlimited#11, ?Fantastic Four II#8-10?, Heroes Reborn: The Return#4, Quicksilver#4-6, InhIII#1, 3,4, 6,7,8, 9(fb), 9(fb), 9-12, Inhumans IV#1-4

TRITONIUM – extraterrestrial metal

TRITON STATION - Pacific Ocean Homo mermani base
    --Incredible Hercules#122

TRITTEX - Deviant priesthood, loyal to Ghaur.
    blue skin, white skullcap
    --X-Factor Annual#4/5

TRITUS of the Hyborian era - god
    --Savage Sword of Conan#129

TRIUMPH OF THE LIVING LEGEND - Galactic Pictures, film about Captain America, used by Red Skull in brainwashing attempt, film destroyed by Captain America before airing
    --Captain America I#261 (262, 263

TRIUMPH DIVISION (Anitun, Fighter One, Great Mongoose, Mighty Mother, Red Feather, Saint George, Wishing Man)
    - Filipino super hero team, each member is from a familial line of succession; entire generation slain in attack by agent of Ezekiel Stane
    --Invincible Iron Man#2;
    (next generation)--Invincible Iron Man#4

TRIUMVERATE 2099 - single entity, able to split into three elemental forms: Inferno + Kragg + Zephyr
    --X-Men 2099: Oasis

TRIUMVIRATE of TERROR (Hammerhead, Pile-Driver, Thunderboot)
agents of Mad Thinker, sent to defeat Avengers so Thinker could pilfer Stark’s technology from Avenger’s Mansion
    (1960s, app)�Avengers I#39

TRIUNE UNDERSTANDING (Lord Templar/, Johnathon Tremont, Duane Freeman, Lou + Wendy J. Bialowsky Smith, Jorge Teodor, Triathalon, Michaelson(pr) + Eduardo, Vincente + Karjee, Suarez)
    - cult, teaches balance of self + world + spirit, worship/following grants power to lord templar
    --[Avengers III#9], 15 (50(fb11), [Av9, X-Force#87, Av13], 15, 0, XFor96, [Av23-25], 26,27, 32, 36,37, Avengers An2001, Av46, 48

TRIUNE UNDERSTANDING STARSHIP - powered by psychic energy of followers to combat the triple threat
    PRAYER SHIP*--Avengers Annual 2001 (Avengers III#48 50

TRIXTER ( ) - master of disguises and stunts, release chaotic wave that weakens materials around him, risked life repeatedly until electrocuted by lightning while strapped to antenna
    *D* (MKE)--Daredevil I#241d?

TRL’K - skrull, native of Carpiax, worked in creche, efforts to destroy Skrull mutants stopped by Cadre K
    --Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet

TR’MORR, YAHNOS – Shi'ar space fleet commander, traveled in predator class Warbird Hawksblood, served under Deathbird, pursued the Kree cyberorganic construct Puelse
    (app)--Cable/X-Force '96 Annual

TROCERO  of the Hyborian era - Aquilonian, Count of Poitain, agent of King Conan
    --Scarlet Citadel/Savage Sword of Conan#30 (Savage Sword of Conan#48, Conan the Liberator/Savage Sword of Conan#49-52, 30, King Conan

TRODGLEN, DUGAN - HAMMER, contributed to pre-Siege assessments directed by Victoria Hand
    --Siege: Storming Asgard - Heroes & Villains

TROG - creation of father Darklyte, destroyed by Son of Satan.
    primitive man, superhuman strength
    (app-fd)--Marvel Spotlight I#23

TROGG  - Asgardian Rock Troll
     --Thor I#253

TROGLODYTE - robot designed and programmed by Gregson Gilbert, briefly controlled by DeAngelo, battled Power Pack and Cloak & Dagger
    —Power Pack I#7, 8(named)

TROGLODYTE ( ) - illiterate
    --Spider-Man: Adventures in Reading#1

TROGLODYTES () - inbred Britons living in caves by Garrett Castle
    (app)--Avengers I#115 (115(fb1+2), Defenders I#4(fb), Av115(fb), Av115

TROIDS - demonic creatures, lt. frank Walsh was able to perceive them via a spell of the darkhold, a queen grew within him
    Dwell within people, feed on fear + hatred, unable to penetrate skin unless it is damaged, unable to be seen by or affect most beings
    (app)--Midnight Sons Unlimited#2/2

TROJAK the TIGER-MAN ( ) - 1940's jungle hero
    (net-gold)--(g) Daring Mystery Comics#2 (February, 1940)

    (app-trojakimposter)--[Strange Tales I#155]

TROJAN WAR - @ 1193-1183 B.C., fought between Greece and Troy, following Paris' taking of Helen of Troy from Menelaus
    (app)--Thor Annual#8

TROLKIN of the "Age of Legend" - dwarf, given lizard-like appearance by a wizard for laughing at him, joined Lissal, Pit Tippit, & Vandal against Arak
    (app-arak)--Tower of Shadows#7/3

TROLL - Deathspawn, partner of hag, brought body of deathwatch to Centurious.
    male, transform arms into life-sucking whips
    --Ghost Rider III#23 (24, Web of Spider-Man#94, Spirits of Vengeance#4, Web96, SoV6,7, 9

TROLL (Gunna) - Asgardian/Troll hybrid, daughter of Gunna and one of the Magzi
    --Thunderbolts#145, (identified) #146

TROLL of Earth-148611 (Brian Pickett) - Paranormal Platoon

TROLL of the BRIDGE  - Hyborian era, summoned by El-Ron, collected a fee from those passing over the bridge, battled Conan
    (app-elron)--Conan the Barbarian I#241

TROLLs of ASGARD (Askella, Chambliss, Ekak, Flying Trolls, Gaark, Garrg, Geirrodur, Glagg, Grundor, Grylak the Greater, Horth(d), Jagrfelm, Krylik, Kygar, Magzi, Manny, Maurglon (Cavern Troll), Moh, Munson, Muthos, Nettles, Olik, Otny, Plokk, Rugri, Silent Ones, Skorgnarld, Slaggnbir(d), Stellik, Svin, Targo, Trogg, Troll Hags, Trolls of Jicarilla, Ulik, Ulla, Uroc)
    -live beneath surface of Asgard in tunnels, apparently slain in the destruction of Asgard at the hands of Thor
    -ROCK TROLLS--Journey into Mystery I#99 (Thor II#44(fb2) JiM#99, 102, Thor I#370(fb), Avengers I#1, [JiM I#104], Thor: GodStorm#1(ff), Thor I#128, Thor137-139, Avengers Annual#1, Incredible Hulk II#102, Defenders I#139(fb), 139, Thor353, Av300/3, New Mutants I#82, Th500, Journey into Mystery#504,505, X-Force/Cable Annual 1997, JiM#512, Avengers III#1, Marvel Knights1-3, Thor II#34,35, 42, 82, 83, 85d

TROLLS of Celtic Legend ("Bala Nenon + Charlie Boatner") - see also Otherworld
    --Heroes for Hire#14

TROLLS of Pinball Lizard - North Pole Elves mutated by Greedy Killerwatt
    (app-pinball-lizard)--Howard the Duck II#3

    --Hulk Comic#2_

    --X-Men: First Class I#5

    (app-quad)—Dr. Strange II#23

TROLLs of WORLD's END (Kygar, Zygar) - encountered by Thor on quest for twilight well
    --Thor I#195 (196

TROLLs of "Warnlin" of Universe-7711 (Tynjo)
    --Rampaging Hulk I#4 (4 (fb), 4d)

TROLLS - allied with Appraiser and Stripmine in failed effort to takeover Genosha, served as warrior force
    four arms
    --[Excalibur III#5], 6 (7, 8

TROLL ASSOCIATES (Phay, Phee, lord Phelix, Phiend, Phit, Phlegm, Phlopp, Phopp, Phough, Phumm, Phy)
    - possible natives of otherworld, twice kidnapped and manipulated Alchemy, sought to create large amounts of gold to disrupt economy, many turned to gold by Alchemy
    (app)--X-Factor I#41 (42, Excalibur I#57,58

TROLL FEE - Trolls, sent attacks against humans, then directed them to contact Dr. Strange for assistance, siphoned energy from spells sent over phone lines to repel attacks, attempted to use it to open portals to demon realms, call transferred to IRS and placed on hold
    --Marvel Super-Heroes III#5/4

TROLL HAGS (Uglitha, Gertha, Kossi, Unn) - female trolls of Asgard, four ensorcelled balder and convinced him to be their guardian as Annar.
    --Thor I#367(369

TROLLO of the Hyborian era - enemy of Sodatha
    (app-sod)--Savage Sword of Conan#164

TROLUS of the Hyborian era - giant albino bodyguard of King Ghannif, fought Red Sonja
    *D* (app-ghannif)--[Conan the Barbarian I#24], Savage Sword of Conan#1/3 ([CtB#30 (fb) - BTS/ SSoC#1/3 (fb)], SSoC#1/3d)

TROMKA - 2075, BEM leader, fought Space Sentinels
    --Speed Carter #3/4

TRONIK - biometallic-covered defensive planet encountered by Starjammers
   (app)--X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers#1

TROOP (Daryl Andrew) - friend of Cage
    --Cage I#2 (3-6, 9-11, 16-18, 20

TROPICA - Microverse, Homeworld, contains Mirthria
    --Micronauts I#24/2 (32,33

TROUBLE of Earth-93060 (Karl Morris) - Omega Team

TROUBLEMAKER of Earth-148611 ( ) - Medusa Web.
    flexible + fast

TROUBLESHOOTER ( ) - Corporation, Assassin Nation.
    fire energy blasts
    (app)--Cage I#13 (14

TROUBLESHOOTER (Daniel Brantson) - freelance agent/mercenary, partner of Hazzerd, former agent of Advisor, sent to support the government forces of San Revilla during a civil war, alongside Hazzerd and USAgent, battled the Shadows.
    male, wore armored exoskeleton
    (app)--Force Works#12/2 (War Machine#15/2, Iron Man I#317/2

TROUBLE-SHOOTERS (Bomber, Daffy, Feathers) - allies of Bob Brant, aided him in international adventures
    (net-preff)--(g) Man Comics I#26/1 (26/3, 27/1, 27/3, 28/1, 28/3

TROUBLEHOOTERS of Earth-148611 (Eric Chen, Tim Ferris, Edward Giotti, Andrew Meadows, Theresa)
    - Massachusetts Institute of Technology students who got caught up in Jenny Swensen's activities as Spitfire, used MAX technology to design individual weaponry; parted ways with Swensen after encounters with Steel Hawk
    (app)--Spitfire and the Troubleshooters (nu)#1 (2-8

TROUBLE-SHOOTERS of alternate Earth - transchronal police established to stop Destroyers
    (app-destroyers)--World of Fantasy#7/7

TROUT of Earth-8410 - 2020 AD - Arcade, unknown past association with Carlyle of Death Duty, acted as superior to Nikki Doyle/Wild Thing.
    middle-aged wm
    --Wild Thing#1 ([[3(fb), 7(fb)], 1-5, 7

TROVAYA, MARIA - see PYM, MARIA TROVAYA--Tales to Astonish I#44

TROXX race (Kalldin-Zo, Mrrungo-Mu, Tnneya) - former captured entire populations and drained them for power to supply their worldship and to facilitate their capturing of others
    (app, OHotMU:FF)

TROY ?? - friend of Curtis Doyle (Freedom Ring)
    --Marvel Team-Up III#20 (22, 23/2, 24

TROYJAN race (Trauma, Armageddon, Vittio) – extraterrestrial, intergalactic council, powerful empire
    (OH: Hulk, net)--Incredible Hulk II#294 (464(fb), 413-416, [462],463,464, Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, [Maximum Security#1,2], 3

TRUBLOOD, KEVIN - reporter in Georgia, ally of Black Panther against Dragon Circle, investigated death of Angela Lynne
    (app-dc)--Jungle Action#19 (20-22, 24, Black Panther I#14,15, Marvel Premiere#51-53

TRUCK ( ) - New York City teen, participated in football game against Spider-Man, injured young kids by playing roughly, abilities enhanced by A’Sai using Galactus-Weapon in an effort to cheat
    (net/spiderfan-a’sai)--Web of Spider-Man#34

TRUCKER (    ) - America's Next Super Hero
    --Eternals III#1

trucker (    ) - gave Sister Sara a ride to vicinity of Caretaker's house, beaten by her after tried to force her to have sex to pay for the ride
    --Ghost Rider VI#26 (27

TRUDY ?? - exotic dancer, friend of Blade, survived encounter with Dracula
    --Tomb of Dracula I#24 (24(fb)

TRUE BELIEVER of Earth-148611 - heroic sidekick version of Tad Selby in Ken Connell's dreams

TRUE BELIEVERS (Dragonfly (Meiko), Dragonfly/Karsano (d), Yano, Madame Qwa, Master Zei)
    - martial arts cult originating from Korea, offshoot of the Hand, serve Madame Qwa
    (app)—Amazing Spider-Man I#421 (421(fb), 421, 421/2, 422-428

TRUE PEOPLE of "Earth-58163" (Old Man) - Australian Aborigines, allied with Hulk
    --Incredible Hulk III#83 (84

TRUE PICTS - see LOST RACE --Savage Sword of Conan#68/2, 69/2

TRUE HUMAN JIHAD 2099 - cult, opposed to prosthetics
    --X-Men 2099: Oasis

TRUE MARK INVESTMENTS (Courtland Whitehead, Jackie) - Manhattan firm, held hostage by U-Foes and Crossfire's Crew while they sought information on Rozalyn Backus from Whitehead
    --Spider-Man: Breakout#3

TRUENO, REY - ran Thunderbolts/Ultimate Brawling fighting organization
    --Thunderbolts#76 (77, 78, 79, 80,81

TRUESMITH, WOODROW - Code: Grey, legal eagle

TRUFAUT, CLAUDE - Frenchman, father of Jacqueline Trufaut, killed in 1955 by bullet that bounced off Namor's chest
    *D* (app-trufaut)--Sub-Mariner II#1 (4/Saga of the Sub-Mariner I#6 (fb), Sub-Mariner II#1d)

TRUFAUT, JACQUELINE - French marine biologist, father (Claude) killed in 1955 by bullet that bounced off of Namor, used trident of Neptune to become mermaid, empowered Dragonrider + Proteus + Mad Twins in attempt to gain vengeance on Namor
    (app)--Sub-Mariner II#1 (4 (fb)/Saga of the Sub-Mariner I#6 (fb), SubM#1(fb), 4(fb), 3 (fb), 1-4

    --Sub-Mariner II#3

TRULL - alien from Delta Centurius Galaxy, possessed steamshovel, defeated by Rajah
    --Tales To Astonish I#21

TRULL of the Hyborian (?) era - frequent enemy of Starr the Slayer, once summoned Man-Dragon against him
    (app-starr)--Chamber of Darkness#4/3

TRUMAN,     - Office of National Emergency
    --X-Men: Deadly Genesis#5

TRUMAN, HARRY S. - former president of USA @ 1944
    -- ( Captain America IV#14(fb)

TRUMP (Carlton Sanders) - costumed criminal.
    uses stage magic and gimmicks, electrified staff
    (M, app)--Daredevil I#203 ( Captain America I#371, 411-413, Starblast I#1

TRUMP, agent - shield i, involved in pursuit of grey hulk
    --Incredible Hulk II#337 (338, 341,342

TRUNKLOPS of Earth-Power Pachyderms - Power Pachyderms
  Fire energy blasts from trunk, plugged them with ruby-quartz plug 
    (app-pp)--Power Pachyderms#1 (1(fb), 1

TRUSIVOR - governor of the Egalitern bloc on Eopia
    (app)--Dark Guard#2

TRUST (Angela, Alaric, Punishment Squad, Texas, Tommy, warden
    - vigilante, anti-crime organization, sought to recruit Punisher (Castle), funded and controlled Punishment Squad and VIGIL, later deteriorated into vendetta against Castle
    (app)--Punisher I#1 (2-5, Punisher War Journal#69, 75-78

TRUTH - Weird Sisters.
    bladed hands, psychic powers, inhibit mental powers of others
    Nina* (app-weird)--[Quasar#14], 20, (named) 22 ([23(fb), 14-16, 19], 20-23, 25, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10

TRUTH CENTRE - Gena-Sys, interrogation room, used on Killpower
    --Motormouth & Killpower#6

TRUTH-SAYER - Blood, killed by Modred the Mystic
    *D* (app)--Darkhold#16

TRUTH-SIFTER of Earth-5631 - jellyfish-like recorder, used by Kh'oja in trial against Power Pack
    (app-kh'oja)--Skrulls vs. Power Pack#1

TRUXTON, STEPHANIE - Secretary to Eli Wirtham (Cardiac)
   (app-cardiac)--Amazing Spider-Man I#344 (359

TRYKS (Cilla, Rowskis) - powerful generation/race of vampires, feed on regular vamps
    (MKE)--Blade#1 (2-5

    --Silver Surfer III#121?

TRYON, WILLIAM - regression therapist, attempted to help Marlene Alraune
    --Moon Knight V#3

TRYP, DAMIAN the eldest - future self ("Earth-6124")
    --X-Factor III#  (12 (fb), 11-12

TRYP, DAMIAN Sr. - head of Singularity, arranged deaths of Madrox' parents, killed in explosion caused by renegade Madrox
    *D*--X-Factor III#2 (7, 10-11, 12d)

TRYP, DAMIAN Jr. - vice-president of operations of Singularity, son of owner, savagely beat Siryn, killed in explosion caused by renegade Madrox
    *D*--X-Factor III#2 (10 (fb), 11 (fb), 2, 3-4, 6, 7, 10-11, 12d)

T'RYSS - Skrull house to whom R'Kyll belonged
    --Fantastic Four Annual#18

TRYX - Rigellian mutant
    —Thor I#218 (219,220

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